Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 17.12.2007

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:00:03 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
00:03:34 Clinic If You Could Read Your Mind 03m:01s
00:06:28 Getz & Byrd Samba de uma nota so 06m:13s
00:12:28 Jan Schaper Weltherrschaft 00m:16s
00:12:46 Tricky Cris Clasically 04m:25s
00:17:01 Mt. Add obvious Errors 09m:04s
00:25:56 sidney bechet summertime 03m:03s
00:28:48 Dieter Hildebrandt Station ID 00m:14s
00:29:03 Towa Tei Let Me Know 04m:14s
00:33:08 Booming Tendency Sweetness On 04m:06s
00:37:07 Prodigy Voodoo People 06m:27s
00:41:58 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
00:42:29 Gossip, The Standing In The Way O C (Troni 06m:16s
00:48:42 Stucky, Erika All I Really Want To Do 04m:12s
00:52:50 Parker, Charlie Night in Tunisia 03m:07s
00:55:50 Hancock, Herbie The Essence ( LTJ RMX) 05m:42s
00:56:04 Hancock, Herbie The Essence ( LTJ RMX) 05m:42s
01:00:26 Freakatronic Cyborgs im Kühlschrank 03m:50s
01:03:10 Explosions In The Sky The Only Moment We Were Alone 10m:14s
01:13:08 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
01:13:22 E. Stonji Lektrn 05m:39s
01:17:52 Bodi Bill Traffic Jam 04m:47s
01:21:33 Earthworks Curioser and curioser 04m:57s
01:25:23 Feuerstein Station ID 00m:12s
01:25:39 Dimension 5 Flow 08m:54s
01:30:15 !!! Dear Can 06m:53s
01:36:03 Wilson, Cassandra The weight 06m:05s
01:42:02 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
01:42:40 Black Neon, The Hollywod 1,2, & 3 05m:50s
01:47:28 Simian Mobile Disco Hustler 04m:32s
01:50:53 Zémaria Mariola 05m:38s
01:55:29 Ärzte, Die Station ID 01m:36s
01:56:04 One AM Radio, The A Ghost On The East Coast 02m:07s
01:58:03 RKAHF Speedometer 04m:39s
02:01:33 Jackson, Willis Swimmin´ home baby 02m:21s
02:01:48 Jackson, Willis Swimmin´ home baby 02m:21s
02:03:56 Denis HertzKultur 01m:52s
02:04:48 Checkov Drifting 03m:04s
02:07:48 Universal Poplab Vampire In You (Neuropa Remix) 05m:58s
02:12:44 Anímic diy 04m:05s
02:16:45 Booming Tendency Sweetness On 04m:06s
02:17:00 Booming Tendency Sweetness On 04m:06s
02:20:50 At the Drive-In Fahrenheit 02m:25s
02:23:13 Collins, Lyn You can´t love me if you don´t 06m:35s
02:27:44 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
02:28:15 Grand Tourism feat. Terry Ca.. Les Courants d'Air 04m:48s
02:31:42 Blumfeld Langsam 05m:59s
02:36:36 Count Basie one o`clock jump 03m:05s
02:39:35 Moonbootica Pretty Little Angel 04m:35s
02:43:12 Winter Took His Life Heaven On Earth 05m:32s
02:47:31 Food, Dj Awake in Dub 03m:57s
02:50:18 Michael immer Musik da 00m:24s
02:50:42 Birdy Nam Nam Abbesses 06m:28s
02:56:50 E. Stonji Lektrn 05m:39s
03:00:00 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
03:00:45 Helloween The Bells Of The 7 Hells 05m:22s
03:06:05 Whiskey Rebels Carry On 02m:12s
03:08:14 Rotersand Dare to live 09m:57s
03:14:03 Faber, Hajo Jöllenbeck-Jingle 01m:44s
03:14:44 Annihilator Carnival Diablos 05m:08s
03:19:40 Abwärts Hallo, ich heiß adolf (live 91 04m:11s
03:23:41 Atreyu Doomsday 03m:20s
03:26:58 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
03:27:13 Hella Friends Don't Let Friends Win 03m:25s
03:30:24 Thanateros Dirty old town 03m:26s
03:33:41 A Traitor Like Judas Nightmare Inc. 04m:10s
03:37:48 ocke Volksmusik Quote 00m:18s
03:38:05 Oceansize Unfamiliar 07m:32s
03:44:36 Blitzen Trapper Miss Spiritual Tramp 03m:02s
03:47:12 Probot Shake Your Blood 03m:02s
03:50:09 Project Pitchfork Station ID 00m:07s
03:50:33 Saxon To hell and back again 03m:21s
03:53:34 Bloodsimple Red Harvest 04m:48s
03:57:19 E-Craft Necromanie 05m:52s
04:02:07 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
04:02:22 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
04:02:43 I Hate Sally Martha Served 02m:19s
04:04:59 Butthole Surfers Tongue 02m:09s
04:06:59 nouve, the girls don't cry 03m:55s
04:09:52 Archive Station ID 00m:06s
04:10:07 Nikki Puppet Puppet on a string 03m:42s
04:12:35 Turbonegro Good Head 04m:07s
04:16:39 Alec Empire On Fire 04m:36s
04:20:14 Michael Mixtape-Trailer 01m:00s
04:21:12 Fucking Champs, The Esprit De Corpse 04m:33s
04:24:38 Deine Lakaien Through the hall 06m:12s
04:30:42 Angra Acid rain 04m:11s
04:34:49 Steffi Mahsmann ID The Dwarves (Blag Dahlia) 00m:16s
04:35:05 Engel In Splendour 04m:43s
04:38:43 Apocalyptica I'm Not Jesus 04m:35s
04:42:17 Misfits Die Die My Darling 03m:09s
04:45:21 Trailer Make Electro A Threat Again 01m:05s
04:46:25 Doro Burn it up 03m:47s
04:49:00 Atreyu Doomsday 03m:20s
04:52:18 Anonymous Dream Lonely Angel 04m:05s
04:56:16 Chocmoq Station ID 00m:11s
04:56:30 Neurosonic So Many People 03m:45s
04:59:06 Bad Brains Jah People Make The World Go R 02m:10s
05:00:01 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
05:02:18 Flyleaf I`m so sick 03m:58s
05:02:32 Flyleaf I`m so sick 03m:58s
05:05:15 Firewater Woke Up Down 03m:15s
05:08:30 Bernd Playlist Jingle 01m:34s
05:09:02 Rolling Stones Paint It Black 04m:02s
05:12:54 Gorillaz Clint Eastwood 06m:55s
05:18:26 Leila K. Ca Plane Pour Moi 06m:50s
05:24:08 Electric Club, The Station ID Thomas 00m:05s
05:24:22 Coup, The Me and jesus the pimp 07m:10s
05:31:16 Polaroid Liquide Quiet For The Start 08m:48s
05:39:02 Tappert, Horst Weihnachtszeit 04m:37s
05:42:27 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
05:43:08 Jan Delay Vergiftet 04m:06s
05:47:03 Leningrad Super Good 02m:04s
05:49:05 Pizzicato Five Holger & Marcus 02m:29s
05:51:28 Andreas Kisser Sepultura Station-ID 00m:15s
05:51:43 Jaya The Cat El Camini 03m:11s
05:54:53 CocoRosie Werewolf 05m:50s
05:59:37 Adams, James Newton Isn't It A Drag 02m:28s
06:01:57 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:02:12 UNKLE Rabbit In Your Headlights 06m:21s
06:08:03 Lalo Schifrin The Gentle Earthquake 04m:32s
06:11:27 Mexican Institute of Sound Katia,Tania,Paulina y la Kim 06m:37s
06:17:00 Rocko Schamoni Station ID 00m:10s
06:17:15 It´s Not Not Pills And Coffees 03m:43s
06:19:52 Boss Martians I Am Your Radio 04m:39s
06:23:26 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
06:26:37 Smiths, The Please, Please, Please 03m:00s
06:28:20 Aerzte, Die Ein Lied über Zensur 03m:09s
06:31:13 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
06:31:47 Black Keys, The Your Touch 03m:45s
06:34:23 Slut Sensation 04m:36s
06:37:50 Strike Boys, The Gimme Food 04m:25s
06:42:07 Guttermouth Herzt ID 00m:05s
06:42:22 Toni L Der Funkjoker 05m:54s
06:46:58 Wilson, Cassandra You gotta move 03m:45s
06:49:44 Skapitanos, The Somebody 04m:52s
06:53:28 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
06:53:59 Caramelo Criminal Mi Senor 04m:49s
06:57:37 Side effect Cuantos Banditos 03m:49s
07:00:21 Eels Novocaine For The Soul 03m:09s
07:03:27 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Lordi (Awa) 00m:13s
07:03:42 Belasco The Earth 04m:43s
07:07:24 Bragg, Billy A New England (KLASSIKER) 02m:17s
07:09:36 Jaques Brel Ne Me Quitte Pas 04m:12s
07:13:44 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
07:14:12 Knife, The You Take My Breath Away 04m:29s
07:18:34 East Bay Rhythm A Little Love Will Help 04m:56s
07:22:16 Jaylib Raw Shit 03m:09s
07:25:20 Shelley, Steve (Sonic Youth) Station Id 00m:05s
07:25:39 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
07:28:02 L7 Pretend we're dead 04m:56s
07:31:46 Mad Sin Viva Le Rock 04m:45s
07:35:27 Gonzales Dans Tes Yeux 04m:32s
07:38:50 Peacocks, The Gimme More 02m:15s
07:41:04 Trailer Popmoderne FME Christian Grasse 01m:41s
07:41:42 American HiFi Flavor of the weak 03m:11s
07:44:42 Okkervil River For Real 05m:43s
07:49:04 Mouse On Mars Wipe That Sound 04m:14s
07:50:03 Event Wüstensand 01m:15s
07:51:15 Anarchist Academy Rappelkistenkids 04m:06s
07:51:30 Anarchist Academy Rappelkistenkids 04m:06s
07:55:11 Wanderley, Walter Sambao 03m:33s
07:57:41 Beam Out Time Eraser 03m:26s
08:01:05 Soko 87,9 Trailer 01m:47s
08:01:50 Culture Wings of a Dove 04m:53s
08:05:39 Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation, Fussy Business aka Jazz Ska 04m:44s
08:05:53 Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation, Fussy Business aka Jazz Ska 04m:44s
08:09:26 Islands Don´t Call Me Whitney, Bobby 03m:32s
08:11:53 Turin Brakes Hertz ID 00m:05s
08:12:08 Kansas Carry on wayward son 05m:22s
08:17:13 Dogs Dirty Little Shops 04m:50s
08:20:58 Bardot,Brigitte Le soleil 03m:18s
08:24:14 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
08:24:29 T.Raumschmiere feat. Miss Kitt The Game is not over 04m:43s
08:28:11 Terrell, Tammi & Byrd, Bobby Baby Baby Baby 03m:36s
08:30:38 Kutmasta Kurt Urban Legends 04m:41s
08:34:18 Anna Ternheim StationID 00m:06s
08:34:32 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
08:37:33 Grebe, Rainald ICE 04m:51s
08:41:17 Event Sylvesterverlosung 01m:06s
08:42:23 Skapitanos, The Somebody 04m:52s
08:46:11 White Stripes, The Blue Orchid 03m:38s
08:48:47 Dropkick Murphys Famous For Nothing 03m:49s
08:51:34 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
08:51:52 Killing Joke The Death & Resurrection Show 05m:32s
08:56:22 Primitives,The Secrets 03m:31s
08:58:48 Aphex Twin SAW1-1 05m:54s
08:59:47 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
09:02:20 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:02:35 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
09:06:30 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
09:09:44 Mario-Ocke-Bastian Frühlink 00m:13s
09:10:26 Der goldene Kompass O-Ton 00m:29s
09:11:55 Ben Harper Brown Eyed Blues 04m:00s
09:16:24 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
09:19:35 Alien Sex Fiend Baby 06m:41s
09:24:50 Jovovich, Milla The Alien Song 05m:47s
09:29:28 De La Soul Soap 01m:49s
09:29:59 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:33:12 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
09:33:54 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
09:34:08 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
09:37:50 Dandy Warhols, The We Used To Be Friends 03m:20s
09:41:08 Sonja Ganguin Rückspiegel Anfang!!! 00m:04s
09:45:24 Dendemann Endlich Nichtschwimmer 04m:31s
09:49:01 Nico Schneider Trailer - Kurt Cobain-Feature 01m:23s
09:50:34 Nirvana Lithium 04m:17s
09:52:03 V-Tipp v-tipp Trenner 00m:02s
09:54:43 V-Tipps v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
09:54:57 V-Tipp V-Tipp Bett 05m:32s
09:55:18 V-Tipp v-tipp Trenner 00m:02s
09:56:42 Astrom, Kristofer Conjure Me 04m:56s
09:59:45 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
10:02:15 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:02:30 Guards Of Metropolis Perfect World 03m:56s
10:05:35 Beautiful South, The Song for 04m:04s
10:09:55 Treacherous Three Xmas Rap (KLASSIKER) 06m:10s
10:16:36 Terrorgruppe Sonntagmorgen 02m:26s
10:18:59 Jochen Fragezeichen (Anfang) 00m:25s
10:22:57 Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. 04m:41s
10:26:42 Beastie Boys An Open Letter To NYC 04m:19s
10:29:59 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:33:25 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
10:34:00 Das Wetter Bett - SCHLUSS Karibikfeeling 00m:05s
10:34:14 Get Well Soon Christmas In Adventure Parks 03m:24s
10:37:22 Tim Sport Anfangsjingle 00m:13s
10:39:32 Oli Kirch DSC - Stuttgart 01m:19s
10:41:53 Jonas Kamper DSC - Stuttagart 01m:47s
10:44:14 Frank Neuer Trainer 00m:13s
10:44:42 Beatles, The Taxman 03m:39s
10:47:22 Frank Nachgetreten Stuttgart 02m:31s
10:49:01 Treeberrys Down 02m:45s
10:55:31 Green, Adam Hard To Be A Girl 02m:41s
10:58:31 Rilo Kiley The Execution of all things 04m:14s
10:59:46 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
11:02:06 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:02:21 69 Eyes,The Brandon Lee 03m:29s
11:05:42 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
11:09:26 Death from above 1979 Romantic Rights 03m:15s
11:12:38 No use for a name Justified black eye 03m:39s
11:15:17 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
11:15:43 Twisted Sister I am (I'm me) 04m:36s
11:18:58 Ben Folds Five Air 03m:23s
11:22:17 M83 Don't Save Us from The Flames 04m:18s
11:26:18 Savina Yanatou Station ID 00m:05s
11:26:32 Chief Kamachi Death Choir 05m:40s
11:31:01 Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation Bro-Teba(Rough Mix) 04m:04s
11:35:04 Tunng Bullets 04m:08s
11:39:06 Michael Hey Kids! Macht Radio selbst! 00m:26s
11:39:31 Lee "Scratch" Perry Nucleus Dub 07m:50s
11:43:34 Trovaci Kako Tako 02m:42s
11:45:14 Les Blérots de R.A.V.E.L Les Petits Plaisirs 03m:08s
11:48:11 Ehemaliger Rektor Helmuth Skowronek ID 00m:09s
11:48:26 Backyard Babies I Love To Roll 02m:05s
11:50:14 Event Mensaplan KW 49-mo 01m:03s
11:51:16 Checks, The What You Heard 03m:53s
11:54:04 All Seeing I, the Drive Savely Darlin 03m:53s
11:56:52 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
11:57:10 Mediengruppe Telekommander Gekleckert 03m:00s
11:59:46 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
12:00:06 Maria Finke Infakt - 17.12. - 12 Uhr 02m:57s
12:02:01 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
12:02:16 Mar-Keys,The Grab This Thing 02m:51s
12:03:53 De La Soul & Q-Tip Buddy 05m:55s
12:08:23 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hertz ID 00m:06s
12:08:38 NOFX Lori Meyers 04m:30s
12:10:43 Soulwax Conversation Intercom 03m:10s
12:13:45 Event Sylvesterverlosung 01m:06s
12:14:51 Boss Martians, The Power of Doubt 03m:13s
12:18:00 Marr jd mac kaye 05m:43s
12:22:33 Oma Hans Aus Stahl 05m:01s
12:25:55 George Bekios IndyReichRuhm 01m:33s
12:26:27 Monster Magnet Melt 06m:44s
12:32:00 Aberfeldy Love Is An Arrow 03m:33s
12:34:24 Nathan Fake The Sky Was Pink 09m:59s
12:39:03 D-Shade vs D-Styles Like That Chall Freestyle 03m:04s
12:39:18 D-Shade vs D-Styles Like That Chall Freestyle 03m:04s
12:42:10 Carter, James Centerpiece 07m:35s
12:46:41 Editors The Racing Rats 04m:50s
12:50:24 Trailer Make Electro A Threat Again 01m:05s
12:51:25 Lo and the Magnetics Party of one 03m:55s
12:54:12 busters, the revolution rock 04m:37s
12:57:41 der plan Gummitwist 04m:30s
12:59:44 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
13:00:07 Maria infakt maria 13 uhr 02m:44s
13:01:48 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
13:02:03 Jesus Volt Only The Devil 03m:17s
13:05:11 Babyshambles You Talk 03m:10s
13:08:12 New Pornographers, The It's Only Divine Right 04m:12s
13:12:18 Event Trailer - Kurt Cobain-Feature 01m:23s
13:13:41 Bernd Abgezockt Trailer 01m:42s
13:14:23 Ricardo Proseti & Kazyushi Fro Sodapoppin Booty 04m:27s
13:18:37 Soul Ones Soul Pot 03m:16s
13:21:45 DJ Format feat. Abdominal & D- 3 Feet Deep 04m:10s
13:25:50 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Fear Factory 00m:07s
13:26:05 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
13:29:29 Roots feat. Cody Chestnut Seed 2.0 05m:30s
13:33:55 Event V-Tipps 17.12.2007 02m:55s
13:35:50 Tunng Bullets 04m:08s
13:39:53 April Daze Easy 04m:39s
13:43:26 Abwärts Computerstaat 03m:12s
13:46:34 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
13:47:33 Donnas, The All Messed up 03m:11s
13:50:42 Jackson , Luscious Ladyfingers 03m:28s
13:54:00 Tim and Puma Mimi Toy Story (Remix) 03m:15s
13:57:13 Jenny ID Andreas Liebold 00m:13s
13:57:28 Army Of The Pharaohs Battle Cry 06m:02s
13:59:45 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
14:00:04 Maria infakt maria 14 uhr 02m:03s
14:02:09 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
14:02:23 Vestrheim, Heidi Marie Central Line 03m:46s
14:04:58 Candies, The No Edge 05m:48s
14:09:36 Flocati Ich bin gegen alles 04m:30s
14:13:02 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
14:13:20 Slave to the System Ruby Wednesday 03m:03s
14:16:21 Mates of State Proofs 02m:18s
14:18:31 Fat Jon Everywhere 03m:22s
14:21:49 Event V-Tipps 17.12.2007 02m:55s
14:23:43 Slackers, The Station ID 00m:09s
14:23:58 Divine Styler Livery 05m:04s
14:28:46 Avery, Theodross Theme for Malcolm 06m:24s
14:29:59 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
14:59:31 InFakt 2min TICKER 02m:01s
14:59:46 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
15:00:05 Maria infakt maria 15 uhr 02m:58s
15:02:04 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
15:02:19 Dogs Dirty Little Shops 04m:50s
15:05:54 Michael & Diana Lucy Pher Lang 01m:30s
15:06:23 Dreadzone Crazy knowlegde 05m:20s
15:11:20 Skafield Not enough 04m:37s
15:14:51 Lee Hazlewood Baghdad Knights 04m:34s
15:18:22 Calexico Station ID 00m:12s
15:18:37 Mute Math Typical 04m:46s
15:22:15 Event Sylvesterverlosung 01m:06s
15:23:21 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
15:26:36 Bellmondo These Souls 04m:22s
15:30:54 Event V-Tipps 17.12.2007 02m:55s
15:32:48 George Marlboro 01m:32s
15:33:19 Portishead Sour times 04m:14s
15:37:25 Greg Adams Camel Back 03m:19s
15:40:40 Zion I & The Grouch Hit Em (ft. Mistah F.A.B.) 04m:39s
15:44:11 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
15:44:26 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
15:46:50 Manic Street Preachers The Intense Humming Of Evil 06m:13s
15:52:54 Mad Sin Viva Le Rock 04m:45s
15:56:37 Seesaw Come back and stay 04m:36s
15:59:47 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
16:00:06 Maria infakt maria 16 uhr 02m:44s
16:01:48 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
16:02:03 Bambix Julie 03m:19s
16:05:12 Sylvia jingle 1 00m:11s
16:05:37 Backyard Babies 8-balled 03m:43s
16:07:47 van Dannen, Funny Schilddrüsenunterfunktion 05m:49s
16:12:25 Lawrence Spark 07m:25s
16:19:45 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
16:20:00 Sabac Organize 04m:55s
16:23:37 James Brown/Marva Whitney Sunny 03m:19s
16:26:48 Situation Leclerq Shiny Boots 05m:00s
16:31:44 Event V-Tipps 17.12.2007 02m:55s
16:33:37 Faber, Hajo Jöllenbeck-Jingle 01m:44s
16:34:22 Easy Star All Stars Lucky 06m:46s
16:40:06 Hotknives Julie Julie 03m:54s
16:42:53 Ephemera Girls Keep Secrets In The Stra 03m:08s
16:45:57 Malajube Le Metronome 03m:44s
16:46:12 Malajube Le Metronome 03m:44s
16:48:39 Kat Frankie The Tops 04m:01s
16:52:31 Abba If It Wasnt For The Nights 05m:05s
16:57:30 Michael Mixtape-Trailer 01m:00s
16:58:29 Tying Tiffany Cat Killer Show 03m:02s
17:01:24 Jimmy Soul If You Wanna Be Happy 02m:11s
17:03:31 Outkast B.O.B. (Bombs Over Bagdad) 05m:04s
17:08:30 Oliver Rhis Station ID Schwarze Schafe 00m:06s
17:08:45 Beam Out Time Eraser 03m:26s
17:11:57 Gossip, The Standing In The Way 04m:17s
17:16:09 Favez She Wakes Up Every Night 04m:46s
17:19:50 Event Trailer - Kurt Cobain-Feature 01m:23s
17:21:13 Beangrowers Genzora 03m:12s
17:24:13 Painted Thin Kandis' Song 01m:15s
17:25:26 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
17:25:51 Black Keys,The Stack Shotabilly 03m:22s
17:29:05 Adams, Ryan So Alive 04m:58s
17:33:03 Event V-Tipps 17.12.2007 02m:55s
17:34:55 Portishead Sour times 04m:14s
17:39:01 Rocko Schamoni Station ID 00m:10s
17:39:15 Mr.Lif New Man Theme 03m:29s
17:42:17 Wilson, Cassandra Find him 05m:37s
17:46:47 Compute Brand New Start 03m:22s
17:49:58 Event Sylvesterverlosung 01m:06s
17:51:04 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
17:51:18 DJ Shantel Bucogeasca Dub 04m:21s
17:55:28 SKA-P Simpatico Holgazán 04m:05s
17:59:33 Jamiroquai Love Life 04m:38s
18:00:06 LisaBlock AnmodTexternte 00m:10s
18:00:30 PoetrySlamNov07 Texternte 25m:59s
19:25:13 Lisa block AbmodTexternte 00m:06s
19:25:38 Jesus Volt Up In Flames 06m:55s
19:31:08 Hoosiers, The Worried About Ray 03m:49s
19:33:52 TempEau Junge im Schnee 04m:37s
19:37:25 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
19:37:43 Mogwai Glasgow Mega-Snake 06m:55s
19:41:15 Green, Al Take Me To The River 04m:43s
19:44:50 Atmosphere Cats Van Bags 04m:02s
19:48:45 Jochen StationID Lampshade 00m:14s
19:49:00 It´s Not Not Pills And Coffees 03m:43s
19:51:40 Head Automatica At The Speed Of A YellowBullet 02m:15s
19:53:53 Get Well Soon Christmas In Adventure Parks 03m:24s
19:57:12 Eskobar Tumbling down 04m:41s
20:00:07 Weakerthans, The Civil Twilight 03m:18s
20:03:18 Horror, The Princessnausika 03m:46s
20:05:49 Queers, The Mrs. Brown, You've Got an Ugly 03m:49s
20:08:36 Bernd Gröne JingleHertzHymne2 00m:28s
20:09:04 Madrugada Vocal 06m:28s
20:15:24 Event Trailer - Kurt Cobain-Feature 01m:23s
20:16:44 Beta Band Assessment 04m:53s
20:20:31 St. Germain Rose Rouge 07m:00s
20:26:32 Event Sylvesterverlosung 01m:06s
20:27:38 DAS EFX DAS EFX-ID 00m:08s
20:27:52 Statement Crew Untergang 03m:42s
20:30:26 Quantic Soul Orchestra Feeling Good 04m:53s
20:34:14 Kilians When Will I Ever Get Home 04m:38s
20:37:46 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
20:38:01 Jah Mason Gideon Start 04m:49s
20:41:36 Laurel Aitken Rude Girl 03m:46s
20:44:16 Alexonor Manouchka 05m:56s
20:49:05 Shaft Station_ID 00m:19s
20:49:24 Gilbert, Paul Muscle car 04m:34s
20:52:35 Killswitch Engage This Fire Burns 03m:06s
20:55:40 Client Norther Soul 05m:11s
21:00:42 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
21:00:57 Daft Punk Crescendolls 04m:32s
21:04:26 Explosions, The Hip Drop 03m:38s
21:04:41 Explosions, The Hip Drop 03m:38s
21:07:04 Sam Server What's That Sound 04m:22s
21:11:06 Mull Historical Society Hertz - ID 00m:15s
21:11:21 Dogs Dirty Little Shops 04m:50s
21:15:07 Hansonis Foxy 04m:56s
21:18:56 Treacherous Three Xmas Rap (KLASSIKER) 06m:10s
21:25:05 Blankass Fatigue 04m:32s
21:28:30 BETAGARRI Cerebros destruidos 04m:58s
21:32:27 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
21:32:56 Nekromantix Haunted Cathouse 05m:44s
21:37:32 b-Movie Marilyn dreams 04m:40s
21:41:08 Max Tundra Lights 02m:40s
21:42:44 Hennes Bender Station_ID 00m:14s
21:42:59 Eric B. & Rakim I Know 04m:05s
21:46:55 Brönner, Till Everything happens to me 06m:53s
21:51:25 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 03m:39s
21:53:58 Michael Everybody Hertz 00m:18s
21:54:17 Ken Bob Long way 04m:58s
21:58:09 No Respect She changed 03m:49s
22:00:06 steffi HA-anfang 00m:20s
22:00:31 Cannibal Corpse Hammer smashed face 04m:05s
22:04:27 Exciter Heavy metal maniac 04m:48s
22:08:11 Lemmy Motörhead StationID 00m:22s
22:08:33 Queensryche Roads to madness 10m:40s
22:17:49 Sodom genocide 05m:50s
22:22:35 steffi HA-jingle 00m:08s
22:22:50 Alice Cooper Brutal Planet 05m:40s
22:27:04 BLIND GUARDIAN FLY 06m:43s
22:32:42 Megadeth Mega-ID 00m:13s
22:32:58 Exilia Kill me 03m:15s
22:36:06 Monster Magnet Melt 06m:44s
22:41:40 steffi HA-jingle 3 00m:08s
22:41:55 Moetley Crüe Live Wire 07m:36s
22:48:22 Type O Negative Summer breeze 05m:50s
22:53:02 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Lordi (Awa) 00m:13s
22:53:17 Kotipelto Sleep Well 04m:16s
22:57:26 Tiamat So much for suicide 04m:24s
23:01:42 Sonny & Cher The Beat Goes On 04m:31s
23:05:05 Jimmy eat World Pain 03m:52s
23:05:28 Jimmy eat World Pain 03m:52s
23:07:52 Axel Rudi Pell Won´t get fooled again 06m:13s
23:14:04 Corvus Corax Skudrinka 05m:04s
23:19:01 Sylvia Technik 00m:16s
23:19:16 Apparat Tel Aviv 08m:12s
23:25:13 Kool & The Gang Ladies' Night 06m:22s
23:31:31 Event Sylvesterverlosung 01m:06s
23:32:34 Pharcyde, The Passing Me By 05m:04s
23:37:34 Uncle Ho Station ID 00m:06s
23:37:49 CocoRosie Werewolf 05m:50s
23:42:25 Frame Of Mind Sunshine Over Me 05m:59s
23:47:15 Runners, The Having Fun 03m:20s
23:50:28 Mclusky The Gift of Slight 04m:30s
23:53:50 DRAWVES,THE HOW IT IS DONE 01m:19s
23:55:10 George Bekios IndyExperten 00m:26s
23:55:35 Cooper,Alice Teenage Frankenstein 04m:36s
23:58:36 Tiefschwarz feat. Tracey Thorn Damage 04m:43s
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