Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 26.12.2007

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:03:51 Hot Chip Warning 05m:54s
00:08:40 Medeski, Martin & Wood Chubb Sub 05m:20s
00:13:48 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
00:14:03 To Rococo Rot lvx 4 02m:05s
00:16:00 Arthur, Joseph Electrical Storm 06m:54s
00:20:38 Badu,Erykah Bag lady 06m:50s
00:25:13 Sven Regener I Station ID 00m:12s
00:25:37 Amun Red Eyes 04m:22s
00:29:45 Indrio, Sara The Sadness Of Eyes 05m:43s
00:34:19 Andrea Parker The Unknown 06m:15s
00:40:23 Michael Keine Radiowerbung-Jingle 00m:18s
00:40:40 Explosions in the sky first breath after coma 10m:35s
00:50:11 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
00:53:42 Byrd, Donald On the trail 08m:45s
00:58:07 Maumari & Mouse On Mars Argonaut 06m:20s
00:58:22 Maumari & Mouse On Mars Argonaut 06m:20s
01:04:19 Simian Mobile Disco Hustler 04m:32s
01:07:44 El Perro Del Mar Shake It Off 04m:34s
01:11:10 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
01:11:55 E. Stonji Lektrn 05m:39s
01:16:28 Dalton, Karen I Love You More Than Words... 04m:33s
01:19:54 Brooks, Tina Up Tight´s Creek 05m:18s
01:25:10 Dettinger Puma 05m:26s
01:25:35 Dettinger Puma 05m:26s
01:29:42 Hiroshi Watanabe Your Smile 08m:04s
01:37:41 Kirk, Roland Hip Chops 04m:35s
01:41:13 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
01:42:04 Arms And Sleepers 71 Fragments Of A Chronology O 05m:41s
01:46:37 Universal Poplab Vampire In You (Neuropa Remix) 05m:58s
01:51:33 Reinhard Voigt Tranceformation 09m:57s
01:57:04 22 Pistepirkko ID Finnisch 00m:08s
01:57:19 Hot Chip Warning 05m:54s
02:02:02 Winter Took His Life Heaven On Earth 05m:32s
02:02:16 Winter Took His Life Heaven On Earth 05m:32s
02:06:24 Charles,Ray Unchain my heart 03m:51s
02:09:07 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
02:09:28 Prodigy, The Out Of Space 04m:41s
02:12:59 Cancer Conspiracy, The VIII 06m:15s
02:19:09 Hecker, Maximilian Snow White 04m:41s
02:22:40 Super (Sport) Station ID 00m:05s
02:22:55 Indrio, Sara The Sadness Of Eyes 05m:43s
02:27:19 All About Max My wallet got 05m:06s
02:32:19 Parker, Charlie The Hymn 02m:28s
02:34:47 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
02:35:03 Turntable rocker A little funk 04m:55s
02:38:46 Anthony And The Johnsons Man Is The Baby 04m:09s
02:42:50 Brubeck, Dave take five 05m:51s
02:47:32 Adolf Noise Was is zuviel Zeit REMIX 04m:32s
02:47:46 Adolf Noise Was is zuviel Zeit REMIX 04m:32s
02:51:04 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
02:54:34 Basement Jaxx Bim Bam (Radio Edit) 04m:48s
02:58:10 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
02:58:25 Breut, Françoiz Contourne-moi 04m:26s
03:00:00 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
03:00:41 Atreyu Doomsday 03m:20s
03:04:01 Be Your Own Pet Lets Get sandy 01m:00s
03:04:57 Project Pitchfork Existence 05m:40s
03:09:28 George Bekios IndyExperten 00m:26s
03:09:56 BLS Doomsday Jesus 04m:30s
03:13:24 Clorox Girls Looking At You 02m:13s
03:15:34 Saxon I´ve Got To Rock 05m:43s
03:20:17 judas priest Station ID 00m:11s
03:20:42 Horrors, The Jack The Ripper 03m:03s
03:23:04 FADERHEAD Girly Show 04m:43s
03:26:42 Almah Children of Lies 05m:37s
03:31:14 ocke Volksmusik Quote 00m:18s
03:31:32 Engel In Splendour 04m:43s
03:35:14 Butthole Surfers Tongue 02m:09s
03:37:12 Dead Guitars Crumble Zone 06m:30s
03:42:38 Muff Potter (DEnnis) Station Id 00m:04s
03:42:53 Devin Townsend Mountains 07m:33s
03:47:56 Oceansize Unfamiliar 07m:32s
03:54:24 Diorama the rich are all perverted 06m:59s
04:00:18 Diana Diana-Strom 01m:32s
04:00:49 Neurosonic So Many People 03m:45s
04:03:29 A Case Of Grenada Def Cult 04m:13s
04:03:44 A Case Of Grenada Def Cult 04m:13s
04:07:39 Client Norther Soul 05m:11s
04:12:43 Battles Station ID 00m:07s
04:12:57 Symphony X Paradise Lost 07m:33s
04:19:20 Dackelblut Der letzte Drink 03m:09s
04:22:24 Alec Empire On Fire 04m:36s
04:25:55 Michael Schnürsenkel-Jingle 00m:24s
04:26:20 Machine Head Halo 05m:54s
04:31:08 Lovex Wounds 04m:54s
04:35:02 Haggard Eppur Si Mouve 08m:19s
04:43:10 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Lordi (Awa) 00m:13s
04:43:25 Helloween The Bells Of The 7 Hells 05m:22s
04:48:41 Down The Path 04m:09s
04:52:49 Datsuns,The Blacken My Thumb 03m:48s
04:55:33 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
04:55:48 Kataklysm Astral Empire 04m:33s
04:59:11 I Hate Sally Martha Served 02m:19s
05:00:00 Mad Sin Viva Le Rock 04m:45s
05:03:41 Of Montreal Don't Ask Me To Explain 03m:48s
05:03:55 Of Montreal Don't Ask Me To Explain 03m:48s
05:06:22 Coffinshakers, The Black sunday 03m:22s
05:09:39 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
05:09:54 Slave to the System Ruby Wednesday 03m:03s
05:12:55 Abuela Coca El Ritmo del Barrio 04m:47s
05:16:38 Console 14 Zero Zero 04m:47s
05:20:27 David Gartmann Station ID - Jeru The Damaja 00m:09s
05:20:45 Pop Da Brown Hornet One Shot Deal 04m:56s
05:24:22 Getz & Byrd Samba dees days 04m:37s
05:27:48 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
05:31:18 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
05:31:46 Jondo, Martin Jah Gringo 04m:38s
05:35:21 SKA-P Simpatico Holgazán 04m:05s
05:39:22 Giant Robot Jennifer Kissed Me 04m:41s
05:42:52 Fritz Tietz Station ID 00m:05s
05:43:07 Flaming Sideburns, The Count Me Out 03m:14s
05:46:08 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
05:49:48 Beatmapper in the sink 04m:21s
05:54:03 Jan Schaper Weltherrschaft 00m:16s
05:54:18 De-Phazz Good boy (RmxEdit) 04m:02s
05:58:11 Green, Al I'm Still In Love With You 03m:13s
06:01:15 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:01:30 Bad Taste Kindersegen 02m:51s
06:03:08 Spax Station ID 01m:33s
06:03:43 Yeasayer 2080 04m:48s
06:07:14 Young Marble Giants Searching For Mister Right 03m:04s
06:09:51 Tappert, Horst Weihnachtszeit 04m:37s
06:13:15 Kashmir She's Made Of Chalk 04m:02s
06:17:16 Razzia Rotes Plastik 03m:13s
06:20:27 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
06:20:51 Wir Sind Helden Panique 04m:45s
06:24:25 Euroboys Down the road of golden dust 05m:32s
06:28:55 Stella Finger on the trigger for the 03m:26s
06:32:20 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
06:32:35 Maltematik Bielecity 04m:35s
06:35:56 Avery, Theodross It´s about that time 05m:15s
06:40:27 Dogs Dirty Little Shops 04m:50s
06:44:11 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
06:44:26 Danny english Make my day 03m:12s
06:47:27 Mexican Institute of Sound Para No Vivir Desesperado 05m:13s
06:52:37 Downpilot Antwerp 04m:15s
06:56:39 Hubert von Goisern Station ID 00m:09s
06:56:53 Lahannya Rain 04m:52s
07:00:38 Bratze Jean-Claude 04m:52s
07:04:18 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:04:33 Rotoskop In Use 04m:04s
07:08:21 Michael & Diana Lucy Pher Lang 01m:30s
07:08:49 Kaliber Kaliber 8.2 07m:37s
07:15:24 Temptations, The Cloud Nine 04m:31s
07:18:47 Cronite Who the fuck iz u? 04m:34s
07:22:15 Steffi Mahsmann Station-ID Joey Vera 00m:05s
07:22:30 Babyshambles You Talk 03m:10s
07:25:22 Nirvana Lake of Fire 03m:56s
07:27:51 Celebration Fly The Fly 04m:44s
07:31:30 Stoltz,Kelley Prank Calls 02m:26s
07:33:46 Leatherface Small Yellow Chair 04m:50s
07:37:34 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
07:37:49 Dreamland Future`s Calling 04m:12s
07:41:54 Bandaloop Extraordinary 04m:57s
07:45:48 Digitalism Idealistic 03m:57s
07:48:42 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
07:48:57 MB1000 Kampfkunst 05m:42s
07:53:02 Wilson, Cassandra The weight 06m:05s
07:59:01 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
08:02:42 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:02:56 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
08:03:21 Culture Wings of a Dove 04m:53s
08:07:10 Madness Our house 03m:12s
08:10:22 Smash Mouth Walking on the sun 03m:29s
08:13:42 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
08:13:57 Misfits Die Die My Darling 03m:09s
08:16:54 Tunng Bullets 04m:08s
08:20:59 Devendra Banhart Little Yellow Spider 04m:40s
08:24:27 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
08:25:20 DJ Shadow You Can't Go Home Again 05m:48s
08:29:53 Meters, The Ride Your Pony 03m:16s
08:33:01 Are,The Moving Target 02m:21s
08:35:19 Walkabouts Station ID 00m:04s
08:35:39 Editors The Racing Rats 04m:50s
08:39:06 Alkaline Trio Mercy Me 03m:50s
08:41:53 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
08:44:26 Fireside Throw It Away 03m:56s
08:47:20 Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia 05m:33s
08:51:15 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
08:51:46 Faith No More Easy 03m:08s
08:54:49 Porcupine Tree Trains 06m:56s
09:00:37 donna summer Heels Over Head 03m:00s
09:03:35 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Betzefer 00m:09s
09:03:49 Wu-Tang forever For heaven's sake 04m:14s
09:07:47 Baker, Chet My funny Valentine 09m:14s
09:12:18 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
09:15:30 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
09:15:53 Silly Walks meets Patrice Moonrise 04m:50s
09:19:27 Furillo Final Countdown 04m:08s
09:23:32 Barenaked Ladies It's Only Me 03m:35s
09:26:06 Christian Grasse Ratatat Station ID 00m:10s
09:26:20 Flyleaf I`m Sorry 03m:45s
09:28:56 Tappert, Horst Weihnachtszeit 04m:37s
09:32:20 Arcade Fire No Cars Go 05m:34s
09:36:52 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
09:37:06 Moby We Are All Made Of Stars Rmx 04m:32s
09:40:24 Marvin Gaye What's Happening Brother 03m:44s
09:43:01 Aretha Franklin & Lauryn Hill A Rose is Still a Rose (Remix) 04m:26s
09:47:26 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
09:47:41 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
09:49:44 All-American Rejects, The My Paper Heart 04m:49s
09:51:54 Raveonettes, The Dead Sound 04m:36s
09:55:25 Cake Cutter Ritmo Sexto 04m:39s
09:59:03 No fun at all Celestial Q&A 04m:37s
10:02:28 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
10:02:42 Knorkator Für meine Fans 04m:51s
10:06:19 Kubb Wicked Soul 04m:47s
10:09:56 Jeans Team Keine Melodien 03m:15s
10:13:08 Jenny ID Andreas Liebold 00m:13s
10:13:23 Akrobatik Hand That Rocks The Cardle 03m:35s
10:15:50 Wanderley, Walter Sambao 03m:33s
10:18:20 Beam Out Time Eraser 03m:26s
10:21:42 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
10:21:57 Capones Mistico capital 04m:44s
10:25:28 Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites Lion Of Judah 03m:31s
10:27:48 Mia Kreisel 04m:33s
10:31:17 Raised Fist Station-ID 00m:06s
10:31:32 Gemini Five Hitchin´ A Ride 04m:51s
10:35:07 Hoosiers, The Worried About Ray 03m:49s
10:37:52 Absynthe Minded It Could Be 02m:28s
10:40:17 George Marlboro 01m:32s
10:40:49 UNKLE Celestial Annihilation 05m:46s
10:45:30 Barry White It's Ecstasy When You Lay Next 07m:52s
10:52:13 Afrob Fieber 03m:19s
10:55:22 Utah Saints Station ID 00m:10s
10:55:40 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
10:58:40 And You Will Know Baudelaire 04m:17s
11:02:05 Get Well Soon Christmas In Adventure Parks 03m:24s
11:05:24 Smashing pumpkins Today 03m:20s
11:08:32 Supernichts Mein Mitbewohner 05m:54s
11:11:19 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
11:11:34 King Crimson Cage 02m:35s
11:12:57 Anne Clark Our Darkness 12"Rmx 06m:17s
11:17:03 Leila K. Open Sesame 03m:28s
11:20:30 Annika Trost Station ID 00m:08s
11:20:45 Eric B & Rakim Microphone Fiend 05m:18s
11:25:45 Wonder, Little Stevie Fingertips 03m:56s
11:28:32 Editors The Racing Rats 04m:50s
11:32:17 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
11:32:35 Mellow Mark Me casa es tu casa 05m:45s
11:37:11 Socks Stay tuned 03m:32s
11:39:34 Ben Folds Five Zak And Sara 03m:12s
11:42:45 U.N.P.O.C. Been A While Since I Went Away 02m:37s
11:42:59 U.N.P.O.C. Been A While Since I Went Away 02m:37s
11:44:18 Reverend And The Makers Dear Lydia 03m:35s
11:46:49 Nada Surf Blankest Year 02m:13s
11:48:58 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
11:49:27 Terranova For a few dollars more 05m:46s
11:54:03 Jean Knight Mr.Big Stuff 02m:19s
11:56:21 Del the funky homosapien Jaw gymnastics 04m:45s
11:59:55 Blumfeld,Jochen Diestelmeyer Station_ID 00m:08s
12:00:13 CocoRosie Werewolf 05m:50s
12:04:47 Blankass Fatigue 04m:32s
12:08:15 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
12:11:29 Maximo Park Books From Boxes 03m:16s
12:14:40 4Teen Killers Quejandote 03m:08s
12:17:45 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
12:18:10 DAD Allright 04m:06s
12:22:15 Groove Armada My Friend 05m:02s
12:27:10 Bierbeben, Das Ihr 03m:06s
12:30:15 Walkin´Large feat. Brooke The Rise 04m:52s
12:30:39 Walkin´Large feat. Brooke The Rise 04m:52s
12:33:53 Knight, Gladys & the pips Who is she 04m:12s
12:37:55 Get Well Soon Christmas In Adventure Parks 03m:24s
12:41:14 Sebastian Clean Shit 00m:21s
12:41:36 Dreadzone Return of the dread 06m:22s
12:47:16 Volecanoes, The Won't You Try To Be Different 03m:57s
12:50:14 Kettcar Tränengas im High End Leben 03m:22s
12:53:28 Lee Buddah StationID 00m:05s
12:53:43 Golden Reef Kick In The Teeth 03m:24s
12:56:51 Skapitanos, The Somebody 04m:52s
13:00:39 Sugababes I Bet You Look Good On The Dan 03m:47s
13:03:22 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
13:03:54 Strike Boys, The Gimme Food 04m:25s
13:08:11 Pazant Bros, The A Gritty Nitty 03m:53s
13:10:55 Tatwaffe Soviel Mehr 03m:13s
13:13:59 Steffi soulfly-ID 00m:08s
13:14:14 Beam Out Time Eraser 03m:26s
13:17:27 White Stripes, The The Denial Twist 03m:36s
13:19:57 Tunng Bullets 04m:08s
13:23:59 Morphine You look like rain 04m:40s
13:27:37 Transplants California Babylon 04m:05s
13:31:38 George Marlboro 01m:32s
13:32:09 Pearl Jam I Am Mine 04m:36s
13:35:37 Tiger Lou Sell Out 03m:57s
13:38:27 Les Georges Leningrad Sponsorships 03m:15s
13:41:20 DAS EFX DAS EFX-ID 00m:08s
13:41:35 Madcap Ich will Leben 04m:37s
13:44:58 Armstrong,Louis & Oscar Peters Makin' whoopee 04m:59s
13:48:53 It´s Not Not Pills And Coffees 03m:43s
13:51:35 Jochen Wer sind sie... 00m:19s
13:51:53 Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & The W Kinky Reggae 05m:11s
13:57:04 Frustkiller Amore Mio 04m:41s
13:59:57 Dogs Dirty Little Shops 04m:50s
14:03:43 Diamond Nights The Girls Attractive 03m:18s
14:06:51 Clorox Girls Telephone 03m:06s
14:09:57 bastian french 01m:31s
14:10:27 Backyard Babies Highlights 04m:48s
14:13:51 Aeronauten,Die Sexy Welt 03m:34s
14:16:18 Acid Pauli Stock Fuck 10m:21s
14:22:36 perverted monks doin it 03m:19s
14:22:51 perverted monks doin it 03m:19s
14:25:36 Gillespie, Dizzy I can´t get started 03m:02s
14:28:32 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
14:31:46 Trailer Popmoderne FME Christian Grasse 01m:41s
14:32:25 Caramelo Criminal Religiosa 04m:33s
14:35:49 Fehlfarben Abenteuer & Freiheit 03m:49s
14:38:28 Michael Jackson Thriller 06m:58s
14:44:24 Grätenkinder, Die Kein Would im If Satz 03m:59s
14:44:39 Grätenkinder, Die Kein Would im If Satz 03m:59s
14:47:23 Vestrheim, Heidi Marie Central Line 03m:46s
14:50:03 Mamasweed i love you 03m:25s
14:53:24 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
14:53:39 Thomas & Mayer Sweet Harmony 12m:15s
14:59:59 Christian Anmod Amanda Rogers 00m:12s
15:00:20 Amando Rogers Rekorder Live im AJZ 19m:57s
16:19:05 Christian Abmod Amanda Rogers 00m:10s
16:19:20 Temptations, The Get Ready 03m:49s
16:22:01 Beatnuts, The Watch Out Now 03m:55s
16:24:54 Apoptygma Berzerk ID 00m:06s
16:25:12 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
16:28:33 Ash Burn baby burn 03m:29s
16:31:57 Babyshambles You Talk 03m:10s
16:34:57 Tocotronic Kapitulation 04m:12s
16:39:02 Goldenen Zitronen, Die Raus aus der Klasse, zurück in 04m:32s
16:42:30 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
16:42:59 Little Man Tate What? What you got 04m:39s
16:46:26 Werle & Stankowski Sound of my Guitar 03m:22s
16:49:41 dEUS What We Talk About 04m:00s
16:53:29 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
16:53:43 Last Emperor Here We Are 04m:41s
16:57:08 Weston, Randy In memory of 06m:57s
17:02:58 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
17:05:32 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 2 01m:39s
17:06:11 Delly Ranks More Than That 03m:26s
17:09:25 Lo And The Magnetics Never Let You Down 03m:14s
17:12:22 Ben Folds Five Don´t Change Your Plans 05m:11s
17:17:08 Amanda Rogers Station ID 00m:05s
17:17:23 F-Ups, The Lazy Generation 02m:25s
17:19:32 Raveonettes, The Dead Sound 04m:36s
17:23:04 Consolidated Impermanence 05m:42s
17:27:27 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
17:28:05 Egoexpress Here comes the radio 04m:02s
17:31:58 Robert Randolph and the family I need more 04m:42s
17:35:26 Beat Assailant Hard Twelve - The Ante 04m:00s
17:39:20 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
17:39:35 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
17:42:40 Nightwatchman, The One Man Revolution 03m:25s
17:45:59 Yeasayer 2080 04m:48s
17:49:33 Moving Units Available 04m:13s
17:53:34 Duesenjaeger leinen los, bereit matrose? 04m:52s
17:57:22 Bernd Playlist Jingle 01m:34s
17:57:54 Opeth Hope Leaves 04m:29s
18:02:16 Begemann,Bernd Ich komme um zu kündigen 03m:14s
18:05:25 !!! Must Be The Moon 04m:49s
18:09:13 Ugly Duckling Turn It Up 04m:57s
18:09:28 Ugly Duckling Turn It Up 04m:57s
18:13:06 Parker, Charlie The Hymn 02m:28s
18:15:37 Hoosiers, The Worried About Ray 03m:49s
18:18:20 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
18:19:16 Mantis Far Away 05m:01s
18:24:06 La Vela Puerca El Viejo 03m:07s
18:27:07 Brun, Ane Song No.6 04m:59s
18:31:02 Karamelo Santo ID spanisch 00m:08s
18:31:17 Grateful Dead, The Friend Of The Devil 03m:25s
18:34:28 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
18:36:43 Zykos Kodiak 04m:14s
18:40:48 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
18:41:13 Mediengruppe Telekommander Camouflage Yuppie 04m:33s
18:44:41 Swamp Dogg God Bless America,What For 06m:31s
18:49:58 BMB Collabo Gute Besserung 06m:38s
18:55:33 Steffi Mahsmann ID Testament (Chuck Billy) 00m:07s
18:55:48 Kat Frankie The Tops 04m:01s
18:59:35 Mo Solid Gold Prince ot the wave 03m:21s
19:02:43 Situation Leclerq Shiny Boots 05m:00s
19:07:39 Circle of Grin Turn your back on me 05m:50s
19:12:18 Jet Bumpers Radar Love 03m:09s
19:15:29 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
19:15:55 Motörhead Ace of spades 03m:51s
19:18:39 Lightning Seeds All the things 04m:36s
19:22:07 Stereo Total Ich bin nackt 03m:40s
19:24:44 Peanut Butter Wolf Hold Up 04m:46s
19:24:59 Peanut Butter Wolf Hold Up 04m:46s
19:28:26 sidney bechet summertime 03m:03s
19:31:19 Reverend And The Makers Dear Lydia 03m:35s
19:33:50 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
19:34:14 Fat Freddys Drop Rady - The Nextmen Burger Edit 04m:29s
19:38:37 Panteon Rococo Esta Noche 05m:07s
19:41:58 Staring Girl Vorbei 05m:22s
19:47:17 Kurt (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
19:47:32 Sandra Nasic The Name of my Baby 04m:54s
19:51:20 Editors The Racing Rats 04m:50s
19:55:05 Louise Attaque Depuis Toujours 03m:22s
19:58:19 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
19:58:58 UNKLE Lonely Soul 09m:57s
20:00:00 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
20:03:30 Young Marble Giants Searching For Mister Right 03m:04s
20:06:05 NRA Xyz 02m:07s
20:08:11 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
20:08:36 Zutons, The Why Won´t You Give me Your Lov 03m:24s
20:11:53 Nice Boy Music Twenty One 03m:21s
20:15:06 Felix da housecat Silver screen shower scene 04m:00s
20:18:56 Cruxshadows Hertz-ID 00m:07s
20:19:11 Dizzee Rascal Stand Up Tall 03m:11s
20:22:09 James Brown/Marva Whitney Sunny 03m:19s
20:25:23 Babyshambles You Talk 03m:10s
20:28:22 Michael Blues Brothers 01m:43s
20:29:04 Latyrx Latyrx 06m:48s
20:34:30 Toasters, The New York Fever 02m:06s
20:36:33 Housemartins Me and the farmer 03m:52s
20:39:20 Super (Sport) Station ID 00m:05s
20:39:34 Loewenstein,Jason Codes 02m:21s
20:41:41 Trivium A Gunshot to the head of trepi 05m:45s
20:46:24 After Forever Energize Me 03m:55s
20:49:14 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
20:50:03 Trentemřller Snowflake 08m:33s
20:57:33 Spinners,The It's A Shame 03m:12s
21:00:36 Bumpy Knuckles R.N.S. 05m:35s
21:05:11 Megadeth Mega-ID 00m:13s
21:05:37 Black Affair Tak! Attack! 03m:26s
21:08:47 Good, The Bad And The Queen, T Three Changes 04m:15s
21:12:59 Raveonettes, The Dead Sound 04m:36s
21:16:27 Siva Gift Of Reading Palms 04m:00s
21:20:20 EA 80 Wo steht die Uhr ? 05m:50s
21:24:58 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
21:25:28 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion She Said 04m:18s
21:29:42 Yorkston, James & the Athletes Shipwreckers 03m:04s
21:32:36 !!! Must Be The Moon 04m:49s
21:36:22 Anja Neunaber Supervixen Station ID Hertz 8 00m:06s
21:36:37 Anarchist Academy Accion Mutante 04m:52s
21:40:13 Parker, Charlie Scrapple from the apple 03m:00s
21:43:00 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
21:46:14 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
21:46:39 Maytals,The Monkey man 04m:35s
21:50:05 Santeria Porn Horns Red Altert 04m:51s
21:53:48 Sharon Stoned Down 04m:53s
21:57:32 Zeromancer ID Hertz 00m:06s
21:57:47 Kings Of Leon Charmer 03m:57s
22:00:00 ingo popmoderne-22-neu 01m:40s
22:00:40 yerzmyey jesus holy, born so lowly 01m:26s
22:02:03 LeeVees, The Latke Clan 03m:50s
22:04:53 Helge Schneider Bescherung 04m:58s
22:08:49 bit shifter let it snow 02m:49s
22:10:40 Studio Braun Crackweihnachtsmann 02m:07s
22:12:46 paul slocum up on the housetop 02m:55s
22:14:40 Christian Popmoderne Station ID 00m:07s
22:14:55 LeeVees, The How Do You Spell Channukkahh ? 05m:52s
22:19:40 Tappert, Horst Weihnachtszeit 04m:37s
22:23:05 Helge Schneider Kirchgang 04m:57s
22:27:00 dma-sc the first blip blop noel 04m:51s
22:30:49 goto80 last christmas (hot digi rmx) 03m:30s
22:33:19 nullsleep silent night 02m:25s
22:35:47 vim when a child is bored 01m:18s
22:36:02 vim when a child is bored 01m:18s
22:37:08 hally xmas songs arcade punk remix 03m:32s
22:39:38 Kommando Sonne-Nmlich Es gibt keinen Weinachtsmann 05m:57s
22:44:36 Helge Schneider Weihnachtsbaum 03m:20s
22:47:54 Codaverous Condition at the crossroads 04m:39s
22:51:31 And One Klaus 04m:52s
22:53:57 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
22:54:16 RJD2 Sweet Price 04m:01s
22:58:01 Rufus Thomas Itch And Scratch 03m:12s
23:01:04 A.s.G.M. + Crazycuts One Take 03m:27s
23:04:17 Ben Gibbard DeathCab_ID 00m:05s
23:04:32 Hoosiers, The Worried About Ray 03m:49s
23:07:07 Young Marble Giants Searching For Mister Right 03m:04s
23:09:41 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
23:11:56 robots in disguise bed scenes 04m:51s
23:15:44 Rancid Out Of Control 02m:41s
23:17:24 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
23:18:06 Arcade Fire Neughbourhood #2 (Leika) 04m:30s
23:21:30 Cat Empire, The In My Pocket 05m:04s
23:26:26 Prodigy Funky Shit 05m:16s
23:31:31 Rifles Station Id 00m:07s
23:31:46 RAG Pro & Contra 05m:34s
23:36:05 Medeski, Martin & Wood Chubb Sub 05m:20s
23:41:15 Kat Frankie The Tops 04m:01s
23:45:12 Diana Diana-Strom 01m:32s
23:45:42 Eek a mouse Police in hell 02m:14s
23:47:52 Lax Alex Contrax Major Tom 04m:05s
23:51:54 Staring Girl Viertel vor nichts 05m:32s
23:56:16 georg uecker station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
23:56:31 Cop shoot cop Interference 04m:15s
23:59:58 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
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