Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 5.1.2013

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:58:58 Make The Girl Dance Baby Baby Baby 04m:06s
23:56:15 Five Stairsteps, The & Cubie Don't Change Your Love 03m:45s
23:53:34 Piazzolla, Astor Libertango 03m:50s
23:53:27 Death Cab for Cutie Station ID 00m:05s
23:45:10 Brandt Brauer Frick Mi Corazon 08m:26s
23:41:13 Troy Von Balthazar Tropical 04m:01s
23:39:12 Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie Dann Schlägt dein Herz 02m:05s
23:38:42 Michael Computerfreak-Jingle 01m:30s
23:35:49 Mediengruppe Telekommander Gekleckert 03m:00s
23:32:59 Darkstar Timeaway 03m:53s
23:26:02 Almagamation Of Soundz Enchant Me 07m:05s
23:22:42 Bodi Bill Pyramiding 03m:22s
23:22:25 Al DeLoner Station ID 00m:17s
23:19:16 Soap & Skin Wonder 03m:14s
23:13:13 St. Germain Rose Rouge 07m:00s
23:12:43 Diana Diana-Strom 01m:32s
23:08:14 Wilson, Cassandra Find him 05m:37s
23:04:26 Mogwai Team Handed 04m:58s
22:59:57 Dead Can Dance Opium 05m:37s
22:59:50 Dead Can Dance Opium 05m:37s
22:58:47 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
22:27:12 Breaks Bangin Beats Pt.2 32m:40s
22:26:48 Michael Breaks_mini1 00m:22s
22:00:37 Breaks Bangin Beats Pt.1 26m:16s
21:59:40 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
21:56:58 Skazka Bormental 03m:59s
21:53:28 Maltematik Bielecity 04m:35s
21:50:28 Kool & The Gang Jungle Boogie 03m:04s
21:50:13 Jan Schaper Weltherrschaft 00m:16s
21:45:19 LCD Soundsystem Tribulations 05m:59s
21:41:32 Delphic Baiya 04m:48s
21:37:03 Arcade Fire Neighborhood 05m:13s
21:36:56 Arcade Fire Neighborhood 05m:13s
21:32:01 Ben Howard Oats In The Water 05m:00s
21:28:09 Lionsclub STAR WARS - THE THRONE ROOM 05m:47s
21:25:11 Nikitaman Mein Weed 03m:06s
21:24:43 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
21:22:10 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Holy Roller 03m:39s
21:19:04 Soul-Bossa-Trio Easy Bounce 03m:08s
21:15:34 Jamie T. Sheila 04m:33s
21:15:24 Judas Priest Station ID 00m:11s
21:10:36 Chemical Brothers, The Hey Boy Hey Girl 05m:58s
21:07:35 Beach Fossils Careless 03m:03s
21:04:16 Benson, Brendan Cold Hands (Warm Heart) 03m:28s
21:03:59 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
21:00:57 Leatherface Dreaming 03m:14s
20:58:06 Jancee Pornick Casino, The Pogo Nyak 03m:53s
20:55:16 Sam and the Womp Bom Bom 03m:54s
20:55:08 IAMX Station ID 00m:11s
20:51:40 Mia Kreisel 04m:33s
20:48:04 Charly Coombes Hell Below 04m:39s
20:47:55 Willi (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
20:44:48 Melanie Pain Bye Bye Manchester 03m:09s
20:39:49 Scarface In Between Us 05m:59s
20:37:07 Berry, Richard Have Love Will Travel 03m:42s
20:36:47 Jochen Dreier Kaffe und Kippe und Hertz 87.9 00m:22s
20:32:01 LTJ Bukem Rainfall 05m:28s
20:29:48 Luisa Nighthawks 02m:20s
20:27:08 Vapors, The Spring Collection 03m:55s
20:27:02 Vapors, The Spring Collection 03m:55s
20:23:09 Natty Alarm Bells (feat. Sam Frank) 04m:17s
20:20:02 Ohrbooten Und Tschüss 03m:12s
20:16:45 Johnny Osbourne Ready Or Not 03m:19s
20:15:49 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
20:14:09 Mary's Kids I Say No 02m:42s
20:11:23 Wigald Boning Statement Break 03m:52s
20:07:24 Nappy Roots Nappy Roots Day 04m:05s
20:07:14 Main Concept Station ID 00m:09s
20:04:14 Crystal Castles Untrust Us 03m:07s
20:00:55 Pickers Kristina 03m:22s
19:57:19 Fink Er sieht sie an während sie .. 04m:55s
19:57:12 Michael Dein ist mein ganzes Hertz87,9 00m:06s
19:55:05 Epoxies Radiation 02m:14s
19:51:22 Mute Math Typical 04m:46s
19:47:52 Hannah Williams & The Tastemak Work It Out 04m:37s
19:47:45 Donots Station ID 00m:06s
19:45:00 Trashmonkeys Isn´t It Good? 03m:54s
19:41:31 Tarmac Notre époque 04m:35s
19:41:21 Onkel Fisch (Grillst.Saloniki) Station ID 00m:10s
19:37:47 Two Fingers Sweden 04m:39s
19:33:18 High & Mighty, The More In Outs 05m:31s
19:29:51 Poets Of Rhythm, The Guiding Resolution 04m:35s
19:29:11 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
19:25:31 Schlachthofbronx Fock Me Avontade 04m:14s
19:22:41 Jim Jones Revue Never Let You Go 03m:53s
19:18:42 Unicorns, The Tuff Luff 04m:09s
19:18:35 Die LP Station ID 00m:07s
19:16:23 Bad Religion Fuck You 02m:14s
19:13:45 Skalariak Fuego de Revolución ("Revoluti 03m:40s
19:10:37 Anthony B Good life 03m:15s
19:10:16 Sebastian Clean Shit 00m:21s
19:08:25 Event Trailer: FameLab Bielefeld 02m:53s
19:05:32 Sam and the Womp Bom Bom 03m:54s
19:01:10 Cole, Richie Island Breeze 05m:23s
18:57:03 Too strong Too strong meets the business 04m:14s
18:56:47 Fred Feuerstein Station ID 00m:15s
18:52:14 Eins, Zwei Orchestra Ecologically Naked (Krach Ve.. 05m:41s
18:03:20 Event Dämmerschoppen Sprichwörter 49m:54s
17:59:35 Theophilus London Wine & Chocolates (andhim rmx) 04m:47s
17:57:35 tiger tunes foolio 02m:07s
17:57:28 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
17:54:55 Spookshow I Can Kill You In A Heartbreak 03m:36s
17:52:03 Zutons, The You Will You Won't 03m:54s
17:47:33 Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M. (Klassiker) 05m:32s
17:47:26 Andrea Spatzek Station ID 00m:04s
17:44:04 Verandas,The Rocksville 04m:30s
17:40:16 Helmet Unsung 04m:57s
17:40:07 Necro Station ID 00m:07s
17:37:21 Graveyard Goliath 03m:50s
17:33:40 Casper So Perfekt 04m:40s
17:30:13 Shaw, Marlena Let's Wade In The Water 04m:34s
17:30:00 Michael Tierische Musik-jingle 00m:13s
17:26:31 T.Raumschmiere Rabaukendisko 04m:30s
17:23:37 Dojo Cuts What Do I Have To Do? 03m:53s
17:19:41 American Analog Set Punk As Fuck 04m:10s
17:19:34 The Cooper Temple Clause Station ID 00m:04s
17:15:58 Biffy Clyro Black Chandelier 04m:41s
17:13:41 Shit lives on Wieder an der Zeit 02m:23s
17:08:31 Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & The W Kinky Reggae 05m:11s
17:08:14 Sylvia Technik 00m:16s
17:04:41 Violetta Parisini Defy Control 04m:40s
17:02:15 bix beiderbecke tiger rag 03m:35s
16:58:15 Illo 77 Keine Zeit 04m:18s
16:58:08 Paolo Nutini Station ID 00m:04s
16:55:08 Elson, Karen The Ghost Who Walks 03m:02s
16:51:06 The Lumineers Dead Sea 04m:08s
16:47:16 Crystal Fighters At Home (Album Edit) 04m:54s
16:46:56 Sebastian Clean Shit 00m:21s
16:43:50 Rise Against The Dirt Whispered 03m:09s
16:39:43 Vegaenduro It Looks like Rain 04m:11s
16:36:57 Jim Jones Revue Never Let You Go 03m:53s
16:36:51 Jim Jones Revue Never Let You Go 03m:53s
16:33:42 Zawila, Simon 75 03m:13s
16:30:46 Duke Spirit, The Lassoo 03m:59s
16:30:39 Robert Fisher Station ID 00m:08s
16:26:43 Asaf Avidan 613 04m:00s
16:24:03 Latyrx Bad News 03m:47s
16:21:30 Mayer Hawthorne Hooked 03m:33s
16:20:37 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
16:16:47 Ludwig Reflections Errors 04m:48s
16:12:18 Alice Cooper Poison (Klassiker) 05m:31s
16:09:06 Black Box Revelation Bitter 03m:15s
16:08:56 Samba Station ID 00m:12s
16:04:56 Dropkick Murphys The Seasons Is Upon Us 04m:02s
16:02:13 Frequencia Extrema Todos te Prometen 03m:47s
15:58:07 LEE_SCRATCH_PERRY My Name 04m:17s
15:57:47 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
15:53:57 Uwe Banton Thought I'd Let You Know 04m:54s
15:52:04 Event Trailer: FameLab Bielefeld 02m:53s
15:47:28 Radiohead Life In A Glasshouse 05m:35s
15:43:05 NaS One Mic 04m:29s
15:42:58 Kanada Station ID 00m:06s
15:37:58 Goldie Inner City Life 07m:59s
15:34:05 Natty Alarm Bells (feat. Sam Frank) 04m:17s
15:30:45 CSS How I became Paranoid 03m:26s
15:30:35 Michael Jingle Funky Shit 00m:10s
15:28:32 Jawbreaker Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault 02m:06s
15:25:16 Paradise Lost Silent In Heart 03m:19s
15:22:18 Skazka Bormental 03m:59s
15:22:12 Prof. Rosenberg Station ID 00m:06s
15:18:49 Tears For Fears Mad World 03m:29s
15:15:08 Brendan Benson Folk Singer 04m:52s
15:14:57 Judas Priest Station ID 00m:11s
15:10:44 Heaven's Basement Fire, Fire 04m:15s
15:06:37 Mr. Len Featuring Mr. Live Dummy Smacks 05m:32s
15:02:54 Gizelle Smith and the Mighty M Gonna Get You 04m:42s
15:02:28 Michael & Diana Lucy Pher Lang 01m:30s
14:57:52 Terranova For a few dollars more 05m:46s
14:55:01 Dojo Cuts What Do I Have To Do? 03m:53s
14:51:24 Weird War Illuminated 04m:46s
14:51:17 Weird War Illuminated 04m:46s
14:47:15 The Lumineers Dead Sea 04m:08s
14:44:01 St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review 03m:14s
14:40:38 Maytals,The Monkey man 04m:35s
14:39:51 Denis Sasse Ghostbusters 01m:47s
14:35:58 Talking To Sir Simon Take Your Time, Valentine 04m:02s
14:31:18 Budos Band, The Scorpion 05m:54s
14:28:28 Kinderzimmer Productions Sie Kriegen Uns Nie 03m:04s
14:28:21 Wim Wenders Station ID 00m:05s
14:23:58 Antennas Lies (Oscar Tilman Remix) 05m:30s
14:20:25 Yeasayer Reagan's Skeleton 04m:36s
14:17:02 Vaselines,The Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam 03m:29s
14:16:45 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
14:14:28 Leningrad Na ne 02m:20s
14:09:18 AC/DC Hells Bells 05m:13s
14:06:05 Jake Bugg Two Fingers 03m:16s
14:05:56 Rocko Schamoni Station ID 00m:10s
14:02:43 We Are Scientists The Great Escape 03m:20s
13:59:56 Becquerels Peggy Sue 03m:52s
13:59:50 Turin Brakes Station ID 00m:05s
13:56:14 Villagers The Waves 04m:39s
13:52:14 Non Phixion Black Helicopters 04m:06s
13:48:51 Lalo Schifrin The Gentle Earthquake 04m:32s
13:48:28 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
13:44:15 Cypress Hill vs Rusko LezGo (Mustard Pimp Rmx) 04m:18s
13:41:52 Evens, The Warble Factor 02m:26s
13:39:03 Serj Tankian Figure It Out 03m:52s
13:38:56 Station ID Geva Alon 00m:05s
13:35:32 Everlast Long Time 03m:29s
13:32:53 Hlamkin and Trubeckoj Tancevali 03m:43s
13:28:43 Congo Natty Code red 04m:26s
13:28:30 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
13:25:22 Pascal Pinon Ekki Vanmeta 03m:17s
13:21:51 Astrud Gilberto Here's That Rainy Day (Koop Re 04m:31s
13:18:38 Pete Philly & Perquisite Womb To Tomb 03m:17s
13:18:11 Martin Sonneborn Station ID 00m:24s
13:12:29 Bloc Party One Month Off (Filth Dukes RMX 06m:47s
13:08:55 First Aid Kit Wolf 04m:41s
13:05:21 Xploding Plastix The Famous Biting Guy 04m:42s
13:04:51 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
13:02:24 Splitside 9/17 03m:35s
12:58:51 Surrogat Gott AG 04m:32s
12:55:00 Wrongkong Hearts are breaking hearts 04m:55s
12:54:50 Superhirt Station ID 00m:10s
12:50:38 Walkabouts, The Devil in the Details 04m:25s
12:47:25 Panic At The Disco There's a good reason... 03m:17s
12:47:19 DreamTheater (Mike Portnoy) Station ID 00m:04s
12:43:26 Franz Ferdinand The Fallen (Ruined by Justice) 04m:54s
12:01:52 Event Literatur & Poesie bei YouTube 42m:34s
11:58:22 Brand Nubian Shinin' Start 04m:43s
11:55:02 BLACK, Jully Seven Day Fool 03m:26s
11:54:12 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
11:49:53 Klaxons Gravity's Rainbow (VanSheTech 05m:24s
11:45:54 Blitz Kids Never Die 04m:59s
11:43:47 Of Montreal Sleeping In The Beetle Bug 02m:20s
11:43:34 Andreas Liebold Station ID 00m:13s
11:40:44 Jesse Boykins III feat. MeLo-X I'm New Here 03m:54s
11:38:19 Desorden Publico Molotov Love 03m:38s
11:34:58 Superskank Das lohnt sich 03m:22s
11:34:52 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
11:31:30 Da Lata Going Underground 03m:26s
11:28:57 Astaire, Fred Putting On The Ritz 03m:37s
11:26:08 La Coka Nostra Soldiers Of Fortune 03m:49s
11:25:58 Calexico Station ID 00m:12s
11:22:09 Dapayk&Padberg Doerti 04m:55s
11:18:30 Biffy Clyro Black Chandelier 04m:41s
11:15:44 Der König Tanzt Nur Für 1 Tag 03m:48s
11:15:27 Michael Keine Radiowerbung-Jingle 00m:18s
11:14:14 Parquet Courts Light Up Gold 01m:14s
11:09:01 Body Count Body Count 05m:18s
11:05:28 Villagers The Waves 04m:39s
11:05:17 Hugo Race Station ID 00m:10s
11:00:15 Mae All Deliberate Speed 05m:09s
10:57:32 Garmisch Partenkirchen Black Paint 03m:50s
10:57:26 Washington Station ID 00m:06s
10:52:53 Alice Cooper Poison (Klassiker) 05m:31s
10:49:18 Army Of The Pharaohs Feast Of The Wolves 04m:41s
10:46:32 Isaac Hayes Run Fay Run 03m:49s
10:46:08 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
10:41:19 Makossa & Megablast Mama ft. 3gga 05m:51s
10:37:53 Friska Viljor Bite Your Head Off 04m:38s
10:35:00 lali puna b-movie 03m:13s
10:34:53 Tod Ashley Station ID 00m:05s
10:30:50 Waste Mindtrick 04m:02s
10:26:28 SKA-P Cannabis 04m:25s
10:21:46 Pow Pow Movement Superior MegaMix 05m:45s
10:21:27 Jochen Wer sind sie... 00m:19s
10:19:17 Luisa Nighthawks 02m:20s
10:14:38 Horse With No Name Suite Horse with no name 05m:40s
10:10:31 Man Parrish Boogie Down Bronx 04m:19s
10:10:23 Death Cab for Cutie Station ID 00m:05s
10:06:16 Avalanches,The Since I left you 05m:39s
10:03:09 AJ Kriss feat. Sonny Boy W. Make London My Home 03m:12s
09:59:14 Talking To Turtles Besser scheitern (Supershirt) 04m:59s
09:58:54 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
09:57:38 Painted Thin Kandis' Song 01m:15s
09:53:39 Slave Starshine child 04m:02s
09:50:33 Pascal Pinon Ekki Vanmeta 03m:17s
09:50:26 Sophia Station ID 00m:05s
09:46:13 Shins, The Saint Simon 04m:25s
09:42:01 Coxon, Graham Sorrow's Army 04m:20s
09:41:35 John Wayne Shot Me Station ID 00m:26s
09:38:15 Da Lata Going Underground 03m:26s
09:34:29 Sir Michael Rocks Brite 04m:46s
09:30:40 Funkadelic I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing 04m:51s
09:30:12 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
09:23:55 Nathan Fake Charlie's House (Apparat Remix 06m:24s
09:20:21 Two Fingers Sweden 04m:39s
09:17:17 Smokes, The My Friend Jack 03m:06s
09:17:11 Patrick Lemoine Station ID 00m:08s
09:13:25 Ezra Furman Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 04m:46s
09:11:06 Spanking Monkey When I ate 02m:25s
09:07:53 Lilian Gold Love we need 03m:19s
09:07:23 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
09:03:53 Hannah Williams & The Tastemak Work It Out 04m:37s
08:58:08 Bellcrash Jazzclub 06m:49s
08:52:53 Public Enemy Don't Believe The Hype 05m:20s
08:52:43 Jeff Van Geldern Station ID 00m:08s
08:49:17 Bratze Zum übrigen Ich 03m:29s
08:46:04 WHY? Strawberries 03m:14s
08:41:36 National, The Bloodbuzz Ohio (radio edit) 05m:38s
08:40:43 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
08:38:33 Give Up The Ghost Love American 02m:14s
08:34:55 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Lovin'Machine 04m:46s
08:31:06 Delphic Baiya 04m:48s
08:31:00 Utah Saints Station ID 00m:10s
08:27:34 ClickClickDecker Die Aufgabe davor und die Aufg 04m:47s
08:24:38 Palmchat Let's Put It This Way 03m:57s
08:24:25 Crash Station ID 00m:11s
08:20:32 Wrongkong Hearts are breaking hearts 04m:55s
08:15:47 DAS EFX Mic Checka 05m:46s
08:11:31 Eddie Kendricks Keep On Trucking (rmx) 05m:32s
08:11:22 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
08:07:12 Wolf Gang Back To Back 04m:16s
08:03:00 Heaven's Basement Fire, Fire 04m:15s
08:01:03 Times New Viking (My Head) 02m:02s
08:00:57 Moneybrother Station ID 00m:04s
07:57:40 Pickers Kristina 03m:22s
07:54:37 Skin of Tears Emptiness 03m:13s
07:50:16 Martin Jondo Jah Gringo 04m:20s
07:49:46 bastian french 01m:31s
07:47:00 Graveyard Goliath 03m:50s
07:42:33 Byrd, Donald On the trail 08m:45s
07:38:35 Suave, Nico Kool 04m:10s
07:38:28 Suave, Nico Kool 04m:10s
07:35:03 Egoexpress Weiter I 03m:25s
07:31:36 Johann van der Smut Gute Nacht schon spät 04m:31s
07:28:40 SMOD Ca Chante 03m:04s
07:28:24 Michael K-L-U-K Jingle 00m:19s
07:25:07 State Radio Knights Of Bostonia 03m:23s
07:20:41 Earth Flight Other Side Of The Rings 05m:36s
07:16:44 Navel Loverboy 04m:59s
07:16:35 Soulfly Station ID 00m:10s
07:13:59 Clueso Barfuss 03m:36s
07:10:22 Los Campesinos! You! Me! Dancing! 04m:48s
07:10:13 Savina Yanatou Station ID 00m:05s
07:08:03 Luisa Nighthawks 02m:20s
07:04:38 Dendemann Check mal die Rhetorik (live) 03m:26s
07:00:52 Gizelle Smith Love Alarm 04m:50s
07:00:45 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
06:56:12 I Am In Love Call Me An Animal 05m:45s
06:52:16 Asaf Avidan 613 04m:00s
06:49:23 Zwei Null Sechs (206) Blutig im Schnee 03m:56s
06:49:17 Zwei Null Sechs (206) Blutig im Schnee 03m:56s
06:44:21 Trail Of Dead Open Doors 05m:57s
06:41:29 Banditi, The Globalover 03m:58s
06:37:59 Slackers, the I'm Still Standing 04m:37s
06:37:49 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
06:35:26 Evens, The Warble Factor 02m:26s
06:32:11 Ella Fitzgerald How Long Has This Been Going.. 03m:16s
06:28:21 7L And Esoteric What I Mean (Ft. Beyonder) 04m:16s
06:28:11 Panteon Rococo Station ID 00m:10s
06:25:17 Chap, the What Did We Do 03m:05s
06:21:55 Branded Tana Louise 03m:23s
06:16:16 Escape With Romeo Somebody 06m:50s
06:15:42 George Bekios IndyReichRuhm 01m:33s
06:15:05 Off! I Got News For You 01m:42s
06:11:46 Zutons, The Why Won´t You Give me Your Lov 03m:24s
06:08:40 Melanie Pain Bye Bye Manchester 03m:09s
06:08:16 Martin Sonneborn Station ID 00m:24s
06:03:46 Ultravox Vienna 05m:39s
06:01:11 Sounds, The Ego 03m:43s
06:01:01 Sascha Blohm Station ID 00m:10s
05:59:23 Mary's Kids I Say No 02m:42s
05:55:34 Chali 2na Righteous Way 04m:03s
05:52:55 B.T.Express It Aint Always Good For You 03m:42s
05:52:22 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
05:46:40 Mittekill Harter Rok 06m:48s
05:42:47 Uwe Banton Thought I'd Let You Know 04m:54s
05:39:41 Dandy Warhols, The Not if you were the last 03m:12s
05:39:35 Shantel Station ID 00m:06s
05:36:06 Nadeah Nobody But You 04m:31s
05:33:20 Dr Ring Ding & the Senior Dance all night 03m:49s
05:29:57 W Dein Ding 04m:31s
05:29:44 Sylvia Elefanten 00m:12s
05:26:11 Two Fingers Sweden 04m:39s
05:22:21 Quantic Soul Orchestra Feeling Good 04m:53s
05:19:15 Mr.Lif New Man Theme 03m:29s
05:19:02 Savatage Station ID 00m:13s
05:15:00 Ellen Allien & Apparat Turbo Dreams 07m:26s
05:10:26 Choirs She Keeps Dancing (Default Roc 05m:37s
05:08:35 Rich Aucoin The Greatest Secret In The W.. 02m:48s
05:08:16 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
05:05:59 Heideroosjes Why does everybod 02m:22s
05:02:40 Switchfood Mess Of Me 03m:28s
04:59:53 Graveyard Goliath 03m:50s
04:59:43 Robocop Kraus Station ID 00m:10s
04:58:54 Queens of the Stone Age Little Sister 03m:54s
04:58:20 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
04:54:31 Impellers, The Hear What I Say 04m:54s
04:51:15 Daft Punk Aerodynamic 03m:28s
04:45:55 Qntal La Froidor 05m:27s
04:45:49 Ronan VNV Nation Station ID 00m:06s
04:42:56´s, The Teenage Mojo Workout 03m:54s
04:39:27 Timelords, The Doctorin the Tardis 04m:34s
04:38:58 bastian french 01m:31s
04:34:45 Welle-Erdball Die Computer verlassen die Wel 04m:17s
04:31:40 Vitalic Second Lives 03m:10s
04:28:50 Elijah Beweg di 03m:52s
04:28:43 Blink182 Station ID 00m:04s
04:25:45 Kings Of Leon McFearless 03m:09s
04:21:59 DJ Vadim Got To Rock 04m:55s
04:21:30 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
04:19:13 Trashmen, The Surfin' Bird 02m:23s
04:16:24 Pixies Debaser 03m:53s
04:10:10 Twisted Tower Dire Netherworlds 06m:18s
04:09:59 Neimo Station ID (english) 00m:11s
04:08:39 Money Mark Have Clav Will Travel 01m:27s
04:05:15 Egotronic Kotzen (Feat. Walter Schreifel 03m:29s
04:04:47 Michael+Bastian Gude Laune Aldaaa 00m:26s
04:00:55 Cherry Poppin' Daddies Zoot Suit Riot 04m:54s
03:58:46 Jessica Fletchers, The Houses 02m:19s
03:55:02 Sir Michael Rocks Brite 04m:46s
03:54:29 George Marlboro 01m:32s
03:50:28 Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Bigtime 04m:07s
03:46:25 View, The Double Yellow Lines 04m:10s
03:46:15 Dietmar Wischmeyer Station ID 00m:12s
03:39:26 Arkana Music Through Sacco's Eyes 07m:55s
03:39:00 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
03:35:07 Ken Bob Long way 04m:58s
03:30:57 Nas Halftime 04m:17s
03:27:25 Seachange Youth and Art 04m:35s
03:27:19 Coverdale Station ID ohne Musik 00m:08s
03:23:44 Ida Written On My Face 04m:51s
03:19:35 Grabke, Claus Cause I Can 04m:11s
03:19:19 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
03:16:53 Four Tops Rooms of Gloom 03m:01s
03:12:00 DJ Koze Let´s Help Me 05m:00s
03:05:42 Suicide Commando Massaker 06m:22s
03:05:35 Betzefer Station ID 00m:09s
03:01:33 Against Me Unprotected Sex With Multiple 04m:11s
02:57:37 Jamie T. Sticks And Stones 04m:03s
02:57:30 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
02:53:08 Primus Wynona's Big Brown Beaver 04m:24s
02:48:51 WhoMadeWho Gigantische Stahlgiganten 04m:18s
02:45:32 Dub Spencer & Trance hill when i fall in love 03m:21s
02:45:26 Cruxshadows Station ID 00m:07s
02:42:27 Test Icicles Boa vs Python 03m:06s
02:39:07 Gang Starr Code Of The Streets 03m:25s
02:38:41 Bernd Gröne JingleHertzHymne2 00m:28s
02:33:59 Benjamin Gibbard Bigger Than Love 05m:48s
02:30:03 And One Back Home 04m:03s
02:25:36 Reckless Tide The Preacher 05m:32s
02:25:30 Uwe Rapolder Station ID 00m:05s
02:23:17 All The People Cramp Your Style 02m:16s
02:18:04 When Saints Go Machine Kids On Vacation (Zombie Disco 06m:31s
02:17:55 Diana Diana-Jazz 00m:11s
02:14:32 Six Rich Dead Skunk's not dead 04m:31s
02:11:49 Zu Knyphausen, Gisbert Verschwende Deine Zeit 03m:53s
02:07:27 Sun Life or Death feat.Jason Berry 05m:37s
02:07:00 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
02:04:07 White Denim Drug 03m:04s
01:59:55 Shorthand Phonetics Chivalry is lost on some peopl 04m:22s
01:59:45 Bittermann Station ID 00m:11s
01:55:26 Getz & Byrd Samba de uma nota so 06m:13s
01:48:07 A Red Season Shade Rising On The Bright 08m:39s
01:47:54 Asaf Avidan and the Mojos Station ID 00m:14s
01:44:42 Tettorybad Unite 03m:20s
01:39:19 Booka Shade In White Rooms 09m:59s
01:38:40 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
01:34:10 Van Morrison Moondance 05m:33s
01:30:11 Lumieres Claires Point Éphčm 04m:10s
01:27:47 Flying Lotus All In / Getting There 03m:37s
01:27:40 Slipknot Station ID 00m:07s
01:24:28 basement jaxx get me off (peaches mix) 03m:16s
01:22:05 Meters, The Dry Spell 03m:33s
01:19:13 Nat King Cole Trio Hit That Jive Jack 03m:59s
01:19:07 Rainer Von Vielen Station ID 00m:05s
01:15:51 Bine A Bag Full Memories 03m:22s
01:10:59 Nils Bech A Sudden Sickness 05m:58s
01:07:20 Zita Swoon Jinto And The Great Luna 04m:46s
01:06:28 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
01:03:05 Jeans Team Oh Bauer 03m:29s
00:59:08 El Perro Del Mar Walk On By 04m:58s
00:45:38 Fisher, Morgan MO 30 1 CUT 14m:46s
00:41:40 FEAT THE VIBE Forget the past 04m:04s
00:41:30 Asaf Avidan & The Mojos Asaf Avidan & The Mojos 00m:11s
00:36:26 Mockasin, Connan Forever Dolphin Love 05m:14s
00:30:20 Midnight Juggernauts Dystopia (Cut Copy Remix) 06m:16s
00:29:24 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
00:23:51 Cool Spoon Coolie coolie spooners 06m:39s
00:20:17 Moonbootica Pretty Little Angel 04m:35s
00:16:55 Dobie I-Anomaly 03m:28s
00:16:49 The Electric Club Station ID 00m:05s
00:12:24 Antennas Lies (Oscar Tilman Remix) 05m:30s
00:09:15 The Monks Blockhead 04m:31s
00:03:16 Wilson, Cassandra The weight 06m:05s
00:03:10 Rohrbeck / Fröhlich (Drei ???) Station ID 00m:06s
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