Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 18.5.2007

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
18:15:44 Jones, Grace Bullshit 03m:31s
18:16:37 Grossstadtgeflüster Ficken 00m:07s
18:23:35 peaches shake yer dix 04m:33s
18:28:22 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion 03m:09s
18:32:12 Grossstadtgeflüster Ficken 00m:07s
18:33:44 Juliette & The Licks Sticky Honey 02m:25s
18:43:35 Melt Banana Free The Bee 04m:33s
18:48:45 Allen, Aimee I'd Start A Revolution 03m:22s
18:53:25 LAB Beat the Boys 02m:28s
18:57:16 Hans-A-Plast Spielfilm 03m:57s
19:03:16 Baker, Josephine Si J'etais Blanche 03m:47s
19:06:05 Rain, The Big Lie 04m:18s
19:06:18 Rain, The Big Lie 04m:18s
19:10:19 Welle Erdball Sternenkind 06m:58s
19:13:50 Tindersticks Another Night In 05m:13s
19:18:55 MC 5 Kick out the jams 03m:46s
19:21:30 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
19:21:42 Asio Kid On the move 04m:34s
19:25:03 Prince Sign ' O ' The Times 05m:57s
19:29:57 Wisecracker When The Rain Begins To Fall 04m:25s
19:33:00 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
19:33:42 Junior Boys When Im Not Around 05m:22s
19:38:54 King Khan & The Shrines Land of the Freak 04m:33s
19:42:19 Franklin, Aretha Rock Steady 03m:08s
19:45:22 Slipknot Station-ID 00m:07s
19:45:42 Lemonheads,The Down About It (acoustic) 03m:50s
19:48:09 Rantanplan Hamburg 8 Grad Regen 03m:47s
19:50:47 Shins, The Saint Simon 04m:25s
19:55:00 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
19:55:34 Afika Bambaataa Unity Part 03m:25s
19:58:42 Francis, Sage Got Up This Morning 03m:11s
20:01:26 Anthrax Antisocial 04m:25s
20:05:46 Bolzenbande1 Station ID 00m:07s
20:05:59 Mutabaruka Any which way...freedom 03m:15s
20:09:08 Radiohead The Gloaming (DJ Shadow remix) 06m:42s
20:14:25 Von Spar Bunsenweisheiten 03m:59s
20:17:15 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
20:17:43 Blackie And The Rodeo Kings Let's Frolic 05m:23s
20:22:41 Hymie's Basement 21st Century Pop Song 05m:30s
20:27:04 Schiesser Ihr geht niemals allein 05m:15s
20:32:07 Megadeth Mega-ID 00m:13s
20:32:20 Stevens,Sufjan They Are Night Zombies!... 05m:00s
20:37:13 Whirlpool Productions From disco to disco 06m:56s
20:41:44 Solomon Burke None Of Us Are Free 04m:15s
20:45:50 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
20:46:28 Fever Ladyfingers 04m:37s
20:49:59 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Weapon Of Choice 03m:51s
20:52:46 New Order Regret 04m:09s
20:56:41 Lindenstraßen Uecker Station ID 00m:04s
20:56:54 Belly Feed The Tree 04m:02s
21:00:45 Passage Poem To The Hospital 02m:10s
21:02:46 African Dope Soundsystem Big Trouble 05m:41s
21:07:26 Marina Radio killed the Videostar 00m:29s
21:07:57 Bobby Bare Jr's The Heart Bionic 03m:18s
21:10:57 Lisa Ekdahl Down With Love 02m:37s
21:12:29 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
21:12:42 Shout Out Louds Tonight I Have To Leave It 04m:35s
21:16:08 Miracle of 86 Sunday School 03m:20s
21:19:16 Flaming Sideburns, The Count Me Out 03m:14s
21:22:27 Anna Depri 01m:30s
21:22:54 Defari Killing Spree 04m:14s
21:27:06 Peter Bjorn And John Let's Call It Off 04m:06s
21:30:42 L'attirail Omar En Moto 04m:35s
21:34:12 Tim Guten Morgen (scherben) 01m:43s
21:34:54 Stereo Total Ich bin nackt 03m:40s
21:37:28 Broken Beats, The Copy 03m:29s
21:40:46 Romanthony Bring U Up 04m:49s
21:44:31 Prof. Rosenberg station id 00m:06s
21:44:43 Vangaalen,Chad Clinically Dead 02m:19s
21:46:42 Gossip Fire/Sign 03m:34s
21:49:08 Air All I Need 04m:28s
21:53:25 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
21:54:04 Zwangsvorstellung Tagschatten 05m:05s
21:58:59 Yes Boss Indie Kids 03m:14s
22:02:10 Zutons, The Why Won´t You Give me Your Lov 03m:24s
22:05:29 Onkel Fisch Grillstube Saloniki 00m:10s
22:05:48 Lo and the Magnetics Party of one 03m:55s
22:08:21 T.Raumschmiere feat. Miss Kitt The Game is not over 04m:43s
22:12:02 Camouflage we are lovers 04m:00s
22:15:57 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
22:16:15 Electrelane After The Call 03m:05s
22:19:05 Alpinestars Carbon Kid 04m:34s
22:22:23 Die Hunns Tragedy 02m:55s
22:24:18 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
22:24:29 World Leader Pretend Punches 04m:51s
22:28:08 Alias & Tarsier Dr. C 05m:33s
22:32:02 1619 Bad Ass Band, The Step Out 03m:56s
22:35:00 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
22:35:27 Mr Brown Shivers 03m:10s
22:38:21 John Boy You Are The Generation That... 03m:14s
22:41:28 Kante Warmer Abend 04m:46s
22:45:11 Dina Tiken Jah Fakoly 00m:21s
22:45:34 Hanin Elias No Games No Fun 04m:37s
22:48:59 Busta Rhymes Woo Hah! Got You All In Check 05m:33s
22:53:21 Dennis Brown Here I Come 04m:50s
22:57:00 Jochen Ihr seid Arschlöcher 00m:18s
22:57:17 Mumm Ra She's Got You High 03m:05s
23:00:07 Sebastian Sturm Back Among The Living 04m:39s
23:03:29 Art Brut My Little Brother 04m:06s
23:05:46 Kansas Carry on wayward son 05m:22s
23:11:01 Britta Underground - british inspired 01m:52s
23:11:53 Sleepwalker Vorsprechtermin 05m:49s
23:16:30 Beatles, The Taxman 03m:39s
23:19:03 Talco La Carovana 03m:13s
23:22:13 Michael Keine Radiowerbung-Jingle 00m:18s
23:22:29 Radiohead The Gloaming (DJ Shadow remix) 06m:42s
23:27:48 Louis Lament Sugar Sugar 02m:15s
23:29:56 Road Runners Every Man For Himself 03m:02s
23:32:50 Willi (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
23:33:04 Dimmu Borgir Grotesquery conceiled 05m:11s
23:38:08 David Gray Silver Lining 06m:00s
23:44:04 van Dannen, Funny Freunde der Realität 03m:18s
23:47:14 George Bekios DubistHertz 01m:30s
23:47:45 Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off) 04m:59s
23:51:36 Fujiya & Miyagi Ankle Injuries 04m:15s
23:55:37 Wolf And Cub Kingdom 07m:27s
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