Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 10.10.2011

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:57:05 Tok Tok Tok I Don't Want To See You 05m:36s
23:56:52 Rohrbeck / Fröhlich (Drei ???) Station ID 00m:06s
23:52:50 Anthony And The Johnsons Man Is The Baby 04m:09s
23:48:11 Zola Jesus Vessel 05m:42s
23:44:50 Bananarama Robert de Niro's 04m:32s
23:44:10 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
23:39:19 8 Bit Boy Suspense Is Killing 05m:54s
23:36:40 Cradock, Steve Only Look Up When You're Down 03m:41s
23:33:11 Thomas, Rosie Much Farther To Go 04m:35s
23:32:58 Die Stereotypen Station ID 00m:13s
23:20:20 Kuti, Fela Alu Jon Jonki Jon 17m:16s
23:16:07 Aguayo, Matias Minimal (DJ Koze Radio Edit) 04m:20s
23:12:17 Nu yorican soul Runaway 04m:09s
23:12:04 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
23:06:38 Hancock, Herbie Cantaloupe Island 06m:30s
23:02:16 Antony & The Johnsons Aeon 05m:35s
23:00:03 Bernie Bandicoot Daggett 02m:13s
22:55:44 Type O Negative Christian Woman (Butt-Kissing) 04m:27s
22:55:31 steffi HA-jingle 4 00m:08s
22:52:41 Skeletonwitch The Infernal Resurrection 03m:54s
22:47:29 Tesla Modern Day Cowboy 05m:19s
22:43:13 Alice Cooper Brutal Planet 05m:40s
22:43:00 steffi HA-jingle 3 00m:08s
22:38:38 Manmade God Search for greater things 05m:30s
22:31:55 Machine Head Locust 08m:37s
22:27:43 Soulfly Downstroy 04m:26s
22:27:30 Soulfly Station ID 00m:10s
22:21:25 AC/DC Let there be rock 06m:07s
22:17:07 W.A.S.P. Blind in Texas 04m:22s
22:13:40 Airbourne No Way But The Hard Way 04m:35s
22:13:27 steffi HA-jingle 00m:08s
22:10:08 40 Grit Bomb Bottom 03m:27s
22:06:05 Obituary Final thoughts 04m:09s
22:00:24 Anthrax Fight Them Till You Can't 06m:51s
22:00:05 steffi HA-anfang 00m:20s
21:56:32 Feist A Commotion 04m:54s
21:53:17 Mathematics John 03m:15s
20:02:16 Event TextErnte - Sacha Brohm 51m:03s
19:59:03 Mack Rice Three People In Love 03m:24s
19:58:49 Sylvia jingle 1 00m:11s
19:54:16 Fatboy Slim Always read the label 06m:52s
19:53:16 Event R Party 01m:01s
19:49:58 Schlachthofbronx Coolie Fruit 03m:23s
19:47:28 Eastern Conference Champions Hurricane 03m:36s
19:47:15 Megadeth Station ID 00m:13s
19:43:14 Noel Gallagher's High Flying.. If I Had A Gun... 04m:21s
19:38:46 Benuts,The Turn Off Your Radio 05m:44s
19:33:21 Bojitos Ti Amo Di Bene 06m:31s
19:32:51 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
19:29:53 Architecture In Helsinki Escapee 03m:00s
19:27:06 Wigald Boning Statement Break 03m:52s
19:23:20 De La Soul A Roller Skating Jam Called "S 04m:58s
19:23:07 Archive Station ID 00m:06s
19:18:51 Avalanches, The A Different Feeling 04m:25s
19:15:40 Wilhelm Tell Me So Into You 03m:19s
19:12:13 Amor, Naim Aigre Martini 04m:31s
19:11:40 Bernd Playlist Jingle 01m:34s
19:09:30 Leningrad FC 02m:11s
19:07:06 Kings Of Nuthin Iron Out The Irony 03m:31s
19:03:18 Sturm, Sebastian And Exile A.. Don't Look Back 04m:54s
19:03:05 Ronnie James Dio Sattion ID 00m:09s
18:59:50 Pierces,The Sticks And Stones 03m:12s
18:57:56 Montag, 2011-10-10 Collage Pendragon 02m:54s
18:53:25 Joan As Police Woman The Magic (Radio Edit) 04m:36s
18:50:34 Montag, 2011-10-10 Chess 03m:37s
18:46:29 Friendly Fires Jump In The Pool 04m:39s
18:46:16 Friendly Fires Jump In The Pool 04m:39s
18:43:15 V-Tipp V-Tipp Bett 3 03m:03s
18:40:07 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me 04m:54s
18:35:57 Montag, 2011-10-10 Stories 04m:05s
18:32:46 Green, Adam Carolina 03m:51s
18:26:49 Montag, 2011-10-10 Prinzip Messe 06m:34s
18:22:40 Lykke Li Dance Dance Dance 04m:41s
18:18:18 Montag, 2011-10-10 Why Not 04m:08s
18:15:16 Mayer Hawthorne Hooked 03m:33s
18:07:06 Dear Reader Heavy 03m:13s
18:02:52 Carla Bruni Le Plus Beau Du Cartier 03m:28s
18:01:11 Libertines,The Can't Stand Me Now 04m:32s
18:00:42 George Bekios Hertzkultur Jingle 01m:30s
17:58:27 Honningbarna Honningbarna 02m:12s
17:53:40 dizzy gillespie groovin`high 05m:57s
17:49:59 Beatnuts, The Yo Yo Yo 04m:49s
17:49:46 Neo Scope (Down Below) Station ID 00m:10s
17:45:39 Cortney Tidwell oslo (hands off cuba remix) 04m:16s
17:42:08 We Were Promised Jetpacks Medicine 04m:50s
17:37:30 Alphaville Big In Japan 05m:46s
17:37:10 Michael Everybody Hertz 00m:18s
17:33:26 AEW Solidaritätslied 04m:55s
17:31:16 Event Montag 10-10-2011 02m:12s
17:29:21 Guitarshop Asshole Rock'n'Roll Asshole 02m:06s
17:25:40 Frazey Ford Blue Streak Mama 04m:46s
17:25:23 Shaft Station ID 00m:19s
17:21:41 Love A Ramones (HST) 04m:41s
17:16:52 Portishead Glory Box 05m:07s
17:15:49 Event R Party 01m:01s
17:12:26 Einstürzende Neubauten Ich Gehe Jetzt 04m:31s
17:12:12 Death Angel Station ID 00m:07s
17:08:52 Dan Black Yours (Radio Edit) 03m:29s
17:06:28 Mos Def History (feat. Talib Kweli) 02m:24s
17:03:34 Liedfabrik It's Hertz 03m:55s
17:03:11 George Bekios XfilesBielefeld 00m:24s
16:58:43 Justice D.A.N.C.E. 05m:34s
16:56:13 Mayer Hawthorne Hooked 03m:33s
16:53:25 Peaches Rock The Shocker 03m:58s
16:53:13 Orka Station ID (färöisch) 00m:04s
16:49:48 ClickClickDecker Die Aufgabe davor und die Aufg 04m:47s
16:02:19 Event Finke: Wachstumsdenken überw. 47m:28s
15:58:11 Selecter, The Celebrate The Bullet 04m:15s
15:55:13 The Jolly Boys Rehab (Radio Version) 03m:09s
15:54:56 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
15:52:43 Blood Arm, The She's A Guillotine 02m:19s
15:48:09 Radiohead Life In A Glasshouse 05m:35s
15:45:55 Cool Kids, The What It Is 02m:28s
15:45:42 Fad Gadget Station ID 00m:05s
15:42:22 Fat Jon Everywhere 03m:22s
15:38:58 The Tallest Man On Earth Weather Of A Killing Kind 04m:35s
15:36:11 Boogaerts, Mathieu I Love You 03m:50s
15:35:45 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
15:32:44 Life of agony I should have known 03m:12s
15:30:33 Event Montag 10-10-2011 02m:12s
15:27:47 Accidents, The Mean, Mean Woman 03m:49s
15:24:36 Kraftklub Ich will nicht nach Berlin 03m:23s
15:24:23 Tod Ashley Station ID 00m:05s
15:21:53 Love A Individuell (HST) 03m:31s
15:18:25 Ronson, Mark Most Likely You Go Your Way 04m:43s
15:15:38 BECK GAMMA RAY 03m:57s
15:15:25 Pain (Peter Tägtgren) Station ID 00m:06s
15:14:24 Event R Party 01m:01s
15:10:34 Feist A Commotion 04m:54s
15:06:42 Ill Bill What's Wrong? 04m:58s
15:02:47 The Girl & The Robot I Will Always Be With You 04m:00s
14:58:16 2TaktMotor 2TaktMotor / Teil 4 05m:30s
14:57:56 Tiken Jah Fakoly Station ID 00m:21s
14:26:42 SSO Orchestra, The Faded Lady 03m:24s
14:23:57 Subways, The With You 03m:01s
14:23:44 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
14:21:34 Event Montag 10-10-2011 02m:12s
14:17:22 Casper MichaelX 04m:15s
14:13:54 Skafield Not enough 04m:37s
14:09:19 Amadou & Mariam C´ets comme ca 05m:37s
14:09:06 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
14:06:03 Planningtorock Living It Out (Radio Version) 03m:13s
14:01:58 Matthew Herbert Remix Brother Where Are You 04m:05s
13:58:26 De La Soul Me, Myself And I 04m:45s
13:58:10 Kurtis Blow Station ID 00m:16s
13:54:28 Chromeo Night By Night 04m:48s
13:50:12 No Life Lost Abenteuerland 04m:21s
13:46:44 ABC The Look of love 04m:30s
13:46:07 David Gartmann The Breaks Simpsons-Trailer 01m:39s
13:44:11 Bates, The Here We Go 02m:03s
13:42:38 Event Mensaplan 10. Oktober 02m:35s
13:38:40 Madsen Unsichtbar 04m:03s
13:35:24 Dan Black Yours (Radio Edit) 03m:29s
13:35:05 Samba Station ID 00m:12s
13:32:54 Event Montag 10-10-2011 02m:12s
13:29:13 Love A Ramones (HST) 04m:41s
13:26:31 Small Faces,The Here Comes The Nice 03m:56s
13:23:35 Young Knives Love My Name 03m:02s
13:23:22 Schalk Station ID 00m:09s
13:20:10 Maxim Blinde Fäuste 03m:14s
13:16:09 Beastie Boys Get It Together 04m:04s
13:13:15 Road Runners Every Man For Himself 03m:02s
13:12:48 Michael Stereo 00m:27s
13:09:01 Postal Service,The Be Still My Heart (Nobody rmx) 04m:56s
13:06:51 Honningbarna Honningbarna 02m:12s
13:05:13 Team Tyson It's Not Certain 02m:41s
13:04:56 Sepultura Station ID 00m:15s
13:02:39 Yes Wave, The The Devil Don't Mind 03m:32s
12:59:14 Manau Tout le Monde 04m:47s
12:55:07 Mellow Mark Revolution 04m:09s
12:54:39 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
12:53:06 Event Mensaplan 10. Oktober 02m:35s
12:49:34 Modeselektor Pretentious Friends 04m:34s
12:47:18 king cole trio sweet georgia brown 02m:19s
12:42:13 Eric B & Rakim Microphone Fiend 05m:18s
12:42:00 Battles Station ID 00m:07s
12:38:43 Egotronic Tanzen Gehn 03m:22s
12:34:19 Example Watch The Sun Come Up 04m:23s
12:30:31 aqualung brighter than sunshineq 04m:02s
12:30:10 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
12:26:52 Duesenjaeger Keiner 03m:22s
12:23:08 Die Happy If I could fly 04m:52s
12:20:37 Otis Redding Sitting on the Dock of the Bay 03m:41s
12:20:18 Ratatat Station ID 00m:10s
12:17:33 Love A Angst (HST) 03m:42s
12:14:03 Keren Ann Not Going Anywhere 04m:38s
12:11:20 Blood Brothers, The Laser Life 03m:48s
12:10:18 Event R Party 01m:01s
12:09:51 Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre Station ID 00m:27s
12:06:43 Spank Rock #1 Hit (Explicit) 03m:10s
12:02:33 Nas Halftime 04m:17s
11:59:15 Collins, Lyn Think (About It) 03m:23s
11:58:45 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
11:58:32 Ansgar Harmeier Hertz Telefonummer Verlosung 00m:14s
11:54:42 Feist A Commotion 04m:54s
11:53:08 Event Mensaplan 10. Oktober 02m:35s
11:49:58 Seesaw Smoke 03m:20s
11:49:45 Ronnie James Dio Sattion ID 00m:09s
11:47:32 Let's Wrestle If I Keep On Loving You 02m:25s
11:43:08 Mother´s Pride Whiskey Poem 04m:25s
11:39:21 Golem System Rambla Mojada 04m:56s
11:38:28 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
11:35:57 Protokumpel Binär 03m:33s
11:32:19 Dusty Voodoo 04m:40s
11:29:38 Ghostface Killah Together Baby 03m:04s
11:29:26 Ghostface Killah Together Baby 03m:04s
11:24:26 Blitzkids Blinded (Shakes Milano Remix) 05m:23s
11:21:45 Death Cab For Cutie Stay Young, Go Dancing 03m:50s
11:17:13 Blank&Jones&Anne Clark The Hardest Heart 05m:35s
11:16:44 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
11:14:07 Biafra, Jello with Nomeansno Jesus was a terrrorist 03m:35s
11:10:03 Answer, The Demon Eyes 04m:09s
11:05:41 2TaktMotor 2TaktMotor / Teil 4 05m:30s
11:05:25 Slipknot Station ID 00m:07s
11:02:56 Mayer Hawthorne Hooked 03m:33s
11:02:43 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:00:31 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
10:55:35 Adam Sky And Crossover I Am The Fly 05m:01s
10:50:48 Adolar Tanzenkotzen 05m:30s
10:46:52 Modeselektor Pretentious Friends 04m:34s
10:46:39 Mensa Hertzschlag 00m:03s
10:45:10 Mensa Mensabett 04m:50s
10:41:22 An Horse Camp Out 04m:42s
10:33:15 Does It Offend You, Yeah? Wrong Time Wrong Planet 04m:59s
10:33:02 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:29:55 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:27:18 Jupiter Jones Auf das Leben! 04m:12s
10:23:08 Dendemann Endlich Nichtschwimmer 04m:31s
10:20:51 Forum f. Kreativität O-Ton 2 00m:16s
10:19:38 Forum f. Kreativität O-Ton 1 00m:11s
10:15:11 Haight Ashbury Freeman Town (Radio Edit) 04m:53s
10:10:49 Sarah Peters IV CampusFilm: Sucker Punch 04m:07s
10:07:08 Schlachthofbronx Coolie Fruit 03m:23s
10:04:02 Sounds, The Song With A Mission 03m:58s
10:03:49 Sounds, The Song With A Mission 03m:58s
10:03:36 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:01:23 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
09:57:43 Angus And Julia Stone Big Jet Plane 04m:47s
09:52:36 Bernd Focke Lernen im Schlaf b 05m:48s
09:49:22 Planningtorock Living It Out (Radio Version) 03m:13s
09:49:08 Planningtorock Living It Out (Radio Version) 03m:13s
09:46:25 V-Tipps-Bett Pop Gitarre 04m:50s
09:46:12 V-Tipps v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
09:43:55 Honningbarna Honningbarna 02m:12s
09:43:32 Bernd Focke Lernen im Schlaf 05m:48s
09:40:00 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me 04m:54s
09:36:18 Patrick Füngerlings Hertzstück_Release 00m:21s
09:33:10 De Staat Sweatshop 03m:20s
09:32:57 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:29:57 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:27:46 Grannis, Kina The One You Say Goodnight To 03m:37s
09:26:20 Dennis Arndt R Party 01m:01s
09:20:52 Ja, Panik Never Mind 06m:36s
09:16:43 Anke Pfaffendorf IV Prof. Huber - FOW 04m:43s
09:11:52 Captain Capa Faraday 04m:17s
09:07:26 Architecture In Helsinki Escapee 03m:00s
09:03:58 Those Dancing Days Home Sweet Home 03m:19s
09:03:45 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:01:22 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:17s
08:57:26 Bomb The Bass Up The Mountain (Original, R.. 04m:58s
08:54:22 Sir Simon Right Place, Wrong Time 03m:29s
08:51:28 Yorkston, James & the Athletes Shipwreckers 03m:04s
08:50:55 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
08:48:37 Hot Water Music Remedy 03m:37s
08:47:21 Event Erich Fried - Dann wieder 01m:14s
08:42:37 Faith no more a small victory 05m:56s
08:39:40 City And Colour Weightless (Radio Edit) 03m:12s
08:39:27 Thomas Gsella Station ID 00m:06s
08:36:47 Love A Angst (HST) 03m:42s
08:34:23 Tomte Korn & Sprite 03m:33s
08:31:08 Ohara, Raz & The Odd Orchestra Kisses 03m:18s
08:30:35 Coverdale Station ID mit Musik 01m:35s
08:28:04 Georg Zimmermann Krieg in Kabeln, Spaß in Fla.. 03m:32s
08:23:28 Alkaholiks, Tha DAAAM 05m:42s
08:20:45 Eddie Finley & The Cincinatti Clean Up Man 03m:50s
08:20:14 George Marlboro 01m:32s
08:15:47 Ian Brown Just Like You (Prodigy Remix) 05m:32s
08:13:03 Rubin Steiner & Ira Lee Gay and Proud 03m:48s
08:09:58 Figurines The Wonder 03m:09s
08:09:45 Rene Marik 'Der Maulwurf' Station ID 00m:12s
08:07:05 Death Cab For Cutie Stay Young, Go Dancing 03m:50s
08:03:29 Alphaboyschool no interest 04m:47s
07:59:31 Soul Captain Band Vauvantekohomma 04m:59s
07:59:12 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
07:55:48 Dan Black Yours (Radio Edit) 03m:29s
07:50:00 Bangs, Chris Watuzi Strut 06m:00s
07:45:56 Artifacts Return To Da Wrongside 04m:23s
07:45:43 Artifacts Return To Da Wrongside 04m:23s
07:42:33 EMA Milkman 03m:22s
07:38:56 Rubik World Around You 04m:43s
07:35:35 Cardigans Erase/Rewind 04m:38s
07:35:13 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
07:32:42 Dwarves Better be women 03m:35s
07:29:12 Deep purple Black night 03m:29s
07:26:16 Wasted Doom Train 03m:11s
07:26:03 Karamelo Santo Station ID (englisch) 00m:09s
07:23:42 Richman, Jonathan The World is Showing It's Hand 02m:25s
07:19:36 London Sofa Space 99 04m:13s
07:19:23 Ingolf Lück Station ID 00m:14s
07:17:09 Blood Arm, The She's A Guillotine 02m:19s
07:12:38 Theory Hazit I.O.U. 05m:32s
07:09:56 Gizelle Smith Time Is Right For Love 03m:48s
07:09:26 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
07:05:58 Holy Fuck Super Inuit (Live) 04m:33s
07:03:07 Real Tuesday Weld Wolfman 03m:53s
06:59:40 Bright Eyes Method Acting 04m:42s
06:59:27 Von Spar Station ID 00m:04s
06:55:56 We Were Promised Jetpacks Medicine 04m:50s
06:51:52 Furillo Final Countdown 04m:08s
06:48:04 Aggrolites, The It's Time To Go 04m:58s
06:47:51 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
06:44:40 Virginmarys, The Just a Ride 03m:15s
06:40:46 Bahama Soul Club, The Late Night Bossa 04m:58s
06:37:07 Ghostface Killah Maxine 04m:45s
06:36:47 Killswitch Engage Station ID 00m:21s
06:32:51 Amanda Blank Big Heavy 04m:59s
06:30:34 Let's Wrestle If I Keep On Loving You 02m:25s
06:26:53 Clueso Gewinner 04m:42s
06:26:40 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
06:24:29 Kolporteure,Die Zu spät für diese Zeit 02m:11s
06:21:32 Biters, The Hang Around 03m:00s
06:19:02 Mayer Hawthorne Hooked 03m:33s
06:18:49 Neimo Station ID (english) 00m:11s
06:16:46 Love A Freibad (HST) 02m:05s
06:13:19 CSS Left Behind 04m:31s
06:08:29 Swell Next To Nothing 05m:07s
06:08:16 Hugo Race Station ID 00m:10s
06:05:34 Otis Redding Sitting on the Dock of the Bay 03m:41s
06:01:43 Kail Wendy 04m:07s
05:58:29 Levthand My Melody 04m:30s
05:58:03 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
05:52:19 Leila K. Ca Plane Pour Moi 06m:50s
05:48:55 Dan Black Yours (Radio Edit) 03m:29s
05:45:11 Green, Adam Kokomo 04m:54s
05:44:55 Sven Regener Station ID2 00m:11s
05:41:26 The Tallest Man On Earth Weather Of A Killing Kind 04m:35s
05:38:06 Panteon Rococo Esta Noche 05m:07s
05:34:22 Silly Walks meets Patrice Moonrise 04m:50s
05:33:56 Sema Der Morgen 00m:29s
05:30:59 Effi Friends 03m:03s
05:27:58 Dorsey, Lee Gator Tail 03m:02s
05:23:54 ACL feat.Victorani/Die Lyrika Kinetik 04m:10s
05:23:32 Fuenfsterne Deluxe Station ID 00m:24s
05:19:38 Archive System 04m:02s
05:16:05 VNV Nation Control 04m:00s
05:12:29 Assembly Never Never 04m:45s
05:11:46 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
05:08:06 Biafra,Jello/Mojo Nixon Will the fetus be aborted 04m:42s
05:03:39 Guns n Roses Welcome to the Jungle 05m:34s
05:00:14 Zun Zun Egui Cowboy 04m:43s
04:59:57 Harry Rowohlt Station ID 00m:04s
04:57:18 Kittie W Are The Lamb 03m:52s
04:56:55 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
04:51:32 Accessory Bad Conditions 05m:25s
04:49:18 Downstairs Nailfiles To Your Bones 02m:24s
04:45:52 Slugabed Moonbeam Rider 04m:46s
04:45:39 Slugabed Moonbeam Rider 04m:46s
04:41:12 Black Country Communion Man In The Middle 05m:36s
04:38:12 Dritte Wahl Störung 03m:02s
04:33:09 Blind Guardian Mirror, mirror 05m:06s
04:32:46 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
04:26:14 Diary of Dreams Butterfly-dance! 07m:55s
04:19:46 Oceansize Unfamiliar 07m:32s
04:17:37 Star Fucking Hipsters Rapture, Rinse, Repeat 02m:18s
04:17:24 Sascha Station ID 00m:07s
04:14:07 Paradise Lost Silent In Heart 03m:19s
04:11:01 Raise Against The Dirt Whispered 03m:09s
04:08:11 Subdebs Don't Mess With Us 03m:56s
04:07:25 Denis Sasse Ghostbusters 01m:47s
04:02:41 Übermutter Heim & Herd 05m:47s
04:01:52 Pitbull Terrorist Corpocrazy 01m:57s
03:55:23 Machine Head Locust 08m:37s
03:55:05 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
03:51:27 Tenacious D Things i want 04m:38s
03:48:07 UP IN HELL OUT OF MY WAY 03m:24s
03:44:09 Face Down Hero Isolation 04m:19s
03:43:56 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
03:39:11 Wumpscut Krieg 05m:44s
03:37:01 Madigan, Elvira My Blood 02m:13s
03:35:24 Grand Griffon Mein Shirt 02m:53s
03:35:05 Tim Neuhaus Station ID 00m:05s
03:32:01 Charlatans, The NYC (There's No Need To Stop) 03m:09s
03:28:21 Bambix Summersong 04m:41s
03:24:11 CREMATORY NIE WIEDER 04m:14s
03:23:38 George Marlboro 01m:32s
03:19:48 Jesus On Extasy Assassinate me 04m:54s
03:16:08 Mikrokosmos23 Zwei Eins Risiko 04m:58s
03:13:25 Kittie W Are The Lamb 03m:52s
03:13:12 Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) Station ID 00m:05s
03:09:36 Rolling Stones,The All Down The Line 04m:50s
03:06:16 Coffinshakers, The Black sunday 03m:22s
03:04:59 NOFX Tenderloin 01m:24s
03:04:46 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
03:00:40 Scream Silence Apathy 04m:05s
02:59:58 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
02:55:55 utopia:banished Pass The Flask (Chris Is Re..) 05m:57s
02:51:08 Trivium In Waves 05m:03s
02:50:55 Trivium In Waves 05m:03s
02:47:06 Death Angel Disturbing the peace 04m:53s
02:42:23 Victory On the Loose 05m:48s
02:36:39 Anthrax Fight Them Till You Can't 06m:51s
02:36:13 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
02:30:56 Zeraphine River of you 05m:21s
02:26:45 Callejon Sommer Liebe Kokain 04m:29s
02:24:38 Star Fucking Hipsters Rapture, Rinse, Repeat 02m:18s
02:24:26 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) Station ID 00m:06s
02:21:36 Zutons, The You Will You Won't 03m:54s
02:17:52 Betagarri Exkixu-Agur 04m:42s
02:13:49 Lordi Devil is a loser 04m:08s
02:13:20 Michael Computerfreak-Jingle 01m:30s
02:06:36 Jesus on Extasy 2nd skin 07m:48s
02:04:13 Drips, The Broken 02m:29s
02:00:17 Face Down Hero Isolation 04m:19s
01:59:59 Veljanov Station ID 00m:10s
01:59:43 Jochen Wer sind sie... 00m:19s
01:54:38 Alexander Robotnick Dance Boy Dance 05m:10s
01:50:04 Adam Cohen What Other Guy 05m:43s
01:45:41 I Am Kloot Avenue of Hope 07m:24s
01:45:28 Utah Saints Station ID 00m:10s
01:38:30 E. S. T. Hermeto´s daydream 07m:10s
01:35:47 Collica, Marta Future 1 03m:48s
01:30:50 Vive la fete La verite 08m:19s
01:30:37 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
01:28:48 J's with Jamie, The Let There Be Love 02m:54s
01:25:00 Me & Meyer Round My Head 04m:52s
01:22:48 Bernie Bandicoot Daggett 02m:13s
01:22:28 Hertz 87.9 Hertz Jingle 00m:23s
01:17:51 Thom Yorke Harrowdown Hill 05m:39s
01:14:11 Sweet Vandals, The Let's Have Some Fun 04m:50s
01:09:10 Small circle of friends Sittin´ on the fenceMultidirec 05m:16s
01:08:57 Mofro (JJ Grey) Station ID 00m:04s
01:03:04 Black Mountain Wucan 06m:03s
00:58:54 James Blake Enough Thunder 04m:15s
00:55:35 Verandas, The In The Park 05m:33s
00:55:13 Jan Schaper HertzGummibären 00m:19s
00:52:59 Anat Ben David Poor ´R´ Fat 02m:19s
00:49:05 Björk Sacrifice 04m:02s
00:45:03 Spencer, Heidi Under Streetlight Glow 04m:13s
00:44:50 Cajus Station ID 00m:08s
00:37:00 Davis, Nathan That Kaycee Thing 08m:55s
00:32:43 Jon Hopkins Light Through The Veins 04m:22s
00:25:37 Stephan Bodzin Liebe Ist ... 07m:07s
00:25:13 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
00:20:45 Stockholm Jazzbeat Project Taste Me 05m:43s
00:16:12 Banhart, Devendra Bad Girl 05m:46s
00:06:55 Field, The It's Up There 09m:21s
00:06:42 Calexico Station ID 00m:12s
00:03:28 Ender Error Endlos remix 03m:22s
00:00:26 Lady Daisey Soul Strut 03m:04s
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