Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 5.11.2016

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:57:46 Blumfeld Graue Wolken 04m:03s
23:57:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Jöllenbeck 00m:44s
23:53:29 Sadistik Kill The King 03m:34s
23:49:16 Allie Mamase 04m:14s
23:48:51 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ich würd mein Kind gern in der Sendung kriegen 00m:25s
23:45:02 The Constellations Setback (Starkey Remix) 03m:53s
23:41:49 Wolf People Ninth Night 03m:15s
23:36:47 Anorak Eitel 05m:02s
23:32:44 Banks Drowning 04m:04s
23:29:05 Travis Writing to reach you 03m:41s
23:25:26 Alec Ounsworth Me And You, Watson 03m:39s
23:23:06 Eagles Of Death Metal I Want You Soo Hard (Boys Bad 02m:20s
23:19:19 Oum Shatt Hot Hot Cold Cold 03m:48s
23:19:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Young Rebel Set 00m:07s
23:15:41 Casey Veggies She In My Car 03m:40s
23:11:59 Delphic Doubt 03m:42s
23:11:02 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - HertzLevel 00m:57s
23:07:42 Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket 03m:20s
23:04:43 Jeff Rosenstock Wave Goodnight To Me 02m:59s
23:02:11 Eternal Tango Ronnyroy Johnson 02m:33s
23:02:07 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 23 Uhr Ösi 00m:05s
23:01:22 Musik Jingle The Breaks Ende 00m:44s
22:55:52 Big Sean First Chain 05m:29s
22:51:04 Tha Liks Da Da Da Da 04m:50s
22:47:16 Cappadonna Everything is Everything 03m:49s
22:46:16 ...But Alive Pete 01m:00s
22:41:44 Antilopen Gang Fick die Uni 04m:32s
22:38:01 Cage Good Morning 03m:46s
22:37:58 Kurtis Blow The Breaks 00m:04s
22:34:38 Co$$ All For The Sunny 03m:22s
22:27:21 DJ Shadow Backstage Girl 07m:17s
22:23:11 Jazzanova So Far From Home 04m:11s
22:19:19 Dan Le Sac Play Along 03m:52s
22:19:15 Kurtis Blow The Breaks 00m:04s
22:15:41 Tesseract Messenger 03m:35s
22:12:11 Dr. Dooom Body Bag 03m:32s
22:07:20 Planet Asia Weight 04m:53s
22:03:26 Element of Crime Rette Mich (Vor Mir Selber) 03m:54s
22:02:46 Musik Jingle The Breaks Anfang 00m:39s
21:58:39 Richard Ashcroft Sience of Silence 04m:09s
21:55:58 The Subways Rock & Roll Queen 02m:46s
21:55:42 Hertz 87.9 ID Luzifer 2 00m:15s
21:52:16 The Bones Not Predictable 03m:29s
21:47:58 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Fellow Traveller (HST) 04m:18s
21:47:23 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
21:43:28 Calexico Service and repair 03m:59s
21:43:09 Hertz 87.9 ID Über Bielefeld 00m:19s
21:40:09 Les Blérots de R.A.V.E.L Les Petits Plaisirs 03m:00s
21:36:38 Jo Stance Sticky 03m:32s
21:32:32 Vincent Long Vincent van Gogh (Live) 04m:07s
21:30:35 Millie Small My Boy Lollipop 02m:00s
21:27:01 The Shanks Incarceration Man 03m:34s
21:26:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Bittermann 00m:10s
21:23:14 Hilltop Hoods Cosby Sweater 03m:37s
21:19:33 Mute Math Typical 03m:44s
21:18:40 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser Hertz an Hertz 1 18h 00m:53s
21:14:55 ClickClickDecker Tierpark Neumünster 03m:49s
21:11:47 Grossstadtgeflüster Die Kaputtilation 03m:09s
21:09:12 Magneta Lane Their party days 02m:37s
21:06:10 Tante Polly Herzkotze 03m:06s
21:03:57 Rolling Stones Just Your Fool 02m:15s
20:59:53 Umberto Echo Bonde Di Irmao 04m:04s
20:59:49 Hertz 87.9 ID Anne Clark 00m:04s
20:59:24 Musik Jingle Jukebox Anfang-Ende 00m:25s
20:56:03 Sam Roberts Band Tourist Trap 03m:21s
20:55:54 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
20:49:16 The Last Shadow Puppets Is This What You Wanted 06m:39s
20:46:17 Jeff Rosenstock Wave Goodnight To Me 02m:59s
20:42:22 Carnival Youth Fooling Myself (Kashuks Remix) 03m:56s
20:42:13 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
20:39:27 TigerArmy Firefall 02m:46s
20:36:22 Ira Atari Lost 03m:08s
20:31:45 Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker 04m:40s
20:31:22 Musik Jingle Jukebox Zwischenjingle 00m:23s
20:28:28 I Prevail Come and Get It 02m:54s
20:24:28 Lou Barlow Anniversary Song 04m:01s
20:24:19 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
20:20:54 Heavy Tiger Devil May Care 03m:25s
20:17:20 Archive The False Foundation 03m:35s
20:13:25 And The Golden Choir Choose To Lose 03m:56s
20:13:16 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
20:09:46 Hannah Williams & The Affirmations Ain't Enough 03m:31s
20:06:26 Sam Roberts Band Tourist Trap 03m:21s
20:03:12 White Lies Morning in L.A. 03m:16s
20:02:47 Musik Jingle Jukebox Anfang-Ende 00m:25s
19:59:44 Das Bierbeben Ihr 03m:06s
19:56:05 Papa Djaman feat. Mouna Keine Almosen 03m:41s
19:56:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Guttermouth 00m:05s
19:52:23 Siouxsie Candyman 03m:41s
19:48:29 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Select All Delete (HST) 03m:54s
19:47:33 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Funk, Soul und Rap) 00m:56s
19:44:19 Bernd Begemann Ich komme um zu kündigen 03m:14s
19:40:23 Fai Baba Nobody But You 03m:58s
19:37:33 Operator Please Yes Yes 02m:52s
19:37:22 Hertz 87.9 ID LFTN 00m:12s
19:34:55 Archie Bell & The Drells There's Gonna Be A Showdown 02m:31s
19:31:46 Noah & The Whale Tonight's The Kind Of Night 03m:09s
19:28:24 Sir Simon Right Place, Wrong Time 03m:24s
19:25:07 The Von Duesz Schatz 03m:33s
19:21:07 Lou Barlow Anniversary Song 04m:01s
19:21:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Venom (Cronos) 00m:05s
19:19:27 Odd Couple It's A Pressure To Meet You 01m:35s
19:15:39 The Dresden Dolls Backstabber 03m:49s
19:13:00 Chloe Charles Find Her Way 02m:42s
19:09:00 Manu Chao Me gustas tu 04m:00s
19:05:33 Kevin Devin No History 03m:28s
19:02:02 Boy Oh Boy 03m:33s
19:01:54 Hertz 87.9 ID Sarah Kuttner 00m:08s
18:00:24 Hertz 87.9 Wiederholung InTakt Spezial - 04.11.2016 01h:01m:30s
17:56:15 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul So Planet Rock 04m:12s
17:56:12 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Who Is Louis? 00m:04s
17:51:52 Baasch feat. Y BOKKA Crowded Love 04m:20s
17:48:08 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Postdoc Blues (HST) 03m:44s
17:44:52 DTCV Conformiste 03m:17s
17:41:07 Kate Tempest The Truth (Micachu Remix) 03m:46s
17:41:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Bolzenbande 00m:04s
17:37:55 The Toten Crackhuren im Koffer Ich Und Mein Pony 03m:08s
17:34:01 Turin Brakes Pain Killer 03m:54s
17:30:04 Vague Angels A Trinity Of Pairs 03m:56s
17:26:48 Kamikaze Kings Boys 'n' Men 03m:17s
17:24:59 Sauropod Headphones 01m:50s
17:24:53 Hertz 87.9 ID Sharon Stoned 00m:06s
17:21:00 M83 Midnight City (Album Version) 03m:57s
17:16:41 Placebo Loud Like Love 04m:20s
17:15:43 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser Hertz an Hertz 2 18h 00m:59s
17:12:16 Engine 54 Upside Down 03m:34s
17:09:31 March Happy Geeks 02m:47s
17:05:57 The Shanks Incarceration Man 03m:34s
17:03:07 Asaf Avidan & The Mojos Small Change Girl 02m:52s
17:02:50 Hertz 87.9 ID Looptroop Rockers 00m:17s
16:58:52 Sizzar Baggage Man 03m:58s
16:55:29 Johnny Fritz Happy In Hindsight 03m:27s
16:55:26 Hertz 87.9 Leerer Pseudo-Trailer 00m:01s
16:00:18 Hertz 87.9 Wiederholung HertzKlappe - 04.11.2016 55m:12s
15:59:58 Hertz 87.9 ID Adolar 00m:20s
15:56:09 CCC Eleanor Ciccone 03m:50s
15:49:21 Hertz 87.9 Elton John - Tiny Dancer (Klassiker der Woche) 06m:50s
15:48:34 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Impuls 00m:48s
15:44:37 Fai Baba Nobody But You 03m:58s
15:41:55 Karamelo Santo Negro 02m:43s
15:41:45 Hertz 87.9 ID Wischmeyer (Willi) 00m:10s
15:37:38 Mr Lab I Believe 04m:12s
15:34:20 Streetwaves Love Was Never Young 03m:22s
15:31:34 Jawbreaker I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both 02m:52s
15:28:48 Flyleaf Fully Alive 02m:46s
15:25:40 C Duncan Other Side 03m:10s
15:25:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Hertz 87.9 Shout Echo 00m:06s
15:21:56 Abby Streets 03m:43s
15:18:53 Nova International Swirled 03m:03s
15:18:18 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kaffeepause 00m:35s
15:13:59 Die Nerven iPhone 04m:18s
15:10:09 Kula Shaker Fool That I Am 03m:51s
15:06:49 Sam Roberts Band Tourist Trap 03m:21s
15:02:56 Hansonis Foxy 03m:55s
15:02:33 Hertz 87.9 ID Dreadnut Inc 00m:23s
14:58:59 The Shanks Incarceration Man 03m:34s
14:55:24 Goldie Looking Chain Guns Don't Kill 03m:40s
14:55:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Martin Sonneborn ("...darauf gebe ich Ihnen mein Ehrenwort") 00m:24s
14:51:21 Kutmasta Kurt The Bay-Bronx Bridge 03m:39s
14:47:24 Hamilton Leithauser feat. Rostam A 1000 Times 04m:07s
14:46:50 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser International Ukrainisch 00m:34s
14:43:07 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Alpha Adept (HST) 03m:42s
14:41:46 The Housemartins Reverends Revenge 01m:24s
14:41:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Uncle Ho 00m:06s
14:39:51 Sauropod Headphones 01m:50s
14:37:50 The Dirty Nil Cinnamon 02m:02s
14:33:37 Grand Analog Rap Sheet (This Day On) 04m:14s
14:29:01 Boys Noize XTC 04m:36s
14:25:34 Kevin Devin No History 03m:28s
14:25:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Mista Sinista 00m:10s
14:22:19 Battle Dog Tag 03m:07s
14:17:32 The Folk Implosion Pearl 04m:49s
14:17:09 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Es müsste immer Musik da sein. 00m:23s
14:13:44 Leopold And His Fiction Leopold And His Fiction - Cowboy 03m:26s
14:10:45 The Rural Alberta Advantage Terrified 03m:00s
14:07:07 Mark Berube Carnival 03m:39s
14:03:09 Nada Surf Out of the Dark 03m:59s
14:00:00 Calexico Quattro 03m:11s
13:58:40 David Dondero All These Fishies Swimmin' T.. 04m:16s
13:54:57 PeterLicht Neue Idee 03m:45s
13:54:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Bucharest (hebrew) 00m:06s
13:50:36 Boysetsfire Torches to Paradise 04m:20s
13:47:27 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Oldest Oak (HST) 03m:09s
13:47:03 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Zu viele Rockbands 00m:24s
13:43:53 Compute Brand New Start 03m:15s
13:43:49 Hertz 87.9 ID Muff Potter 00m:04s
13:39:42 Interpol Obstacle 04m:08s
13:35:13 Isaac Hayes Theme From Shaft 04m:33s
13:31:42 Boy & Bear Milk 'n' Sticks 03m:32s
13:27:10 Black Sabbath Sabbath bloody sabbath 04m:32s
13:23:59 Spion Spion Falscher Dampfer, falsches Meer 03m:12s
13:23:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Lee Buddah 00m:05s
13:20:04 Death By Machine Power Blood Shot 03m:51s
13:15:12 Thees Uhlmann & Jay-Z singt uns ein Lied 04m:55s
13:11:00 My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep 04m:12s
13:07:48 Justus Parker Tanz, Baby (solange du noch kannst) 03m:13s
13:04:18 Billy Momo Billy Momo - Forget Everything 03m:30s
13:00:49 Hansen Band Kamera 03m:31s
13:00:37 Hertz 87.9 ID LFTN 00m:12s
12:57:20 The Veils Low Lays The Devil 03m:18s
12:54:08 Tiger Army Afterworld 03m:13s
12:53:59 Hertz 87.9 ID Hubert von Goisern 00m:08s
12:51:16 Die Goldenen Zitronen Der Tag als Thomas 02m:46s
12:48:20 Midlake The Fairest Way 02m:58s
12:47:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - HertzKlappe 00m:36s
12:43:26 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Fellow Traveller (HST) 04m:18s
12:40:30 Jamaica I Think I Like U 2 02m:57s
12:39:43 Hertz 87.9 ID Ghostbusters 00m:47s
12:35:43 Lou Barlow Anniversary Song 04m:01s
12:31:18 Metallica Fuel 04m:26s
12:27:29 NIN Capital G 03m:49s
12:24:03 Peter Tosh Here Comes The Judge 03m:27s
12:21:50 Rolling Stones Just Your Fool 02m:15s
12:18:14 A Pony Named Olga Girl Taller Than Me 03m:37s
12:15:26 Did Ask U2 02m:48s
12:12:10 DTCV Conformiste 03m:17s
12:09:24 Electric Guest American Daydream 02m:47s
12:06:56 The Modern Lovers I wanna sleep in your arms 02m:29s
12:04:11 TigerArmy Firefall 02m:46s
12:00:30 Del the funky homosapien Jaw gymnastics 03m:43s
12:00:01 Hertz 87.9 ID Die richtigen Fragen 00m:30s
11:58:15 Moby Wait For Me (Laidback Luke R.. 03m:08s
11:54:56 Dizzee Rascal Bassline Junkie 03m:21s
11:54:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Nicht nüchtern 00m:16s
11:52:14 Seratones Choking On Your Spit 02m:27s
11:48:21 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Select All Delete (HST) 03m:54s
11:47:37 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kunststoff 00m:44s
11:44:33 First Aid Kit Blue 03m:06s
11:42:41 Bahama Soul Club Thats why I said 01m:54s
11:40:06 yambalaya evil ska 02m:35s
11:40:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Harry Rowohlt 00m:04s
11:36:18 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Lovin'Machine 03m:44s
11:33:53 Elsie Mae Do You Really Want To Rescue 02m:29s
11:30:05 Dirty Projectors Cannibal Resource 03m:50s
11:26:59 The Rascals I'll Give You Sympathy 03m:13s
11:24:02 The Slaves Hypnotised 02m:58s
11:23:53 Hertz 87.9 ID Rocko Schamoni 00m:09s
11:20:44 Wanda Auseinandergehen ist schwer 03m:09s
11:16:50 Independenzia Le Chaine 03m:58s
11:13:05 Foals This Orient 03m:47s
11:08:39 Young MC Bust A Move 04m:26s
11:05:09 Billy Momo Billy Momo - Forget Everything 03m:30s
11:02:08 Morrissey You Have Killed Me 03m:03s
11:02:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Youth Brigade 00m:05s
10:58:15 White Lies Goldmine 03m:52s
10:55:19 Black Eyed Dog WIdow Man 03m:02s
10:54:42 Hertz 87.9 ID Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
10:52:33 The Players Get Right 02m:12s
10:48:49 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Postdoc Blues (HST) 03m:44s
10:48:21 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
10:44:25 Fai Baba Nobody But You 03m:58s
10:41:09 OK Go White Knuckles (Album Version) 03m:17s
10:41:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Metallica (Kirk Hammett) 00m:07s
10:37:13 Seeed Aufstehn! 03m:50s
10:34:24 Stereo Total C'est la mort 02m:49s
10:31:47 Chantal Claret Bite Your Tongue 02m:38s
10:29:45 Johnny Cash I Won't Back Down 02m:04s
10:25:47 Nada Surf Out of the Dark 03m:59s
10:25:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Aah 00m:13s
10:21:53 Delphic Doubt 03m:42s
10:18:22 Lukas Meister Weiter 03m:33s
10:17:37 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - HertzKlappe 00m:45s
10:14:24 Buttering Trio Tired Love 03m:14s
10:10:34 The Shins Australia 03m:52s
10:07:40 Max Paul Maria European Son 02m:57s
10:03:06 Nick Cave As I sat sadly by her side 04m:36s
10:02:22 Hertz 87.9 ID Jöllenbeck 00m:44s
09:58:55 Laing Morgens immer müde 03m:27s
09:55:19 The Naked And Famous Young Blood 03m:36s
09:48:31 Hertz 87.9 Elton John - Tiny Dancer (Klassiker der Woche) 06m:50s
09:45:36 Vinnie Paz feat. Eamon The Void 02m:56s
09:41:35 Locust Fudge Cake (edit) 04m:05s
09:38:08 The Vaselines Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam 03m:27s
09:33:38 Masha Qrella Pink Frost 04m:31s
09:31:42 Strike Anywhere Hollywood Cemetery (acoustic) 01m:56s
09:28:08 Jamie T. Northern Lite 03m:37s
09:24:33 About Beliveau Pelage 03m:34s
09:24:05 Hertz 87.9 ID Video killed the Radiostar 00m:29s
09:20:22 Free The Robots Jazzhole 03m:42s
09:17:07 Mount Kimbie Home Recording 03m:16s
09:16:42 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - E:Clipse 00m:25s
09:14:42 Eugen Mc Guiness Monsters Under My Bed 02m:02s
09:10:56 Granada Ottakring 03m:47s
09:08:43 Weezer Photograph 02m:15s
09:05:17 ClickClickDecker Der ganze halbe Liter 03m:26s
09:02:23 Pete Doherty I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone) 02m:57s
09:00:05 The Dead 60's Riot Radio 02m:18s
09:00:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Kurdt Vanderhoof 00m:05s
08:57:06 Liedfabrik It's Hertz 02m:54s
08:53:36 Tocotronic Gegen den Strich 03m:31s
08:53:31 Hertz 87.9 ID Hatebreed (Jamey Jasta) 00m:06s
08:50:12 The Dandy Warhols We Used To Be Friends 03m:19s
08:46:29 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Alpha Adept (HST) 03m:42s
08:43:49 Eddie Finley & The Cincinatti Clean Up Man 02m:44s
08:41:21 Lulu & die Einhornfarm Tu mir bitte den Gefallen 02m:30s
08:37:27 Marching Band I Could Never 03m:55s
08:37:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Dota 00m:04s
08:32:50 Milla Jovovich The Alien Song 04m:36s
08:30:46 Die Goldenen Zitronen Menschen haben keine Ahnung 02m:05s
08:28:14 The Slackers Every day is sunday 02m:34s
08:24:26 The Roots Kool On 03m:49s
08:21:33 Duscher & Gratzer Wart auf mi 02m:54s
08:21:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Stereotypen 00m:12s
08:19:01 Mesh The World's A Big Place 02m:21s
08:15:47 Johnny Stage Dead Letter Mystery 03m:16s
08:15:09 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Poesie der Strasse) 00m:38s
08:10:52 Babyshambles Fall from Grace 04m:18s
08:07:09 Strom & Wasser Anticool 03m:44s
08:03:44 Heavy Tiger Devil May Care 03m:25s
08:00:10 Counting Crows Big Yellow Taxi 03m:39s
08:00:05 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Muncie Girls 00m:08s
07:55:37 Erasure Siren Song 04m:34s
07:51:36 Garbage Push It 04m:01s
07:51:32 Hertz 87.9 ID Toro y Moi 00m:04s
07:48:50 RVIVR Ocean Song 02m:42s
07:45:41 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Oldest Oak (HST) 03m:09s
07:43:45 Pennywise Violence Never Ending 01m:56s
07:39:32 Allie Mamase 04m:14s
07:36:43 Anna Ternheim Girl Laying Down 02m:53s
07:32:51 Dan Le Sac Play Along 03m:52s
07:30:13 TV On The Radio Dancing Choose 02m:54s
07:28:00 Mates of State Proofs 02m:14s
07:25:16 Garmisch Partenkirchen Black Paint 02m:45s
07:23:02 Rolling Stones Just Your Fool 02m:15s
07:19:06 Ramones Poison Heart 03m:59s
07:16:21 Sebadoh Beauty of the ride 02m:45s
07:15:22 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mixtape 00m:59s
07:12:15 Mika Billy Brown 03m:12s
07:09:11 Sofia Brunetta Low 03m:05s
07:06:00 Spion Spion Falscher Dampfer, falsches Meer 03m:12s
07:03:13 Sarah Bettens Come Over Here 02m:47s
07:03:08 Hertz 87.9 ID Ugly Duckling 00m:05s
06:59:16 The Kill Bury Me 03m:52s
06:55:04 The Living End Blood On Your Hands 04m:12s
06:54:59 Hertz 87.9 ID Torch 00m:05s
06:51:29 Killed By 9V Batteries Comedown To Boredom 03m:31s
06:47:11 Hertz 87.9 John K Samson - Fellow Traveller (HST) 04m:18s
06:44:17 Vinnie Paz feat. Eamon The Void 02m:56s
06:41:26 The Real McKenzies Stephen's Green 02m:51s
06:41:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Skinny Puppy (oHgre) 00m:06s
06:38:33 Elstar Monster 02m:48s
06:36:04 Chelsy Bad Luck 02m:33s
06:31:25 Mr. Confuse Big Livin' 04m:39s
06:27:01 The Pleasants Streets Of Darkness 04m:27s
06:23:27 Archive The False Foundation 03m:35s
06:23:21 Hertz 87.9 ID Laura Vane 00m:06s
06:19:29 Captain Capa Vipera 03m:52s
06:15:42 Electric Youth Innocence 03m:49s
06:15:26 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Beat der Hochschulen 00m:16s
06:12:39 Der Nino aus Wien Tobacco Lied 02m:47s
06:09:13 Anthony Cruz Street Dreams (Trilogy Riddim) 03m:26s
06:06:14 Jeff Rosenstock Wave Goodnight To Me 02m:59s
06:03:05 Blackmail Kiss the Sun 03m:11s
06:02:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Cloud Control 00m:10s
05:57:46 John Grant GMF 05m:11s
05:55:12 the Strokes All the Time 02m:49s
05:55:06 Hertz 87.9 ID Bodi Bill 00m:07s
05:50:47 Kid Creme Austins Groove 04m:18s
05:47:56 Sons & Daughters Red Reciever 02m:52s
05:47:23 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Wir hüpfen im Rythmus der Musik) 00m:34s
05:42:42 Until The Uprising Invisible Cages 04m:40s
05:38:58 William Fitzsimmons Pittsburgh 03m:45s
05:35:27 Oberhofer Away Frm U 03m:31s
05:31:19 Nuaia My Role 04m:24s
05:31:15 Hertz 87.9 ID Bolzenbande 00m:04s
05:27:26 Bonaparte Into The Wild 03m:52s
05:22:17 La Funk Mob Ravers Suck Our Sound 05m:13s
05:19:17 Junk Son Games 03m:01s
05:15:53 Metric Monster Hospital 03m:26s
05:15:23 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
05:12:58 Curlee Wurlee! C'est Extra 02m:25s
05:12:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Elektro 3 00m:06s
05:09:07 Lontalius All I Wanna Say 03m:46s
05:03:23 Don Rimini Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsu 05m:44s
05:00:34 Schrottgrenze In Deiner Wohnung 02m:49s
05:00:28 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 5 Uhr Pendeluhr 00m:06s
04:54:53 the crystal method Comin' Back 05m:36s
04:54:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Shit muss clean sein 00m:20s
04:50:30 Reckless Tide Evolution 04m:07s
04:46:36 Slugabed Sex 03m:54s
04:43:18 Korn Coming undone 03m:18s
04:37:45 Soundtracks Of Our Lives SONGS OF THE OCEAN 05m:44s
04:35:01 Ry X Berlin 02m:48s
04:31:31 The Sea New York 03m:33s
04:28:44 Nitzer Ebb Let Your Body Learn 02m:47s
04:28:39 Hertz 87.9 ID Deine Lakaien 00m:05s
04:25:17 Die Sterne Was hat dich bloß so ruiniert 03m:24s
04:22:03 The Gaslight Anthem Old White Lincoln 03m:18s
04:18:36 Apoptygma Berzerk Snutt 7 03m:35s
04:16:35 The Dirty Nil Cinnamon 02m:02s
04:15:58 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Unsere Telefonnummer 00m:37s
04:12:30 Kaiser Chiefs The Factory Gates 03m:29s
04:08:52 Qntal Winter 03m:41s
04:08:48 Hertz 87.9 ID BloodRedShoes 00m:04s
04:07:17 Touché Amoré Condolences 01m:33s
04:03:39 Pixies Where is my mind 03m:42s
04:00:42 Too Pure To Die Confidence And Consequence 02m:59s
04:00:37 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 4 Uhr Glockenläuten 00m:05s
03:56:46 Nifters The Dandelion 03m:52s
03:56:36 Hertz 87.9 ID Bittermann 00m:10s
03:52:34 Dendemann Er so Ich so 04m:02s
03:48:57 Adam Angst JaJa Ich Weiß 03m:37s
03:43:50 Limousine Rot Stadtwechsel 05m:08s
03:40:02 Die Sterne Sorglos 03m:52s
03:35:57 Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah 04m:06s
03:35:35 Hertz 87.9 ID Killswitch Engage 00m:21s
03:32:24 Mozes and the Firstborn Peter Jr. 03m:13s
03:26:17 Metallica The unforgiven 06m:17s
03:21:09 RJD2 Ghostwriter 05m:13s
03:17:39 Cold War Kids Mexican Dogs 03m:32s
03:17:04 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
03:14:31 Hooverphonic The Contract 02m:33s
03:11:54 Star Fucking Hipsters Snitch to the Suture 02m:37s
03:11:46 Hertz 87.9 ID Antilopen Gang 2 00m:08s
03:08:58 Run The Jewels All Due Respect (feat. Travis Barker) 02m:48s
03:05:33 Joey Bada$$ FromdaTomb ft. Chuck Strangers 03m:24s
03:00:35 Megaherz L'Aventure 04m:59s
03:00:29 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 3 Uhr Ösi 00m:06s
02:55:50 The Avalanches Summer Crane 04m:39s
02:55:43 Hertz 87.9 ID Necro 00m:07s
02:52:05 Mumford & Sons The Wolf 03m:38s
02:46:31 Full Moon Fashions Moonchild 05m:39s
02:45:54 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
02:41:48 Keaton Henson The Pugilist 04m:07s
02:35:36 Laterns On The Lake Beings 06m:13s
02:32:11 Snow Patrol Called Out In The Dark 03m:26s
02:32:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Onkel Fisch 00m:10s
02:27:55 Kvelertak Bruane Brenn 04m:06s
02:24:07 The Smith Street Band God In The Name Of The Father 03m:48s
02:20:15 Blumentopf Zahlen bitte! 03m:52s
02:17:35 Jo Stance Changes 02m:40s
02:10:07 DeWolff Tired Of Loving You 07m:33s
02:06:49 Fagget Fairys Feed The Horse 03m:19s
02:01:32 Medeski, Martin & Wood Chubb Sub 05m:18s
02:01:11 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 2 Uhr Beim nächsten Ton 00m:20s
01:58:26 The T.C.H.I.K. Klaus 02m:47s
01:58:14 Hertz 87.9 ID LFTN 00m:12s
01:52:53 Kante Im ersten Licht 05m:24s
01:47:41 riow arai trillion 05m:15s
01:47:38 Hertz 87.9 Leerer Pseudo-Trailer 00m:01s
01:42:15 Lapalux Dont Mean A Thing 05m:23s
01:36:53 Add N to (X) Plug me in 05m:25s
01:31:58 Curtis Mayfield Pusherman 04m:57s
01:31:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Holzmichel 00m:11s
01:26:41 Cassandra Wilson Shelter from the storm 05m:11s
01:23:42 Santigold You'll Find a Way 02m:59s
01:20:13 The Pinker Tones Love Tape 03m:29s
01:15:45 Hiatus Kaiyote Nakamarra 04m:33s
01:15:08 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi (Schweinehuhn) 00m:37s
01:10:58 Be Surfin 04m:10s
01:06:51 Lemur Befehlskette 04m:09s
01:02:49 Bombay Bicycle Club How Can You... (Tom Vek Mix) 04m:02s
01:02:44 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 1 Uhr Glockenschlag 00m:05s
00:59:06 Dredg The Tanbark Is Hot Lava (live) 03m:38s
00:55:30 Bauhaus She's In Parties 03m:40s
00:55:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Kettcar (Reimer) 00m:04s
00:50:56 Machine Est Mon Coeur Beam Of Fire 04m:30s
00:47:34 Alarma Man Fell In Love With A Woman Twic 03m:22s
00:46:57 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - HertzRasen 00m:37s
00:43:35 The Shh So Over 03m:24s
00:39:26 Ryley Walker Same Minds 04m:09s
00:39:10 Hertz 87.9 ID Beat der Hochschulen 00m:16s
00:34:24 Lambchop I hate candy 04m:47s
00:29:04 The Gap Band Burn Rubber On Me 05m:24s
00:25:20 Sizarr Scooter Accident 03m:44s
00:21:58 Austra Beat And The Pulse (Radio Ed.. 03m:23s
00:21:22 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kaffeepause 00m:35s
00:14:41 Sex Jams Bounding into Distance 06m:43s
00:11:59 Parov Stelar All Night 02m:42s
00:11:54 Hertz 87.9 ID Turin Brakes (Olli) 00m:05s
00:08:19 Death By Chocolate Straying Through The Streets 03m:35s
00:03:11 Transmitter Crime 05m:08s
00:00:13 Holy Fuck House Of Glass 03m:00s
00:00:02 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 0 Uhr Kuckucksuhr 00m:11s
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