Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 26.7.2012

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:56:13 Stereo MCs Gringo 05m:39s
23:53:12 Isleys, The Work To Do 03m:13s
23:49:54 Corea , Chick Spain 04m:33s
23:49:42 Doves Station ID 00m:04s
23:46:15 Anathema The Gathering Of The Clouds 03m:27s
23:42:58 The Black Atlantic The Flooded Road (Built On S.. 03m:27s
23:39:41 Alpinestars Carbon Kid 04m:34s
23:39:10 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
23:35:27 PeterLicht Begrabt Mein iPhone An Der B.. 04m:48s
23:30:16 Slugabed Mountains Come Out Of The Sky 05m:14s
23:27:22 Warren, Huw Art Of Hairdressing 03m:10s
23:24:51 Watson, Patrick Fireweed 03m:40s
23:24:39 Supervixen Station ID 00m:06s
23:20:29 Legendary Lightness Friendly Smiles 04m:16s
23:15:49 nor elle key to the city 05m:42s
23:15:37 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
23:11:05 Byrd, Donald Kofi 08m:47s
23:06:42 Kings of Convenience summer on the westhil 05m:36s
23:00:23 Diary of Dreams Never tell the widow 07m:32s
23:00:06 Diary of Dreams Never tell the widow 07m:32s
22:59:44 Jacques Palminger Station ID 00m:21s
22:00:05 Event Traumfabrik #121 - 12.07.2012 60m:41s
21:56:47 Knights, the Woody Allen 04m:49s
21:53:23 Gotan Project Mi Confession 04m:31s
21:50:39 May, Imelda Tainted Love 03m:48s
21:50:24 Anna Laufenlassen 00m:14s
21:46:37 Digitalism 2 Hearts 04m:57s
21:43:26 Future Twin Lockits 03m:15s
21:39:15 Analogik The Old Man 04m:18s
21:39:04 Death Angel Station ID 00m:07s
21:36:00 First Aid Kit Blue 03m:14s
21:31:36 SKA-P Cannabis 04m:25s
21:27:55 Papa Djaman feat. Mouna Keine Almosen 04m:46s
21:27:14 Bernd Tag am Meer 01m:40s
21:24:30 Jonas & The Massive Attraction Big Slice 03m:49s
21:22:56 Lisa Ekdahl Down With Love 02m:37s
21:18:05 Defari Bionic 05m:56s
21:17:34 Spax Station ID 01m:33s
21:12:13 Supersystem Miracle (The Rapture Remix) 05m:23s
21:11:15 Tenacious D To Be The Best 01m:01s
21:06:42 Badly Drawn Boy Year Of The Rat 05m:44s
21:04:53 Event Tagesredakteurprogramm 2012 02m:47s
20:58:20 ImGespräch Emel Mathlouthi Teil3 07m:33s
20:40:44 ImGespräch Emel Mathlouthi Teil2 18m:42s
20:36:54 Emel Mathlouthi Ma Likit (Not Found) 04m:58s
20:02:31 ImGespräch Emel Mathlouthi Teil 1 34m:03s
19:59:54 Goldenen Zitronen, Die Der Tag als Thomas 03m:46s
19:59:43 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
19:56:32 The Bianca Story Dancing People Are Never Wrong 03m:15s
19:56:20 Krawehl Station ID 00m:07s
19:51:56 Purity Ring Lofticries (HST) 04m:24s
19:49:35 van Dannen, Funny Gutes tun 02m:22s
19:46:27 My Robot Friend Why Won't You Call Me Back? 03m:12s
19:46:09 Al DeLoner Station ID 00m:17s
19:42:58 Effi Distance 03m:18s
19:39:03 Non-Prophets Mainstream 307 04m:03s
19:35:42 Jimmy Castor Bunch It's Just Begun 04m:43s
19:35:24 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
19:31:52 Wiley Boom Blast 04m:35s
19:29:34 Lee Jay Cop Monkey Shaker 02m:20s
19:24:50 Faith No More Epic 05m:53s
19:24:39 Tim Neuhaus Station ID 00m:05s
19:22:09 Tending to Huey Micromastia 03m:33s
19:20:51 Dread Kannibal Skinhead Hooligan 01m:27s
19:15:29 99posse Ripetutamente 06m:30s
19:15:13 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
19:13:40 Event Hörerumfrage 02m:33s
19:08:42 Baroness Take My Bones Away 05m:00s
19:06:14 Parker, Charlie The Hymn 02m:28s
19:01:53 Der Tobi & Das Bo MitdemFischanderWandindenPutz 05m:33s
19:01:41 Cecilia Ahern Station ID 00m:11s
18:58:24 Fenech-Soler Lies 03m:19s
18:55:08 Kamikaze Kings Boys 'n' Men 03m:20s
18:51:36 Assembly Never Never 04m:45s
18:51:24 Michael Dein ist mein ganzes Hertz87,9 00m:06s
18:49:03 Ne Luumaet Siina on Punk Kari 02m:24s
18:45:19 Skid Row Thick as the skin 04m:48s
18:42:49 Messer Sulai 03m:42s
18:42:38 Messer Sulai 03m:42s
18:38:49 Maximo Park Going Missing 04m:44s
18:34:38 Knights, the Woody Allen 04m:49s
18:29:50 Björk Sacrifice 04m:02s
18:24:44 HertzKlappe Dark Knight Rises 04m:10s
18:19:46 Chairlift Bruises 04m:06s
18:14:22 Frank D'Angelo You're The One 04m:54s
18:09:14 HertzKlappe The Artist 04m:26s
18:03:25 Air sexy Boy 05m:58s
18:02:21 HertzKlappe Batman - Anfangsjingle 01m:31s
17:59:36 Cursive Pivotal 03m:49s
17:59:25 Ronnie James Dio Station ID 00m:09s
17:56:43 Iremembertapes Gossip 03m:45s
17:53:36 Jaylib Raw Shit 03m:09s
17:48:54 Sweet Vandals, The Come on now 05m:47s
17:48:33 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
17:44:09 Asio Kids A.S.I.O. 04m:25s
17:40:35 Bratze Zitate 04m:34s
17:38:51 Event Tagesredakteurprogramm 2012 02m:47s
17:35:30 Little Fish Infidelity 04m:40s
17:35:12 Jens Wawrczeck (Drei ???) Station ID 00m:06s
17:32:37 Event Veranstaltungshinweise 26.07. 03m:34s
17:29:39 Scissor Sisters Baby Come Home 03m:00s
17:26:05 Los Calzones Culocracia 04m:36s
17:21:31 Mellow Mark Me casa es tu casa 05m:45s
17:20:33 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
17:17:36 Balthazar I'll Stay Here 03m:00s
17:13:05 Frau Potz Klockenschooster 05m:33s
17:11:01 Pascow Spraypaint The Walls 02m:08s
17:07:55 Pullen, Don&African-Brazilian Directo ad assunto 03m:13s
17:03:08 Chico feat Rasputin Spiegelbild 05m:58s
17:02:54 Uwe Seeler Station ID 00m:14s
17:00:06 Danja Atari Golden Shoes Feat. Sola Plexus 03m:50s
16:56:01 Animal Kingdom Strange Attractor 04m:04s
16:52:56 Beangrowers Not In A Million Lovers 03m:11s
16:51:58 Michael Mixtape-Trailer 01m:00s
16:47:40 Bubonix Never Forget 04m:28s
16:43:53 Oasis I'm Outta Time 04m:50s
16:40:45 Get Well Soon Roland, I Feel You 03m:15s
16:40:27 Seachange Station ID 00m:17s
16:36:59 CSS Left Behind 04m:31s
16:34:21 Shirley Holmes Floor The Gas 03m:47s
16:34:10 Gerhard Sagerer Station ID 00m:07s
16:31:35 Event Veranstaltungshinweise 26.07. 03m:34s
16:28:28 Furasoul Judge Me 03m:13s
16:24:47 Lady Daisey Magical 04m:45s
16:21:50 Doe, Ernie K Here Come The Girls 03m:06s
16:21:38 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
16:18:40 Plateau Repas Gimme My Luck Back 03m:05s
16:15:36 Animal Collective Honeycomb 03m:05s
16:12:39 Black Box Revelation, The High On A Wire 03m:09s
16:12:28 Black Box Revelation, The High On A Wire 03m:09s
16:09:53 Real McKenzies, the Burnout 03m:39s
16:06:05 Maytals, The Monkey Man 07m:43s
16:02:25 Massilia Sound System violent 04m:43s
16:02:10 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
15:58:33 Photoreal Something In The Sky 04m:41s
15:56:06 ray charles alexander`s ragtime band 03m:36s
15:53:01 Dizzee Rascal Stand Up Tall 03m:11s
15:52:50 Annika Trost Station ID 00m:08s
15:49:55 DEVO Fresh 03m:58s
15:46:01 Emel Mathlouthi Ma Likit (Not Found) 04m:58s
15:42:11 Zwanie Jonson A Boy And A Girl 04m:56s
15:41:46 Katarina EclipseJinglemittel 00m:25s
15:38:32 BoySetsFire After the eulogy 04m:31s
15:35:29 Vampyre State Building Sex Toy Junkie 03m:08s
15:32:56 Event Veranstaltungshinweise 26.07. 03m:34s
15:29:52 Nas Nasty 03m:05s
15:29:41 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
15:25:48 Purity Ring Fineshrine (HST) 04m:53s
15:21:50 Department Of Eagles In Ear Park 04m:03s
15:18:59 Zwei Null Sechs (206) Blutig im Schnee 03m:56s
15:18:48 Ronan VNV Nation Station ID 00m:06s
15:15:38 Future Twin Lockits 03m:15s
15:14:06 Event Hörerumfrage 02m:33s
15:10:32 Main Concept Session fünf 04m:38s
15:07:21 Effi Distance 03m:18s
15:05:19 Vangaalen,Chad Clinically Dead 02m:19s
15:03:30 Event Tagesredakteurprogramm 2012 02m:47s
14:59:55 Green, Al Take Me To The River 04m:43s
14:59:27 Michael Nast Michael Nast Station ID 01m:31s
14:29:57 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
14:27:26 Die Piratenbraut 12345und20 03m:55s
14:27:14 Dietmar Wischmeyer Station ID 00m:12s
14:23:34 All The Young The First Time 04m:45s
14:20:59 Event Veranstaltungshinweise 26.07. 03m:34s
14:18:41 Plastic Sganstars Whucacka! 02m:24s
14:15:34 Allen, Lilly Smile 03m:17s
14:15:20 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
14:12:15 Bonaparte Quarantine 03m:07s
14:08:27 Budd, Roy Cool Bossa Source 04m:51s
14:04:30 Artifacts Who's This? 04m:11s
14:04:19 Artifacts Who's This? 04m:11s
14:01:05 Fritz Kalkbrenner Facing The Sun (Radio Edit) 05m:12s
13:58:27 Buccaneers, The Travelled So Far 03m:39s
13:54:26 XTC Making Plans For Nigel 04m:13s
13:54:15 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
13:51:51 Nobunny I'm A Girlfriend 03m:30s
13:46:34 Kansas Carry on wayward son 05m:22s
13:44:39 Pascow Spraypaint The Walls 02m:08s
13:44:29 Pascow Spraypaint The Walls 02m:08s
13:43:44 Event Mensaplan 26-07-2012 01m:44s
13:40:31 Wilde, Kim Chequered love 03m:22s
13:37:06 Incubus Echo 04m:28s
13:36:55 Camouflage Station ID 00m:07s
13:33:51 Animal Collective Honeycomb 03m:05s
13:31:16 Event Veranstaltungshinweise 26.07. 03m:34s
13:27:45 Raptile&Roger Reckless Microphone Igniter 04m:37s
13:23:52 Smokey Robinson The Tears Of A Clown rmx 04m:59s
13:23:24 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
13:18:06 Golden Boy feat.Miss Kittin 1234 05m:21s
13:15:04 Nas Nasty 03m:05s
13:11:52 Lukestar Lake Toba 03m:22s
13:11:41 Lukestar Lake Toba 03m:22s
13:08:54 The XX Angels 03m:52s
13:05:44 4Teen Killers Ca Plane Pour Moin 03m:11s
13:02:29 Eek a mouse Juicy Juicy, Weedy Weedy 03m:26s
13:01:51 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
12:58:51 Bloc Party Octopus 03m:02s
12:54:54 Armstrong,Louis & Oscar Peters Makin' whoopee 04m:59s
12:51:24 Fiva MC & DJ Radrum Blaue Flecken 04m:45s
12:51:13 Ash Station ID 00m:06s
12:50:29 Event Mensaplan 26-07-2012 01m:44s
12:47:14 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
12:44:40 Real McKenzies, the Burnout 03m:39s
12:41:53 Ahn, Priscilla Red Cape 03m:56s
12:41:19 George Marlboro 01m:32s
12:38:48 Television Personalities Part Time Punks 03m:39s
12:35:04 Atreyu Storm To Pass 04m:47s
12:32:19 Jonas & The Massive Attraction Big Slice 03m:49s
12:32:08 Helge Schneider Station ID 00m:09s
12:28:30 Purity Ring Crawlersout (HST) 04m:37s
12:25:00 Polarkreis 18 The Colour Of Snow 04m:34s
12:21:20 Kante Die Summe der einzelnen Teile 04m:49s
12:21:09 Shantel Station ID 00m:06s
12:17:58 Get Well Soon Roland, I Feel You 03m:15s
12:16:28 Event Hörerumfrage 02m:33s
12:11:51 Coup, The My Favorite Mutiny 05m:36s
12:08:44 Tina Britt Sookie Sookie 03m:12s
12:08:06 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
12:03:42 Decomposed Subsonic Part Of The Machine 05m:35s
12:01:38 Future Of The Left Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman 02m:08s
11:58:59 Threatmantics Big Man 03m:54s
11:58:48 Threatmantics Big Man 03m:54s
11:55:05 Bassnectar Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco) 04m:50s
11:52:06 Sondaschule Lieber einen 03m:58s
11:50:55 Event Mensaplan 19.7. 01m:11s
11:46:20 Nosliw Ich geb´ nicht auf 10m:11s
11:46:06 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
11:42:18 Peaking Lights Lo Hi 04m:52s
11:38:44 Pauer, Fritz Terra Sambar 04m:44s
11:35:20 Cali Agents This Is My Life 04m:35s
11:35:04 Karamelo Santo Station ID (englisch) 00m:09s
11:34:09 Event Trailer Highlander-Slam 01m:55s
11:30:05 Frittenbude Wings 04m:10s
11:27:33 Tending to Huey Micromastia 03m:33s
11:22:26 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
11:21:48 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
11:18:00 Alkaline Trio Queen Of Pain 04m:58s
11:11:39 Soundtracks Of Our Lives BABEL ON 06m:25s
11:08:34 Paul Weller When Your Garden's Overgrown 03m:12s
11:08:23 Dog Eat Dog Station ID 00m:07s
11:05:45 Black Sabbath Paranoid 03m:47s
11:05:28 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:02:42 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
10:59:13 Tenacious D Rock Your Socks 04m:33s
10:55:52 Jonas & The Massive Attraction Big Slice 03m:49s
10:52:17 Beatles, The Here Comes The Sun 03m:04s
10:51:16 Mensa Mensabett 04m:50s
10:48:10 Bonaparte Quarantine 03m:07s
10:43:29 Cash, Johnny I Walk The Line 03m:57s
10:32:35 Kamikaze Kings Boys 'n' Men 03m:20s
10:32:24 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:29:58 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:26:59 Blues Brothers, The Everybody Needs Somebody To Lo 03m:20s
10:22:55 Rolling Stones Paint It Black 04m:02s
10:20:37 Trailer Tagesredakteurprogramm 2012 02m:47s
10:17:03 Queen Another One Bites The Dust 04m:39s
10:11:54 Patrick Füngerlings Hertzstück_Brass 00m:15s
10:09:40 Brown, James Papa´s Got A Brand New Bag 02m:11s
10:03:31 Pink Floyd Set The Controles For The Hear 05m:20s
10:03:20 Der Morgen Der Morgen Jingle 00m:09s
10:03:09 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:00:24 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
09:59:52 Aerzte, Die Yoko Ono 01m:31s
09:56:31 Winehouse, Amy Rehab 04m:36s
09:56:20 Mensa Hertzschlag 00m:03s
09:53:41 V-Tipps-Bett Pop Gitarre 04m:50s
09:53:30 V-Tipps v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
09:50:46 Beatsteaks Hand in Hand 03m:39s
09:44:43 Donnerstag Beitrag RocknRoll 06m:45s
09:41:51 Future Of The Left Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman 02m:08s
09:32:56 Arctic Monkeys On The Dancefloor 03m:58s
09:32:45 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:29:58 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:29:07 Foo Fighters Gas Chamber 01m:55s
09:25:48 Donnerstag Beitrag Partnerschafts Design 03m:02s
09:22:24 Iremembertapes Gossip 03m:45s
09:17:58 Beach Boys, The- Surfin U.S.A. 02m:29s
09:15:21 Donnerstag Beitrag Mitfahrzentrale 02m:12s
09:10:34 Black Seeds, the Wide Open 04m:01s
09:04:28 AC/DC Hells Bells 05m:13s
09:04:18 AC/DC Hells Bells 05m:13s
09:04:07 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:01:19 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
08:57:14 BoySetsFire Rookie 04m:15s
08:53:44 Kinks, The Victoria 04m:40s
08:50:30 Effi Distance 03m:18s
08:50:09 Hertz 87.9 Hertz Jingle 00m:23s
08:47:37 Event Corona 03m:30s
08:43:14 Purity Ring Lofticries (HST) 04m:24s
08:40:06 Belle And Sebastian White Collar Boy 03m:23s
08:35:39 Circle of Grin Turn your back on me 05m:50s
08:35:22 Maritime Station ID 00m:04s
08:33:36 Event Tagesredakteurprogramm 2012 02m:47s
08:30:31 Bonaparte Quarantine 03m:07s
08:27:10 Guru's Jazzmatazz State Of Clarity 04m:31s
08:24:23 Charles Bradley Heartaches & Pain 03m:56s
08:23:59 Michael+Bastian Gude Laune Aldaaa 00m:26s
08:21:06 Fiji Physical 03m:58s
08:19:35 Event Hörerumfrage 02m:33s
08:14:34 Baroness Take My Bones Away 05m:00s
08:09:46 Silence Someone Else's Song 05m:04s
08:09:35 Die LP Station ID 00m:07s
08:07:31 Hives, the 1000 Answers 02m:07s
08:04:58 Grid, The Surrender 03m:35s
08:04:04 Event Trailer Highlander-Slam 01m:55s
08:00:23 Silly Walks meets Patrice Moonrise 04m:50s
07:59:52 George Marlboro 01m:32s
07:57:15 Messer Sulai 03m:42s
07:52:35 Brooks, Tina True Blue 05m:58s
07:47:18 Big Daddy Kane Ain't No Half Steppin' 05m:21s
07:47:08 Hugo Race Station ID 00m:10s
07:43:16 Frittenbude Täglich Grüsst Das Murmeltier 04m:53s
07:38:49 Godsmack Voodoo 04m:28s
07:33:55 Bluetones Time and again 05m:09s
07:33:38 Michael K-L-U-K Jingle 00m:19s
07:31:57 Vaders, The That Way 02m:39s
07:28:43 Who, The My Generation 03m:17s
07:26:03 Nadeah Odile (Radio Edit) 03m:52s
07:25:52 Slug-Atmosphere Station ID 00m:06s
07:22:15 Purity Ring Crawlersout (HST) 04m:37s
07:17:19 Groove Armada My Friend 05m:02s
07:13:32 Polar For The Masses Rust 04m:15s
07:13:21 Polar For The Masses Rust 04m:15s
07:09:25 Maximo Park The Undercurrents 04m:01s
07:06:58 RJD2 1976 02m:27s
07:02:38 Jackson 5 I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix) 05m:32s
07:02:27 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
06:58:54 Knarf Rellöm Trinity Move Your Ass & Your Mind... 04m:40s
06:56:10 Iremembertapes Gossip 03m:45s
06:53:23 Mission Of Burma Max Ernst 03m:05s
06:53:12 E.S.T. Station ID 00m:06s
06:49:42 Reptile Youth Black Swan Born White 04m:41s
06:45:29 Äl Jawala Druzhno Kaifuj 04m:15s
06:41:05 Special A.k.a. Free Nelson Mandela 05m:36s
06:40:55 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
06:37:26 Sue You 04m:33s
06:34:05 Wigald Boning Lost In London 03m:25s
06:29:35 Double Dee & Steinski Lesson 3: History Of Hip Hop 05m:56s
06:29:24 Double Dee & Steinski Lesson 3: History Of Hip Hop 05m:56s
06:26:20 Crystal Castles Untrust Us 03m:07s
06:22:59 Twin Shadow You Call Me On 04m:32s
06:20:25 Alice Rose A Poem In Slow Motion 03m:38s
06:20:09 ocke Volksmusik Quote 00m:18s
06:16:18 Nevermind 100% kein Talent 06m:35s
06:12:12 Friska Viljor Wohl Will 04m:12s
06:08:32 Knights, the Woody Allen 04m:49s
06:08:21 Mediengruppe Telekommander Station ID 00m:06s
06:05:19 Death Cab For Cutie Someday You Will Be Loved 03m:12s
06:01:34 Tele Falschrum 04m:46s
06:01:23 Mia. Station ID 00m:10s
05:58:26 Bloc Party Octopus 03m:02s
05:54:52 Dj Krush Meiso 04m:43s
05:52:18 Burke,Solomon Keep Looking 03m:38s
05:52:01 Michael K-L-U-K Jingle 00m:19s
05:48:04 System check Roni Size Reprazent 04m:02s
05:44:30 Bratze Zitate 04m:34s
05:40:51 Watcha Clan Osfour 04m:58s
05:40:40 Guttermouth Station ID 00m:05s
05:36:36 Animal Kingdom Strange Attractor 04m:04s
05:34:16 Armstrong, Tim Lady Demeter 02m:27s
05:30:32 Sam Ragga Band feat Jan Delay Die Welt steht still 04m:45s
05:30:07 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
05:26:32 Azealia Banks Aquababe 04m:45s
05:23:45 Wonder, Little Stevie Fingertips 03m:56s
05:20:35 Beginner Fäule 04m:59s
05:20:22 Beginner Fäule 04m:59s
05:17:21 Egotronic Toleranz 03m:05s
05:13:32 Me and My Drummer Heavy Weight 04m:51s
05:09:55 An Horse Camp Out 04m:42s
05:09:35 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
05:07:21 Banner Pilot Alchemy 02m:15s
05:03:33 Muse Sunburn 04m:55s
05:00:17 Karin Park Restless (Radio Edit) 03m:29s
05:00:02 Sparks Station ID 00m:07s
04:58:21 At Vance Chained 05m:48s
04:54:25 Dio Rainbow in the dark 04m:17s
04:48:54 Sharon Next Der Hase (Sebastian Komor RMX) 06m:34s
04:48:30 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
04:44:43 AC/DC Highway to Hell 04m:58s
04:39:12 Picture The Price I Pay 06m:31s
04:34:56 Pantera Piss 04m:23s
04:34:46 Anthrax (Frank Bello) Station ID 00m:07s
04:30:52 Queen I want it all 04m:04s
04:27:05 Blitzkid Lady In The Lake 04m:49s
04:23:39 LILLASYTER Hĺrdrock 04m:31s
04:23:28 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro1 00m:10s
04:19:23 MEGAHERZ Morgenrot 04m:10s
04:16:19 Divine Heresy Bleed The Fifth 03m:08s
04:15:35 Ed Schrader's Music Beat Gas Station Attendant 01m:57s
04:15:22 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Station ID 00m:06s
04:11:07 New Order Crystal 04m:22s
04:05:56 Coldplay Politik 05m:12s
04:04:28 Male Risikofaktor 1 zu X 01m:28s
04:04:17 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
04:00:23 Nebelhexe Underworld 04m:01s
03:57:21 Versus the throne Haunted by the nights 03m:04s
03:54:14 Hellyeah Why Does It Always 03m:22s
03:54:03 Hellyeah Why Does It Always 03m:22s
03:51:16 Motörhead Louie, Louie 03m:49s
03:47:46 Amplifier Procedures 04m:32s
03:44:38 Motor The Knife 03m:11s
03:44:04 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
03:38:48 Form, Die La Somnambule 05m:20s
03:35:25 In Flames Deliver Us 04m:31s
03:29:20 B.Son 440H 06m:08s
03:29:09 Samba Station ID 00m:12s
03:25:43 Catheters, The- Nothing 04m:37s
03:22:35 Born To Lose Ante Up 03m:13s
03:17:48 Cumshots, The Halo of Horns 05m:47s
03:17:28 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
03:13:14 Painbastard Liebe, die verbrennt 04m:16s
03:10:20 Discard Pulse 03m:00s
03:06:02 The Hirsch Effekt Limerent 04m:24s
03:05:51 Zeromancer Station ID 00m:06s
03:02:50 Paze Estrada Lucky Guy 03m:00s
03:00:46 NoFX play this song on the radio 02m:17s
03:00:02 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
02:59:51 Chencha Berrinches Juana La Loca 05m:32s
02:59:40 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
02:54:26 assemblage 23 Consequence 05m:21s
02:49:45 Slipknot Psychosocial 05m:43s
02:45:32 Pantera Piss 04m:23s
02:45:15 Jeff Hannemann Slayer-ID 00m:08s
02:41:24 Undergod Killove 04m:53s
02:38:30 Every Time I Die I Suck (Blood) 03m:56s
02:37:46 Faber, Hajo Jöllenbeck-Jingle 01m:44s
02:33:19 Alien Sex Fiend Motherfucker Burn 09m:01s
02:30:13 Shinedown Enemies 03m:08s
02:26:58 Hellyeah Why Does It Always 03m:22s
02:26:47 Die LP Station ID 00m:07s
02:22:06 Faith no more evidence 05m:54s
02:18:25 Freedom From Want Kein Glück Allein 04m:45s
02:13:41 Rob Rock Calling Angels 05m:47s
02:12:51 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
02:08:17 Mnemonic Mellow 05m:39s
02:05:40 Horrors, The Jack The Ripper 03m:03s
02:00:17 Sharon Next Der Hase (Sebastian Komor RMX) 06m:34s
02:00:02 Camouflage Station ID 00m:07s
01:59:40 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
01:56:56 Mint Royale Singing In The Rain Remix 03m:49s
01:53:39 The Black Atlantic The Flooded Road (Built On S.. 03m:27s
01:47:19 Laboratorium Taniec Bialego Karla 06m:24s
01:44:09 Fitzsimmons, William Let You Break 03m:24s
01:43:58 Natascha Atlas Station ID 00m:05s
01:38:24 Francky Brown You're Elvis 06m:37s
01:32:39 Fatboy Slim Kalifornia 06m:53s
01:32:02 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 2 01m:39s
01:29:38 tommy dorsey night and day 03m:34s
01:24:23 Kalkbrenner, Paul Tag 407 05m:17s
01:21:03 Ombre Cara Falsa 04m:36s
01:20:53 Clara Hill Station ID 00m:04s
01:16:49 SBTRKT Trials Of The Past 04m:24s
01:14:38 Ben E. King What Is Soul 02m:16s
01:10:57 Alexander, Monty Monticello 04m:53s
01:10:46 Oliver Rhis 'Schwarze Schafe' Station ID 00m:06s
01:06:37 Dear Euphoria Gift 04m:17s
00:58:35 Nick Sinna Kick The Habit 08m:08s
00:53:09 Herre, Max Du weißt (Bye Bye Baby) 05m:29s
00:52:58 Sylvia jingle 1 00m:11s
00:49:07 Dapayk&Padberg Doerti 04m:55s
00:45:12 Katie Kate Houses 04m:01s
00:35:55 Outward Bound Intrenclant 10m:30s
00:31:41 Bluba Lu Monetary Slave (remix) 04m:24s
00:31:31 Karamelo Santo Station ID (spanisch) 00m:08s
00:27:24 Karo The Sailor 04m:12s
00:23:10 Porcupine Tree Lazarus 04m:19s
00:22:39 bastian french 01m:31s
00:18:55 Roberts, Eddie Sugar (feat. Iain Mackenzie) 04m:45s
00:15:25 Patty Moon Painting Horses 04m:44s
00:09:11 La Boum Fatale Let Us Not Be Terrible People 06m:22s
00:08:54 Kurtis Blow Station ID 00m:16s
00:05:20 Danja Atari 97 (Get Up On That Horse) 04m:39s
00:02:58 Trinikas Remember Me 02m:26s
00:00:18 McCallum, David The Edge 03m:54s
00:00:02 Annika Trost Station ID 00m:08s
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