Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 20.10.2009

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:00:06 Carter, James Centerpiece 07m:35s
00:04:25 Event Kurz nach 0 Uhr 00m:05s
00:04:38 Young, Inell What Do You See In Her 03m:56s
00:07:23 Quarks I Walk 04m:33s
00:10:49 Bolzenbande1 Station ID 00m:07s
00:11:02 Vitalic Poisen Lips 04m:53s
00:14:44 Holmes Mr. Boom 04m:16s
00:18:54 Count Basie one o`clock jump 03m:05s
00:21:52 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
00:22:12 Praga Kahn Freakazoidz 03m:53s
00:24:54 Explosions In The Sky Welcome, Ghost 06m:44s
00:30:37 Blakey, Art The drum thunder suite 08m:35s
00:38:03 Cancer Conspiracy, The VIII 06m:15s
00:38:16 Cancer Conspiracy, The VIII 06m:15s
00:44:16 Fitzsimmons, William I don't Feel It 04m:33s
00:47:41 Torpedo Boyz Japaneeze Boyz (Smoove Remix) 05m:48s
00:52:18 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
00:52:41 These New Puritans Elvis 03m:47s
00:55:31 Estuar Worst Thing 03m:21s
00:58:42 Birdy Nam Nam Abbesses 06m:28s
01:04:48 DeLoner, Al Station ID (Jochen) 00m:17s
01:05:02 DeLoner, Al Station ID (Jochen) 00m:17s
01:05:19 Freidenson, Michel Be Bop (Sal Samba Jazzy Remix) 04m:08s
01:09:11 Marcos Valle Mentira 04m:43s
01:12:50 LCD Soundsystem North American Scum 05m:26s
01:18:10 Liquido Station-ID 00m:11s
01:18:23 Tenor, Jimi feat. Tony Allen Selfish Gene 04m:48s
01:22:05 Ixtlan Tea Man Boogie (Live in Ddorf) 07m:14s
01:29:14 Collins, Lyn You can´t love me if you don´t 06m:35s
01:33:44 Michael Mixtape-Trailer 01m:00s
01:34:44 Turntable rocker A little funk 04m:55s
01:38:28 Black Neon, The Hollywod 1,2, & 3 05m:50s
01:43:19 Miller, Glenn Tuxedo Junction 05m:01s
01:48:12 Rocko Schamoni Station ID 00m:10s
01:48:25 Okkervil River Listen To Otis Reading At Home 07m:15s
01:55:29 Castanets No Trouble 04m:16s
01:59:38 Ben Mono Protection (Sirius Mo Remix) 04m:40s
02:00:05 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
02:00:23 Everytime I Die Roman Holiday 03m:00s
02:03:10 Holy Moses The Retreat 06m:27s
02:03:23 Holy Moses The Retreat 06m:27s
02:09:41 Recoil 5000 Years 07m:37s
02:15:58 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
02:16:28 W.A.S.P. Blind in Texas 04m:22s
02:20:46 Club 99 Spacciatore di Cacao 03m:11s
02:23:54 Pothead Dope Says Nope 03m:53s
02:26:46 Sven Regener I Station ID 00m:12s
02:26:59 Intwine Cookie Jar 05m:02s
02:31:57 Apocalyptica Burn 04m:18s
02:36:11 S.P.O.C.K Alien Attack 03m:27s
02:39:29 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
02:39:59 Kash Bei Nacht 2009 04m:09s
02:44:03 Manowar Gods of war 07m:52s
02:50:49 Iron Maiden Paschendale 08m:25s
02:59:07 Heinz Hoenig Station ID 00m:17s
02:59:24 Hatebreed In ashes they shall reap 03m:21s
03:00:03 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
03:00:48 Vortex Rex Short Attention Spar 01m:15s
03:01:57 Eisbrecher Kinder der Nacht 04m:18s
03:06:05 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
03:06:18 Soko 87,9 - SKA und PUNK! Eine Stunde Ska und Punk! 00m:16s
03:06:31 Radio 4 New Disco 03m:50s
03:09:15 Gem Subterranean Parade 03m:52s
03:11:57 David Gartmann Station ID - EMC 00m:16s
03:12:14 As You Drown Ruins And Dead Ends 04m:38s
03:15:45 Ce La D'Or Alarming Thoughts Of Your Inne 09m:35s
03:24:13 PANZER AG AENIMAL 04m:23s
03:28:33 Sylvia Technik 00m:16s
03:28:50 Victory Rock`n`Roll Kids 03m:05s
03:31:51 Gloryholes, The Chosen Few 02m:00s
03:33:50 Itchy Poopzkid Drop the bomb 03m:44s
03:36:31 Horse The Band Horse The Song 04m:20s
03:36:44 Horse The Band Horse The Song 04m:20s
03:40:46 High Five Drive Foreign Mantras (Make Great Ro 03m:05s
03:43:47 Jo Gabriel Hold my Breath 06m:30s
03:49:07 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
03:49:30 Everytime I Die Roman Holiday 03m:00s
03:52:28 Tristania Sanguine Sky 04m:51s
03:56:18 Billy Idol White Christmas 02m:26s
03:58:40 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
03:58:53 Versus the throne Haunted by the nights 03m:04s
04:01:48 65DaysOfStatic Await Rescue 05m:45s
04:02:01 65DaysOfStatic Await Rescue 05m:45s
04:06:35 Jesus On Extasy Beloved Enemy 05m:04s
04:11:35 bastian french 01m:31s
04:12:04 Voice Of A Generation My Word My Way 01m:55s
04:12:57 Bad Religion 21st Century Digital Boy 03m:49s
04:15:36 Black Sabbath Sabbath bloody sabbath 05m:34s
04:19:53 Moneybrother Station ID 00m:04s
04:20:06 Hatebreed In ashes they shall reap 03m:21s
04:23:12 Whiskey Rebels Carry On 02m:12s
04:25:26 LoveCrave, The Can You hear me 06m:33s
04:30:46 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro1 00m:10s
04:30:59 UFO Black and Blue 05m:29s
04:36:23 Toten Hosen, Die Gewissen (Live) 03m:37s
04:39:01 Jancee Pornick Casino, The Pogo Nyak 03m:53s
04:41:49 Sondaschule Station ID 00m:12s
04:42:03 Five Finger Death Punch War Is The Answer 03m:18s
04:45:15 Hüsker Dü I'll Never Forget You 02m:22s
04:47:31 Katarina ANGELS ANMOD 01m:35s
04:48:07 Michael Trailer Hörtz 01m:52s
04:48:56 EMIL BULLS Here Comes The Fire 04m:21s
04:53:14 Dickinson, Bruce Delilah 02m:23s
04:55:33 Type O' Negative I don't want to be me 04m:47s
04:59:15 Chocmoq Station ID 00m:11s
04:59:28 Symphony Cult You 04m:41s
05:00:06 Station ID Hertz China 00m:13s
05:00:24 Mando Diao The Quary 05m:35s
05:04:50 Go Betty Go You're Your Worst Enemy 03m:45s
05:07:35 Aerobitch 666 01m:03s
05:08:34 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
05:08:57 Unisex, The Mushrooms & Broccoli 03m:07s
05:11:52 Teenage Bottlerocket Fatso Goes Nutzoid 02m:47s
05:13:34 Ansgar Harmeier Hertz Telefonummer Verlosung 00m:14s
05:13:47 Liquido Station-ID 00m:11s
05:14:00 Mos Def History (feat. Talib Kweli) 02m:24s
05:16:19 Red Hot Chilli Pipers Jazz Badger 04m:51s
05:20:11 Casablancas, Julien 11th Dimension 04m:02s
05:24:10 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
05:24:52 Glen Washington Viper 04m:33s
05:28:17 Slackers, The Leave me 03m:59s
05:31:16 Martin & James Bad Dreams 04m:32s
05:34:36 Hugo Race Station ID (Jochen) 00m:10s
05:34:50 Lunch , Lydia Gloomy sunday 03m:23s
05:38:01 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Z 40 Day Dream 04m:54s
05:41:52 Appareil I Will Betray You 04m:52s
05:45:24 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
05:46:16 Dinah Washington Cry Me A River (Truth&Soul rmx 03m:46s
05:48:54 Danny Fresh Move Es 05m:54s
05:53:45 Strawberry Blondes Fight Back 04m:10s
05:57:53 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
05:58:06 Kissogram The Deserter 03m:51s
06:00:45 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:00:58 Timid Tiger Combat Songs & Traffic Fights 03m:08s
06:03:53 PHANTOGRAM WHEN I'M SMALL 04m:09s
06:04:06 PHANTOGRAM WHEN I'M SMALL 04m:09s
06:07:58 Escapado Verbindung 04m:53s
06:10:33 Social Distortion I was wrong 04m:59s
06:14:21 Michael Ruebennasenhausen 00m:18s
06:14:37 Whitest Boy Alive Above You 03m:18s
06:17:45 Event Trailer Tunnelblick-Music 01m:09s
06:18:54 Filewile Number One Kid 04m:40s
06:22:29 TNT Jackson ratterbit 04m:41s
06:26:00 Crash ID 00m:11s
06:26:14 Moabeat Du machst guten Rap 04m:49s
06:29:51 Parker, Charlie Scrapple from the apple 03m:00s
06:32:40 Zoot Women Memory 03m:29s
06:36:05 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
06:36:31 Hauf'n Bielefeld bei Regen 05m:42s
06:41:02 Spy Bowlik Drive my crazy 03m:17s
06:44:10 Skunk Anansie Tear the place up 03m:00s
06:47:02 Event Trailer Shantel 20.10.09 01m:05s
06:48:08 This Is The Arrival Metropolis 04m:50s
06:48:21 This Is The Arrival Metropolis 04m:50s
06:51:59 Wild Beasts All The King´s Men 04m:59s
06:55:55 We Have Band Oh! 04m:42s
06:59:29 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
06:59:52 Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul I Got So Much Trouble In My Mi 06m:14s
07:06:05 Guru's Jazzmatazz Stand Up 04m:36s
07:06:18 Guru's Jazzmatazz Stand Up 04m:36s
07:09:33 Mary Onettes, The Dare 04m:47s
07:13:14 Anja Neunaber Supervixen Station ID Hertz 8 00m:06s
07:13:27 La Hengst, Bernadette Warum nicht 2 03m:15s
07:16:22 Superpunk Matula , hau mich raus 02m:04s
07:18:21 Markus Acher Notwist + 13&god Station ID 00m:08s
07:18:34 Birdpen Off 03m:14s
07:21:35 Everest Eve Of Destruction 04m:31s
07:25:00 Event Trailer Musikcrashkurs 01m:29s
07:26:30 Toten Hosen, Die Reisefieber 04m:57s
07:30:22 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
07:30:47 Rogers, Amanda Drive 04m:35s
07:34:14 Le Bon, Cate Hollow Trees House Hounds 04m:33s
07:37:42 N.A.S.A. Whachadoin? 04m:09s
07:41:53 Redman Soopaman Luva 3 04m:12s
07:42:06 Redman Soopaman Luva 3 04m:12s
07:46:07 Hartcore Vibration - Boogie 03m:02s
07:49:08 Event Keine Lust auf Dudelfunk 00m:28s
07:49:38 Erving Rip Your Heart Out 03m:21s
07:52:50 Michael Dein ist mein ganzes Hertz87,9 00m:06s
07:53:03 Aggrolites, The It's Time To Go 04m:58s
07:56:52 Millie Small My Boy Lollipop 02m:01s
07:58:50 Gizelle Smith and the Mighty M Gonna Get You 04m:42s
08:02:28 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:02:41 Pelzig Fastball 03m:22s
08:02:54 Pelzig Fastball 03m:22s
08:05:53 Bad Lieutenant Sink Or Swim 04m:12s
08:09:58 Event Trailer_TRP_November 01m:27s
08:11:27 Cassius This Song 05m:52s
08:16:11 George Marlboro 01m:32s
08:16:41 Kendricks, Eddie Girl You Need A Change Of Mind 08m:38s
08:24:13 BadTaste Rap rettet den Tag 04m:44s
08:27:55 Event Trailer Tunnelblick-Music 01m:09s
08:29:05 Franz Ferdinand Live Alone 03m:29s
08:32:30 Pavement Major leagues 03m:02s
08:32:43 Pavement Major leagues 03m:02s
08:35:28 Sugarplum Fairy The Escapologist 03m:48s
08:38:10 EL*KE Station ID 00m:09s
08:38:23 Sweethead The Great Disruptors 03m:09s
08:41:22 Answer, The Demon Eyes 04m:09s
08:45:29 Event Ode auf das Schwein 01m:14s
08:46:42 Operation Ivy Unity 02m:14s
08:48:57 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
08:49:17 Day One Bad Before Good 04m:37s
08:52:51 Bettens, Sarah I can do better than you 02m:23s
08:55:07 Mighty Janni Halmstad Adventure 03m:27s
08:58:34 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
08:58:48 Klan, Der Flashbacks 04m:55s
09:02:36 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
09:03:58 Prorektor Hellermann o-Ton 00m:22s
09:05:48 Snow, Mike Black & Blue 04m:42s
09:06:01 Snow, Mike Black & Blue 04m:42s
09:10:06 Easy Star All-Stars Good Morning Good Morning 03m:52s
09:12:56 meike crone jingle klatsch und tratsch 00m:21s
09:17:38 Klaxons, The As Above So Below 04m:55s
09:21:32 Meike & Patrick HertzstückJingle_Bollywood 00m:18s
09:26:23 Raz Ohara and the odd Orchestr Miracle 04m:53s
09:29:54 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:32:11 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:32:24 Coldplay Don't panic 02m:17s
09:34:30 Maccabees, The Wall Of Arms 03m:04s
09:37:29 Sonja Ganguin Rückspiegel Anfang!!! 00m:04s
09:42:56 Amanda Blank A Love Song 04m:36s
09:46:38 Mando Diao The Quary 05m:35s
09:51:19 V-Tipps v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
09:51:32 V-Tipp V-Tipp Bett 05m:32s
09:52:02 V-Tipp v-tipp Trenner 00m:02s
09:53:38 Foo Fighters Gas Chamber 01m:55s
09:54:35 Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Thrill Me 03m:12s
09:57:43 Dear Reader What We Wanted 04m:52s
10:01:31 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
10:02:51 Prorektor Hellermann o-Ton 00m:22s
10:04:40 Jones, Tom Looking Out My Window 03m:36s
10:04:53 Jones, Tom Looking Out My Window 03m:36s
10:07:55 Eagles Of Death Metal I Want You Soo Hard (Boys Bad 02m:22s
10:10:38 Kathrin Grotendiek FdT 201009 01m:03s
10:11:57 We Were Promised Jetpacks Ships With Holes Will Sink 05m:51s
10:15:29 Oli Beck IV Sagerer 06m:41s
10:21:30 M83 Don't Save Us from The Flames 04m:18s
10:25:31 Muse Uprising 04m:11s
10:29:35 InFakt 2min TICKER 02m:01s
10:29:55 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:32:12 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
10:32:26 Friendly Fires Skeleton Boy 04m:36s
10:32:39 Friendly Fires Skeleton Boy 04m:36s
10:35:54 Jamie T. Sticks And Stones 04m:03s
10:40:32 Lars Faulenbach Dominion 2.7.2009 03m:49s
10:44:07 Maximo Park Going Missing 04m:44s
10:47:55 Los Campesinos We Throw Parties, You Throw... 02m:21s
10:50:11 DJ Shadow High Noon 04m:00s
10:51:40 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Z 40 Day Dream 04m:54s
10:56:12 Jimmy Soul If You Wanna Be Happy 02m:11s
10:58:37 Junior Boys In The Morning 05m:47s
11:03:11 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
11:04:33 Prorektor Hellermann o-Ton 00m:22s
11:06:33 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:06:46 Del The Funky Homosapien Special 07m:41s
11:12:32 Hellacopters,The No song unheard 04m:01s
11:16:27 Toten Hosen, Die Shake Hands 02m:13s
11:18:36 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 1 01m:34s
11:19:08 Zenzile Simple Lesons (edit) 04m:44s
11:22:50 Akron/Family River 05m:46s
11:27:28 Propellerheads Take California 07m:22s
11:34:48 Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello ID 00m:20s
11:35:05 DGIZ Constate 05m:51s
11:39:45 Quantic Soul Orchestra Feeling Good 04m:53s
11:43:34 Banana Butts The Ape And The Sushi Master 05m:42s
11:48:15 Sylvia Technik 00m:16s
11:48:28 Congo Natty Code red 04m:26s
11:52:36 St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review 03m:14s
11:55:48 Easy Star All-Stars Good Morning Good Morning 03m:52s
11:58:37 22 Pistepirkko ID Finnisch 00m:08s
11:58:50 Eskobar Tumbling down 04m:41s
12:02:25 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
12:02:45 Sascha Obbelode InFakt 20.10.2009 12h 03m:30s
12:05:15 Snow, Mike Black & Blue 04m:42s
12:05:36 Snow, Mike Black & Blue 04m:42s
12:08:57 Heads We Dance Love In The Digital Age (Tepr 05m:38s
12:13:29 Event Trailer Shantel 20.10.09 01m:05s
12:14:32 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
12:14:51 Dennis Coffey Theme from Black Belt 03m:38s
12:17:27 Outerspace Time Will Tell 04m:40s
12:21:02 Sweethead The Great Disruptors 03m:09s
12:24:04 Event Trailer_TRP_November 01m:27s
12:25:32 Briefs, The Station ID 00m:08s
12:25:47 Good, The Bad And The Queen, T Three Changes 04m:15s
12:29:49 Nutini, Paolo pencil full of lead 02m:27s
12:32:12 Frank Turner The Road 04m:58s
12:36:06 Gray, David White Ladder 04m:15s
12:40:14 Vetter, Phil Like Me 03m:03s
12:43:14 Event Trailer Tunnelblick-Music 01m:09s
12:44:23 Muse Uprising 04m:11s
12:48:28 Moneybrother They're Building Walls Around 03m:08s
12:51:26 Torrini,Emiliana Sunny Road 03m:37s
12:53:58 Wischmeyer, Dietmar Station ID 00m:06s
12:54:12 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Z 40 Day Dream 04m:54s
12:57:57 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever Happened to My Rock a 05m:38s
13:01:10 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
13:01:30 Sascha Obbelode InFakt 20.10.2009 13h 03m:32s
13:04:02 Bad Lieutenant This Is Home (Hertzstück) 05m:00s
13:04:15 Bad Lieutenant This Is Home (Hertzstück) 05m:00s
13:09:03 Event Lust auf mitmachradio 00m:29s
13:09:33 Mad Sin Viva Le Rock 04m:45s
13:13:15 Alexandra Limont HertzKultur Trailer 01m:52s
13:14:04 Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love 06m:31s
13:19:25 Event Trailer Musikcrashkurs 01m:29s
13:20:55 Filewile Number One Kid 04m:40s
13:24:30 Polarkreis 18 Crystal Lake 05m:37s
13:29:05 Nas Get Down 04m:04s
13:29:18 Nas Get Down 04m:04s
13:33:04 Event Vtipps 201009 02m:18s
13:35:24 Dusty Keep It Raw 06m:43s
13:41:02 Mary Onettes, The Dare 04m:47s
13:44:40 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
13:45:00 Lady Saw Sycamore Tree 04m:33s
13:48:26 Furillo Final Countdown 04m:08s
13:52:31 Le Bon, Cate Hollow Trees House Hounds 04m:33s
13:55:56 Lothar Station ID 00m:09s
13:56:10 Fall, The Cruisers Creek 04m:17s
14:00:16 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
14:00:37 Sascha Obbelode InFakt 20.10.2009 14h 03m:41s
14:03:16 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
14:03:29 PHANTOGRAM WHEN I'M SMALL 04m:09s
14:07:21 Neon Neon I Lust U 03m:00s
14:10:21 Event Trailer_TRP_November 01m:27s
14:11:46 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
14:12:16 Robert Randolph and the family I need more 04m:42s
14:15:45 Gang Starr You Know My Steez 04m:08s
14:19:26 Banana Butts The Ape And The Sushi Master 05m:42s
14:24:05 Event Vtipps 201009 02m:18s
14:26:24 Annika Trost Station ID 00m:08s
14:26:38 Sparta Cut Your Ribbon 03m:05s
14:29:30 van Dannen, Funny Weltschmerz 03m:41s
14:29:56 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
14:30:12 Bad Lieutenant This Is Home (Hertzstück) 05m:00s
14:35:04 Coverdale Station ID trocken 00m:08s
14:35:22 Every Time I Die Wanderlust 03m:24s
14:38:31 Golden Reef Kick In The Teeth 03m:24s
14:41:49 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Goodbye Earl 02m:26s
14:44:12 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
14:44:55 Delbo Fanfare 04m:57s
14:48:50 Kill It Kid Ivy and Oak 04m:34s
14:52:19 Kaliber Kaliber 8.2 07m:37s
14:58:53 Blumfeld,Jochen Diestelmeyer Station_ID 00m:08s
14:59:06 High & Mighty, The More In Outs 05m:31s
15:03:28 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
15:03:51 Sascha Obbelode InFakt 20.10.2009 15h 02m:29s
15:06:18 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
15:06:31 Freidenson, Michel Be Bop (Sal Samba Jazzy Remix) 04m:08s
15:10:24 Langhorne Slim Cinderella 03m:50s
15:13:07 Kira van Bebber Hertz Junior Löwenzahn 01m:31s
15:13:40 Dr. Woggle Graduation 05m:08s
15:18:31 Event Trailer Musikcrashkurs 01m:29s
15:20:00 SKA-P Cannabis 04m:25s
15:24:23 Teenage Bottlerocket Fatso Goes Nutzoid 02m:47s
15:26:03 Onkel Fisch Grillstube Saloniki 00m:10s
15:26:16 Spear of Destiny Philadelphia 04m:52s
15:29:58 Rain Machine Give Blood 03m:26s
15:33:20 Event Vtipps 201009 02m:18s
15:35:39 Ellen Allien & Apparat Metric 06m:37s
15:39:04 Zuogrostn Hertz Jingle 00m:15s
15:39:17 Jackson Five,The I Want You Back 03m:59s
15:42:06 Vaguement La Jungle Aie Aie Aie 03m:08s
15:45:09 PHANTOGRAM WHEN I'M SMALL 04m:09s
15:49:10 Tomte Pantera 03m:45s
15:49:24 Tomte Pantera 03m:45s
15:51:53 Mann, Aimee Wise Up 04m:32s
15:55:15 Event Trailer Shantel 20.10.09 01m:05s
15:56:19 Bad Lieutenant Summer Days (Hertzstück) 05m:25s
16:01:33 Event Stoecker_Menschenwürde 58m:09s
16:59:44 Slackers, The Station ID 00m:09s
16:59:58 Casablancas, Julien 11th Dimension 04m:02s
17:03:49 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
17:04:09 Sascha Obbelode InFakt 20.10.2009 17h 03m:41s
17:06:52 Cooper, Alice Poison 04m:26s
17:07:05 Cooper, Alice Poison 04m:26s
17:11:16 Wizo Raum der Zeit 02m:39s
17:12:52 Event Keine Lust auf Werbung 01m:31s
17:13:22 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
17:13:36 Lucksmiths, The The Music Next Door 05m:34s
17:18:03 Kiss Day Delilah 04m:36s
17:21:39 Timid Tiger Miss Murray (Mister Werle Remi 04m:28s
17:25:57 Karamelo Santo ID englisch 00m:09s
17:26:10 Q-Tip Breathe And Stop 04m:03s
17:30:09 Event Vtipps 201009 02m:18s
17:32:25 tommy dorsey night and day 03m:34s
17:34:50 Strawberry Blondes Fight Back 04m:10s
17:38:58 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
17:39:11 Nosliw Ich geb´ nicht auf 10m:11s
17:43:46 Event Trailer_TRP_November 01m:27s
17:45:13 Liberator Kick De Bucket 03m:48s
17:47:55 ASP Wer Sonst (Pro. Pitch. Remix) 05m:58s
17:52:47 Event Trailer Tunnelblick-Music 01m:09s
17:53:00 Event Trailer Tunnelblick-Music 01m:09s
17:54:00 Bromheads Jacket Lesley Parlafit 02m:35s
17:55:27 Every Time I Die Wanderlust 03m:24s
17:58:46 Mint Royale Singing In The Rain Remix 03m:49s
18:01:31 Event Anfangsjingle ImPuls 00m:19s
18:02:04 Blur Boys & Girls 05m:51s
18:07:09 Adamson , Barry Jazz Devil 05m:06s
18:12:26 Anna koschninski Max Roboter 03m:56s
18:15:38 Max Roboter Über Hertz 00m:09s
18:15:51 Cosmo Vitelli Robot Soul 05m:48s
18:20:39 You Kyung Kleine Frage KI 1 01m:26s
18:22:05 Mary Onettes, The Dare 04m:47s
18:26:08 Anna Koschninski Ipke Wachsmuth 05m:12s
18:31:28 Alphaville Big In Japan 05m:46s
18:36:12 You Kyung Kleine Frage KI 2 01m:22s
18:37:51 Paris You Know My Name 03m:02s
18:41:16 Anna Roboter im haushalt 03m:59s
18:44:32 Le Bon, Cate Hollow Trees House Hounds 04m:33s
18:48:20 Anna KO Roboter und Gesellschaft 03m:14s
18:52:15 Bob Marley & the Wailers Zimbabwe 04m:51s
18:56:00 Stee Downes When I'm Feeling 07m:45s
18:57:10 Julian Plenti Unwind 03m:19s
18:57:24 Julian Plenti Unwind 03m:19s
19:01:15 Coldplay Yellow 04m:29s
19:05:46 Lothar Sippel Station ID Sippel 00m:17s
19:06:03 Julian Plenti Unwind 03m:19s
19:09:18 Backyard Babies I Love To Roll 02m:05s
19:11:11 Monks, The Johnny B. Rotten 03m:55s
19:14:03 Jan Schaper HertzGummibären 00m:19s
19:14:23 Yesbut Miss Marple 03m:28s
19:17:42 Apers, The 24 Bottles Of Fun 01m:19s
19:18:58 Boards of Canada Trans Canada Highway 05m:03s
19:23:46 Mutabor Station ID 00m:11s
19:23:59 Peanut Butter Wolf In Your Area 02m:28s
19:26:16 Event Trailer Musikcrashkurs 01m:29s
19:27:42 george gershwin rhapsody in blue 05m:46s
19:32:19 Stompin Souls I Wish I Were You 04m:06s
19:36:21 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
19:37:00 African Dope Soundsystem Big Trouble 05m:41s
19:41:42 Trovaci Paradies 03m:26s
19:45:04 Filewile Number One Kid 04m:40s
19:48:38 Coverdale Station ID trocken 00m:08s
19:48:51 Turbonegro High On The Crime 03m:14s
19:51:54 Speech Debelle Spinnin´ 03m:07s
19:54:59 Plemo Flashlight 04m:22s
19:58:57 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
19:59:31 Meters, The Good Old Funky Music 05m:52s
20:04:19 Michael 01_Mixtape_Anfang 01m:03s
20:05:19 Jens Tasche Grunge Mixtape 2 Seite B 29m:03s
20:34:22 Michael 02_Mixtape_Mitte 01m:40s
20:35:02 Jens Tasche Grunge Mixtape 2 Seite A 28m:43s
21:02:45 Michael 03_Mixtape_Ende 01m:02s
21:03:45 Jedi Mind Tricks A Storm Of Swords 04m:58s
21:07:37 Rain Machine Give Blood 03m:26s
21:10:59 Event Lust auf Studithemen 00m:22s
21:11:22 Tarmac Notre époque 04m:35s
21:11:35 Tarmac Notre époque 04m:35s
21:14:54 Fat Freddys Drop Pull The Catch 05m:33s
21:19:16 Bad Lieutenant Poisonous Intent (Hertzstück) 05m:55s
21:24:10 Christian feat. Bela B. Musikvideos sind Scheiße 00m:28s
21:24:37 Banana Butts The Ape And The Sushi Master 05m:42s
21:29:19 Event Trailer_TRP_November 01m:27s
21:30:45 Black Label Society Phoney Smiles & Fake hellos 04m:16s
21:35:00 Royal Ass Force Dreams 03m:26s
21:38:15 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
21:38:45 Evils That Never Came Something New 05m:34s
21:43:06 Raz Ohara and the odd Orchestr Miracle 04m:53s
21:46:58 Zoot Woman Chicago Detroit LA 04m:53s
21:50:50 Annika Trost Station ID 00m:08s
21:51:04 Event Trailer Tunnelblick-Music 01m:09s
21:52:07 Trashhold Rap Ist Mein Metier 04m:38s
21:55:36 Wigald Boning Modern Talking 05m:42s
22:00:04 Conny & Volker E:clipse 00m:26s
22:00:29 Laibach Anglia 04m:40s
22:04:05 Agonised by Love Southern Sun 04m:55s
22:07:57 Jesus On Extasy Beloved Enemy 05m:04s
22:12:55 Katharina EclipseJingle4 00m:20s
22:13:15 Dance Or Die Psychoburbia 05m:32s
22:17:40 Grendel Hate This (Infacted Remix) 05m:08s
22:22:41 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
22:23:08 ASSEMBLAGE 23 MADMAN'S DREAM 06m:14s
22:29:11 Painbastard Torn feat. & remixed by DIORAM 05m:00s
22:34:03 Nik Page Medusa 04m:15s
22:38:14 Katharina EclipseJingle1 00m:15s
22:38:31 Deine Lakaien Reincarnation (Life is..) Live 05m:13s
22:43:39 Imatem Blind Alley 04m:05s
22:47:40 Red Emprez Resistance of Living 05m:52s
22:52:25 Katharina EclipseJingle2 00m:13s
22:52:38 Front 242 Welcome To Paradise 05m:19s
22:57:52 Conjure One Into the Escape 04m:15s
23:02:04 Crash ID 00m:11s
23:02:17 Cody Down In The Dark 04m:43s
23:05:49 Junior Boys When Im Not Around 05m:22s
23:11:03 Gong Mandrake 05m:04s
23:16:01 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
23:16:28 Apollo 440 Lost In Space 03m:26s
23:19:52 El Perro Del Mar Shake It Off 04m:34s
23:23:18 Isotope 217 Beneath The Undertow 06m:55s
23:23:31 Christian Grasse Ratatat Station ID 00m:10s
23:23:45 Traccia Spaceship 06m:20s
23:29:57 Rube Something New 04m:41s
23:33:34 UNKLE feat. Ian Brown Reign 06m:33s
23:38:58 Michael immer Musik da 00m:24s
23:39:18 Samba aus den kolonien 04m:41s
23:42:50 Event Trailer Musikcrashkurs 01m:29s
23:44:19 Fitzsimmons, William I don't Feel It 04m:33s
23:47:44 Thievery Corporation The Forgotten People 03m:11s
23:50:52 Sick Of It All Station ID 00m:07s
23:51:06 cab calloway minnie the mocher 03m:15s
23:54:04 Cymande Brothers On The Slide 04m:11s
23:58:00 the jeff coll five what the what 04m:44s
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