Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 3.1.2008

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:56:49 Indrio, Sara The Sadness Of Eyes 05m:43s
01:01:23 Tesa Rayou 04m:30s
01:04:45 Dinah Washington/Brook Benton A rockin good way 02m:27s
01:07:04 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
01:07:26 Zémaria prece muda 10m:51s
01:17:16 Cat Power Kingsport Town 05m:55s
01:22:02 Hartcore Vibration - Boogie 03m:02s
01:25:04 Mutabor Station ID 00m:11s
01:25:15 Banhart, Devendra Bad Girl 05m:46s
01:29:46 E. Stonji Lektrn 05m:39s
01:34:21 Pragha Khan Breakfast in Vegas 04m:46s
01:37:58 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
01:38:39 Abelcoast NorthStar 05m:46s
01:43:03 Simian Mobile Disco Hustler 04m:32s
01:46:27 Joe Williams/Marlena Stewart Is you is or is you ain´t my b 06m:13s
01:52:29 22 Pistepirkko ID Finnisch 00m:08s
01:52:37 Lahr Lyrical Amusemnt 04m:54s
01:56:15 Universal Poplab Vampire In You (Neuropa Remix) 05m:58s
02:01:11 At the Drive-In Fahrenheit 02m:25s
02:01:20 At the Drive-In Fahrenheit 02m:25s
02:03:37 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 2 01m:39s
02:04:14 Freakatronic Cyborgs im Kühlschrank 03m:50s
02:06:59 Aluminium The Hardest Button To Button 04m:46s
02:10:39 Pullen, Don&African-Brazilian Directo ad assunto 03m:13s
02:13:43 Karamelo Santo ID englisch 00m:09s
02:13:55 A guy called Gerald Final call 03m:13s
02:16:57 Clinic Earth Angel 03m:21s
02:20:09 Mendes, Sergio & Brasil 66 For what it´s worth 04m:41s
02:23:43 Jan Schaper HertzGummibären 00m:19s
02:24:02 Bodi Bill Traffic Jam 04m:47s
02:27:43 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
02:31:17 Prodigy Voodoo People 06m:27s
02:36:06 Das Pop Das Pop ID 00m:17s
02:36:21 Annuals 11 Father 05m:16s
02:41:17 Winter Took His Life Heaven On Earth 05m:32s
02:45:40 Getz & Byrd Samba de uma nota so 06m:13s
02:51:40 Bernd Tag am Meer 01m:40s
02:52:17 Apparat Steinholz 05m:46s
02:56:56 Indrio, Sara The Sadness Of Eyes 05m:43s
02:59:46 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
03:00:32 Atreyu Doomsday 03m:20s
03:03:47 Cub One Last Kiss 02m:54s
03:05:38 Angels Of Venice Awake Inside A Dream 05m:42s
03:09:53 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
03:10:03 Aeternus In The 3rd Dwells Oblivion 04m:34s
03:13:25 4Teen Killers Quejandote 03m:08s
03:16:28 Oceansize Unfamiliar 07m:32s
03:22:58 Jens Wawrczeck Peter (Drei ???) Station ID 00m:06s
03:23:07 Enter Shikari Kickin Back On 04m:51s
03:26:48 Client Lights go out (Spetsnaz RMX) 04m:26s
03:35:15 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
03:35:26 Saxon I´ve Got To Rock 05m:43s
03:40:06 Butthole Surfers Tongue 02m:09s
03:42:05 Bones, The Horrorway 03m:49s
03:44:47 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
03:44:56 Kamelot Ghost Opera 04m:06s
03:48:53 I Hate Sally Martha Served 02m:19s
03:51:12 Dance or die Aliens electric 04m:03s
03:55:11 Soko 87,9 Trailer 01m:47s
03:55:57 Engel In Splendour 04m:43s
03:59:36 Part Chimp Black Water 03m:53s
04:02:26 Xandria India 05m:17s
04:02:35 Xandria India 05m:17s
04:07:42 Nick Harmer DeathCab_ID2 00m:07s
04:07:50 Los Los Maria 03m:29s
04:11:17 Dropkick Murphys Famous For Nothing 03m:49s
04:14:03 Alec Empire On Fire 04m:36s
04:17:34 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
04:18:04 Hella Let Your Heavies Out 06m:56s
04:23:46 Eisheilig Sturm 04m:53s
04:27:33 Amplifier Procedures 04m:32s
04:31:04 DeLoner, Al Station ID (Jochen) 00m:17s
04:31:19 Neurosonic So Many People 03m:45s
04:34:02 Horrors, The Thunderclaps 03m:09s
04:36:56 Moetley Crüe Live Wire 07m:36s
04:43:32 Trailer Popmoderne FME Christian Grasse 01m:41s
04:44:13 UP IN HELL VIRUS 05m:33s
04:48:42 Helloween The Bells Of The 7 Hells 05m:22s
04:54:04 Diorama The Rational Anthem 05m:11s
04:59:11 Bolzenbande1 Station ID 00m:07s
04:59:20 Bloodsimple Red Harvest 04m:48s
04:59:46 Vestrheim, Heidi Marie Central Line 03m:46s
05:02:29 Iron & Wine Love and Some Verses 06m:44s
05:02:37 Iron & Wine Love and Some Verses 06m:44s
05:06:04 Briefs The Poor and Weird 02m:15s
05:08:18 Bernd Tag am Meer 01m:40s
05:08:59 MC 5 Kick out the jams 03m:46s
05:11:32 Babyshambles The 32 of December 03m:09s
05:14:36 Zoot Woman Taken It All 03m:06s
05:17:38 Steffi Mahsmann Station ID - Jamey Jasta 00m:06s
05:17:47 BMB Collabo Gute Besserung 06m:38s
05:23:19 Layabout Like Kin 04m:34s
05:26:42 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
05:29:57 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
05:30:36 Mr. Lexx Who A Get Di Money 04m:56s
05:34:13 Socks Stay tuned 03m:32s
05:36:35 Gautsch Ravemädchen 02m:19s
05:38:53 22 Pistepirkko ID Finnisch 00m:08s
05:39:01 Muse Starlight 04m:59s
05:42:59 Reverend And The Makers Dear Lydia 03m:35s
05:45:30 All Seeing I, The Beat goes on 03m:43s
05:48:07 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
05:48:16 Miss Kittin Meet Sue Be She 04m:05s
05:52:16 Ben E. King Stand By Me 03m:03s
05:55:11 Stereo MCs What Is Soul? 05m:48s
05:59:49 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
06:00:02 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
06:02:15 Ark,The It takes a fool to remain sane 04m:55s
06:02:23 Ark,The It takes a fool to remain sane 04m:55s
06:05:57 Mad Sin Viva Le Rock 04m:45s
06:09:40 Kante Im ersten Licht 06m:30s
06:12:59 Toten Hosen, Die Shake Hands 02m:13s
06:15:11 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
06:15:34 Black Crowes, The No Speak No Slave 04m:01s
06:19:31 Björk It´s oh so quiet 04m:39s
06:23:08 Jazzanova Caravelle 07m:16s
06:28:24 King Khan Station ID 00m:09s
06:28:33 Chief Kamachi No Me Now 03m:48s
06:31:16 Wilson, Cassandra Shelter from the storm 05m:18s
06:36:25 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
06:39:36 Alex HertzKultur 01m:52s
06:40:29 Aggrolites, The Free Time 03m:02s
06:43:23 Karamelo Santo Nunca 05m:31s
06:47:33 Rilo Kiley The Execution of all things 04m:14s
06:51:35 Rifles, The Peace & Quiet 03m:48s
06:51:44 Rifles, The Peace & Quiet 03m:48s
06:54:12 Yeasayer 2080 04m:48s
06:57:46 Death Cab For Cutie Someday You Will Be Loved 03m:12s
07:00:49 Sylvia Elefanten 00m:12s
07:00:57 Sylvia Elefanten 00m:12s
07:01:05 Ladytron Playgirl 04m:49s
07:04:49 Herbie Hancock Fat Mama 04m:49s
07:08:30 Asio Kid On the move 04m:34s
07:12:02 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Kirk Hammett 00m:07s
07:12:11 Skapitanos, The Somebody 04m:52s
07:15:57 Smokes, The My Friend Jack 03m:06s
07:18:55 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
07:22:04 Strokes, The Under Control 03m:07s
07:24:54 Abwärts Computerstaat 03m:12s
07:28:03 George Bekios XfilesBielefeld 00m:24s
07:28:26 Lovex Guardian Angel 04m:55s
07:32:14 Datarock The Most Beautiful Girl 04m:55s
07:36:06 Propellerheads Take California 07m:22s
07:43:23 Farin Urlaub Station_ID 00m:07s
07:43:32 Clef Neustart 04m:54s
07:47:19 Getz & Byrd Samba dees days 04m:37s
07:50:48 Black Affair Tak! Attack! 03m:26s
07:54:07 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
07:54:19 Black Uhuru RMP 05m:10s
07:59:12 Hotknives Don't go away 04m:49s
08:02:57 Tricky Hell is round the corner 04m:47s
08:06:35 Patrick Lemoine Station_ID 00m:08s
08:06:44 Heavy Trash Justine Alright 03m:46s
08:09:23 Babyshambles You Talk 03m:10s
08:12:24 B-Movie Nowhere Girl 05m:37s
08:16:55 Diana Diana-Jazz 00m:11s
08:17:07 Pitchtuner Shocco 03m:24s
08:20:28 Sweet Vandals, The Come on now 05m:47s
08:25:10 Mathematics John 03m:15s
08:28:23 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
08:28:31 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
08:31:58 Auteurs, The Back with the killer 03m:45s
08:34:34 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
08:37:46 Kante Die Summe der einzelnen Teile 04m:49s
08:41:31 Sec.100 Not My President 02m:21s
08:43:52 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro1 00m:10s
08:44:00 Destill Date Times 02m:33s
08:45:34 Claudio Mangione Mondo Grande 04m:34s
08:48:58 Sono All Those City Lights 04m:45s
08:52:39 Christian Station ID 00m:08s
08:52:47 Cronite Lifestyle 04m:35s
08:56:11 Certain lions & tigers El Soul Condor 05m:54s
09:00:53 Mad Sin Viva Le Rock 04m:45s
09:04:33 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
09:04:56 Iriepathie Analoge Rasta 04m:37s
09:08:27 Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation, Fussy Business aka Jazz Ska 04m:44s
09:12:12 Potion Lovelectronic 04m:35s
09:15:36 Hellfire Lost 04m:30s
09:19:00 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
09:22:40 Mansun Wide open space 05m:33s
09:27:09 Trailer Popmoderne FME Christian Grasse 01m:41s
09:27:50 Auf Dem Weg Ins Kaufhaus Erled Moftal 09m:56s
09:33:11 Jimmy Castor Bunch It's Just Begun 04m:43s
09:36:44 Eins Zwo Ich so er so 06m:56s
09:42:34 Panteon Rococo Station ID 00m:10s
09:42:46 Vestrheim, Heidi Marie Central Line 03m:46s
09:45:27 Gary Sweet Outpouring 03m:24s
09:48:40 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
09:51:50 Plane Is On Fire, The President Suite 03m:15s
09:55:03 Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon Love me I´m a Liberal! 04m:01s
09:59:03 Sylvia Elefanten 00m:12s
09:59:15 neoangin why should i be a winner 03m:47s
10:01:59 Billy Bragg Upfield 04m:06s
10:05:58 Whirlpool Productions From disco to disco 06m:56s
10:10:30 Chico feat Rasputin Spiegelbild 05m:58s
10:10:42 Chico feat Rasputin Spiegelbild 05m:58s
10:15:26 Dorham, Kenny Whistle Stop 06m:57s
10:21:15 Yeasayer 2080 04m:48s
10:24:48 Michael+Bastian Gude Laune Aldaaa 00m:26s
10:25:12 K.C. Jockey - Look good machin Look good machine 04m:39s
10:28:48 Lionsclub STAR WARS - THE THRONE ROOM 05m:47s
10:32:40 Henley, Don Their Not Here Their Not 06m:59s
10:38:28 Steffi Mahsmann Station ID - Liv Kristine 00m:05s
10:38:37 Mumm-Ra Song B 04m:42s
10:42:06 Raveonettes, The Dead Sound 04m:36s
10:45:37 Staring Girl An einem traurigen Sonntagmorg 03m:32s
10:48:07 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
10:48:26 La Funk Mob Ravers Suck Our Sound 05m:19s
10:53:35 Sly & The Family Stone Family Affair 03m:06s
10:56:30 Intelligent Hoodlum Arrest The President 04m:22s
11:00:46 Rifles Station Id 00m:07s
11:00:55 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
11:03:27 Beastie Boys + Miho Hatori Start! 03m:51s
11:06:07 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
11:09:51 Kula Shaker Out On The Highway 04m:54s
11:13:39 Black Flag TV Party 04m:54s
11:17:27 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 2 01m:39s
11:18:04 Turbonegro Turbonegro must be destroyed 03m:03s
11:21:08 Au Revoir Simone Sad Song 04m:09s
11:25:12 Pinker Tones, The Love Tape 04m:34s
11:28:40 Deine Lakaien Ernst Horn_neu_StationID 00m:06s
11:28:48 Beginner God Is A Music 04m:52s
11:32:38 Davis, Miles Motel 04m:02s
11:36:30 Hoosiers, The Worried About Ray 03m:49s
11:39:13 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
11:39:21 elephant man jamaica 03m:29s
11:42:41 Wisecracker When The Rain Begins To Fall 04m:25s
11:45:51 Supersystem Born Into The World 05m:39s
11:50:23 Datsuns,The Blacken My Thumb 03m:48s
11:50:35 Datsuns,The Blacken My Thumb 03m:48s
11:53:12 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
11:56:44 Laika Black Cat Bone 04m:25s
12:01:03 George Bekios IndyExperten 00m:26s
12:01:30 Bjoerk Hyper-ballad 05m:22s
12:06:45 Bobby Byrd I Know You Got Soul 05m:40s
12:11:25 Vaguement La Jungle Aie Aie Aie 03m:08s
12:14:26 dendemann stationID 00m:11s
12:14:38 Dogs Dirty Little Shops 04m:50s
12:18:22 American Analog Set Punk As Fuck 04m:10s
12:22:22 Reverend And The Makers Dear Lydia 03m:35s
12:24:54 Modest Mouse A Different City 03m:10s
12:27:57 Piebald Long Nights 04m:02s
12:31:49 Trailer Popmoderne FME Christian Grasse 01m:41s
12:32:30 Wednesday 13 Till Death Do Us Party 04m:35s
12:35:55 Abuela Coca El Ritmo del Barrio 04m:47s
12:39:39 Oliver Hacke 21:31 07m:02s
12:46:33 Danny Fresh Komm Mit 05m:48s
12:46:42 Danny Fresh Komm Mit 05m:48s
12:51:16 Brooks, Tina True Blue 05m:58s
12:55:55 Tappert, Horst Weihnachtszeit 04m:37s
12:59:21 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
12:59:44 Nosliw Es ist an der Zeit 05m:28s
13:05:03 Benuts,The Turn Off Your Radio 05m:44s
13:09:34 Tenor, Jimi Black Hole 04m:16s
13:13:44 Slipknot Station-ID 00m:07s
13:13:53 Heavy, The In The Morning You Don´t Know 03m:53s
13:16:35 Skapitanos, The Somebody 04m:52s
13:20:25 Aeronauten,Die Sexy Welt 03m:34s
13:22:52 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
13:23:08 Stella Bad news entertainment 04m:58s
13:27:05 David Axelrod The Mental Traveler 04m:06s
13:29:27 Haiku D'Etat Top Qualified 06m:32s
13:34:57 Get Well Soon Christmas In Adventure Parks 03m:24s
13:35:08 Get Well Soon Christmas In Adventure Parks 03m:24s
13:38:19 Rondelles, The Shanghai Surprise 02m:03s
13:40:18 Kat Frankie The Tops 04m:01s
13:44:12 Blur Caramel 08m:38s
13:51:44 Montreal Walkman Revolution 03m:53s
13:54:27 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
13:54:54 Sugarcult Crying 03m:29s
13:58:22 Como,Perry It's A Good Day 02m:49s
13:59:46 Enon Mirror On You 02m:48s
14:01:31 Go! Team, The Grip Like a Vice 04m:01s
14:05:30 Anti-Flag Turncoat 02m:13s
14:07:39 Bernd Gröne JingleHertzHymne2 00m:28s
14:08:06 Blitzkid I walk the LIne 02m:05s
14:10:08 Bandaloop Extraordinary 04m:57s
14:14:01 Peter, Martin feat Alec Empire Bypass 04m:57s
14:17:55 Amanda Rogers Station ID 00m:05s
14:18:04 Cage Grand Ol' Party Crash 05m:02s
14:22:59 Cole, Richie Island Breeze 05m:23s
14:27:20 Raveonettes, The Dead Sound 04m:36s
14:30:51 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
14:31:15 Pow Pow Movement Superior MegaMix 05m:45s
14:35:55 SKAOS Better Beware 04m:43s
14:39:35 Field Music A House Is Not A Home 03m:36s
14:42:09 DeLoner, Al Station ID (Jochen) 00m:17s
14:42:25 Hushpuppies You're Gonna Say Yeah 03m:16s
14:45:33 Tunng Bullets 04m:08s
14:49:34 Mull Historical Society This is not who we were 03m:12s
14:52:48 Sebastian Clean Shit 00m:21s
14:53:08 Tenor,Jimi Natural cosmic relief 04m:40s
14:56:47 Sugar Pie Desanto Git Back 03m:53s
14:59:30 Chuck D No Meaning No (feat. Fine Arts 03m:15s
14:59:46 SondA Anmod 00m:16s
15:00:04 SondA Interview 21m:56s
16:20:58 SondA Abmod 00m:08s
16:21:07 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
16:21:15 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
16:24:19 Clinic The Magician 03m:44s
16:27:00 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
16:29:33 Grebe, Rainald ICE 04m:51s
16:33:21 Supernichts Meer gegen Stadt 3:2 n.V. 03m:58s
16:35:08 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
16:35:49 Violence, Tom Da Bronx 03m:53s
16:38:39 Byrds,The Wasn’t Born To Follow 02m:06s
16:40:38 Streets,The Blinded By The Lights 05m:43s
16:45:19 Dieter Hildebrandt Station ID 00m:14s
16:45:30 ACL feat.Victorani/Die Lyrika Kinetik 04m:10s
16:49:32 Collins, Lyn You can´t love me if you don´t 06m:35s
16:54:05 Kat Frankie The Tops 04m:01s
16:57:57 bastian french 01m:31s
16:58:28 Black Uhuru Who´s in the Trailer 04m:41s
17:01:59 Lo And The Magnetics Never Let You Down 03m:14s
17:05:00 Lindenberg, Udo Alles klar auf der Andrea Dori 04m:46s
17:08:44 Thirteenth Floor Elevators,The You're Gonna Miss Me 02m:28s
17:08:52 Thirteenth Floor Elevators,The You're Gonna Miss Me 02m:28s
17:11:05 Babyshambles You Talk 03m:10s
17:14:05 Miles Teenage Dreams 03m:22s
17:17:25 Michael Blues Brothers 01m:43s
17:18:06 Depeche Mode Dressed In Black 03m:39s
17:20:37 Kool & The Gang Ladies' Night 06m:22s
17:26:54 Dr. Dooom Mental Case 04m:48s
17:30:36 Dina Tiken Jah Fakoly 00m:21s
17:30:57 Enon Mirror On You 02m:48s
17:32:43 Incubus I Miss You 04m:31s
17:35:32 Editors The Racing Rats 04m:50s
17:39:14 14 Year Old Girls Game Trafficking 02m:58s
17:40:38 Müllmänner Müllmannsong 04m:14s
17:44:48 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
17:45:21 Sandra Nasic Old Shake 03m:21s
17:48:38 Coldplay Yellow 04m:29s
17:53:04 Sphinx Collision (Remixed) 07m:40s
17:59:41 Savina Yanatou Station ID 00m:05s
17:59:49 Busta Rhymes Woo Hah! Got You All In Check 05m:33s
18:04:07 Weston, Randy In memory of 06m:57s
18:09:59 Tunng Bullets 04m:08s
18:14:04 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
18:14:31 Viktor Marek &Jaques Palminger Tüdeldub 05m:32s
18:18:56 Skaroovie & The Epitones Blood Red Sky 03m:23s
18:22:13 Celebrity Pilots, The We've Lost Kasparov 04m:59s
18:25:56 Studio Braun Station ID 00m:15s
18:26:08 BLIND GUARDIAN FLY 06m:43s
18:31:48 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
18:35:23 Youth Group Sorry 04m:30s
18:38:45 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
18:39:15 Leila K. Ca Plane Pour Moi 06m:50s
18:45:03 Marlena Shaw California Soul 03m:59s
18:47:53 Nas Nas Is Like 04m:59s
18:51:45 gentleman gentleman id 00m:17s
18:52:01 Tappert, Horst Weihnachtszeit 04m:37s
18:55:26 Johnny Cash See a darkness 04m:43s
18:59:01 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
19:01:15 Motorpsycho The other fool 06m:40s
19:06:48 Vaders, The That Way 02m:39s
19:08:27 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 1 01m:34s
19:08:57 King Crimson Man with an open heart 03m:04s
19:11:52 Anne Clark Our Darkness 12"Rmx 06m:17s
19:16:00 Harder,Christian This World Is Full Of Beauty 04m:54s
19:19:42 Beat Assailant Hard Twelve - The Ante 04m:00s
19:19:51 Beat Assailant Hard Twelve - The Ante 04m:00s
19:23:39 Carter, James Freereggaehibop 08m:11s
19:28:15 Bratze Jean-Claude 04m:52s
19:31:58 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
19:32:17 Marcia Griffiths featr. Berres Focussing time 04m:50s
19:36:07 Panteon Rococo La Ciudad de la Esperanza 04m:34s
19:39:33 Oasis Whatever 06m:21s
19:45:51 Maffay Station ID 00m:14s
19:46:05 Faith No More Be aggressive 04m:43s
19:49:38 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
19:52:49 Richard, Cliff Summer Holiday 02m:18s
19:55:09 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
19:55:31 MSTKRFT Easy Love 04m:31s
19:58:59 Showstoppers,The What Can A Man Do? 03m:32s
19:59:48 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
20:03:18 Event Kurz nach 20 00m:05s
20:03:27 October, The On Fire 04m:17s
20:07:30 Royal Ass Force Drugged In Death 04m:42s
20:11:09 Anna Laufenlassen 00m:14s
20:11:25 Jancee Pornick Casino, The Pogo Nyak 03m:53s
20:14:11 Balk, Justin Du Küsst Wie Ein Rockstar 03m:12s
20:17:13 Ender Error Kunst war gestern 03m:02s
20:20:16 BadTaste Rap rettet den Tag 04m:44s
20:20:28 BadTaste Rap rettet den Tag 04m:44s
20:23:59 Lounge Lizards no pain for cakes 08m:09s
20:31:54 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
20:35:03 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
20:35:33 Melodians,The Rivers of Babylon 03m:26s
20:38:50 Manau Tout le Monde 04m:47s
20:42:12 der plan Gummitwist 04m:30s
20:45:33 David Gartmann Station ID - Necro 00m:07s
20:45:45 Blind Guardian Bright eyes (acoustic) 04m:22s
20:49:56 Assignment When words have no meaning 05m:54s
20:54:40 Apoptygma Berzerk Suffer in Silence (Icon of Coi 07m:01s
21:01:36 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
21:01:45 Four Tet Smile around the face 04m:38s
21:05:16 Eddie Bo From This Day On 03m:34s
21:07:44 Ill Bill The Anatomy Of A School Shooti 03m:18s
21:10:54 Project Pitchfork Station ID 00m:07s
21:11:04 Editors The Racing Rats 04m:50s
21:14:44 Babyshambles Pipedown 03m:36s
21:17:18 Raveonettes, The Dead Sound 04m:36s
21:20:49 Presidents of the USA Feather Pluckn 03m:57s
21:23:40 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Goodbye Earl 02m:26s
21:26:03 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
21:26:22 Black Keys, The Your Touch 03m:45s
21:28:58 Begemann, Bernd Hitler-menschlich gesehen 02m:26s
21:31:20 Les Mecredies Gedankenfeindbild 03m:27s
21:34:36 Karamelo Santo ID spanisch 00m:08s
21:34:44 D.I.T.C. Day One 04m:13s
21:38:55 Trüby Trio A go go 04m:34s
21:42:23 Reverend And The Makers Dear Lydia 03m:35s
21:44:55 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
21:45:23 Rass Krass U Me Heart 03m:18s
21:48:37 Boppin' B. it's got to be perfect 02m:29s
21:51:04 Er France Sing Song Girl 03m:56s
21:53:55 Christian Grasse Ratatat Station ID 00m:10s
21:54:04 Kravitz, Lenny Fields Of Joy 04m:58s
21:57:59 Amplifier Procedures 04m:32s
21:59:45 Volker&Diana Zielgruppenmusik-Anfang 00m:13s
21:59:57 Soko 87,9 Trailer 01m:47s
22:00:44 Accidents, The Too Much To Drink 02m:43s
22:02:26 Kings Of Nuthin I Smell A Rat 03m:08s
22:05:11 Angel City Outcasts Youth Rebellion (Revisited) 02m:48s
22:06:56 Adam West Power To The People 03m:26s
22:10:25 Bones, The Screwed, Blewed and Tattooed 04m:30s
22:13:42 Generators, The K.G.B. 03m:11s
22:16:49 Turbonegro Wasted Again 03m:08s
22:19:50 Born To Lose Hey Yeah 03m:38s
22:22:19 Turbo A.C.'s, The Soko ID 00m:07s
22:22:28 Turbo A.C.'s, The Nomads 04m:02s
22:26:25 Peter Pan Speedrock Outta Control 03m:24s
22:29:48 Psychopunch Straightjacket Hell 04m:06s
22:33:49 Lars Frederiksen & The Bastard Mainlining Murder 04m:31s
22:37:20 Backyard Babies Soko Station ID 00m:07s
22:37:29 Backyard Babies Spotlight The Sun 03m:00s
22:40:21 Deadline Serious 03m:51s
22:43:11 Social Distortion Don't Take Me For Granted 04m:48s
22:46:59 El Guapo Stuntteam No Such Animal 06m:46s
22:52:45 Hellacopters, The Murder On My Mind 03m:11s
22:55:51 Boozed Diana K. 05m:47s
23:00:39 Angels Of Venice Awake Inside A Dream 05m:42s
23:04:52 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
23:05:21 Jamiroquai Canned Heat 04m:48s
23:09:00 Vern Blair Debate Super Funk 03m:15s
23:12:05 Mister Schnabel Chain Gang 04m:08s
23:16:00 Andreas Kisser Sepultura Station-ID 00m:15s
23:16:16 Treacherous Three Xmas Rap (KLASSIKER) 06m:10s
23:22:19 Sunshine Underground, The Put You In Your Place 03m:14s
23:25:34 Situation Leclerq Shiny Boots 05m:00s
23:30:30 SUNRUHE Have a nice diner (INSTRUMENT) 02m:14s
23:32:24 Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Wieviel kostet die Welt 03m:18s
23:35:31 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
23:36:18 Surrogat Gott AG 04m:32s
23:39:48 Absynthe Minded I Wanna Forget 03m:03s
23:42:46 Proll, Adam Tanz Der Teufel 12m:00s
23:49:24 Generators, The Station ID 00m:09s
23:49:33 Anarchist Academy Rappelkistenkids 04m:06s
23:53:26 Singer, Hal Malcolm X 04m:39s
23:57:00 Vestrheim, Heidi Marie Central Line 03m:46s
23:59:40 Sema Der Morgen 00m:29s
23:59:49 Event FoW 27-11-07 50m:56s
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