Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 11.11.2006

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:00:06 Event Kurz nach 0 Uhr 00m:05s
00:00:20 Hugo Race Station ID (Jochen) 00m:10s
00:00:31 Biz Markie Turn Tha Party Out 03m:26s
00:03:51 Fanga Crache La Doleur 06m:08s
00:09:49 Veljanov,Alexander Jolene 03m:19s
00:12:46 Trailer Make Electro A Threat Again 01m:05s
00:13:47 Weller, Paul Wild Blue Yonder 04m:32s
00:17:07 Sparta Mye 04m:32s
00:20:30 Rotersand - Merging Oceans Rotersand - Merging Oceans 05m:03s
00:25:31 Lee Hollis Station ID 00m:10s
00:25:40 Aplocalyptica Enter Sandman 04m:42s
00:29:13 Superpitcher Baby's on Fire Short 04m:36s
00:32:39 Coup, The My Favorite Mutiny 05m:36s
00:37:13 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
00:37:30 Pantera Cowboys from hell 04m:07s
00:41:35 Seachange No Backward Glances 04m:56s
00:45:21 Pipettes, The Judy 03m:53s
00:48:08 Ugly Duckling Station_ID 00m:05s
00:48:18 Gravy Train Titties Bounce 03m:51s
00:51:03 Macka b (Racists) back off 03m:15s
00:54:14 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
00:54:23 Silence P.S. 10m:44s
00:58:29 Magic Numbers, The Take A Chance 04m:35s
01:01:51 Event Kurz nach 1 00m:04s
01:02:01 Nordenstam,Stina Parliament Square 05m:35s
01:06:15 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
01:06:47 Zwangsvorstellung Tagschatten 05m:05s
01:11:37 Cliff,Jimmi Vietnam 05m:49s
01:16:19 Adamson , Barry Jazz Devil 05m:06s
01:21:12 Super (Sport) Station ID 00m:05s
01:21:22 Hives,The Hate to say I told you so 03m:22s
01:24:29 Wolf, Patrick Tristan 03m:38s
01:27:03 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
01:32:12 britta Underground 01m:47s
01:33:00 Megadeth Symphony of destruction 04m:03s
01:37:00 the moldy peaches downloading porn with davo 02m:22s
01:39:19 Einstürzende Neubauten Zuckend 03m:25s
01:42:29 Fuenfsterne Deluxe Station ID 00m:24s
01:42:55 Cooper Temple Clause, The Homo Sapiens 03m:29s
01:46:11 Rogue Wave Bird On A Wire 04m:40s
01:49:38 Anarchist Academy Rappelkistenkids 04m:06s
01:53:30 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
01:53:59 Al Green Tired Of Being Alone 03m:51s
01:56:41 Uwe Banton I Know 04m:35s
02:00:07 Pink Floyd See Emily Play 03m:47s
02:02:51 Event Kurz nach 2 00m:04s
02:03:01 Murs We Will Rock You (Z-Trip RMX) 03m:41s
02:05:33 Percy Sledge Let It Be Me 03m:41s
02:08:07 Radiohead Airbag 05m:44s
02:12:46 Michael Keine Radiowerbung-Jingle 00m:18s
02:13:02 Super700 Selfcontrol 04m:00s
02:17:00 Turbo A.C.s HKWC 04m:45s
02:20:40 Minerve Drifting in a maze 04m:06s
02:24:39 Farin Urlaub Station_ID 00m:07s
02:24:48 Gluecifer A call rom the other side 03m:51s
02:27:33 Daft Punk Superheroes 04m:58s
02:31:20 Donald D Oldschool Jam 05m:07s
02:36:19 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
02:36:39 Rose Tatoo Remedy 05m:35s
02:41:06 Strokes, The Heart In A Cage 03m:27s
02:44:20 Carlotti, Barbara Les Lys Brisés 03m:20s
02:47:30 Beck Station ID 00m:04s
02:47:39 Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie Dann Schlägt dein Herz 02m:05s
02:49:36 Dillinger Cocaine 03m:48s
02:52:14 Frank Bello Anthrax-ID 00m:07s
02:52:23 Super Furry Animlas Cloudberries 05m:04s
02:57:17 Street Dogs, The Not Without A Purpose 03m:15s
03:00:27 Event Kurz nach 3 00m:03s
03:00:37 Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love 06m:31s
03:05:51 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
03:06:10 Ice - T I´m your Pusher 06m:38s
03:10:58 Ogada,Ayub Obiero 03m:15s
03:14:12 Bondage Fairies He-Man 03m:40s
03:16:43 Hennes Bender 2 Station_ID 00m:10s
03:16:53 Danko Jones First Date 03m:14s
03:20:00 Soulwax Too many DJ's 05m:33s
03:24:27 Akendengue Tous Nos Maux 04m:32s
03:27:51 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
03:28:00 To-Mera Blood 06m:36s
03:33:19 Verdena Logorrea (esperti all'opera) 04m:55s
03:37:13 Go Betweens,The Make Her Day 04m:46s
03:40:49 Cruxshadows Hertz-ID 00m:07s
03:40:59 Uwe Banton I Know 04m:35s
03:44:20 Tele Now Now Now 04m:48s
03:48:03 Albino Die Jahre Vergehen 04m:50s
03:51:48 Michael & Diana Lucy Pher Lang 01m:30s
03:52:18 Solomon Burke Got To Get You Off My Mind 02m:59s
03:54:11 Junior Boys In The Morning 05m:47s
03:58:48 Rob Zombie House Of 1000 Corpses 04m:44s
04:02:15 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:02:25 Adolf Noise Deine Reime sind Schweine 06m:49s
04:08:04 Sovory Sky 04m:47s
04:11:43 Aberfeldy Love Is An Arrow 03m:33s
04:14:05 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
04:14:38 Katerine 100% VIP 03m:08s
04:17:32 MxPx Party,my house,be there 02m:17s
04:19:35 Painbastard Mother 04m:17s
04:23:50 Dietmar Wischmeyer Station ID 00m:06s
04:23:59 Grätenkinder, Die Kein Would im If Satz 03m:59s
04:26:51 De Phazz Squeeze the trigger 03m:46s
04:29:33 Zeb.Roc.Ski On the run 04m:36s
04:33:03 George Bekios IndyExperten 00m:26s
04:33:29 Circle II Circle Forgiven 05m:03s
04:38:23 Smiths, The Girlfriend In A Coma 02m:04s
04:40:22 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
04:43:45 Soulfly Station-ID 00m:10s
04:43:55 Camouflage confusion 04m:48s
04:47:35 Leo´s Den feat. Ganjaman Marie & Hanna 05m:59s
04:52:29 Coverdale Station ID mit Musik 01m:35s
04:53:04 motorpsycho walkin' with j. 04m:59s
04:56:48 Super700 Selfcontrol 04m:00s
05:00:05 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
05:00:18 Magic Numbers, The Take A Chance 04m:35s
05:03:40 Chewy Tomcat 03m:16s
05:06:45 Metallica The unforgiven 06m:27s
05:13:03 Sylvia jingle 1 00m:11s
05:13:13 Jurassic feat Dave Matthews B Work It Out 04m:53s
05:17:03 Elbow Forget Myself 04m:40s
05:20:33 Spion&Spion Message to this 03m:43s
05:23:11 Diana Diana-Cowboy 00m:20s
05:23:30 ThieveryCorporation The Heart's a lonely 'Hunter 04m:35s
05:26:57 Duke Special Last night I nearly died 03m:08s
05:29:55 Aaron Neville Hercules 04m:13s
05:34:03 Christian Station ID 00m:08s
05:34:13 Feeder Seven days in the sun 04m:34s
05:37:40 No fun at all Celestial Q&A 04m:37s
05:41:04 Wolf, Patrick Lighthouse 04m:04s
05:45:03 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
05:45:17 Chief Xcel Multitude 05m:56s
05:49:44 Katerine 100% VIP 03m:08s
05:52:38 Andrew W.K. Party Hard 03m:05s
05:55:29 Turin Brakes Hertz ID 00m:05s
05:55:39 lee scratch perry vibrate on 05m:41s
06:00:06 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:00:22 Chikinki Ether Radio Jan Driver&Siriusm 03m:56s
06:02:59 Revs, The Time Slippin 04m:30s
06:06:24 Sebastian Clean Shit 00m:21s
06:06:43 Le Chris and La Lotti Radio 02m:29s
06:09:08 We Are Scientists The Great Escape 03m:20s
06:12:22 Motorhead R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 01m:26s
06:13:46 Vic Ruggiero StationID 00m:11s
06:13:59 Alice In Chains Down In A Hole 06m:38s
06:19:28 Bjoerk Hyper-ballad 05m:22s
06:24:41 Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham Lover And A Friend 03m:35s
06:27:10 ocke Volksmusik Quote 00m:18s
06:27:29 billy talent The Ex 03m:41s
06:30:04 Magic Numbers, The Take A Chance 04m:35s
06:33:28 Chelsy Bad Luck 03m:39s
06:35:57 Apoptygma Berzerk ID 00m:06s
06:36:07 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Honeybear 02m:28s
06:38:22 Torch feat. Toni Wir waren mal Stars 03m:59s
06:41:14 Edwards,Rupie Leggo Skanga 03m:51s
06:43:56 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
06:44:21 Wolfmother Joker & The Thief 05m:44s
06:48:55 Getz & Byrd Samba dees days 04m:37s
06:52:22 Patrick Lemoine Station_ID 00m:08s
06:52:32 Goose British Mode 03m:09s
06:55:33 Get Up Kids,The Holiday 04m:32s
06:59:03 Victory Don`t tell no lies 04m:52s
07:02:52 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:03:02 Atmosphere Bird Sings Why The Caged I Kno 03m:56s
07:05:43 Covenant Bullet 04m:58s
07:09:39 Busters, The The good go 03m:42s
07:12:18 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
07:12:28 Leila K. Open Sesame 03m:28s
07:15:48 Weller, Paul Wild Blue Yonder 04m:32s
07:19:08 Barkley, Gnarls Crazy 03m:59s
07:22:05 Ben Gibbard DeathCab_ID 00m:05s
07:22:15 Built to spill Center of the universe 03m:44s
07:24:40 Boxhamsters Beende Deine Jugend 04m:48s
07:28:27 Ward, Anita Ring My bell 04m:27s
07:32:45 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
07:33:08 Zwangsvorstellung Tagschatten 05m:05s
07:37:58 News At Six Smile 03m:04s
07:40:59 Aplocalyptica Enter Sandman 04m:42s
07:44:28 Feuerstein Station ID 00m:12s
07:44:41 Alpha Blondy Sabotage 04m:01s
07:48:37 Bartos, Karl 15 Minutes Of Fame 04m:12s
07:52:46 Sons of Jim Wayne Heartache #2 02m:09s
07:54:52 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
07:55:06 Loretta Oh Andy 04m:14s
07:59:08 XPQ-21 Hey you 04m:01s
08:03:08 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:03:18 Schneller Autos Organisation Abwasch Nachts 04m:50s
08:07:04 Britta Maxi-ID 00m:04s
08:07:13 afghan whigs step into the light 04m:40s
08:10:37 Herbaliser, The The Real Killer 05m:42s
08:15:08 Temptations,The I Can’t Get Next To You 03m:53s
08:17:53 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
08:18:03 Motörhead God save the queen 03m:20s
08:21:17 Cooper Temple Clause, The Homo Sapiens 03m:29s
08:24:34 Young,Neil Out On The Weekend 05m:35s
08:28:59 Bill Cosby Station_ID 00m:16s
08:29:15 Readymade You Call It Trash, We Call It 03m:45s
08:31:54 Der Tobi & Das Bo MitdemFischanderWandindenPutz 05m:33s
08:36:16 99posse Ripetutamente 06m:30s
08:41:42 Faber, Hajo Jöllenbeck-Jingle 01m:44s
08:42:27 Savalas All Over You 04m:03s
08:46:23 Soul-Bossa-Trio Easy Bounce 03m:08s
08:49:28 Lothar ein herrlicher Sender Station ID 00m:04s
08:49:38 Akendengue Tous Nos Maux 04m:32s
08:52:58 Neon Blonde Headlines 03m:23s
08:56:16 Black Sabbath Paranoid 03m:47s
08:58:57 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
08:59:23 O.C. Your Life 05m:25s
09:04:01 Sophie Rimheden In Your Mind 05m:32s
09:08:24 Skatalites (feat. Bob Marley) Simmer Down 03m:49s
09:11:06 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
09:11:35 Tree Wave May Banners 04m:44s
09:15:12 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
09:18:33 Wright,O.V. Ace Of Spades 02m:20s
09:20:45 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Cradle of Filth 00m:04s
09:20:55 Bettens, Sarah Come Over Here 03m:50s
09:23:35 Social Distortion When the angels sing 04m:15s
09:27:42 Sinatra, Nancy Wishin´ and hopin´ 03m:47s
09:30:26 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
09:30:49 Jurassic 5 What´s Golden? 03m:09s
09:33:50 Street Dogs, The Not Without A Purpose 03m:15s
09:36:58 All Systems Go Fascination Unknown (Remix) 03m:11s
09:40:06 Patrick Lemoine Station_ID 00m:08s
09:40:22 Paul St. Hilaire Society 03m:20s
09:43:33 Stereo MC's Connected 05m:09s
09:48:36 Seaside Stars Kick Out 03m:33s
09:50:58 Bernd Gröne JingleHertzHymne2 00m:28s
09:51:28 Duke Special Last night I nearly died 03m:08s
09:54:25 Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy 05m:08s
09:59:20 DRAWVES,THE HOW IT IS DONE 01m:19s
10:00:38 Waxiolusionist Station ID 00m:06s
10:00:48 Afghan whigs Lost in the supermarket 05m:40s
10:05:00 Portishead Sour times 04m:14s
10:09:05 Billy Paul Am I Black Enough For You 05m:18s
10:14:16 Event Archive 14.11. Trailer 01m:48s
10:15:05 Jan Schaper HertzGummibären 00m:19s
10:15:23 Mars Volta, The This Apparat 04m:54s
10:19:13 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
10:24:23 Avocadoclub Confessions Of A One-Trick Pon 03m:19s
10:27:20 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
10:27:30 She-Male Trouble Time Runs Out 02m:41s
10:29:03 Rob The Viking She´s Always Right 05m:38s
10:33:34 Active Member Kane Mou Th xarh 05m:46s
10:38:12 Jenny & Conny & Volker Popmoderne Jingle 1 00m:27s
10:38:38 Carlotti, Barbara Les Lys Brisés 03m:20s
10:41:48 Hartcore Vibration - Boogie 03m:02s
10:44:49 Fuenfsterne Deluxe Station ID 00m:24s
10:45:12 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
10:48:36 Cribs, The Mirror Kisses 04m:38s
10:52:12 Datsuns,The Blacken My Thumb 03m:48s
10:54:54 Michael+Bastian Gude Laune Aldaaa 00m:26s
10:55:20 The Tape vs Infinite Livez The Return Of The Menstruating 04m:42s
10:58:56 Athlete You Got The Style 03m:26s
11:02:23 SKA-P Simpatico Holgazán 04m:05s
11:06:25 Diana Diana-Strom 01m:32s
11:06:57 Rapture, The House Of Jealous Lovers 05m:05s
11:11:58 Katerine 100% VIP 03m:08s
11:14:49 Alexander, Harold Mama Soul 03m:53s
11:17:41 Laufen solln die andern Station ID 00m:05s
11:17:50 Broken Social Scene Lover's Spit 06m:22s
11:23:40 Buttocks Deutsche Raus aus Deutschland! 01m:29s
11:25:08 Fad Gadget For whom The Bells Toll 04m:36s
11:28:39 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
11:29:27 Kc Da Rookee Rookee of the year 05m:40s
11:34:05 Cheap Trick Perfect Stranger 04m:44s
11:37:39 AC/DC Whole lotta Rosie 05m:31s
11:41:52 Shaft Station_ID 00m:19s
11:42:11 Delay, Jan Die Sonne geht auf 04m:06s
11:45:29 Dackelblut Kinder Kriegen Kinder (Französ 03m:50s
11:48:14 You Say Party We Say Die The Gap 03m:02s
11:51:12 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
11:51:45 Poisson, Tom Qu'est Ce Que Je Deviens 03m:58s
11:54:36 Kings of Leon Red Morning Light 03m:02s
11:57:30 Antiseen Needle and the spoon 02m:59s
11:59:20 Sparks StationID 00m:07s
11:59:30 afghan whigs my enemy 03m:11s
12:00:06 Event Kabarettpreis 2003 Finale 34m:48s
14:33:53 Mr Scruff Fish 04m:12s
14:37:52 Four Tops Rooms of Gloom 03m:01s
14:40:21 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
14:41:00 Whitesnake Judgment Day 05m:16s
14:46:01 Early Years, The So Far Gone 04m:07s
14:50:01 Sterne, Die Hier kommt die Kaltfront 03m:25s
14:53:24 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
14:53:33 MxPx Party,my house,be there 02m:17s
14:55:33 Eins Zwo feat. Nico Suave Sternzeichen Krebs 05m:33s
14:59:42 Luciano Equal rights 04m:32s
15:00:06 Jochen Robert Fisher 00m:08s
15:00:21 Carlotti, Barbara Les Lys Brisés 03m:20s
15:03:22 Loewenstein,Jason Codes 02m:20s
15:05:41 Blind Guardian Mr.Sandman 02m:10s
15:07:48 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
15:08:10 Promoe Drowning By Numbers 05m:36s
15:12:19 They Might Be Giants Au Contraire 02m:29s
15:14:38 elephant man jamaica 03m:29s
15:18:02 Bernd Playlist Jingle 01m:34s
15:18:34 Aphex Twin Vord Hosbn 05m:41s
15:23:06 Savalas All Over You 04m:03s
15:26:59 Anita Ward Ring My Bell 03m:24s
15:30:24 Readymade Station_ID 00m:04s
15:30:34 Welle Erdball Walkman 04m:03s
15:34:24 Normahl Freiheit und Recht 02m:51s
15:36:04 punk soul loving... auf die strassen 03m:10s
15:39:08 stieneker, silvia kinderkacke-jingle 00m:23s
15:39:31 Fischmob Checkt Den Flavor 04m:21s
15:43:44 Junior Boys In The Morning 05m:47s
15:48:18 Aerosmith Love in an elevator 05m:22s
15:53:19 Maximo Park (Paul Smith) Station_ID 00m:04s
15:53:29 Fat Freddys Drop Rady - The Nextmen Burger Edit 04m:29s
15:57:44 South Autumn Morning 04m:52s
16:01:34 Robocop Kraus, The Apes aping apes 03m:00s
16:04:23 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
16:04:45 PeterLicht Wir werden siegen 03m:09s
16:07:46 Prince Sign ' O ' The Times 05m:57s
16:12:38 Paris Make Way For A Panther 02m:29s
16:15:04 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Chris Caffery 00m:11s
16:15:18 Ween Freedom of 76 03m:54s
16:17:52 Ratatat Germany to Germany 04m:31s
16:21:22 Mickey and the Soul Generation Chocolate 02m:23s
16:23:35 Jan Schaper Weltherrschaft 00m:16s
16:23:51 Weezer Say it ain't so 04m:19s
16:28:04 Event Archive 14.11. Trailer 01m:48s
16:28:49 Le Chris and La Lotti Radio 02m:29s
16:31:14 Air All I Need 04m:28s
16:35:33 Dietmar Wischmeyer Station ID 00m:12s
16:35:46 Looper Fucking Around 04m:27s
16:39:55 Cali Agents Neva Forget 04m:46s
16:43:35 Macka b (Racists) back off 03m:15s
16:46:45 Anna Laufenlassen 00m:14s
16:46:58 Hansonis Foxy 04m:56s
16:50:47 Davis, Miles Blue in green 06m:38s
16:55:18 Main Concept Station ID 00m:09s
16:55:28 Urlaub in Polen Inkin Ark 04m:20s
16:59:34 Wilco Theologians 04m:37s
17:03:01 Event Kurz nach 17 Uhr 00m:05s
17:03:11 Jesus Volt Voodoo In A Motel Room 06m:50s
17:08:46 Sema Der Morgen 00m:29s
17:09:12 Francis,Sage Slow Down Gandhi (RMX) 05m:54s
17:14:00 Bran Van 3000 Drinking in L.A. ( Intro Edit 04m:40s
17:17:34 danny english z.i.m 03m:28s
17:20:55 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
17:21:14 Strunk,Heinz Computerfreak 02m:58s
17:23:07 Cooper Temple Clause, The Homo Sapiens 03m:29s
17:26:24 Bobby & The Premiers I Got The Feeling 02m:45s
17:28:04 Panteon Rococo Station ID 00m:10s
17:28:13 Flyleaf I`m so sick 03m:58s
17:31:08 Suicidal Tendencies How will I laugh tomorrow 07m:45s
17:37:43 Wolf, Patrick Godrevy Point 05m:38s
17:42:03 Britta Underground - british inspired 01m:52s
17:42:54 Outkast Spread 04m:54s
17:46:24 Poisson, Tom Qu'est Ce Que Je Deviens 03m:58s
17:49:15 American HiFi Flavor of the weak 03m:11s
17:52:16 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
17:52:26 Lo and the Magnetics Party of one 03m:55s
17:55:05 Daft Punk Superheroes 04m:58s
17:58:53 Chewy Black Belt 04m:04s
18:02:53 Event Kurz nach 18 Uhr 00m:05s
18:03:03 News At Six Smile 03m:04s
18:06:00 Sono Open the door 06m:36s
18:11:33 MB1000 Kampfkunst 05m:42s
18:15:39 Sophia Station-ID 00m:05s
18:15:49 Alarma Man Sweden Sweden 04m:14s
18:19:50 Egotronic Tanzen Gehn 03m:22s
18:23:08 Chilites What Do I Whish For 03m:54s
18:26:03 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
18:26:55 Opeth Hope Leaves 04m:29s
18:31:14 Savalas All Over You 04m:03s
18:35:06 The All Seeing I Walk like a panther 04m:28s
18:39:28 John Wayne Shot Me Station ID / Jingle 00m:26s
18:39:54 Music,The The Truth Is No Words 05m:34s
18:44:26 13&God Perfect Speed 04m:36s
18:47:57 black uhru Hey Joe 05m:12s
18:52:54 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
18:53:17 Goose British Mode 03m:09s
18:56:18 Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgeral Can´t we be friends 04m:47s
18:59:58 Lifehouse Lifehouse ID 00m:04s
19:00:09 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
19:05:10 Moving Units Unpersuaded 03m:41s
19:05:26 Moving Units Unpersuaded 03m:41s
19:07:49 Spitting Off Tall Buildings Summer 03m:48s
19:10:25 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
19:10:37 Kinderzimmer Productions 1-2-3-4 04m:03s
19:14:33 New Pornographers, The Twin Cinema 03m:59s
19:17:31 Black Uhuru Leaving to Zion 06m:32s
19:22:10 bastian french 01m:31s
19:22:42 Moonbootica Listen 04m:06s
19:26:34 Cheap Trick Perfect Stranger 04m:44s
19:30:08 Archie Bell & The Drells There's Gonna Be A Showdown 03m:35s
19:32:31 Charlotte Roche Station_ID 00m:06s
19:32:41 Cribs, The You´re Gonna Lose Us 03m:38s
19:35:11 Aerzte,Die Yoko Ono 01m:31s
19:35:43 Revell,Grey Gone Gone 03m:14s
19:38:41 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
19:39:39 Dilated Peoples Love And War 04m:35s
19:43:13 Voxtrott Fast Asleep 03m:52s
19:45:55 Alice Cooper The song that didn´t rhyme 03m:17s
19:49:06 Sven Regener I Station ID 00m:12s
19:49:19 Schälsick Steppas Reggaelieder 04m:26s
19:53:35 Event Archive 14.11. Trailer 01m:48s
19:54:20 Ms. John Soda No One 05m:01s
19:59:10 Desaparecidos Man and Wife, The Latter 04m:51s
20:00:06 gentleman gentleman id 00m:17s
20:00:22 Poisson, Tom Qu'est Ce Que Je Deviens 03m:58s
20:03:13 Kill, The Bury Me 04m:54s
20:06:55 NoMeansNo Now 05m:10s
20:12:03 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
20:12:16 jehst falling down 04m:19s
20:16:15 Zita Swoon My Bond With You And Your Plan 04m:25s
20:20:37 No Te Va Gustar No Era Cierto 04m:38s
20:24:01 Jochen Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
20:24:31 DJ Shadow Mashin ´On The Motorway 03m:38s
20:27:06 Loretta Oh Andy 04m:14s
20:31:09 Bobby Womack Looking For A Love 03m:42s
20:33:38 Lindenstraßen Uecker Station ID 00m:04s
20:33:47 Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg 03m:24s
20:37:02 Contriva Self-Service 04m:28s
20:41:24 Idle,Eric The FCC Song 02m:10s
20:43:27 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
20:43:37 Geutz Publicity 04m:26s
20:47:55 Eskobar Immortality 04m:32s
20:51:13 Islands Rough Gem 04m:39s
20:54:40 Savatage Sava-ID 00m:13s
20:54:53 Marley,Bob & The Wailers Soul rebel 03m:22s
20:58:03 Tenor,Jimi Take me baby (VegaRmx) 04m:19s
21:02:12 Morphine Good 03m:34s
21:04:47 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
21:05:33 Super700 Selfcontrol 04m:00s
21:09:28 Smiths, The How Soon Is Now 07m:42s
21:15:47 Tom Waits Return Of Jackie&Judy 03m:29s
21:19:11 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
21:19:21 Bloodflowerz the last dance 03m:13s
21:22:29 Chikinki Ether Radio Jan Driver&Siriusm 03m:56s
21:25:17 Incredible Bongo Band Apache 05m:55s
21:30:09 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
21:30:54 Good Life, The Lovers Need Lawyers 03m:40s
21:33:26 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
21:36:47 Distain Are You Independent? 04m:39s
21:40:21 British Sea Power ID 00m:08s
21:40:31 Tokyo Sex Destruction Black Cold Heart 03m:13s
21:43:26 13&God Perfect Speed 04m:36s
21:47:00 Hugg & Pepp Snabeln 05m:50s
21:51:48 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
21:52:01 Urlaub in Polen Inkin Ark 04m:20s
21:56:11 Dorham, Kenny Dorham´s Epitaph 01m:10s
21:57:19 Montreal Station_ID 00m:09s
21:57:28 Street Dogs, The Not Without A Purpose 03m:15s
22:00:04 Volker&Diana Zielgruppenmusik-Anfang 00m:13s
22:00:19 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
22:01:12 DJ Shadow 3 Freaks 04m:49s
22:04:55 Gift of Gab, The Rat Race 03m:55s
22:07:44 Mr. Lif Murs Is My Manager 04m:20s
22:11:56 Themselves Dark Sky Demo 03m:35s
22:14:25 Paw Dukes Cést La Vie 05m:37s
22:18:49 Ugly Duckling Breakdown 03m:28s
22:22:07 zz_Michael Breaks_mini1 00m:22s
22:22:26 Kurtis Blow The Breaks 08m:43s
22:30:06 The Brothers Seven Funky Smunk 02m:06s
22:32:05 Isley Brothers,The This Old Heart Of Mine 03m:51s
22:34:46 Supremes,The Where Did Our Love Go 03m:33s
22:37:12 Spinners,The It's A Shame 03m:12s
22:40:17 zz_Michael Breaks_mini2 00m:14s
22:40:30 Handsome Boy Modeling School Holy Calamity 04m:02s
22:44:23 DJ Jazzy Jeff-Mix Mister Complex-Visualize 02m:38s
22:45:57 Divine Styler Free Styler 05m:17s
22:51:07 Jurassic feat Dave Matthews B Work It Out 04m:53s
22:54:57 DJ FK Rock The Most 04m:40s
22:58:17 Prince Po Hold Dat 03m:15s
23:01:18 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
23:02:13 Kerosin Survive 04m:07s
23:06:09 Dionysus Spirit 06m:34s
23:11:36 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
23:11:46 Wu-Tang Clan Allstars Soul in the Hole 05m:41s
23:16:24 Carla Bruni Le Plus Beau Du Cartier 03m:28s
23:19:47 Athena Hersey Guzel Olaca 04m:39s
23:23:21 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
23:23:54 Clinic Distortions 04m:03s
23:27:49 Wolfmother Joker & The Thief 05m:44s
23:32:23 Roy Ayers Ubiquity We Live In Brooklyn Baby 04m:44s
23:35:50 Von Spar Von Spar ID 00m:04s
23:36:00 Fight Doro 04m:10s
23:39:59 Tigerbeat Beat Me `till I Understand 05m:31s
23:44:27 Ultravox Vienna 05m:39s
23:48:53 ocke DSF 01m:44s
23:49:38 Lyrics Born The Last Trumpet (Halou rmx) 05m:06s
23:54:29 Akendengue Tous Nos Maux 04m:32s
23:57:53 Espers Mansfield and Cyclops 06m:57s
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