Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 12.4.2012

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:57:11 Islet We Bow 03m:14s
23:57:03 Gisbert zu Knyphausen Station ID 00m:06s
23:53:11 Editors You Dont Know Love (Tom Middle 04m:57s
23:49:39 Williams, Esther Last Night Changed It All 04m:37s
23:45:18 Brönner, Till Everything happens to me 06m:53s
23:45:06 Rifles Station ID 00m:07s
23:40:32 cocorosie beautiful boyz 05m:38s
23:36:14 Terrace Martin Tune Out ft. Ill Camille 04m:22s
23:33:22 Teenage Fanclub I don't want control of you 03m:08s
23:33:13 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
23:29:37 Danja Atari 97 (Get Up On That Horse) 04m:39s
23:23:52 Saschienne Knopfauge 06m:52s
23:21:54 One AM Radio, The A Ghost On The East Coast 02m:07s
23:21:45 Montreal Station ID 00m:09s
23:17:34 65daysofstatic 2 / dance parties vocal versio 04m:13s
23:12:53 Dimension 5 Flow 08m:54s
23:12:31 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
23:10:12 Eca, Luiz Consolcao 03m:31s
23:03:25 LulaCircus Tears and Ice 07m:46s
23:00:16 Simian Mobile Disco Seraphim 03m:22s
23:00:04 Blackmail Station ID 00m:07s
22:58:44 Shaka Ponk My Name Is Stain 03m:27s
22:00:03 Event Traumfabrik #111 - 12.04.2012 59m:41s
21:59:27 Big L Feat.KRS-One Still Here 04m:53s
21:55:06 Stevie Wonder Superstition 04m:26s
21:54:16 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
21:49:41 Ludwig Pull Down The Bugs 05m:33s
21:47:10 Jack White Sixteen Saltines 03m:37s
21:45:41 Event Trailer Wallis Bird 02m:31s
21:43:05 Flesh,The Cuts 03m:40s
21:42:33 Spax Station ID 01m:33s
21:39:30 Frau Potz Ach, heiner 03m:03s
21:37:52 Kid Harpoon 57 02m:42s
21:33:54 Don Abi The One 04m:00s
21:33:28 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
21:30:26 Jackson Five I Want You Back (Klassiker) 03m:02s
21:27:49 Jazzanova Gafiera 03m:41s
21:24:53 Mono & Nikitaman Komplizen 03m:06s
21:24:44 Mono & Nikitaman Komplizen 03m:06s
21:21:08 Slave Republic My Maker 04m:41s
21:18:53 M. Ward Primitive Girl 02m:21s
21:15:02 Zwanie Jonson A Boy And A Girl 04m:56s
21:14:46 Jan Schaper Weltherrschaft 00m:16s
21:12:40 Black Lips Bad Kids 02m:12s
21:09:41 American HiFi Flavor of the weak 03m:11s
21:06:12 Marco Z I'm A Bird 04m:30s
21:06:03 Willi (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
21:01:27 De La Soul The Work (HST) 05m:35s
20:57:18 Sneaker Pimps Loretta young silk (acoustic) 04m:19s
20:02:24 Event Im Gespräch - Kettcar 2012 55m:55s
19:58:32 Radiohead 15 Step 04m:59s
19:58:24 Trail of Dead Station ID Trail of Dead Station ID 00m:07s
19:55:42 Every Time I Die Underwater Bimbos From Outer.. 03m:43s
19:52:31 Ghostface Killah Walking Through The Darkness 03m:18s
19:48:36 Betty Davis He Was A Big Freak 04m:07s
19:47:37 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
19:42:26 riow arai trillion 05m:18s
19:38:57 Alt-J Matilda 04m:36s
19:37:11 Hoquets Otanato 02m:53s
19:37:02 Hoquets Otanato 02m:53s
19:32:34 White Rabbits Heavy Metal 04m:28s
19:28:51 Hotknives Don't go away 04m:49s
19:24:28 Nosliw Nur dabei 05m:33s
19:23:59 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
19:21:27 7 Dollar Taxi Hobin Rude 03m:36s
19:15:38 Dorham, Kenny Whistle Stop 06m:57s
19:10:53 Chico feat Rasputin Spiegelbild 05m:58s
19:10:45 Chico feat Rasputin Spiegelbild 05m:58s
19:06:59 Crash Tokio Girls Can Dance 04m:52s
19:04:23 Ceremony Community Service 03m:52s
18:58:31 Bran Van 3000 Astounded 06m:57s
18:58:06 Katarina EclipseJinglemittel 00m:25s
18:54:47 Dogs This Stone Is A Bullet 03m:25s
18:52:05 Big Mama Prendre de L´altitude 03m:45s
18:48:36 Wrongkong Dear Euphoria 04m:37s
18:48:27 Apoptygma Berzerk Station ID 00m:06s
18:45:26 Heidi Happy Sarah 03m:58s
18:41:36 The Rapture Sail Away 04m:38s
18:37:43 Andreas Hermwille Neu im Kino (12.04.) 04m:55s
18:34:08 Blood Red Shoes Count Me Out 04m:38s
18:28:11 Turbostaat Cpt. Kaese 05m:32s
18:22:45 Keywan Tonekaboni The Grey 04m:11s
18:17:07 Sneaker Pimps Bloodsport 05m:24s
18:12:47 Hendrik Mutzenbach Battleship (12.04.) 04m:50s
18:08:11 Faint, The I Disappear 04m:10s
18:04:37 Tocotronic Jackpot 03m:16s
18:03:28 Hertzklappe Hertzklappe Anfangsjingle 00m:09s
18:00:12 Xiu Xiu Hi 03m:19s
17:57:39 Jack White Sixteen Saltines 03m:37s
17:53:30 DJ Format feat. Abdominal & D- 3 Feet Deep 04m:10s
17:50:49 Otis Redding You Don't Miss Your Water 03m:50s
17:50:05 Denis Sasse Ghostbusters 01m:47s
17:45:29 Thom Yorke Harrowdown Hill 05m:39s
17:42:04 Marco Z I'm A Bird 04m:30s
17:38:55 Guided By Voices Everyone Thinks I'm A Rainclou 03m:21s
17:38:46 Guided By Voices Everyone Thinks I'm A Rainclou 03m:21s
17:36:31 M. Ward Primitive Girl 02m:21s
17:34:25 Mumpitz Hans Meier 02m:13s
17:30:51 Jondo, Martin Jah Gringo 04m:38s
17:30:29 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
17:27:27 Jackson Five I Want You Back (Klassiker) 03m:02s
17:24:38 McCann, Les Boo-Go-Loo 03m:48s
17:19:58 Gang Starr The Militia 05m:49s
17:19:50 Archive Station ID 00m:06s
17:16:34 De Phazz feat. Pat Appleton Latin 03m:16s
17:12:12 Gorillaz Do Ya Thing (ft. Andre 3000... 04m:26s
17:10:10 Ben Folds Five Hospital Song 02m:05s
17:09:47 George Bekios XfilesBielefeld 00m:24s
17:06:05 Lagwagon Live It Down 04m:44s
17:03:17 Johnossi Glory Days To Come 03m:54s
17:00:25 Lockerbie Reyklyt 03m:13s
17:00:12 Lockerbie Reyklyt 03m:13s
16:55:56 De La Soul Must B In The Music (HST) 04m:13s
16:53:01 Nada Surf The Way You Wear Your Head 03m:09s
16:50:25 Bärensprung Wenn du der einzige Mensch 03m:45s
16:50:12 Andreas Liebold Station ID 00m:13s
16:48:38 Event Trailer Wallis Bird 02m:31s
16:44:30 My Glorious A Heart On Fire 04m:12s
16:41:12 Inspectah Deck City High 03m:17s
16:38:30 Green, Al Tired Of Being Alone 03m:51s
16:38:08 Michael immer Musik da 00m:24s
16:34:43 Architecture In Helsinki Contact High (Radio Edit) 04m:33s
16:31:22 Northern Lite 5 Minutes 03m:21s
16:27:40 Foals, The This Orient 04m:50s
16:27:32 Nick Harmer (DeathCab) Station ID 00m:07s
16:24:46 Anti-Flag This Is The New Sound 03m:46s
16:21:21 Slackers, The Don´t forget the streets 03m:27s
16:17:42 Mr. Lexx Who A Get Di Money 04m:56s
16:17:10 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
16:13:56 Xiu Xiu Hi 03m:19s
16:09:24 Biréli, Lagrčne All Of Me 05m:35s
16:05:54 DM & Jemini Take Care Of Business 04m:38s
16:05:45 Hercules and love affair Station ID 00m:07s
16:02:09 Slugabed Moonbeam Rider 04m:46s
15:58:15 Jezables, the Trycolor (Radio Edit) 04m:58s
15:54:34 Björk It´s oh so quiet 04m:39s
15:53:56 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
15:52:10 Krusty Crew Summertime 02m:58s
15:49:07 System of a down IEAIAIO 03m:09s
15:45:25 Breton Jostle 04m:58s
15:45:12 Breton Jostle 04m:58s
15:40:37 De La Soul The Work (HST) 05m:35s
15:36:45 Zombies, The Care Of Cell 44 04m:54s
15:32:21 Rapture, The Don Gon Do It 05m:35s
15:32:12 Sascha Blohm Station ID 00m:10s
15:28:34 The Rapture Sail Away 04m:38s
15:24:43 Giant Panda 90´s 04m:04s
15:22:48 Delfonics,The Ready Or Not Here I Come (...) 02m:00s
15:22:19 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
15:17:51 Dizzee Rascal Bonkers (Doorly Remix) 05m:30s
15:13:42 My Glorious A Heart On Fire 04m:12s
15:09:57 Seachange No Backward Glances 04m:56s
15:09:49 Savina Yanatou Station ID 00m:05s
15:06:04 Boy & Bear Feeding Line 04m:48s
15:03:45 Plastic Sganstars Whucacka! 02m:24s
15:00:08 Mister Lexx gwaan trace 04m:44s
14:59:35 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
14:29:54 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
14:28:25 Yukon Blonde Stairway 03m:24s
14:24:16 United Future Organization Upa Neguinho (Supa Neg Mix) 04m:15s
14:21:05 A Tribe Called Quest Find A Way 03m:20s
14:20:56 A Tribe Called Quest Find A Way 03m:20s
14:16:11 Terranova Midnight melodic (...) 05m:46s
14:13:15 Big Fox Cut You Out 03m:58s
14:09:04 Brideshead The Lie That Tells The Truth 04m:23s
14:08:51 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
14:06:29 Dead United Vampire's Empire 02m:20s
14:02:37 Soundtrack of our Lives, The Heading for a Breakdown 04m:01s
13:59:15 Admiral Fallow The Paper Trench 04m:32s
13:59:06 Boss Martians Station ID 00m:04s
13:54:34 De La Soul The Work (HST) 05m:35s
13:50:39 Port O'Brien Fisherman's Son 04m:12s
13:47:54 Q And Not U Throw Back Your Head 03m:59s
13:47:45 Tim Neuhaus Station ID 00m:05s
13:44:47 Lockerbie Reyklyt 03m:13s
13:40:59 DJ Vadim Got To Rock 04m:55s
13:37:03 Skeewiff Little Spot of Soul 04m:01s
13:36:51 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
13:31:59 Frittenbude Einfach Nicht Leicht 05m:55s
13:28:08 Breton Jostle 04m:58s
13:25:23 Electric Club. The Ain't That A Lot Of Rock 03m:00s
13:25:09 Kirk Hammett Station ID 00m:07s
13:21:34 Angels & Airwaves Surrender 04m:40s
13:18:40 Sondaschule Lieber einen 03m:58s
13:17:08 Event Trailer Wallis Bird 02m:31s
13:13:43 VYBZ Kartell New Millenium 04m:32s
13:13:14 bastian french 01m:31s
13:09:53 Sound Of Guns Sometimes 03m:22s
13:07:21 Nina Simone Fly Me To The Moon 03m:35s
13:03:49 Bubbatunes This Is Just A Dance 04m:45s
13:03:40 Kurdt Vanderhoof Station ID 00m:05s
12:59:42 Bierbeben, Das Im Kreis 04m:01s
12:56:30 Turbowolf Let's Die 03m:14s
12:53:08 Clickclickdecker Wer hat mir auf die Schuhe gek 04m:44s
12:52:39 Sema Der Morgen 00m:29s
12:48:28 Exploited,The Beat the Bastards 04m:21s
12:44:37 Subway To Sally Seemanslied 04m:59s
12:41:48 Willis Earl Beal Take Me Away 03m:56s
12:41:40 Bolzenbande Station ID2 00m:04s
12:38:15 De La Soul The Top Chefs (HST) 03m:27s
12:34:33 PeterLicht Neue Idee 04m:49s
12:31:48 Maps And Atlases Solid Ground 03m:51s
12:31:30 Picturebooks Station ID 00m:19s
12:28:04 Marco Z I'm A Bird 04m:30s
12:25:42 Cool Kids, The What It Is 02m:28s
12:23:03 Beatles, The Back In The U.S.S.R. 03m:43s
12:20:15 Meters, The Cissy Strut 03m:01s
12:20:03 Michael Dein ist mein ganzes Hertz87,9 00m:06s
12:16:44 Yukon Blonde Stairway 03m:24s
12:13:01 Fleet Foxes Mykonos 04m:50s
12:12:39 Tiken Jah Fakoly Station ID 00m:21s
12:09:30 Halestorm Love Bites (So Do I) 03m:12s
12:05:22 Karamelo Santo Nunca 05m:31s
12:02:41 Dillinger Cocaine 03m:48s
12:02:29 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
11:59:31 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinos Tapes & Moneys 03m:02s
11:54:21 Medeski, Martin & Wood Chubb Sub 05m:20s
11:50:33 High & Mighty, The The Half 04m:56s
11:50:25 High & Mighty, The The Half 04m:56s
11:47:15 Pop Levi Never Never Love 03m:11s
11:44:17 Waters For The One 03m:01s
11:40:27 Zutons, The What's Your Problem 04m:58s
11:40:15 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
11:37:12 Clorox Girls Telephone 03m:06s
11:32:16 Gogol Bordello Halutra 05m:01s
11:28:57 Third Coast Kings Give Me Your Love 03m:23s
11:28:48 Main Concept Station ID 00m:09s
11:25:21 De La Soul The Top Chefs (HST) 03m:27s
11:21:03 Boy Drive Darling 04m:22s
11:16:58 Dead Weather, The Treat Me Like Your Mother 04m:10s
11:16:42 David Gartmann Station ID - Cosmo Baker 00m:17s
11:12:51 Breton Jostle 04m:58s
11:08:42 Aesop Rock Coffee 04m:16s
11:06:10 Unforgettables Sad Song 03m:40s
11:05:38 Sendejingle Wissenschaft 01m:31s
11:01:29 LCD Soundsystem Drunk Girls [Holy Ghost Rmx] 04m:18s
10:57:50 Tom Krimi Blue Boredom 04m:43s
10:53:32 Boxer Rebellion, The The Runner (Joy Formidable RMX 04m:28s
10:53:24 Sascha Station ID 00m:07s
10:50:03 Austra The Beat And The Pulse (Radi.. 04m:30s
10:47:16 Bad Manners Lip Up Fatty 05m:02s
10:43:14 Strides, The Storm Clouds (feat. Ras Roni) 04m:07s
10:42:32 Michael Blues Brothers 01m:43s
10:37:53 Santigold Disparate Youth 05m:43s
10:33:54 Jones, Quincy Hicky Burr 04m:07s
10:30:17 Looptroop Rockers (feat. Timbu Naive 04m:47s
10:30:07 Supervixen Station ID 00m:06s
10:29:57 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:27:02 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
10:22:20 Graham Coxon The Truth 05m:44s
10:18:41 Clueso Gewinner 04m:42s
10:18:02 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
10:15:53 Black Lips Bad Kids 02m:12s
10:12:34 Joel, Henri Free Tonight 03m:27s
10:08:51 Aidan Nunca Mais 04m:55s
10:08:42 Sharon Stoned Station ID 00m:06s
10:05:17 De La Soul The Top Chefs (HST) 03m:27s
10:00:54 Türen, Die Öde an die Freude 05m:34s
10:00:35 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
09:56:42 Philip Boa Intrigence & Romance 04m:06s
09:56:34 Philip Boa Intrigence & Romance 04m:06s
09:53:15 Northern Lite 5 Minutes 03m:21s
09:49:23 Flara Reisefieber 04m:28s
09:45:34 Funkadelic I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing 04m:51s
09:45:25 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro1 00m:10s
09:42:29 Tiga Beep Beep Beep 03m:00s
09:39:03 Admiral Fallow The Paper Trench 04m:32s
09:36:54 Goodshank, Toby Untiteld Children's Song 02m:14s
09:36:46 You Say France And I Whistle Station ID 00m:09s
09:33:54 Olli Schulz Ich Kenn Da Ein 03m:56s
09:30:07 Bluekilla Horseman Style 04m:49s
09:29:54 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:26:19 Slackers, The Propaganda 04m:06s
09:26:00 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
09:22:41 MissinCat Fly High 03m:25s
09:18:05 Carter, James Freereggaehibop 08m:11s
09:14:43 King Cannibal Bring That Back 03m:23s
09:14:34 Sascha Station ID 00m:07s
09:10:19 Deichkind E.S.D.B. 04m:17s
09:06:56 Austra The Beat And The Pulse (Radi.. 04m:30s
09:03:08 Catatonia Shoot the messenger 04m:58s
09:02:39 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
09:00:30 Honningbarna Honningbarna 02m:12s
09:00:14 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
08:56:40 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rich 04m:40s
08:53:21 Sound Of Guns Sometimes 03m:22s
08:53:12 Station ID The Greenbaums Station ID The Greenbaums 00m:07s
08:48:59 De La Soul Must B In The Music (HST) 04m:13s
08:46:51 Event Hund und Katze 02m:10s
08:43:12 Edenfeld I Should Have Known 04m:03s
08:40:33 Ärzte, Die Alleine in der Nacht 03m:45s
08:40:25 Samavayo Station ID 00m:05s
08:37:52 7 Dollar Taxi Hobin Rude 03m:36s
08:33:56 Haiku D'Etat Mike Aaron and Eddie 04m:06s
08:30:58 Barkley, Gnarls Crazy 03m:59s
08:30:23 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
08:26:50 Plemo and Rampue Fancy Uncontrolled 04m:37s
08:23:48 Jackson Five I Want You Back (Klassiker) 03m:02s
08:19:48 Myballon On my way 04m:16s
08:19:40 Pain (Peter Tägtgren) Station ID 00m:06s
08:16:34 Real Estate Easy 03m:13s
08:15:04 Event Trailer Wallis Bird 02m:31s
08:12:28 Dekker, Desmond Israelites 03m:35s
08:09:30 Aggrolites, The Wild Time 03m:03s
08:08:52 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 2 01m:39s
08:06:40 Bonsai Kitten Hanging On The Telephone 02m:16s
08:02:36 Cole, Holly I can see clearly now 04m:15s
07:59:35 Afrob Fieber 03m:19s
07:59:27 Afrob Fieber 03m:19s
07:55:56 Kilowatts & Vanek Sinnerstate 04m:40s
07:52:11 Boy & Bear Feeding Line 04m:48s
07:47:47 And One Military Fashion Show 04m:28s
07:46:55 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
07:44:59 Bates, The Here We Go 02m:03s
07:41:30 Jet Are you gonna be my girl 04m:33s
07:38:45 Becquerels Peggy Sue 03m:52s
07:38:37 Wim Wenders Station ID 00m:05s
07:34:02 De La Soul The Work (HST) 05m:35s
07:30:05 Wings Listen To What The man Said 04m:01s
07:26:30 Whip, The Blackout 04m:46s
07:26:21 Casper Station ID Casper Station ID 00m:05s
07:22:58 Shaka Ponk My Name Is Stain 03m:27s
07:20:06 Guerrero,Tommy Soul Miner 03m:05s
07:17:44 Barbarin, Marilyn Reborn 02m:26s
07:17:35 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
07:14:18 Booka Shade Sweet Lies 04m:30s
07:11:00 Xiu Xiu Hi 03m:19s
07:07:45 Robocop Kraus, The In Fact You´re Just Fiction 03m:27s
07:07:24 Über Bielefeld - Luftbildband Station ID 00m:20s
07:04:29 Sallie Ford & The Sound Outs.. Danger 03m:59s
07:00:12 No Life Lost Abenteuerland 04m:21s
06:55:12 Anthony B., Chuck Fender ea Crystal Woman Mega Mix 05m:01s
06:54:30 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
06:51:42 Luise Pop Fast And Frightening 03m:49s
06:44:42 Almagamation Of Soundz Enchant Me 07m:05s
06:41:14 Main Concept Session fünf 04m:38s
06:41:06 Moneybrother Station ID 00m:04s
06:37:18 Kraftwerk Der Telefon Anruf 04m:54s
06:34:40 Chantal Claret Bite Your Tongue 03m:41s
06:30:43 Beautiful South, The Song for 04m:04s
06:30:14 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
06:27:30 Goldenen Zitronen, Die Der Tag als Thomas 03m:46s
06:24:14 urlaub in polen four months 03m:22s
06:19:33 Santigold Disparate Youth 05m:43s
06:19:21 Rene Marik 'Der Maulwurf' Station ID 00m:12s
06:14:46 De La Soul The Work (HST) 05m:35s
06:11:19 Ofrin Sour Lemon 04m:36s
06:07:13 Mother Mother Chasing It Down 04m:11s
06:07:05 Hugo Race Station ID 00m:10s
06:03:27 Tom Krimi Blue Boredom 04m:43s
05:59:47 Ghostface Killah Maxine 04m:45s
05:56:06 Percy Sledge If Loving You Is Wrong 04m:52s
05:55:52 Michael Keine Radiowerbung-Jingle 00m:18s
05:50:47 Innerpartysystem Out Of Touch 05m:13s
05:47:29 Sound Of Guns Sometimes 03m:22s
05:44:08 Tchi Stehen Stolpern 04m:35s
05:43:59 Farin Urlaub Station ID 00m:07s
05:40:32 Kabeedies, the Drowning Doll 03m:28s
05:37:53 Hlamkin and Trubeckoj Tancevali 03m:43s
05:34:28 W Dein Ding 04m:31s
05:34:10 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
05:30:35 Wrongkong Dear Euphoria 04m:37s
05:25:51 Avery, Theodross To the east 05m:56s
05:21:30 Defari Focused Daily 05m:30s
05:21:22 Young rebel set Station ID Young Rebel Set 00m:07s
05:17:53 Kavinsky Nightcall [NGuyen Rmx] 03m:29s
05:14:18 Angels & Airwaves Surrender 04m:40s
05:11:40 Chelsy So My World 03m:39s
05:11:09 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
05:06:11 Bollock Brothers, The Drac`s back (live) 05m:08s
05:02:24 Skindred Warning 04m:51s
05:00:16 Bonsai Kitten Hanging On The Telephone 02m:16s
05:00:05 7 Zuma 7 Station ID 00m:11s
04:57:39 Mötex Gasoline Bules 03m:59s
04:57:21 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
04:53:39 Eisenherz Die Seele brennt 04m:42s
04:48:18 compos mentis the angel maker 06m:34s
04:46:10 Give Up The Ghost Love American 02m:14s
04:46:01 Uwe Rapolder Station ID 00m:05s
04:42:06 Within Temptation feat. Keith What have you done 04m:01s
04:39:05 Cherry Poppin' Daddies Don Quixote 03m:04s
04:35:58 Annihilator King of the kill 03m:13s
04:35:39 Diana Diana-Cowboy 00m:20s
04:31:40 Kontrast Versprochen 04m:02s
04:29:39 Bad Brains Jah People Make The World Go R 02m:10s
04:25:27 Soulbound Towards the Sun 04m:21s
04:25:14 Gerhard Sagerer Station ID 00m:07s
04:22:25 Knorkator Alter Mann 03m:50s
04:19:47 X-Ray Spex Oh Bondage Up Yours 03m:42s
04:17:26 Ryker's Lowlife 02m:27s
04:16:47 David Gartmann The Breaks Simpsons-Trailer 01m:39s
04:11:57 MonsterGod The Revenant 05m:53s
04:10:29 Butthole Surfers Fast 02m:38s
04:04:59 Picture The Price I Pay 06m:31s
04:04:51 Lee Buddah Station ID 00m:05s
04:00:05 Amon Amarth For the stabwounds in our back 05m:57s
03:56:26 Daath Subterfuge 04m:42s
03:51:52 Holy Grail Kill the King 05m:36s
03:51:23 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
03:44:43 Kirlian Camera Eclipse I 07m:48s
03:40:23 HGicht Tripmeister Ede 04m:24s
03:36:43 Re-Armed Hoax 04m:45s
03:36:35 Project Pitchfork Station ID 00m:07s
03:33:50 Mudhoney Inside Job 03m:51s
03:31:45 Donnas, The Gimme My Radio 02m:10s
03:27:47 Dio Rainbow in the dark 04m:17s
03:26:55 Miriam Belke HertzKultur Trailer 01m:53s
03:21:22 Elane Open arms (for the unseen) 06m:36s
03:17:13 Callejon Sommer Liebe Kokain 04m:29s
03:10:25 Metallica Hate Train 07m:59s
03:10:12 Schalk Station ID 00m:09s
03:06:16 Cave, The R.E.M. 04m:14s
03:03:42 Television Personalities Part Time Punks 03m:39s
03:01:00 Johnny Cash The Beast In Me 03m:48s
03:00:45 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
03:00:05 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
02:58:09 Sero Overdose Lost Alone 04m:35s
02:53:04 Kreator Hordes Of Chaos 05m:04s
02:50:59 Give Up The Ghost Love American 02m:14s
02:50:51 Belle and Sebastian Station ID 00m:04s
02:45:43 Spock's Beard Onomatopoeia 05m:17s
02:42:22 Ektomorf Show your fist 03m:27s
02:37:34 H. Zombie El dia de los muertos 05m:53s
02:37:25 Michael Dein ist mein ganzes Hertz87,9 00m:06s
02:32:28 Lights Of Euphoria Fading Moments (Namnambulu Rmx 05m:02s
02:27:07 Steelwing Roadkill 05m:26s
02:24:18 Mötex Gasoline Bules 03m:59s
02:24:10 Mötex Gasoline Bules 03m:59s
02:21:19 Pink Floyd Arnold Layne 03m:57s
02:19:50 Herberts Schlips und Mieder 01m:28s
02:13:23 Symphony X Paradise Lost 07m:33s
02:13:01 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
02:07:31 Diary Of Dreams She And Her Darkness 06m:39s
02:04:27 Alarma Man Cheese My Dad 03m:07s
02:00:16 Soulbound Towards the Sun 04m:21s
02:00:05 Ronan VNV Nation Station ID 00m:06s
01:58:08 Cant Too Late Too Far 04m:51s
01:52:19 Saschienne Knopfauge 06m:52s
01:52:11 7 Zuma 7 Station ID 00m:11s
01:48:50 Juri Gagarin Avec Le Bratze Take Over 03m:28s
01:46:29 irene reid son of a preacher man 02m:26s
01:42:57 Mendes, Sergio & Brasil 66 For what it´s worth 04m:41s
01:42:49 Art Brut Station ID 00m:07s
01:34:55 Hundreds Happy Virus (ryan halifax re.. 08m:59s
01:30:20 Film Burn Film Burn 05m:41s
01:26:25 Adams, Ryan So Alive 04m:58s
01:25:43 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
01:21:18 Jamiroquai Deeper Underground 05m:47s
01:17:05 Slagsmalsklubben Come On Anybody 04m:15s
01:14:03 Thievery Corporation The Forgotten People 03m:11s
01:13:55 Thievery Corporation The Forgotten People 03m:11s
01:08:05 Gepel Empingue 06m:00s
01:02:10 Mouse On MArs Schnick Schnack 06m:02s
01:00:06 To Rococo Rot lvx 4 02m:05s
00:59:44 stieneker, silvia kinderkacke-jingle 00m:23s
00:55:19 Byrd, Donald On the trail 08m:45s
00:50:51 Kings of Convenience summer on the westhil 05m:36s
00:47:57 Sansa Black Brick Wall 03m:04s
00:47:49 Harry Rowohlt Station ID 00m:04s
00:44:54 8 Bit Weapon Commodore C 64 (Bit Blitz Mix) 03m:58s
00:42:56 Brothers Seven, The Funky Smunk 02m:06s
00:39:31 Layabout Like Kin 04m:34s
00:39:06 Fuenfsterne Deluxe Station ID 00m:24s
00:33:58 Electric President When It's Black 05m:12s
00:29:46 Ane Brun Worship (ft. José Gonzáles) 04m:18s
00:27:44 Perry O'Parson Avalanche 02m:17s
00:27:19 Katarina EclipseJinglemittel 00m:25s
00:22:44 FKY Tripotage 05m:39s
00:19:58 Mauracher Coma 03m:52s
00:13:51 Birdy Nam Nam Abbesses 06m:28s
00:13:43 Donots Station ID 00m:06s
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