Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 10.4.2010

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:59:43 Nightmares On Wax Be There 05m:02s
23:57:17 Otis Redding Hard To Handle 02m:28s
23:52:07 Avery, Theodross My Generation 05m:20s
23:51:58 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
23:45:45 Air Sex Born Poison 06m:19s
23:41:42 Portion Control Skull Kid 04m:08s
23:38:01 Benjamin Biolay Meme Si Tu Pars 04m:47s
23:37:32 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
23:34:11 Wolf, Patrick Vulture 03m:26s
23:27:30 LulaCircus Tears and Ice 07m:46s
23:23:59 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
23:23:51 Utah Saints Station ID 00m:10s
23:20:39 Goold, Ned Goooold 03m:16s
23:16:54 Tenor, Jimi feat. Tony Allen Selfish Gene 04m:48s
23:13:12 Auto.Auto Hastwerk 04m:47s
23:12:50 Jochen Dreier Kaffe und Kippe und Hertz 87.9 00m:22s
23:08:58 Earthworks Curioser and curioser 04m:57s
23:04:54 Germano, Lisa Into Oblivion 04m:10s
23:01:20 Cibelle man from mars 04m:39s
23:01:11 Oliver Rhis Station ID Schwarze Schafe 00m:06s
23:00:13 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
22:00:55 mista hide the breaks-mix 10.04.2010 59m:17s
22:00:01 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
21:59:02 Layabout Like Kin 04m:34s
21:55:45 Mykill Miers The Second Coming 03m:26s
21:55:36 Laufen solln die andern Station ID 00m:05s
21:54:07 Event EF Konzert Forum 160410 01m:29s
21:50:36 Alec Empire On Fire 04m:36s
21:46:56 Archie Bronson Outfit Hoola 04m:45s
21:44:34 Friebe, Jens Bring mich zum Wagen 02m:27s
21:44:19 Michael Ruebennasenhausen 00m:18s
21:42:14 Fehlfarben www 02m:05s
21:40:46 Event Stereotypen April Trailer 02m:30s
21:36:59 Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City 04m:57s
21:34:03 Blockfloete des Todes Maedchenhaar 03m:57s
21:33:38 John Wayne Shot Me Station ID / Jingle 00m:26s
21:29:39 MGMT Congratulations (HZSTCK) 04m:09s
21:28:07 Event Trailer Frühlingsparty 02m:30s
21:23:02 Peyoti For President We The People 05m:04s
21:19:37 Ugly Casanova Things I Don't Remember 04m:32s
21:19:29 Sharon Stoned Station ID 00m:06s
21:16:07 Egotronic Was Solls 03m:25s
21:14:32 Event Rätselhaftes Bielefeld 02m:35s
21:10:38 StieberTwins+Maximilian&SammyD Malaria(Rmx) 04m:17s
21:08:13 David Axelrod The Mental Traveler 04m:06s
21:08:01 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
21:04:03 Miss Kittin Meet Sue Be She 04m:05s
21:03:48 Löwenhertz Ende 00m:15s
20:59:53 Ayo Down On My Knees 04m:03s
20:56:13 Bounty Killer Da Benz 04m:48s
20:52:57 Horace Andy Musical Episode 03m:18s
20:52:36 Löwenhertz Mitte 00m:22s
20:48:51 gregory isaacs slum 04m:53s
20:39:44 Pato Banton Don't Worry 09m:12s
20:36:29 Various Artists Sizzla - Good Ways 03m:24s
20:32:40 Iriepathy feat. Anthony B One love we need 04m:54s
20:32:18 Löwenhertz Mitte 00m:22s
20:30:01 Marely,Bob 400 years 02m:29s
20:26:06 Nosliw Musik 04m:02s
20:22:51 Rass Krass U Me Heart 03m:18s
20:19:00 Sékou The ambassador 04m:56s
20:18:38 Löwenhertz Mitte 00m:22s
20:14:13 Soul Captain Band Lyömätön Tyyli 05m:33s
20:10:52 Sturm, Sebastian Back Among The Living 04m:39s
20:06:54 Turbulence I shall not be moved 04m:08s
20:03:27 Washington, Glen Viper 04m:33s
20:03:05 Löwenhertz Anfang 00m:22s
19:59:00 Therapy Diane (klassikeranmod) 04m:06s
19:57:32 Event EF Konzert Forum 160410 01m:29s
19:55:37 Stipplicon Stamp Your Name On It 02m:02s
19:55:26 Samba Stations ID 00m:12s
19:52:57 Rainer von Vielen Mein Block 02m:28s
19:49:46 4teen killers Ca plane pour moi 03m:11s
19:49:00 Event Trailer Aimforthehead 01m:47s
19:44:33 Muguruza,Fermin Urrun 05m:38s
19:44:07 George Bekios IndyExperten 00m:26s
19:40:17 Local natives airplanes 04m:59s
19:37:55 Adam Ross Reeds, The Silly Savage 03m:30s
19:33:04 Culture Trod on 05m:02s
19:32:55 Culture Trod on 05m:02s
19:31:24 Event Stereotypen April Trailer 02m:30s
19:27:26 Clinic Distortions 04m:03s
19:24:55 Nash, Kate Do-Wah-Doo 03m:37s
19:21:50 Franz Kaspar I can write a Song 03m:13s
19:21:21 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
19:20:12 Groovie Ghoulies Blood Beach 01m:18s
19:17:53 Electric Six Gay Bar 02m:19s
19:16:45 Event Frühlingsparty 01m:07s
19:13:53 eight legs best of me 03m:00s
19:13:44 Steffi Mahsmann Station ID - Jamey Jasta 00m:06s
19:09:16 MGMT Flash Delirium (HZSTCK) 05m:30s
19:05:55 Winter Took His Life When You said you needed me 03m:27s
19:02:41 Taking Back Sunday Make Damn Sure 04m:32s
19:02:32 Turbonegro Station ID 00m:07s
18:58:17 Slash By The Sword 04m:21s
18:55:13 Wu-Tang Clan Visionz 03m:09s
18:52:07 Lyons, Marie Queenie See And Don't See 03m:10s
18:51:58 Michael Jingle Funky Shit 00m:10s
18:47:47 Tenor,Jimi Take me baby (VegaRmx) 04m:19s
18:44:54 Blockfloete des Todes Maedchenhaar 03m:57s
18:41:02 It´s Not Not Run For Your Life 04m:59s
18:40:53 Guttermouth Herzt ID 00m:05s
18:36:58 The Girl & The Robot I Will Always Be With You 04m:00s
18:34:30 Boppin' B. it's got to be perfect 02m:29s
18:31:50 Dillinger Cocaine 03m:48s
18:31:38 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
18:03:52 Karl May Die beiden 28m:45s
18:03:35 Michael Hörtz-Jingle 00m:20s
17:59:10 sharon jones and the dap kings window shopping 05m:35s
17:56:06 Hartcore Vibration - Boogie 03m:02s
17:54:36 Event EF Konzert Forum 160410 01m:29s
17:50:25 Fischmob Mach doch 04m:25s
17:50:14 Fischmob Mach doch 04m:25s
17:46:42 Dance Inc., The Matador 04m:42s
17:43:14 Rox My Baby Left Me 04m:32s
17:41:45 Event Trailer Frühlingsparty 02m:30s
17:38:52 Queen Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy 03m:56s
17:38:22 George Marlboro 01m:32s
17:36:08 Ignite Epidemic 02m:23s
17:34:39 Detroit Cobras,The Oh My Lover 02m:35s
17:31:24 karma cowboys bad tv 03m:22s
17:31:15 karma cowboys bad tv 03m:22s
17:29:39 Event Rätselhaftes Bielefeld 02m:35s
17:24:58 MGMT Brian Eno (HZSTCK) 05m:46s
17:21:16 Square Root of Margaret, The I Don't Know Why 04m:44s
17:18:57 Strokes, The 12:51 02m:27s
17:18:48 Maximo Park (Paul Smith) Station_ID 00m:04s
17:15:25 labrassbanda bauersbua 03m:27s
17:14:36 Event Trailer Aimforthehead 01m:47s
17:11:18 Cali Agents Cali Agents: The Anthem 03m:19s
17:08:03 Wylie Trass The Feeling 03m:26s
17:07:37 Katarina EclipseJinglemittel 00m:25s
17:03:48 Dapayk&Padberg Doerti 04m:55s
17:02:40 Event Trailer Eläkeläiset 01m:09s
16:57:48 Third Eye Blind Summer Town 05m:52s
16:54:20 Malajube Pate Filo 04m:45s
16:54:05 DeLoner, Al Station ID (Jochen) 00m:17s
16:50:23 Constellations, The Setback (Starkey Remix) 04m:59s
16:47:11 4teen killers Ca plane pour moi 03m:11s
16:42:07 Mellow Mark Jahre im Regen 05m:14s
16:41:55 Michael Tierische Musik-jingle 00m:13s
16:39:47 mcrackins nerdcore rising 02m:09s
16:36:42 Nitin Sawhney Distant Dreams (feat. Roxanne 03m:11s
16:32:27 Double Dee & Steinski Lesson 2: The James Brown Mix 04m:22s
16:32:08 Über Bielefeld - Luftbildband Station ID 00m:20s
16:28:08 Futurecop! Class of 1984 04m:06s
16:24:43 Mumford and sons the cave 04m:34s
16:22:08 Field Music A House Is Not A Home 03m:36s
16:21:12 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
16:16:54 Bubonix Never Forget 04m:28s
16:13:35 zZz Running With The Beast 03m:21s
16:10:28 New young pony club chaos 03m:21s
16:10:15 Chumbawamba ID Chumbawamba 00m:05s
16:05:56 MGMT Song For dan Treacy (HZSTCK) 04m:24s
16:03:14 Sinatra,Frank They can't take that away from 03m:41s
15:58:56 Quasi Hot Shit 05m:32s
15:58:47 Quasi Hot Shit 05m:32s
15:54:39 Therapy Diane (klassikeranmod) 04m:06s
15:51:11 Smith & Smart Beides 04m:32s
15:48:36 Sam Dees Lonely For Your Baby 03m:46s
15:48:24 Sylvia Elefanten 00m:12s
15:44:19 The Prodigy Girls 04m:07s
15:41:04 soft pack, the answer to yourself 03m:22s
15:37:31 Zen Circus, The & Ritchie, Bri Beat The Drum 04m:44s
15:37:23 Zen Circus, The & Ritchie, Bri Beat The Drum 04m:44s
15:35:54 Event EF Konzert Forum 160410 01m:29s
15:33:29 Shey, Kristin Fading Out 02m:29s
15:30:44 Bad Manners Lip Up Fatty 05m:02s
15:27:55 Easy Star All-Stars Good Morning Good Morning 03m:52s
15:27:36 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
15:24:10 labrassbanda bauersbua 03m:27s
15:19:02 Small circle of friends Sittin´ on the fenceMultidirec 05m:16s
15:14:50 Promoe Drowning By Numbers 05m:36s
15:14:42 Thoams Gsella ID 00m:06s
15:10:08 Erobique Tanzen 06m:25s
15:09:01 Event Frühlingsparty 01m:07s
15:05:43 Warner Drive Faking Smiles 03m:22s
15:02:01 Lee Richards, Miranda Early November 04m:42s
15:01:53 Michael Jingle Funky Shit 00m:10s
15:00:01 Die Hunns Tragedy 02m:55s
14:58:29 Event Stereotypen April Trailer 02m:30s
14:55:18 Hives,The Hate to say I told you so 03m:22s
14:50:39 Kula Shaker Melody Day 05m:51s
14:50:30 Neo Scope ID Sänger Down Below 00m:10s
14:49:01 Event Trailer Frühlingsparty 02m:30s
14:44:20 MGMT Brian Eno (HZSTCK) 05m:46s
14:42:02 Stereo Total Moviestar 02m:20s
14:40:00 Vampire Weekend Mansard Roof 02m:08s
14:39:52 Sascha id 6 00m:07s
14:36:57 Deftones Diamond Eyes(radioedit) 03m:55s
14:34:39 Alias Watching Water 02m:25s
14:33:50 Event Trailer Aimforthehead 01m:47s
14:31:35 Eugene Blacknell & The New Bre The Trip 02m:25s
14:31:07 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
14:26:33 Thom Yorke Harrowdown Hill 05m:39s
14:23:22 Grossstadtgefluester Kaethe 03m:13s
14:21:27 Brakes Hold me in the River 02m:02s
14:21:11 Hildebrandt, Dieter Station ID 00m:14s
14:17:36 An Horse Camp Out 04m:42s
14:16:08 Miriam Belke Stereotypen April Trailer 02m:30s
14:14:33 Event Rätselhaftes Bielefeld 02m:35s
14:10:39 Abula Coca Cria Cuervos 05m:31s
14:07:14 W Dein Ding 04m:31s
14:06:55 Katarina Lust auf Studithemen 00m:22s
14:02:40 Slash By The Sword 04m:21s
14:01:29 Event Trailer Eläkeläiset 01m:09s
14:00:34 Nickodemus Mi Swing Es Tropical 04m:43s
13:57:09 Diplo (feat. VYBZ Cartel) Baby 03m:27s
13:57:00 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
13:51:45 Fatboy Slim Praise You 05m:28s
13:49:01 Johnny Cash Ain't No Grave 03m:53s
13:45:46 Tomte Wie sieht's aus in Hamburg? 03m:28s
13:45:02 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
13:42:54 Bad Religion I want to conquer the world 02m:20s
13:40:03 Darkness, the Friday Night 03m:59s
13:36:41 Lower Than Atlantis Face Full Of Scars 03m:25s
13:36:33 Veljanov ID Veljanov 00m:10s
13:32:31 MGMT Congratulations (HZSTCK) 04m:09s
13:29:09 Benson, Brendan Cold Hands (Warm Heart) 03m:28s
13:25:42 Cold War Kids Mexican Dogs 04m:36s
13:25:33 Bones, The Station ID 00m:06s
13:21:29 audiobullys dynamite 04m:11s
13:17:07 Freddie Foxxx&Bumpy Knuckles Pane 04m:22s
13:14:43 Supremes,The Where Did Our Love Go 03m:33s
13:14:24 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
13:10:57 Broadcast America´s Boy 04m:36s
13:07:04 workman, hawksley tokyo bicycle 04m:04s
13:03:39 Sonny Black Boss 04m:35s
13:03:31 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Betzefer 00m:09s
13:00:00 Zeebee Jealous (radio edit) 04m:44s
12:03:21 Event Hertzkultur April 57m:39s
11:59:49 Athena Hersey Guzel Olaca 04m:39s
11:57:07 Barrington, Levy & Capleton All over me 03m:47s
11:56:22 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
11:52:17 Therapy Diane (klassikeranmod) 04m:06s
11:49:29 Parker, Charlie Scrapple from the apple 03m:00s
11:48:00 Event EF Konzert Forum 160410 01m:29s
11:44:11 Smoove & Turrell You Don't Know 04m:57s
11:44:02 Smoove & Turrell You Don't Know 04m:57s
11:40:17 Crash Tokio Girls Can Dance 04m:52s
11:36:43 robyn fembot 04m:36s
11:34:05 Wire Outdoor Miner 03m:51s
11:33:53 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
11:30:34 Coffinshakers, The Black sunday 03m:22s
11:29:38 Foo Fighters Gas Chamber 01m:55s
11:25:50 Foals, The This Orient 04m:50s
11:25:38 Hildebrandt, Dieter Station ID 00m:14s
11:24:53 Event Trailer Aimforthehead 01m:47s
11:20:25 MGMT Flash Delirium (HZSTCK) 05m:30s
11:16:53 Zombies,The I Got My Mojo Working 04m:35s
11:14:04 Cooper Temple Clause, The Filmmaker 03m:57s
11:13:51 Sondaschule Station ID 00m:12s
11:12:43 Event Frühlingsparty 01m:07s
11:09:25 soft pack, the answer to yourself 03m:22s
11:05:27 Outkast The Train 04m:10s
11:03:06 Georgie Boy You'd Better Quit It 02m:26s
11:02:40 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
11:01:05 Event Rätselhaftes Bielefeld 02m:35s
10:56:59 Portishead Sour times 04m:14s
10:53:44 New young pony club chaos 03m:21s
10:50:23 Blankass Fatigue 04m:32s
10:50:10 IAMX IAMX ID 00m:11s
10:48:18 Frank Turner Try this at Home 02m:53s
10:45:56 World/Inferno Friendship Socie Untitled 02m:22s
10:42:41 Marley, Bob Natural mystic 03m:27s
10:42:12 Anna Depri 01m:30s
10:38:30 angus and julia stone big jet plane 04m:47s
10:33:58 Carter, James Atitled Valse 08m:21s
10:31:24 Deep puddle dynamics Mothers of invention 03m:35s
10:31:16 Jochen Downpilot (Jeff) 00m:11s
10:30:08 Event Trailer Eläkeläiset 01m:09s
10:27:05 Crystal Castles Untrust Us 03m:07s
10:23:46 Stompin Souls Two Birds 03m:24s
10:20:55 Tiger Lou Sell Out 03m:57s
10:20:44 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
10:18:17 Eddie & The Hot Rods Why Can't It Be 03m:32s
10:15:23 Cooper, Alice Jersus Christ Superstar 03m:03s
10:13:11 gisbert zu knyphausen melancholie 02m:18s
10:13:02 Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden-ID 00m:06s
10:09:00 MGMT Congratulations (HZSTCK) 04m:09s
10:07:32 Event Trailer Frühlingsparty 02m:30s
10:02:58 Veljanov The Man With The Silver Gun 05m:48s
10:01:00 Peaches Rock Show 02m:10s
10:00:51 O. Rohrbeck & A. Fröhlich Station ID (Drei ???) 00m:06s
09:56:57 Local natives airplanes 04m:59s
09:55:28 Event Stereotypen April Trailer 02m:30s
09:52:16 A.s.G.M. + Crazycuts One Take 03m:27s
09:46:03 Maceo & All The King's Men Thank You For Letting Me Be My 06m:15s
09:45:45 Michael K-L-U-K Jingle 00m:19s
09:43:09 BABY J & ALEX BLOOD TIME TO WAKE UP 03m:40s
09:39:47 Egotronic Was Solls 03m:25s
09:35:33 Cocorosie Good Friday 04m:24s
09:35:25 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
09:32:53 Nash, Kate Do-Wah-Doo 03m:37s
09:29:42 Aggrolites, The Dirty Reggae 03m:14s
09:27:06 Daddy Freddy feat. Rankig Joe Godfather & Son 03m:39s
09:26:52 Jan Schaper Weltherrschaft 00m:16s
09:22:57 workman, hawksley tokyo bicycle 04m:04s
09:21:22 Lisa Ekdahl Down With Love 02m:37s
09:19:50 Event Rätselhaftes Bielefeld 02m:35s
09:15:33 Blak Twang Raplife 04m:19s
09:15:17 Fred Feuerstein Station_ID 00m:15s
09:11:46 Keane We Might As Well Be Strangers 04m:38s
09:07:51 The Girl & The Robot I Will Always Be With You 04m:00s
09:04:10 Friendly Fires On Board 04m:43s
09:03:55 Zuogrostn Hertz Jingle 00m:15s
09:00:17 Fire in the Attic Decision & Action 04m:45s
08:59:11 Event Frühlingsparty 01m:07s
08:55:34 Die Happy Peaches 04m:37s
08:52:13 Dead Weather Die By The Drop 04m:31s
08:52:05 Dead Weather Die By The Drop 04m:31s
08:47:44 MGMT Song For dan Treacy (HZSTCK) 04m:24s
08:43:13 Voxtrott The Start Of Something 05m:32s
08:40:23 Gods of Blitz New Wave Wipe-Out 03m:57s
08:40:01 Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello ID 00m:20s
08:36:37 Lower Than Atlantis Face Full Of Scars 03m:25s
08:33:06 BIG L Platinum Plus 04m:37s
08:30:06 Dorsey, Lee Who's Gonna Help Brother 03m:04s
08:29:07 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
08:25:28 Daft Punk Something About Us 04m:52s
08:23:16 mcrackins nerdcore rising 02m:09s
08:19:58 Mission Of Burma Wounded World 03m:29s
08:19:49 Walkabouts Station ID 00m:04s
08:16:02 get well soon seneca's silence 04m:51s
08:12:46 8°6 Crew Bad bad reggae 03m:18s
08:08:46 Taffari feat. Anthony B. Rise up 04m:08s
08:08:21 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
08:04:36 Foals, The This Orient 04m:50s
08:00:15 Davis, Miles John McLaughlin 04m:26s
07:55:53 Jurassic 5 Quality Control 05m:49s
07:55:45 Jurassic 5 Quality Control 05m:49s
07:53:17 Adult Turn into Fever 03m:36s
07:49:32 tunng hustle (radio edit) 04m:49s
07:46:20 the fountains jerry 03m:12s
07:45:49 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
07:42:24 Dead Kennedys M.T.V.-Get off the air 04m:36s
07:39:20 Guadalajara Turn Up 03m:06s
07:35:22 audiobullys dynamite 04m:11s
07:35:09 Robocop Kraus Station ID 00m:10s
07:30:26 MGMT Brian Eno (HZSTCK) 05m:46s
07:26:01 Kershaw,Nik The said 05m:31s
07:22:23 Zen Circus, The & Ritchie, Bri Beat The Drum 04m:44s
07:22:14 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
07:18:53 karma cowboys bad tv 03m:22s
07:14:57 DM & Jemini Bush Boys 04m:02s
07:12:16 Rodger Collins Foxy Girls In Oakland 03m:48s
07:12:07 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
07:08:09 LCD Soundsystem Someone Great 04m:01s
07:04:47 Young Punks, The Ready For The Fight 03m:21s
07:01:30 Lo Fat Orchestra Question For Honey 04m:39s
07:01:21 Ugly Duckling Station_ID 00m:05s
06:58:04 Warner Drive Faking Smiles 03m:22s
06:55:50 Skalariak ˇEstoy de revuelta! 02m:15s
06:51:47 Jan Delay B-Seite 04m:09s
06:51:09 Bernd Tag am Meer 01m:40s
06:47:51 New young pony club chaos 03m:21s
06:43:20 Cole, Richie The price is right 07m:22s
06:39:23 jehst falling down 04m:19s
06:39:15 Freienstein ID 00m:04s
06:35:41 Chemical Brothers, The Do It Again 04m:50s
06:31:59 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat The Devil's Tattoo 04m:46s
06:26:43 A Camp The Same Old Song 06m:33s
06:26:15 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
06:22:27 Duesenjaeger leinen los, bereit matrose? 04m:52s
06:18:59 Donnas, The Don't Wait Up For Me 04m:30s
06:14:58 Therapy Diane (klassikeranmod) 04m:06s
06:14:49 Anna Stelze StationID_Paolo Nutini 00m:04s
06:10:49 MGMT Congratulations (HZSTCK) 04m:09s
06:07:44 Moriarty Motel 03m:11s
06:05:05 Chefdenker Ich Lache Später 03m:42s
06:04:52 Chocmoq Station ID 00m:11s
06:01:27 Dead Weather Die By The Drop 04m:31s
05:58:25 Icke & Er Richtig Geil (Er Remix) 03m:04s
05:56:11 Bar-Kays, The Soul Finger 02m:18s
05:55:42 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
05:50:45 Portishead Roads 05m:10s
05:47:50 Deftones Diamond Eyes(radioedit) 03m:55s
05:44:13 dEUS The Architect 04m:41s
05:44:04 Spilker, Frank Die Sterne-Station ID 00m:04s
05:40:44 Regan, Fionn Catacombs 03m:25s
05:36:30 Alkaline Trio Burn (Armstrong Mix) 04m:23s
05:32:22 LEE_SCRATCH_PERRY My Name 04m:17s
05:31:54 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
05:28:59 Blockfloete des Todes Maedchenhaar 03m:57s
05:23:50 New Mastersounds, The Idle Time (Lack Of Afro Remix) 05m:08s
05:20:05 Asia Born Send Them 04m:01s
05:19:56 Swenja und Anna Sportfreunde Stiller ID1 00m:07s
05:16:38 De Phazz feat. Pat Appleton Latin 03m:16s
05:12:57 Constellations, The Setback (Starkey Remix) 04m:59s
05:09:55 La Roux Quicksand 03m:08s
05:09:36 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
05:06:59 X-Ray Spex Oh Bondage Up Yours 03m:42s
05:04:31 Harmful Art Of Rebellion 03m:37s
05:00:13 sharon jones and the dap kings window shopping 05m:35s
05:00:02 Zeromancer ID Hertz 00m:06s
04:57:51 Lounge Lizards, The Incident On South Street 03m:28s
04:50:29 ASCII.DISKO ALIAS 08m:35s
04:46:32 Be Surfin 04m:11s
04:46:23 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
04:41:53 Collins, Lyn You can´t love me if you don´t 06m:35s
04:38:25 Eastenders Sex And Cookies 04m:31s
04:35:24 Spaceman Spiff Bodenangst 03m:16s
04:35:11 Spaceman Spiff Bodenangst 03m:16s
04:31:36 Appareil I Will Betray You 04m:52s
04:26:55 Kool & The Gang Get Down On It 05m:48s
04:22:02 Gong Mandrake 05m:04s
04:21:53 Thoams Gsella ID 00m:06s
04:17:41 Aguayo, Matias Minimal (DJ Koze Radio Edit) 04m:20s
04:13:34 Leisure Society, The A Matter Of Time 04m:12s
04:10:37 Architecture In Helsinki Fumble 03m:09s
04:09:49 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
04:05:18 Pantherklub Rapture 05m:56s
04:02:00 walsh, kate trying 03m:27s
03:57:28 cocorosie beautiful boyz 05m:38s
03:57:13 Andreas Kisser Sepultura Station-ID 00m:15s
03:53:38 Kosmo Koslowski Abac 04m:39s
03:49:05 28 Costumes Blame 05m:49s
03:44:11 nor elle on the roof 05m:15s
03:43:43 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
03:40:59 Mandrill Hagalo 03m:45s
03:34:26 Bartkuhn, Lars Goodbye Dancing, Hello God 07m:42s
03:30:04 Lady Daisy Magical (Butterfish Rmx) 04m:29s
03:29:54 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
03:25:08 Boards of Canada Trans Canada Highway 05m:03s
03:20:47 B.T.Express Do It Till You´re Satisfied 04m:24s
03:17:33 James Brown/Marva Whitney Sunny 03m:19s
03:17:24 Lothar Station ID 00m:09s
03:10:07 A Red Season Shade Rising On The Bright 08m:39s
03:06:29 Cibelle man from mars 04m:39s
03:03:28 Strokes, The You Only Live Once 03m:09s
03:03:20 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
03:00:15 Zoot Woman Just A Friend Of Mine 03m:09s
02:56:17 Flying Lotus do the astral plane 04m:58s
02:51:20 Heroes & Zeros Do This Right 07m:35s
02:51:12 wagner dance or die id 00m:05s
02:45:25 Moosefrog Nothing To Cling To 06m:57s
02:41:35 Depedro La Memoria 04m:57s
02:36:47 Regal J.Z. Funk 05m:53s
02:36:26 Jan Schaper HertzGummibären 00m:19s
02:31:35 Adamson, Barry Flight 05m:56s
02:26:45 Massive Attack Paradise Circus 05m:58s
02:22:45 Leisure Society, The A Matter Of Time 04m:12s
02:22:37 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Kirk Hammett 00m:07s
02:19:08 Mighty Janni Halmstad Adventure 03m:27s
02:16:57 Arthur Conley Sweet Soul Music 02m:19s
02:12:33 Brönner, Till Everything happens to me 06m:53s
02:12:24 Brönner, Till Everything happens to me 06m:53s
02:07:53 Smartel P Rumeur 05m:35s
02:01:22 Makossa & Megblast Soy Como Soy feat. Cleydys Vil 07m:35s
01:57:54 Oberst, Conor Get-Well-Cards 04m:34s
01:57:02 Alex Limont Hertzkultur Trailer 01m:52s
01:53:31 T.Raumschmiere Rabaukendisko 04m:30s
01:50:23 Spaceman Spiff Bodenangst 03m:16s
01:44:14 Hofuko Sochi Sakunen 06m:14s
01:44:06 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
01:36:35 Gordon, Dexter Love for sale 08m:40s
01:33:58 Prekop, Sam Chicago People 04m:17s
01:31:18 Blumentopf Horst 03m:42s
01:24:14 Ada I Love Asphalt 08m:41s
01:23:59 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
01:19:39 duke ellingthon take the "a" train 05m:31s
01:15:55 Aaron U-Turn 04m:00s
01:12:21 Cibelle man from mars 04m:39s
01:12:12 Wischmeyer, Dietmar Station ID 00m:06s
01:08:02 alias (feat. markus acher) Unseen Sights 04m:26s
01:05:26 Alvin Cash Keep On Dancing 03m:39s
01:00:53 Avery, Theodross Theme for Malcolm 06m:24s
01:00:42 Hennes Bender 2 Station_ID 00m:10s
00:54:08 Proxy The Art Of Leisure 07m:38s
00:50:48 walsh, kate trying 03m:27s
00:47:39 Stereo Total Miss Rébellion 03m:13s
00:47:28 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
00:43:46 Thievery Corporation Sound The Alarm 04m:41s
00:39:04 Gotan project la gloria (poirier rmx) 05m:50s
00:37:33 Event Stereotypen April Trailer 02m:30s
00:33:24 65daysofstatic 2 / dance parties vocal versio 04m:13s
00:33:16 Prof. Rosenberg station id 00m:06s
00:28:35 Budos Band, The Scorpion 05m:54s
00:22:51 Husky Rescue Rainbow Flows 06m:51s
00:19:13 Basement Jaxx Bim Bam (Radio Edit) 04m:48s
00:18:35 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
00:14:59 A.Zoller Quartett&Gert Westpha Aphrodite 04m:39s
00:13:31 Event Trailer Frühlingsparty 02m:30s
00:09:11 Nadler, Marissa River Of Dirt 04m:25s
00:04:48 Lady Daisy Magical (Butterfish Rmx) 04m:29s
00:04:40 Lady Daisy Magical (Butterfish Rmx) 04m:29s
00:01:42 Tying Tiffany Cat Killer Show 03m:02s
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