Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 15.9.2007

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:00:05 Say Hi Sweet Sweet Heartkiller 03m:18s
00:03:15 Event Kurz nach 0 Uhr 00m:05s
00:03:32 Hugg & Pepp Snabeln 05m:50s
00:08:03 Brubeck, Dave take five 05m:51s
00:12:44 Michael Keine Radiowerbung-Jingle 00m:18s
00:13:01 Porcupine Tree Lazarus 04m:19s
00:17:13 Taken By Trees No Letting Go 03m:27s
00:20:39 Kirk, Roland A sack full of soul 05m:39s
00:25:11 Hennes Bender Station_ID 00m:14s
00:25:41 Francky Brown You're Elvis 06m:37s
00:30:57 La Grande Illusion I Wanna Be Your Dog 03m:10s
00:33:59 Apollo 440 Lost In Space 03m:26s
00:37:25 Bernd Playlist Jingle 01m:34s
00:38:00 Sonic Youth Teen Age Riot 07m:00s
00:44:49 Peter Bjorn And John Young Folks (Diplo Remix) 06m:09s
00:50:58 DJ Takemura Harmonium 06m:42s
00:56:28 Bittermann Station ID 00m:11s
00:56:45 Reinhard Voigt Tranceformation 09m:57s
01:02:13 Björk Innicence (Simian Mobile Disco 04m:15s
01:02:30 Björk Innicence (Simian Mobile Disco 04m:15s
01:06:24 Espers Widow's Weed 07m:53s
01:13:13 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
01:13:45 SDNMT Sho-Ryu-Sdnmt 04m:50s
01:17:32 Explosions In The Sky The Only Moment We Were Alone 10m:14s
01:27:29 Dinah Washington/Brook Benton A rockin good way 02m:27s
01:29:48 Fritz Tietz Station ID 00m:05s
01:30:08 Lahr Lyrical Amusemnt 04m:54s
01:33:30 Blue States Gaining Time 04m:39s
01:37:09 Brooks, Tina Up Tight´s Creek 05m:18s
01:42:22 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
01:42:47 Junior Boys FM 06m:51s
01:48:17 Aqualung Pressure Suit 05m:58s
01:53:05 Be Surfin 04m:11s
01:57:03 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Kurdt Vanderhoof 00m:05s
01:57:21 Nathan Fake Superpositions 03m:31s
01:59:40 Say Hi Sweet Sweet Heartkiller 03m:18s
02:02:51 Byrd, Donald Fly little bird 05m:28s
02:03:08 Byrd, Donald Fly little bird 05m:28s
02:08:17 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
02:08:59 nor elle on the roof 05m:15s
02:13:50 Múm They Made Frogs Smoke Til They 04m:06s
02:17:52 Sigur Rós Nyja Lagid 09m:29s
02:26:15 Taken By Trees No Letting Go 03m:27s
02:26:32 Taken By Trees No Letting Go 03m:27s
02:29:41 Prekop, Sam Chicago People 04m:17s
02:32:18 george gershwin rhapsody in blue 05m:46s
02:36:55 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
02:37:13 Turntable rocker A little funk 04m:55s
02:40:49 Aaron U-Turn 04m:00s
02:44:33 lionel hampton flying home 03m:13s
02:47:33 Sven Regener II Station ID 00m:11s
02:47:50 Fink This Is The Thing (Acoustic) 05m:34s
02:52:10 Björk Innicence (Simian Mobile Disco 04m:15s
02:56:19 Royksopp Alpha Male 08m:12s
03:00:00 Event Nacht-Jingle 01m:43s
03:00:47 Apocalyptica I'm Not Jesus 04m:35s
03:04:17 Blitzen Trapper Miss Spiritual Tramp 03m:02s
03:06:54 LoveCrave, The Vampires 05m:09s
03:11:56 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
03:12:24 Burden Under 03m:20s
03:15:40 Lattekohlertor nie gesehen 03m:56s
03:18:35 Unseen, The Left For Dead 03m:36s
03:21:11 Jochen Washington-ID 00m:06s
03:21:28 Part Chimp Black Water 03m:53s
03:28:07 April Dead Man walking 03m:21s
03:31:25 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
03:31:42 Killswitch Engage Holy Diver 04m:11s
03:35:40 Cub One Last Kiss 02m:54s
03:37:27 Arctic Monkeys Brianstorm 03m:53s
03:40:18 Hennes Bender Station_ID 00m:14s
03:40:47 Nostrademeus Wall of Anger 04m:03s
03:44:29 Girugämesh Jarring Fly 04m:37s
03:48:02 Schallfaktor Glaskastentraum 08m:54s
03:52:30 Michael K-L-U-K Jingle 00m:19s
03:52:50 IGNITE My Judgement Day 02m:28s
03:55:16 A Fear Called Treason The Circle 03m:24s
03:58:37 Cromax International My Dick is an Alien 05m:52s
04:03:21 Blink182 StationID 00m:04s
04:03:38 Sepultura Mind War 03m:01s
04:06:24 Badtown Boys Dee Dee Took The Subway 02m:08s
04:08:32 Trivium The Rising 04m:47s
04:12:16 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
04:12:33 Butthole Surfers Fast 02m:38s
04:14:05 [:SITD:] Atonement 06m:03s
04:20:01 Stormwarrior Valhalla 04m:54s
04:23:53 Frank Bello Anthrax-ID 00m:07s
04:24:11 Divine Heresy Bleed The Fifth 03m:08s
04:27:05 Blitzen Trapper Devil's a Go-Go 03m:05s
04:30:06 Taking Back Sundays This Photograph Is Proof (I Kn 04m:12s
04:34:01 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
04:34:18 Six feet under America the brutal 03m:02s
04:37:07 Unruh In den Strassen 03m:26s
04:40:30 E-Craft My Techno Body Whore 04m:24s
04:44:47 Belle & Sebastian Hertz - ID 00m:04s
04:45:06 Apocalyptica I'm Not Jesus 04m:35s
04:48:24 Horrors, The Jack The Ripper 03m:03s
04:51:00 VNV Nation Nemesis 04m:00s
04:54:57 Trailer Make Electro A Threat Again 01m:05s
04:55:58 Lordi Who`s your daddy 03m:29s
04:59:26 District No heart 03m:09s
05:00:02 Guru's Jazzmatazz Stand Up 04m:36s
05:03:27 Beastie Boys Sabotage 03m:59s
05:03:44 Beastie Boys Sabotage 03m:59s
05:06:20 Kolporteure,Die Zu spät für diese Zeit 02m:11s
05:08:32 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
05:08:59 Gluecifer A call rom the other side 03m:51s
05:11:45 Broken Beats, The Waters And Oceans 04m:19s
05:15:52 Wolf,Patrick To The Lighthouse 04m:06s
05:19:45 Farin Urlaub Station_ID 00m:07s
05:20:04 Captain Gibs Meister Des Fachs 02m:13s
05:21:59 Hancock, Herbie Cantaloupe Island 06m:30s
05:27:22 Clueso LaLa 04m:01s
05:31:19 Diana Diana-Jazz 00m:11s
05:31:37 Amadou & Mariam C´ets comme ca 05m:37s
05:36:05 Panteon Rococo Esta Noche 05m:07s
05:39:29 a-ha The Living Daylights 04m:16s
05:43:31 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Fear Factory 00m:07s
05:43:48 Slipknot Duality 04m:34s
05:47:05 Minus The Bear Burying Luck 05m:54s
05:51:29 Mills Brother, The I Heard 02m:26s
05:53:55 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
05:54:13 Stella Hyperventilation weeks 03m:27s
05:57:32 All The People Cramp Your Style 02m:16s
05:59:43 Pepe Deluxe Salami Fever 04m:34s
06:03:13 Peter Pan Speedrock Station ID 00m:07s
06:03:31 Field, Chris I Wanna Love You 03m:11s
06:06:27 Loretta Oh Andy 04m:14s
06:10:31 The Wombats Backfire At The Disco 03m:17s
06:13:41 Radiohead Karma Police 04m:22s
06:17:55 Cock Sparrer Where are they now 03m:25s
06:21:17 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
06:21:41 Motörhead Orgasmatron 05m:26s
06:26:56 Fehlfarben feat Helge Einsam 04m:40s
06:30:30 Fatboy Slim Fatboy Slim Feat. Roland Clark 07m:59s
06:37:26 Sven Regener II Station ID 00m:11s
06:37:43 Boogie Down Productions Like A Throttle 04m:16s
06:41:51 Murphy, Mark Why And How 03m:00s
06:44:39 Jackson Analogue Stop 03m:12s
06:47:46 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
06:48:28 Anthony B., Chuck Fender ea Crystal Woman Mega Mix 05m:01s
06:53:25 Bugs Want it all 01m:17s
06:54:36 Animals, The Don´t Let Me Be Misunderstood 02m:29s
06:56:56 NIN Capital G 04m:52s
06:57:14 NIN Capital G 04m:52s
07:00:50 State Radio Good Graces 03m:25s
07:04:10 Cure,The The love cats 04m:40s
07:04:28 Cure,The The love cats 04m:40s
07:07:50 Diana Diana-Beat 00m:16s
07:08:08 LCD Soundsystem North American Scum 05m:26s
07:13:27 Babe Ruth The Mexican 06m:45s
07:19:08 Wu-Tang Clan Shame On A Nigga 03m:57s
07:22:02 Ronan VNV Nation Station ID 00m:06s
07:22:20 Super Mario Theme (KLASSIKER) 04m:59s
07:26:03 Boyracer Nostalgic For A Time I Hardly 01m:19s
07:27:25 Pajaro Sunrise Bird Queen (Automatic Plastic 03m:57s
07:30:15 Welle Erdball Walkman 04m:03s
07:34:13 DRAWVES,THE HOW IT IS DONE 01m:19s
07:35:31 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
07:35:55 Gluecifer Easy Living 03m:04s
07:38:52 Green, Adam We`re Not Supposed To Be Lover 03m:11s
07:41:51 Alias & Tarsier Dr. C 05m:33s
07:45:49 Backyard Babies Station ID 00m:07s
07:46:06 A.s.G.M. + Crazycuts One Take 03m:27s
07:49:08 Trüby Trio A Go Go (Single Edit) 04m:35s
07:52:38 Babyshambles Delivery 03m:42s
07:55:11 Soko 87,9 Trailer 01m:47s
07:55:53 Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros armagideon time live 05m:31s
08:00:13 Los Placebos Skagga 05m:12s
08:05:20 22 Pistepirkko Quicksand 03m:26s
08:05:50 22 Pistepirkko Quicksand 03m:26s
08:08:43 Blind Guardian A past and future secret 04m:47s
08:12:27 Field, Chris I Wanna Love You 03m:11s
08:15:32 Ben Folds Bastard 05m:22s
08:20:44 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
08:21:23 Daft Punk Aerodynamic 03m:28s
08:24:39 Baker, Josephine Si J'etais Blanche 03m:47s
08:27:18 MC Eiht Git money 04m:54s
08:31:05 Raised Fist Station-ID 00m:06s
08:31:22 Junior Senior Take My Time 04m:49s
08:35:01 Maximo Park Our Velocity 03m:21s
08:38:20 Generators, The I'm Still Believing 04m:45s
08:42:00 My Chemical Romance Welcome To The Black Parade 05m:11s
08:47:06 Kolpoteure Der große Augenblick 03m:26s
08:50:22 Jochen Wer sind sie... 00m:19s
08:50:52 Saliva Ladies And Gentleman 07m:52s
08:54:17 Snowglobe Rainbow 03m:42s
08:56:55 LCD Soundsystem All My Friends 08m:37s
09:04:26 Uncle Ho Station ID 00m:06s
09:04:44 BMB Collabo Gute Besserung 06m:38s
09:10:06 Count Basie one o`clock jump 03m:05s
09:13:04 Hey Gravity! Slipping Through The Cracks 03m:42s
09:15:43 Marina Fuck forever! 01m:30s
09:16:12 Jamaicas Groove Band Shaft 03m:26s
09:19:32 Lax Alex Contrax Major Tom 04m:05s
09:23:30 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
09:28:39 Briefs, The Station ID 00m:08s
09:28:56 Twisted Sister I am (I'm me) 04m:36s
09:32:08 The Wombats Backfire At The Disco 03m:17s
09:35:20 Coxon, Graham Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery 04m:45s
09:38:55 Event Trailer BMX 01m:03s
09:39:56 Bernd Gröne JingleHertzHymne2 00m:28s
09:40:27 DJ Koze Let´s Help Me 05m:00s
09:45:19 B.T.Express It Aint Always Good For You 03m:42s
09:48:00 Blackalicious Powers 04m:47s
09:51:44 Ugly Duckling Station_ID 00m:05s
09:52:03 Penate, Jack On The Road 03m:46s
09:54:26 Hule Encuentros 05m:32s
09:58:52 Minus The Bear Burying Luck 05m:54s
10:00:01 Plastikwasser Antikriegslied 02m:29s
10:02:26 Rilo Kiley It's a Hit 04m:29s
10:02:44 Rilo Kiley It's a Hit 04m:29s
10:06:48 Jawbreaker Ashtray Monument 03m:58s
10:09:47 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
10:10:11 Von Bondies, The C'Mon C'mon 02m:15s
10:12:20 Angelika Express Feierabend Of Destruction (Alb 03m:51s
10:15:10 Adult Turn into Fever 03m:36s
10:17:32 Ash Ash ID 00m:06s
10:17:50 Anarchist Academy Rappelkistenkids 04m:06s
10:21:31 Sisters Love, The Give me your love 04m:22s
10:25:46 Dropkick Murphys Famous For Nothing 03m:49s
10:28:31 bastian french 01m:31s
10:29:04 Intensified Move on 05m:07s
10:33:59 SKAOS Better Beware 04m:43s
10:37:39 Beautiful South Prettiest eyes 04m:10s
10:41:44 Robert Stadlober Staion Id Schwarzes Schaf 00m:11s
10:42:01 Trivium Anthem 04m:43s
10:45:36 Little Dragon Constant Surprises 05m:34s
10:50:01 Stars what i'm trying to say 03m:23s
10:53:12 George Marlboro 01m:32s
10:53:44 International Pony Leaving Home 03m:18s
10:56:51 A Camp The Same Old Song 06m:33s
11:02:09 RAG Ragtime 04m:09s
11:02:27 RAG Ragtime 04m:09s
11:06:10 Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden-ID 00m:06s
11:06:27 Jackson Analogue Stop 03m:12s
11:09:26 Event Trailer BMX 01m:03s
11:10:29 Arab Strap Pyjamas 05m:40s
11:14:49 Babyshambles Delivery 03m:42s
11:17:23 Smog Blood Red Bird 03m:17s
11:20:28 Firewater Get Out Of My Head 04m:54s
11:23:50 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
11:24:25 AC/DC Whole lotta Rosie 05m:31s
11:28:38 Geschmeido Hinter dem Haus 04m:15s
11:32:43 Mouse on Mars Twift 04m:24s
11:37:03 Blumentopf Horst 03m:42s
11:37:20 Blumentopf Horst 03m:42s
11:39:43 Small circle of friends Sittin´ on the fenceMultidirec 05m:16s
11:44:53 Osaka Monorail Quick Sand 05m:41s
11:49:22 George Bekios XfilesBielefeld 00m:24s
11:49:44 Anthony B Good life 03m:15s
11:52:55 Panteon Rococo Bajo Sombras 03m:59s
11:55:49 Adams, James Newton Isn't It A Drag 02m:28s
11:58:08 Shelley, Steve (Sonic Youth) Station Id 00m:05s
11:58:26 Hermano Alone Jeffe 03m:22s
12:00:03 Event Der Aussenseiter 04m:36s
13:03:38 Junior Senior Take My Time 04m:49s
13:07:23 Concrete Blonde Darkening of the night 03m:27s
13:10:41 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
13:11:20 Jamiroquai Canned Heat 04m:48s
13:15:03 Barbarin, Marilyn Reborn 02m:26s
13:17:24 Chico feat Rasputin Spiegelbild 05m:58s
13:22:12 Dietmar Wischmeyer Station ID 00m:12s
13:22:30 The Wombats Backfire At The Disco 03m:17s
13:25:35 Nick Drake Pink Moon 02m:07s
13:27:32 Super Mario Theme (KLASSIKER) 04m:59s
13:31:30 Young Marble Giants Searching For Mister Right 03m:04s
13:34:09 Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle 504 08m:34s
13:38:35 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
13:38:53 Taking Back Sundays This Photograph Is Proof (I Kn 04m:12s
13:42:39 Bierbeben, Das Ihr 03m:06s
13:45:44 Cranberries , The You and me 04m:36s
13:49:11 Alexander Robotnick Dance Boy Dance 05m:10s
13:49:54 Sportfreunde Stiller Komm schon 03m:45s
13:52:28 Killers, The Mr Brightside 04m:45s
13:56:05 Modest Mouse Float on 04m:31s
13:59:33 Killers, The Somebody Told Me 03m:19s
14:02:46 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
14:03:03 Klee 2 Fragen (Unplugged) 03m:52s
14:05:53 Superpunk Matula , hau mich raus 02m:04s
14:07:52 Czar feat. DJ Crazy Cuts Spread Out 04m:22s
14:12:08 Lothar Station ID 00m:09s
14:12:26 United Future Organization Upa Neguinho (Supa Neg Mix) 04m:15s
14:16:23 New Pornographers, The My Right Versus Yours 04m:17s
14:20:36 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
14:21:05 Johnson, Linton Kwesi Lorraine 04m:35s
14:24:29 St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review 03m:14s
14:27:39 Allen, Aimee I'd Start A Revolution 03m:22s
14:30:57 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Betzefer 00m:09s
14:31:15 Wire Comet 03m:18s
14:34:21 Osaka Monorail Quick Sand 05m:41s
14:38:49 Angelika Express Geh doch nach Berlin 03m:33s
14:41:14 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
14:41:42 Pantherklub Rapture 05m:56s
14:46:09 Barkley, Gnarls Crazy 03m:59s
14:49:04 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul So Planet Rock 04m:15s
14:53:07 Hennes Bender 2 Station_ID 00m:10s
14:53:25 RSN Berühmt Berüchtigt 04m:02s
14:57:03 Elliott Smith Speed Trials 03m:01s
15:00:03 Penate, Jack On The Road 03m:46s
15:02:36 Event Kurz nach 15 00m:04s
15:02:53 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Down Boy 04m:55s
15:06:33 Action Pact! Rockaway Beach 02m:09s
15:08:42 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
15:08:59 Kravitz, Lenny Fields Of Joy 04m:58s
15:12:57 Stands, The When The Night Falls In 03m:23s
15:15:58 Morgenstern, Christian Welcome to camp Chrystal Lake 04m:11s
15:19:59 Ronan VNV Nation Station ID 00m:06s
15:20:25 Clef Neustart 04m:54s
15:23:55 stan getz get happy 06m:08s
15:29:54 Junior Senior Take My Time 04m:49s
15:33:41 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
15:34:10 Dennis Brown Sitting and watching 04m:10s
15:37:50 Rollings City Acres 04m:33s
15:41:19 Absynthe Minded I Wanna Forget 03m:03s
15:44:18 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
15:44:36 Alice Cooper Brutal Planet 05m:40s
15:48:45 Rios, Gabriel Might Be One 04m:41s
15:52:21 Barenaked Ladies It's Only Me 03m:35s
15:54:55 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
15:55:54 Brockdorfdorff Klanglabor Frohe Schritte 04m:47s
15:59:30 Bobby Byrd I Know You Got Soul 05m:40s
16:04:09 Event Kurz nach 16 Uhr 00m:05s
16:04:27 Z-Trip The Get Down 04m:46s
16:07:50 Doves Hertz-ID 00m:04s
16:08:09 Loudon Wainwright III Feel So Good 02m:04s
16:09:56 Miles Pretty day 03m:07s
16:12:55 Little Dragon Constant Surprises 05m:34s
16:17:22 Slut Easy To Love 04m:48s
16:21:03 Boxhamsters Beende Deine Jugend 04m:48s
16:24:49 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
16:25:08 Mando Diao Sheepdog 04m:53s
16:28:43 New Pornographers, The Mutiny I Promise You 04m:12s
16:32:48 Adam Sky And Crossover I Am The Fly 05m:01s
16:37:43 georg uecker station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
16:38:01 Articolo 31 La Fidanzata 04m:53s
16:41:30 Kirk, Roland Hip Chops 04m:35s
16:45:07 Maritime For Science Fiction 03m:10s
16:48:13 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
16:48:31 Jan Delay An die Bürger von Konsolien 04m:21s
16:52:42 Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites Lion Of Judah 03m:31s
16:55:03 Zykos Kodiak 04m:14s
16:59:05 British Sea Power ID 00m:08s
16:59:22 Royal Ass Force What's The Problem? 02m:58s
17:01:08 Babyshambles Delivery 03m:42s
17:01:26 Babyshambles Delivery 03m:42s
17:03:43 JJ72 Formulae 04m:08s
17:07:51 Michael+Bastian Gude Laune Aldaaa 00m:26s
17:08:16 Les Mecredies Gedankenfeindbild 03m:27s
17:11:32 Bo, Eddie Check Your Bucket 03m:40s
17:14:10 Roots Manuva Colossal Insight 03m:17s
17:17:17 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
17:17:35 Guru's Jazzmatazz Stand Up 04m:36s
17:20:53 Ben Folds Such Great Heights (Postal Ser 04m:11s
17:24:43 Old Man River Sunshine 04m:49s
17:28:26 Art Brut My Little Brother 04m:06s
17:30:46 Sex Pistols Anarchy in the U.K. 04m:32s
17:34:05 Bernd Abgezockt Trailer 01m:42s
17:34:44 TransAM Television Eyes 05m:03s
17:39:43 Beatles, The Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 03m:29s
17:42:55 Phantom/Ghost Electronic Alcatraz 06m:40s
17:48:34 Jochen Seachange 00m:17s
17:48:51 Coldcut Everything Is Under Control 04m:36s
17:52:21 Grant-Lee Phillips Age Of Consent 04m:37s
17:55:50 Little Dragon Constant Surprises 05m:34s
18:00:21 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
18:01:16 Cruz, Anthony Street Dreams (Trilogy Riddim) 03m:27s
18:04:37 Skin of Tears Emptiness 03m:13s
18:07:41 Air Universal Traveler 04m:23s
18:11:58 Karamelo Santo ID spanisch 00m:08s
18:12:16 Beatsteaks Let Me In 03m:05s
18:15:11 Plastikwasser Antikriegslied 02m:29s
18:17:31 Kweller, Ben Hospital Bed 04m:38s
18:20:36 Diana Diana-Strom 01m:32s
18:21:09 Adamson , Barry 007 , a fantasy Bond Theme 04m:00s
18:24:57 James Brown (...) Sex Machine 05m:15s
18:30:11 Danny Fresh Komm Mit 05m:48s
18:34:50 Turbo A.C.'s, The Station ID 00m:06s
18:35:11 Go! Team, The Grip Like a Vice 04m:01s
18:38:54 Best Before Today Jimmy 03m:46s
18:41:40 4Lyn Hello 04m:58s
18:45:33 Rapture, The Whoo! Alright 04m:33s
18:49:00 Ärzte, die Sommer, Palmen, Sonnenschein 03m:52s
18:51:42 Denis HertzKultur 01m:52s
18:52:32 Twisted Sister I am (I'm me) 04m:36s
18:55:53 Sinatra, Frank Girl from Ipanema 03m:04s
18:58:49 Stereo Total Ich bin nackt 03m:40s
19:01:22 Event Kurz nach 19 00m:04s
19:01:40 Afrob Fieber 03m:19s
19:01:58 Afrob Fieber 03m:19s
19:04:50 miles davis walkin` 05m:02s
19:09:45 Generators, The I'm Still Believing 04m:45s
19:13:25 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
19:14:04 Anthony B Cold Feet 04m:13s
19:18:10 Armstrong, Tim Lady Demeter 02m:27s
19:20:36 All Seeing I, the Drive Savely Darlin 03m:53s
19:23:21 Dike Station ID 00m:07s
19:23:38 Kings Of Leon Charmer 03m:57s
19:26:24 Jackson Analogue Stop 03m:12s
19:29:34 Punk Soul Loving Bill Sommer 02m:04s
19:31:29 George Bekios XfilesBielefeld 00m:24s
19:31:54 Ender Error Kunst war gestern 03m:02s
19:34:55 Brooklyn Dreams In The Rhythm 05m:29s
19:40:26 Clef feat. Dotti Ein Herz für Künstler 03m:34s
19:42:54 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Kirk Hammett 00m:07s
19:43:12 Rios, Gabriel Might Be One 04m:41s
19:46:37 My Eye Proposal Red Lit 04m:43s
19:50:14 Clueso LaLa 04m:01s
19:54:12 Spitting Off Tall Buildings This Boy 02m:26s
19:56:38 Spook, The Some like it dead 03m:00s
19:59:26 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
19:59:44 Killswitch Engage The arms of sorrow 04m:44s
20:00:02 Pajaro Sunrise Bird Queen (Automatic Plastic 03m:57s
20:02:52 Sonic Youth Incinerate 05m:58s
20:03:10 Sonic Youth Incinerate 05m:58s
20:07:42 No fun at all Celestial Q&A 04m:37s
20:11:08 Event Trailer BMX 01m:03s
20:12:08 Michael Der Morgen-Trailer 2 01m:39s
20:12:47 Horrorpops Julia 03m:45s
20:15:30 Lee, Ben Float On 04m:06s
20:19:30 Trentemřller Snowflake 08m:33s
20:27:01 Ehemaliger Rektor Helmuth Skowronek ID 00m:09s
20:27:19 Alias Watching Water 02m:25s
20:29:27 Davis, Miles Blue in green 06m:38s
20:33:56 Plastikwasser Antikriegslied 02m:29s
20:36:22 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
20:36:40 Lady Saw Sycamore Tree 04m:33s
20:40:09 No Te Va Gustar No Era Cierto 04m:38s
20:43:30 Alpert, Herb Spanish Flea 02m:05s
20:45:36 Shaft Station_ID 00m:19s
20:45:57 Mission, The Father 06m:56s
20:51:48 UFO Good Bye You 05m:41s
20:56:23 MonsterGod The Revenant 05m:53s
21:01:11 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
21:01:29 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
21:01:55 Morgenstern, Christian Rocket Science 04m:47s
21:05:41 Baby Huey Story,The Hard Times 03m:17s
21:08:51 Ol' Dirty Bastard Baby C'mon 03m:27s
21:12:13 wagner dance or die id 00m:05s
21:12:31 New Pornographers, The My Right Versus Yours 04m:17s
21:16:28 One-Two O-Hot Brain 03m:28s
21:19:52 RSN Berühmt Berüchtigt 04m:02s
21:23:37 PJ Harvey Sheela-Na-Gig 03m:11s
21:26:44 Painted Thin Kandis' Song 01m:15s
21:27:59 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
21:28:49 Black Keys, The Your Touch 03m:45s
21:31:29 Lennon, John Imagine 03m:04s
21:34:28 Stella Bad news entertainment 04m:58s
21:38:24 Sven Regener I Station ID 00m:12s
21:38:42 Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy 5 Jazzy Sensation 10m:43s
21:48:09 Williams, Mary Lou Praise the lord 06m:54s
21:53:57 Old Man River Sunshine 04m:49s
21:57:40 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
21:58:05 Al Pancho Don`t Worry 04m:46s
22:00:00 Volker&Diana Zielgruppenmusik-Anfang 00m:13s
22:00:28 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
22:01:09 Army Of The Pharaohs Henry The 8th 04m:36s
22:04:36 La The Darkman Polluted Wisdom 05m:52s
22:09:28 Ol' Dirty Bastard Baby C'mon 03m:27s
22:12:51 Princess Superstar Keith 'N Me Remix 04m:28s
22:17:17 Bumpy Knuckles R.N.S. 05m:35s
22:21:51 zz_Michael Breaks_mini1 00m:22s
22:22:13 Defari Bionic 05m:56s
22:27:03 Freeman Le Voile Du Silence 04m:23s
22:31:22 Teena Marie I'm A Sucker For Your Love 03m:10s
22:34:25 PMD Rugged-N-Raw 04m:47s
22:38:04 zz_Michael Breaks_mini2 00m:14s
22:38:22 One Shot Millénaire 04m:52s
22:42:02 Organized Konfusion Move 03m:20s
22:45:21 Scaramanga Special Efx 05m:46s
22:50:00 Blumentopf Block Und Bleistift 03m:16s
22:53:12 Barry White It's Ecstasy When You Lay Next 07m:52s
22:59:59 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
23:00:54 Manau Tout le Monde 04m:47s
23:04:19 Event Kurz nach 23 00m:07s
23:04:37 Annie Crush (Richard X-Mix) 04m:19s
23:06:36 Lemmy Motörhead StationID 00m:22s
23:06:58 Towers Of London Air Guitar 03m:38s
23:09:32 Iced Earth Hollow Man 05m:37s
23:13:47 Digital Factor Plastique 04m:32s
23:17:17 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
23:17:49 !!! Must Be The Moon 04m:49s
23:21:39 Alvin Cash Keep On Dancing 03m:39s
23:24:14 Z-Trip Walking Dead 05m:33s
23:28:29 Waxiolusionist Station ID 00m:06s
23:28:47 Generators, The I'm Still Believing 04m:45s
23:32:17 Iron & Wine Such Great Heights 04m:08s
23:36:19 Minus The Bear Burying Luck 05m:54s
23:40:43 Louise Attaque Amours 02m:00s
23:42:37 Against Me Unprotected Sex With Multiple 04m:11s
23:46:42 Sylvia Elefanten 00m:12s
23:47:00 Within Temptation feat. Keith What have you done 04m:01s
23:50:51 Schneider, Helge Käsebrot 03m:17s
23:54:05 Goldie Inner City Life 07m:59s
23:59:01 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
23:59:20 Bukue One Every Day 04m:46s
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