Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 17.10.2007

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00:00:02 Polaroid Liquide Quiet For The Start 08m:48s
00:01:56 Event Martwirtschaft in EU 48m:56s
00:49:51 Big Sleep, The Menemy 08m:30s
00:54:17 Medeski, Martin & Wood Bubblehouse 04m:29s
00:58:37 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
00:59:08 nor elle key to the city 05m:42s
01:03:47 Plastique De Reve What's On Your Mind 08m:34s
01:10:58 Soul-Bossa-Trio Easy Bounce 03m:08s
01:14:09 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
01:14:22 Element Of Crime Wieder ein Tag 08m:52s
01:19:56 Disco Drive Grow Up! 03m:11s
01:23:01 Food, Dj Awake in Dub 03m:57s
01:25:48 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
01:26:02 Erdbeertoertchen Heuperd 04m:59s
01:29:54 Banhart, Devendra Bad Girl 05m:46s
01:34:27 Baker, Chet My funny Valentine 09m:14s
01:38:56 Apollo 440 Lost In Space 03m:26s
01:39:09 Apollo 440 Lost In Space 03m:26s
01:42:24 Air Mer Du Japon (Kris Menace Remi 05m:55s
01:47:15 28 Costumes Blame 05m:49s
01:51:48 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
01:52:45 Amun Red Eyes 04m:22s
01:57:04 Karamel Kopf/Kristall 03m:40s
01:59:36 Herbolzheimer, Peter Mr. Clean 04m:25s
02:03:59 Lee Buddah StationID 00m:05s
02:04:13 Artful Dodger + R.Johnson Movin' to fast 04m:58s
02:07:55 Flying Lotus Tea Leaf Dancers 03m:12s
02:11:02 Kirk, Roland Dyna-Soar 03m:38s
02:13:35 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
02:13:49 At the Drive-In Fahrenheit 02m:25s
02:16:09 iLiKETRAiNS Death Of An Idealist 03m:26s
02:19:35 Dettinger Puma 05m:26s
02:24:04 Prof. Rosenberg station id 00m:06s
02:24:17 Adolf Noise Was is zuviel Zeit REMIX 04m:32s
02:27:40 To Rococo Rot lvx 4 02m:05s
02:29:42 Davis, Miles Round midnight 06m:56s
02:35:27 Alex HertzKultur 01m:52s
02:36:21 808 State Pacific State 04m:47s
02:39:55 Polaroid Liquide Quiet For The Start 08m:48s
02:47:44 Birdy Nam Nam Poppy 07m:54s
02:54:33 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
02:54:46 Disco Drive Grow Up! 03m:11s
02:57:50 Anímic diy 04m:05s
03:00:03 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
03:00:46 IGNITE My Judgement Day 02m:28s
03:03:08 Trip Fontaine Talking To You 02m:56s
03:04:59 Zeraphine Inside your arms 04m:42s
03:08:36 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
03:09:07 Kamelot Ghost Opera 04m:06s
03:13:08 Jello Biafra Melvins Enchanted Thoughtfist 04m:19s
03:17:25 Prefuse 73 Smoking Red 03m:58s
03:20:16 Chocmoq Station ID 00m:11s
03:20:39 Whiskey Rebels Carry On 02m:12s
03:22:39 Digital Factor Plastique 04m:32s
03:26:09 A Traitor Like Judas Nightmare Inc. 04m:10s
03:30:15 Diana Diana-Jazz 00m:11s
03:30:37 Machine Head Halo 05m:54s
03:35:17 Fucking Champs, The Esprit De Corpse 04m:33s
03:38:43 National, The Driver, Suprise Me 03m:20s
03:41:53 Savatage Sava-ID 00m:13s
03:42:07 Iron Maiden Run to the hills 04m:53s
03:45:54 Unruh In den Strassen 03m:26s
03:57:04 Trailer Make Electro A Threat Again 01m:05s
03:58:08 Parkway Drive Carrion 03m:08s
04:01:14 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:01:28 Guided By Voices Alright 03m:58s
04:04:09 Xandria Save my life 04m:57s
04:08:00 Tierfreund (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:15s
04:08:17 Tourettes Syndrome Longline 05m:31s
04:12:34 Rancid Rattlesnake 02m:44s
04:14:19 Apocalyptica I'm Not Jesus 04m:35s
04:17:49 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
04:18:06 Horse The Band In The Wake Of ... 04m:18s
04:22:22 Obsc(y)re Lost in space 04m:27s
04:26:47 HammerFall Natural High 03m:21s
04:30:00 Steffi Mahsmann Station ID - Jamey Jasta 00m:06s
04:30:19 IGNITE My Judgement Day 02m:28s
04:32:30 Part Chimp Once More Forever 06m:34s
04:37:47 Jaya The Cat El Camini 03m:11s
04:40:54 ocke DSF 01m:44s
04:41:38 Messiah's Kiss Blood, sweat and tears 03m:12s
04:44:44 Divine Heresy Bleed The Fifth 03m:08s
04:47:49 WITT Wo versteckt sich Gott 04m:17s
04:52:01 22 Pistepirkko ID Finnisch 00m:08s
04:52:14 Prefuse 73 Smoking Red 03m:58s
04:55:05 Cub One Last Kiss 02m:54s
04:56:52 towers of london I`m a rat 03m:24s
05:00:01 White, Jim Crash Into The Sun 05m:31s
05:04:18 Long Blondes Only Lovers Left Alive 04m:00s
05:04:31 Long Blondes Only Lovers Left Alive 04m:00s
05:08:11 Getaway Drivers City Asleep 03m:08s
05:11:07 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
05:11:34 Farin Urlaub Alle Fragen Dieser Welt 02m:51s
05:13:21 Bondage Fairies Pink-Eye Paranoia 02m:27s
05:15:40 Aphex Twin SAW1-7 05m:54s
05:20:23 Bolzenbande1 Station ID 00m:07s
05:20:43 Public Enemy Live and undrugged Pt.1&2 03m:21s
05:23:42 Davis, Sammy jr. Johnny Shaft 04m:02s
05:27:39 Go! Team, The Doing It Right 04m:30s
05:31:03 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
05:31:16 Massilia Sound System Ma Maison 03m:07s
05:34:19 Karamelo Santo Negro 03m:44s
05:37:02 Adams, James Newton Isn't It A Drag 02m:28s
05:39:24 Sparks StationID 00m:07s
05:39:37 Deftones When girls telephone boys 05m:36s
05:43:48 Convertible Mindwalk 03m:58s
05:46:41 Wilson, Jenny A Brief Story 05m:41s
05:51:07 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
05:51:47 Harder,Christian This World Is Full Of Beauty 04m:54s
05:55:30 Curtis Mayfield Freddie's Dead 05m:25s
06:00:50 Beastie Boys An Open Letter To NYC 04m:19s
06:05:04 Archive Station ID 00m:06s
06:05:23 Dance Inc., The The Boy Who 04m:37s
06:08:39 Idlewild A Modern Way Of Letting Go 02m:23s
06:10:56 Mad Marge And The Stonecutters No Looking Back 02m:13s
06:13:08 Robocop Kraus, The Apes aping apes 03m:00s
06:15:57 Bad Religion I want to conquer the world 02m:20s
06:18:09 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
06:18:29 Jet Take it or leave it 03m:51s
06:21:18 Gorillaz Tomorrow gone 03m:12s
06:24:24 Daft Punk Superheroes 04m:58s
06:28:13 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Fear Factory 00m:07s
06:28:26 Sabac Fight Until The End 05m:24s
06:33:37 duke ellingthon take the "a" train 05m:31s
06:37:58 Heavy, The In The Morning You Don´t Know 03m:53s
06:40:44 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
06:40:58 Headcornerstone Hot Like Fire 06m:52s
06:46:43 Distemper 10 - Calowji 03m:08s
06:49:50 Defiance Ohio Pretty Problems 02m:11s
06:51:52 kanadische frau heimatsender radio herz 00m:06s
06:52:06 Mission, The Blush 04m:48s
06:55:43 Canadians A Sky With No Stars 03m:12s
06:58:53 Tricky Hell is round the corner 04m:47s
07:02:34 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
07:02:47 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
07:03:07 Nathan Fake You Are Here 07m:25s
07:07:23 Wright,O.V. That's How Strong 03m:58s
07:10:13 Organized Konfusion Soundman 05m:46s
07:14:54 Project Pitchfork Station ID 00m:07s
07:15:10 Banhart, Devendra Lover 04m:42s
07:18:39 Von Spar Dog Machine 04m:22s
07:22:55 Radiohead 15 Step 04m:59s
07:26:51 Sonic Youth Reena 04m:48s
07:30:32 Un Kuartito Sale El Sol 04m:31s
07:33:49 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
07:34:09 Eagles of Deathmetal I Only Want You 03m:49s
07:36:56 Bielefeld loFi Ostwestfalendamm 02m:44s
07:38:35 Dackelblut Kinder Kriegen Kinder (Französ 03m:50s
07:41:19 Ugly Duckling Station_ID 00m:05s
07:41:32 Fischmob Mach doch 04m:25s
07:45:44 Sisters Love, The Give me your love 04m:22s
07:49:58 I Might Be Wrong Cold Comfort 04m:53s
07:53:50 Event Wilde Liga KW 42 03m:54s
07:56:40 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
07:57:04 Pow Pow Movement Superior MegaMix 05m:45s
08:01:47 Bugsy Malone Best Friend 03m:00s
08:02:00 Bugsy Malone Best Friend 03m:00s
08:04:46 Boogaerts, Mathieu Ondulé 04m:00s
08:08:36 Peter Pan Speedrock Station ID 00m:07s
08:08:50 Gomez Flavors 03m:12s
08:11:44 So & So Bombe 05m:54s
08:16:37 Wir sind Helden Müssen nur wollen 04m:37s
08:20:05 George Bekios XfilesBielefeld 00m:24s
08:20:28 Juri Gagarin Stolze Menschen 04m:49s
08:23:59 Kool & The Gang Fresh 04m:20s
08:28:11 5 Sterne Deluxe HipHop Clowns und Party Rapper 04m:44s
08:31:52 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Pain (Peter Tägtgren) 00m:06s
08:32:05 Good Life, The Playing Dumb 02m:17s
08:34:10 Pavement Cut Your Hair 03m:07s
08:37:07 Moore, Thurston Frozen Gtr 04m:07s
08:40:51 Tilly And The Wall Reckless 03m:51s
08:43:33 Misfits Shining 03m:59s
08:46:24 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
08:46:51 NoMeansNo Now 05m:10s
08:51:59 Waterproof Blonde Just Open Your Eyes 04m:18s
08:56:14 Bonde Do Role Solta O Frango(Ladytron Remix) 05m:06s
08:59:45 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
09:02:01 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:02:15 Manic Street Preachers Die in The Summertime 03m:06s
09:05:35 Ladytron Sugar 03m:53s
09:08:27 Mario-Ocke-Bastian Frühlink 00m:13s
09:10:24 Metric Monster Hospital 04m:31s
09:18:54 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
09:19:24 Davis, Miles Motel 04m:02s
09:26:17 Sono All Those City Lights 04m:45s
09:29:56 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:32:47 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
09:33:24 Chemical Brothers, The Star Guitar 04m:59s
09:33:38 Chemical Brothers, The Star Guitar 04m:59s
09:37:20 Punkles,The Why Dont We Do It In The Road 01m:28s
09:38:41 Sonja Ganguin Rückspiegel Anfang!!! 00m:04s
09:44:50 Cosby, Bill & Quincy Jones Hikky-Burr (MixmasterMike mix) 03m:03s
09:47:43 V-Tipps v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
09:47:56 V-Tipp V-Tipp Bett 2 04m:50s
09:48:27 V-Tipp v-tipp Trenner 00m:02s
09:49:49 Zutons, The You Will You Won't 03m:54s
09:52:39 Kerstin Bader Mensaplan-KW42-mi 01m:12s
09:53:54 Peter Pan Speedrock Hangin' With The Wrong Crowd 02m:53s
09:55:43 Waldeck Make My Day 03m:50s
09:58:29 Peaches Gay Bar 02m:02s
09:59:44 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
10:02:08 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:02:22 Cooper Temple Clause, The Homo Sapiens 03m:29s
10:06:00 Donna Summer Try Me 04m:11s
10:11:28 Radiohead 15 Step 04m:59s
10:19:47 Jackson 5 ABC (DJ Friction Remix) 05m:35s
10:24:14 Tim Alexej Wilde Liga KW 42 03m:54s
10:27:09 Ronson, Mark Most Likely You Go Your Way 04m:43s
10:29:56 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:32:53 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
10:33:24 Moloko Indigo 03m:09s
10:33:37 Moloko Indigo 03m:09s
10:41:28 Marvin Gaye What's Going On 04m:53s
10:45:13 Buzzcocks,The Ever Fallen In Love (With Some 03m:42s
10:47:47 Kerstin Bader Mensaplan-KW42-mi 01m:12s
10:48:58 Zoot Woman The Model 04m:33s
10:52:24 Alpert, Herb Spanish Flea 02m:05s
10:53:05 Kula Shaker Second Sight 03m:10s
10:56:25 Outkast B.O.B. (Bombs Over Bagdad) 05m:04s
10:59:42 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
11:02:02 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:02:16 Beatallica Sandman 04m:41s
11:05:51 Convertible Mindwalk 03m:58s
11:08:44 Weezer El Scorcho 04m:03s
11:12:43 Antiseen Needle and the spoon 02m:59s
11:14:32 Sylvia Technik 00m:16s
11:14:46 Jancee Pornick Casino, The Pogo Nyak 03m:53s
11:17:37 Human League, The Being Boiled 04m:23s
11:21:47 Chemical brothers Out of control 07m:20s
11:26:30 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
11:26:43 Zeb.Roc.Ski On the run 04m:36s
11:30:13 Gordon, Dexter Three o´clock in the morning 06m:41s
11:35:45 Mad Marge And The Stonecutters No Looking Back 02m:13s
11:37:57 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
11:38:11 Morgan Heritage Judge not 04m:04s
11:41:59 Laurel Aitken Perfidia 04m:35s
11:45:28 Prince 1999 04m:38s
11:48:55 Sophia Station-ID 00m:05s
11:49:09 Evergrey The great deceiver 04m:21s
11:53:20 Event Mensaplan-KW42-mi 01m:12s
11:54:31 Banhart, Devendra Lover 04m:42s
11:58:06 Guter Kids in America 17m:52s
11:59:42 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
12:00:03 Kerstin Bader InFakt12h 02m:22s
12:02:22 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
12:02:36 Michael Was spielst Dudenn da?Playlist 00m:24s
12:02:53 Clinic Distortions 04m:03s
12:06:50 Otis Redding Hard To Handle 02m:28s
12:09:17 Gotan Project Mi Confession 04m:31s
12:12:41 DAS EFX DAS EFX-ID 00m:08s
12:12:55 Persson, Britta Wintertour 03m:10s
12:15:52 Talking Heads Crosseyed And Painless 05m:50s
12:20:27 Von Südenfed The Rhinohead 04m:18s
12:24:39 Lemonheads,The Break Me 04m:36s
12:28:04 Gogol Bordello Wonderlust King 04m:00s
12:31:56 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
12:32:54 Zwan Honestly 04m:46s
12:36:30 Sugababes I Bet You Look Good On The Dan 03m:47s
12:39:12 Decomposed Subsonic Part Of The Machine 05m:35s
12:43:39 Friedrich Küppersbusch Stan ID 00m:07s
12:43:52 Necro I'm Sick Of You 03m:09s
12:46:50 sidney bechet summertime 03m:03s
12:49:42 Event Mensaplan-KW42-mi 01m:12s
12:50:52 Arcade Fire No Cars Go 05m:34s
12:55:25 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
12:55:44 Bob Marley Babylon system 04m:21s
12:59:43 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
13:00:00 Kerstin Bader InFakt13h 02m:22s
13:02:25 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
13:02:39 Mr. Review Another Town 05m:51s
13:07:18 Stone Roses, the Begging you 05m:56s
13:12:08 Fritz Tietz Station ID 00m:05s
13:12:22 Danzig Blood and tears 04m:20s
13:16:28 White, Jim Crash Into The Sun 05m:31s
13:20:41 Trimmy Billy 05m:34s
13:25:09 Diana Diana-Cowboy 00m:20s
13:25:31 Apollo 440 Stop The Rock 04m:34s
13:29:04 James, Rick Superfreak 03m:26s
13:32:22 Statement Crew Ikarus Fällt 03m:01s
13:35:23 Bülent Aslan türkisch Station ID 00m:12s
13:35:39 Hoo Doo Girl Hoo Doo Man 03m:21s
13:38:55 White Stripes, The Good To Me 02m:06s
13:40:56 Event Vtps17okt 02m:49s
13:42:45 Mad Marge And The Stonecutters No Looking Back 02m:13s
13:44:58 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Turn Into 17m:26s
13:48:55 Social Distortion I was wrong 04m:59s
13:52:44 George Bekios Twilight Zone 01m:37s
13:53:22 Radio 4 Absolute Affirmation 04m:34s
13:56:44 VNV Nation Standing (still) 04m:11s
13:59:45 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
14:00:02 Kerstin Bader Infakt14 02m:22s
14:02:24 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
14:02:38 Canadians A Sky With No Stars 03m:12s
14:05:42 Die Sterne Wahr ist was wahr ist 06m:44s
14:11:17 Kolporteure,Die Zu spät für diese Zeit 02m:11s
14:13:30 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
14:13:43 Queens Of The Stone Age In My Head 04m:02s
14:17:36 Hardcastle, Paul 19 04m:40s
14:21:12 Dntel Dumb Luck 05m:21s
14:26:30 Event Vtps17okt 02m:49s
14:28:20 DAS EFX They Want 04m:37s
14:28:33 DAS EFX They Want 04m:37s
14:29:55 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
14:30:12 tommy dorsey night and day 03m:34s
14:32:28 Peter Pan Speedrock Hangin' With The Wrong Crowd 02m:53s
14:34:20 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
14:35:01 Superskank Das lohnt sich 03m:22s
14:38:18 panteon rococo la carencia 04m:34s
14:41:51 Sioen At A Glance 06m:26s
14:45:01 Blind Guardian Mr.Sandman 02m:10s
14:45:23 Blind Guardian Mr.Sandman 02m:10s
14:47:11 Balthazar, Troy von Took Some $$ 03m:55s
14:50:02 Bran Van 3000 Drinking in L.A. ( Intro Edit 04m:40s
14:53:32 ocke DSF 01m:44s
14:54:17 Rapture, The House Of Jealous Lovers 05m:05s
14:59:18 Baker, Josephine Si J'etais Blanche 03m:47s
14:59:42 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
15:00:04 Kerstin Bader infakt15 02m:22s
15:02:23 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
15:02:36 Wu-Tang Clan Reunited 05m:22s
15:07:48 Console (Martin Gretschmann) Station ID 00m:20s
15:08:08 Silversun Pickups Little Lover´s So Polite 05m:59s
15:13:04 Kate Mosh Sandy 03m:10s
15:16:08 Mexican Institute of Sound El Micrófono 04m:35s
15:19:39 Egotronic Lustprinzip 04m:42s
15:23:21 Green, Adam Dance With Me 04m:48s
15:26:53 No use for a name Justified black eye 03m:39s
15:29:30 Bernd Abgezockt Trailer 01m:42s
15:30:13 Event Vtps17okt 02m:49s
15:32:00 Utopiate Solid Fire 03m:44s
15:34:26 High Llamas Apricots 02m:22s
15:36:36 deela Enjoy 05m:46s
15:41:15 Jochen StationID Lampshade 00m:14s
15:41:29 DangerDoom El Chupa Nibre 03m:36s
15:44:02 Wonder, Little Stevie Fingertips 03m:56s
15:46:50 Convertible Mindwalk 03m:58s
15:49:41 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro1 00m:10s
15:49:55 Jan Delay An die Bürger von Konsolien 04m:21s
15:54:13 Hotknives Don't go away 04m:49s
15:57:56 Inspiral Carpets Generations 03m:48s
15:59:42 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
16:00:03 Kerstin Bader infakt16 02m:22s
16:02:23 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
16:02:36 Paradise Lost Silent In Heart 03m:19s
16:05:52 Event 06-11-16 HertzJunior_Armut 54m:17s
17:00:10 Mad Marge And The Stonecutters No Looking Back 02m:13s
17:02:21 Zue Vielleicht ist heut der letzte 03m:46s
17:05:05 Michael Mixtape-Trailer 01m:00s
17:06:02 Kaliber Kaliber 8.2 07m:37s
17:12:36 Noah & The Whale Five Years Time 04m:03s
17:16:10 Bobby Baby Lucky Moments 04m:42s
17:19:43 I Might Be Wrong Repeat Rewind 04m:43s
17:23:14 Bobby & The Premiers I Got The Feeling 02m:45s
17:24:55 l'avantgarde (koljah, NMZs, ta rap is so leicht 03m:19s
17:28:11 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
17:28:25 Arcade Fire No Cars Go 05m:34s
17:32:46 Pixies Debaser 03m:53s
17:35:34 Heavy, The In The Morning You Don´t Know 03m:53s
17:38:20 Sophia Oh My Love 05m:31s
17:42:39 Event Vtps17okt 02m:49s
17:44:28 EA 80 Wo steht die Uhr ? 05m:50s
17:49:10 65DaysOfStatic Await Rescue 05m:45s
17:53:53 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
17:54:34 Fever Ladyfingers 04m:37s
17:58:04 Hobotalk Life Amongst The Graves 09m:05s
18:00:28 Katarina&Marina In:Takt Anfangsjingle 00m:12s
18:56:35 Adamson , Barry Jazz Devil 05m:06s
19:01:30 Turbo A.C.'s, The Station ID 00m:06s
19:01:44 Outerspace Divine Evil 04m:49s
19:05:25 Gillespie, Dizzy I can´t get started 03m:02s
19:08:21 Silversun Pickups Little Lover´s So Polite 05m:59s
19:13:19 Sebastian Clean Shit 00m:21s
19:13:39 Ruggiero, Vic Saturday Nite 04m:49s
19:17:27 Panteon Rococo Esta Noche 05m:07s
19:20:51 Wire Outdoor Miner 03m:51s
19:23:33 Brides of destruction Shut the fuck up 03m:03s
19:23:47 Brides of destruction Shut the fuck up 03m:03s
19:26:37 Ojos De Brujo Get Up, Stand Up 04m:48s
19:30:23 New Morty Show,The White Wedding/Rebel Yell Medle 03m:26s
19:33:41 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
19:33:55 Zémaria AM 05m:35s
19:38:24 Cosby, Bill & Quincy Jones Jimmy's Theme (Mario C mix) 03m:25s
19:41:38 Necro Gory Days 03m:11s
19:44:44 Ash Ash ID 00m:06s
19:44:57 White, Jim Crash Into The Sun 05m:31s
19:49:06 Shout Out Louds The Comeback 03m:44s
19:51:43 I Might Be Wrong Cold Comfort 04m:53s
19:55:36 Gay Dad Jesus Christ 04m:16s
19:59:43 Ignite Who sold out now ? 02m:23s
20:00:01 Tobias Zehe Anmoderation Generators 00m:13s
20:00:22 Tobias Zehe Intakt Rekorder mit The Genera 59m:07s
20:59:21 Tobias Zehe Abmoderation Generators 00m:20s
20:59:41 Peter Pan Speedrock Hangin' With The Wrong Crowd 02m:53s
21:01:31 Hey Gravity Risen (She Said) 03m:01s
21:04:26 Event Kurz nach 21 00m:04s
21:04:40 Fehlfarben Apokalypse 03m:12s
21:07:31 stieneker, silvia kinderkacke-jingle 00m:23s
21:07:55 Spock's Beard Freak Boy 03m:01s
21:10:49 Box Tops The letter 02m:59s
21:12:44 Goldie Inner City Life 07m:59s
21:17:46 Slug-Atmosphere Slug-ID 00m:06s
21:17:59 Ol' Dirty Bastard Baby C'mon 03m:27s
21:21:13 Cole, Holly I can see clearly now 04m:15s
21:25:18 So & So Bombe 05m:54s
21:30:12 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
21:30:41 Maytals,The Monkey man 04m:35s
21:34:09 Panteon Rococo La Ciudad de la Esperanza 04m:34s
21:37:36 Why? Mutant John 03m:26s
21:40:57 Wyclef Station-ID 00m:08s
21:41:11 Gallery Of Mites 100 Days 02m:27s
21:43:23 Psychopunch Overrated 04m:21s
21:47:40 Lake of tears Leave a room 05m:26s
21:52:59 Anna Depri 01m:30s
21:53:27 Zoot Woman The Model 04m:33s
21:56:54 Roy Ayers Ubiquity We Live In Brooklyn Baby 04m:44s
22:00:04 ingo popmoderne-22-neu 01m:40s
22:00:41 Fennesz Endless Summer 08m:29s
22:09:09 Nathan Fake Grandfathered 05m:20s
22:12:13 Auf Dem Weg Ins Kaufhaus Erled Nester 09m:53s
22:18:27 Booka Shade In White Rooms 09m:59s
22:23:51 Christian Popmoderne Station ID 00m:07s
22:24:05 Blackstrobe Nazi Trance Fuck Off (Holden) 10m:29s
22:34:13 Basteroid I, the Schnitzelmachine 08m:07s
22:42:17 Knife, The Silent Shout 05m:53s
22:46:54 Christian Popmoderne Station ID 00m:07s
22:47:08 Tenor,Jimi Take me baby (VegaRmx) 04m:19s
22:51:10 Trentemřller Snowflake 08m:33s
22:58:39 superpitcher traeume 04m:23s
23:02:54 Henning Popmoderne Outro 2 00m:23s
23:03:18 Francis,Sage Bridle 02m:11s
23:05:26 Slackers, The Station ID 00m:09s
23:05:40 Grateful Dead, The Friend Of The Devil (KLASSIKER 03m:26s
23:09:01 Red Hot Chilli Peppers They're Red Hot 01m:16s
23:09:55 White, Jim Crash Into The Sun 05m:31s
23:14:10 Mediengruppe Telekommander Trend 04m:25s
23:18:29 Queers, The Chewy Chewy 03m:47s
23:21:17 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
23:21:31 Danko Jones First Date 03m:14s
23:24:33 Sodastream Undone 03m:11s
23:27:37 Apparat Tel Aviv 08m:12s
23:33:32 Jochen Downpilot (Jeff) 00m:11s
23:33:45 Atmosphere Bird Sings Why The Caged I Kno 03m:56s
23:36:26 Carter, James Centerpiece 07m:35s
23:40:56 Radiohead 15 Step 04m:59s
23:44:51 Trailer Popmoderne FME Christian Grasse 01m:41s
23:45:29 Tosh,Peter Here Comes The Judge 03m:29s
23:48:55 Ngobo Ngobo Hello Everybody 03m:01s
23:51:25 Bardot,Brigitte Le soleil 03m:18s
23:54:41 Gem All We Have Is Now 03m:49s
23:54:55 Gem All We Have Is Now 03m:49s
23:57:33 Prong Embrace the depth 04m:02s
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