Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 1.11.2006

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:00:04 Event Berliner Gynäkologenprozess 38m:30s
00:37:24 Ehemaliger Rektor Helmuth Skowronek ID 00m:09s
00:37:34 Schälsick Steppas Reggaelieder 04m:26s
00:41:46 Erobique Still loving you 04m:20s
00:46:03 Sunshine Underground, The Put You In Your Place 03m:14s
00:49:14 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
00:49:33 Savalas All Over You 04m:03s
00:53:29 Field Mice, The Canada 03m:25s
00:56:47 Punkels,The With a little help from 02m:02s
00:58:46 Guttermouth Herzt ID 00m:05s
00:58:56 Bloodflowerz damaged promises 04m:48s
01:02:33 Kraftwerk Das Modell 04m:44s
01:06:07 Carl Holmes Investigation 04m:59s
01:09:57 Britta Underground - british inspired 01m:52s
01:10:50 Jones, Danko Caramel City 03m:18s
01:14:01 Loretta Oh Andy 04m:14s
01:18:07 Sophia So Slow 05m:44s
01:22:43 IAMX IAMX ID 00m:11s
01:22:53 Pretty Girls Make Graves Pyrite Pedestral 04m:31s
01:25:57 Bad Taste Kindersegen 02m:51s
01:27:48 Black Neon, The Hollywod 1,2, & 3 05m:50s
01:32:26 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
01:32:59 Picket, Bobby Monster Mash (KLASSIKER) 03m:13s
01:36:10 Wild Magnolias, The (Somebody got) Soul Soul Soul 06m:14s
01:42:16 Geist Station ID 00m:05s
01:42:26 News At Six Smile 03m:04s
01:45:20 Sonic Youth Sunday 05m:53s
01:49:46 Dirty Pretty Things Deadwood 02m:28s
01:52:09 George Bekios Georges A-Team 01m:30s
01:52:38 D-Shade vs D-Styles Like That Chall Freestyle 03m:04s
01:55:43 Canned Heat Change My Ways 03m:49s
01:58:25 Mark Foggo Ramona From Barcelona 04m:33s
02:01:52 Event Kurz nach 2 00m:04s
02:02:01 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
02:02:18 Harry Axt Schnorchelsäge 08m:07s
02:07:38 Junior Boys In The Morning 05m:47s
02:12:14 Curtis Mayfield Freddie's Dead 05m:25s
02:17:35 Bolzenbande2 Station ID 00m:04s
02:17:44 Slipknot Duality 04m:34s
02:21:08 Strokes, The 12:51 02m:27s
02:23:34 Patti Smith Group Because The Night 03m:22s
02:26:45 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
02:26:55 DJ Spitfire aka Joey Demo B-Boys Breaks Intro 05m:48s
02:31:40 PET Dynamite 03m:37s
02:34:09 Smartel P Rumeur 05m:35s
02:38:38 Rowohlt, Harry Hertz ID 00m:04s
02:38:47 Marley, Bob Natural mystic 03m:27s
02:41:59 alias (feat. markus acher) Unseen Sights 04m:26s
02:46:08 Chikinki like it or leave it 04m:50s
02:49:52 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
02:50:37 Hansonis Foxy 04m:56s
02:54:27 Adams, Ryan So Alive 04m:58s
02:58:23 Tom Waits Return Of Jackie&Judy 03m:29s
03:01:44 Event Kurz nach 3 00m:03s
03:01:54 Heinz Hoenig Station ID 00m:17s
03:02:07 Malaria! You turn to run 04m:10s
03:06:03 egotronic die richtige einstellung 04m:37s
03:09:40 Ben Harper Brown Eyed Blues 04m:00s
03:13:34 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
03:13:53 Bishops, The The Only Place I Can Look Is D 02m:17s
03:16:02 Wolfmother Joker & The Thief 05m:44s
03:20:35 Pulp TV Movie 03m:26s
03:23:39 Britta Maxi-ID 00m:04s
03:23:49 Last Days Of April Live The End 04m:03s
03:27:39 Cronite Lifestyle 04m:35s
03:31:03 Event Funkstation Ostbahnhof 01m:11s
03:32:14 Vortex Rex Short Attention Spar 01m:15s
03:33:22 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
03:33:51 Magic Numbers, The Take A Chance 04m:35s
03:37:15 Dorham, Kenny Dorham´s Epitaph 01m:10s
03:38:23 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
03:38:42 Zwangsvorstellung Tagschatten 05m:05s
03:43:34 Go! Team, The Ladyflash 04m:10s
03:47:35 Danko Jones I Love Living In The City 03m:24s
03:50:56 Bernd Gröne JingleHertzHymne2 00m:28s
03:51:22 Looptroop Looptroopland 04m:27s
03:55:38 Zombies,The I Got My Mojo Working 04m:35s
03:59:08 Ngobo Ngobo Nintendo 02m:54s
04:00:59 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:01:08 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
04:01:18 Keane We Might As Well Be Strangers 04m:38s
04:04:48 Loretta Oh Andy 04m:14s
04:08:54 Fanga Crache La Doleur 06m:08s
04:14:54 Charlotte Roche Station_ID 00m:06s
04:15:04 Destruction The Calm Before the Storm 05m:02s
04:19:46 Soulwax Any Minute Now 03m:08s
04:22:51 The All Seeing I Walk like a panther 04m:28s
04:27:13 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
04:27:52 Pepe Deluxe Salami Fever 04m:34s
04:31:23 Hansonis Foxy 04m:56s
04:35:13 Moonbootica Support Wildside 05m:05s
04:40:19 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
04:40:30 Seeed Tide is high 03m:26s
04:43:45 Terranova Midnight melodic (...) 05m:46s
04:48:33 van Zanten, Rachelle Yah Yahs 02m:23s
04:50:50 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
04:51:25 Mothers Little Helpers Here We Come 03m:25s
04:54:39 Belasco Mask 05m:38s
04:59:05 Renate Wallert Peaches 02m:06s
05:00:03 Turin Brakes Hertz ID 00m:05s
05:00:16 Super700 Selfcontrol 04m:00s
05:04:09 Chung Untitled 03m:06s
05:07:10 Mindwise Nothing 03m:12s
05:10:19 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
05:10:38 Public Enemy Don't Believe The Hype 05m:20s
05:15:55 Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth 03m:36s
05:18:24 Operation Ivy Bankshot 02m:33s
05:19:48 Michael Hey Kids! Macht Radio selbst! 00m:26s
05:20:15 Le Charmant Rouge Rosi Labouche 04m:24s
05:24:32 Dover Tonight 04m:03s
05:28:19 Lalo Schifrin The Gentle Earthquake 04m:32s
05:31:43 Kurt (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
05:31:53 Appliance Pacifica 05m:24s
05:37:07 The queers Another girl 02m:47s
05:38:50 Eels Novocaine For The Soul 03m:09s
05:41:58 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
05:42:21 Anarchist Academy + Mindix Endstation Abschiebehaft 04m:05s
05:46:11 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
05:49:32 Face Tomorrow Sign Up 04m:46s
05:53:12 Jenny ID Andreas Liebold 00m:13s
05:53:25 Slackers, The Mommy 03m:01s
05:56:23 Zoot Woman Chicago Detroit LA 04m:53s
06:00:14 Streets, The Has it come to this? 04m:01s
06:00:25 Streets, The Has it come to this? 04m:01s
06:04:15 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
06:04:41 Duke Special Last night I nearly died 03m:08s
06:07:39 Zita Swoon My Bond With You And Your Plan 04m:25s
06:12:02 Terrorgruppe Dicke Deutsche 02m:26s
06:14:18 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Kurdt Vanderhoof 00m:05s
06:14:27 White Stripes, The Good To Me 02m:06s
06:16:27 Monotekktoni Out Of The Window 04m:38s
06:20:01 Al Green I'm Still In Love With You 03m:13s
06:23:05 Anna Depri 01m:30s
06:23:34 Gluecifer A call rom the other side 03m:51s
06:26:19 News At Six Smile 03m:04s
06:29:17 Superpunk Neue Zähne für meinen Bruder 04m:37s
06:32:54 Event Funkstation Ostbahnhof 01m:11s
06:34:06 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
06:34:15 Louise Attaque Amours 02m:00s
06:36:09 DJ Krush Meiso (DJ Shadow remix) 04m:28s
06:40:31 Massilia Sound system Pas d'arrangement 03m:57s
06:43:23 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
06:44:02 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
06:49:09 Certain lions & tigers El Soul Condor 05m:54s
06:53:51 Walkabouts Station ID 00m:04s
06:54:01 Early Years, The So Far Gone 04m:07s
06:57:58 Handsome Hank Paradise City 03m:52s
07:00:44 NoMeansNo Now 05m:10s
07:05:51 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:06:01 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
07:06:20 jedi mind feat. kool g. rap animal rap 04m:40s
07:09:58 Nova International Bored 03m:39s
07:12:32 Sailors My time 03m:08s
07:15:36 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
07:15:59 Avalanches,The Since I left you 05m:39s
07:20:03 Akendengue Tous Nos Maux 04m:32s
07:23:27 Sugar Pie Desanto Git Back 03m:53s
07:26:09 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
07:26:25 Fall,The Hey! Luciani 04m:34s
07:29:43 Aerobitch - Eskorbuto No Quedan Grupos De Rock 02m:18s
07:31:59 Tele Now Now Now 04m:48s
07:35:42 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
07:36:02 DangerDoom Crosshairs 02m:27s
07:38:02 Cooper Temple Clause, The Homo Sapiens 03m:29s
07:41:23 Event ClickClickDeckerTrailer 04.11. 01m:06s
07:42:28 Queens of the stone age The lost art of keeping a secr 04m:37s
07:46:02 Freienstein ID 00m:04s
07:46:12 Marley, Bob Time will tell 03m:29s
07:49:20 Hot Chip Over And Over 06m:48s
07:55:04 Mardi Gras.BB Also sprach Zarathustra 04m:51s
07:58:44 Michael Was spielst Dudenn da?Playlist 00m:24s
07:59:07 Dover Tonight 04m:03s
08:02:53 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:03:03 Cardigans Erase/Rewind 04m:38s
08:06:27 Dackelblut Frisör 03m:59s
08:09:22 00m:00s
08:09:32 You Say Party We Say Die The Gap 03m:02s
08:12:27 Lemon Jelly Stay With You 04m:42s
08:16:04 Feelin' Funky Hang Up 02m:11s
08:18:07 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
08:18:45 Hushpuppies You're Gonna Say Yeah 03m:16s
08:21:50 Hansonis Foxy 04m:56s
08:25:40 starsailor alcoholic 04m:34s
08:29:07 Cruxshadows Hertz-ID 00m:07s
08:29:17 Beastie Boys So what'cha want 04m:37s
08:32:48 Falk , Ferris MC & Das Bo Wer hätte das gedacht ? 04m:43s
08:36:18 elephant man jamaica 03m:29s
08:39:43 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
08:39:52 PeterLicht Wir werden siegen 03m:09s
08:42:57 Dorham, Kenny Whistle Stop 06m:57s
08:48:47 Lifehouse Lifehouse ID 00m:04s
08:48:57 Savalas All Over You 04m:03s
08:52:45 Astra Kid bleiben/gehen.de 03m:02s
08:55:40 Auf der Maur Lightning is My Girl 07m:27s
08:59:36 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
09:00:22 Rapüstad One For All 04m:46s
09:04:05 Streets,The Dry Your Eyes 04m:28s
09:08:25 Desorden Publico Molotov Love 03m:38s
09:10:54 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
09:11:10 Nathan Fake You Are Here 07m:25s
09:15:26 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
09:18:48 Percy Sledge If Loving You Is Wrong 04m:52s
09:22:28 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
09:22:44 BETE NOIRE My revenge 05m:02s
09:27:33 Exploited,The Beat the Bastards 04m:21s
09:31:43 22 Pistepirkko This Time 04m:12s
09:35:46 Michael Blues Brothers 01m:43s
09:36:28 Freundeskreis Leg dein Ohr auf die Schiene.. 05m:15s
09:41:17 Early Years, The So Far Gone 04m:07s
09:45:17 Body Count KKK Bitch 03m:53s
09:48:03 Calexico Station ID 00m:12s
09:48:16 Cheesevibes Babylon sag mir wo 03m:22s
09:51:30 South Autumn Morning 04m:52s
09:55:17 You Say Party We Say Die The Gap 03m:02s
09:58:16 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
09:58:36 Street Dogs, The Not Without A Purpose 03m:15s
10:01:44 Talking Heads Once In a Lifetime 04m:19s
10:05:50 Lattekohlertor Komm nach hause, dietmar 02m:00s
10:07:47 Chumbawamba ID Chumbawamba 00m:05s
10:07:57 Cake Cutter Ritmo Sexto 04m:39s
10:11:31 Stella Hyperventilation weeks 03m:27s
10:14:56 Fanga Crache La Doleur 06m:08s
10:20:52 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
10:21:21 Queens Of The Stone Age The Quick And The Pointless 02m:42s
10:23:05 Savalas All Over You 04m:03s
10:26:55 New Pornographers, The Use It! 03m:27s
10:30:20 Beck Station ID 00m:04s
10:30:29 Belly Slow Dog 03m:29s
10:33:47 Afrob Afrocalypse4 Teil 1 03m:25s
10:37:09 99posse Ripetutamente 06m:30s
10:42:36 George Bekios Twilight Zone 01m:37s
10:43:12 Duke Special Last night I nearly died 03m:08s
10:46:10 Dorsey, Lee Gator Tail 03m:02s
10:49:12 Lindenstraßen Uecker Station ID 00m:04s
10:49:21 Wolfmother Joker & The Thief 05m:44s
10:53:47 Morphine Good 03m:34s
10:56:20 A Perfect Circle Weak and Powerless 03m:18s
10:59:37 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
11:00:20 Slum Village Set It 03m:50s
11:02:59 Al DeLoner Wake Me Up 04m:55s
11:06:44 Lax Alex Contrax Major Tom 04m:05s
11:10:43 Event Rainald Grebe Zweisch. 4/11 01m:03s
11:11:48 Jochen Alles nur Sex? 00m:10s
11:11:58 Moloko Fun For Me 04m:51s
11:15:41 Dover Tonight 04m:03s
11:19:28 Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 03m:15s
11:22:33 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
11:22:43 Angie Reed Dings Bums Bumst Dings Da 05m:30s
11:27:05 Sounds Like Violence Perfect 06m:16s
11:33:08 Wir sind Helden Von hier an blind 04m:31s
11:36:33 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
11:37:08 Freddie Foxxx&Bumpy Knuckles New Millenium 04m:16s
11:41:21 Urlaub in Polen Inkin Ark 04m:20s
11:45:31 Danko Jones I want you 03m:19s
11:48:45 Steffi Mahsmann ID-Children of Bodom 00m:05s
11:48:55 Jan Delay B-Seite 04m:09s
11:52:52 Nathan Fake Dinamo 08m:23s
12:00:03 Junior Boys In The Morning 05m:47s
12:00:20 Christian FrühschoppenJingle 00m:27s
12:00:46 Jackson Five,The I Want You Back 03m:59s
12:03:31 Editors Find Yourself A Safe Place 03m:56s
12:07:37 Gray , Macy Do something 05m:00s
12:14:45 Weller, Paul Wild Blue Yonder 04m:32s
12:18:06 Arctic Monkeys The View From The Afternoon 04m:41s
12:24:55 kaizers orchestra di grind 04m:09s
12:29:53 Beatles, The Come Together 04m:19s
12:34:02 Event ClickClickDeckerTrailer 04.11. 01m:06s
12:42:34 Catatonia Road Rage 04m:02s
12:46:25 Mardi Gras.BB Psychoflute 04m:13s
12:53:23 Jimmy eat world Lucky Denver Mint 04m:50s
12:59:20 Panteon Rococo La Ciudad de la Esperanza 04m:34s
13:02:47 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
13:03:23 Das Wetter Bett - SCHLUSS Karibikfeeling 00m:05s
13:03:32 Azure Ray November 04m:26s
13:15:20 Stella Finger on the trigger for the 03m:26s
13:27:23 Barkley, Gnarls Crazy 03m:59s
13:30:18 Weakerthans, The Our Reitred Explorer 02m:25s
13:35:49 Stockholm christian 02m:12s
13:37:59 Mo Solid Gold Personal saviour 04m:59s
13:45:59 Athena Hersey Guzel Olaca 04m:39s
13:56:06 Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds Are You The One That I've Been 04m:09s
14:00:03 Event Funkstation Ostbahnhof 01m:11s
14:01:14 Flames, The Green Tambourine 03m:01s
14:08:18 Armstrong, Tim Wake Up 03m:06s
14:11:17 Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy 05m:08s
14:16:12 V-Tipps v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
14:18:44 Snow Patrol Spitting Games 04m:46s
14:24:31 White Stripes, The Good To Me 02m:06s
14:31:39 Lambchop This Corrosion 04m:42s
14:35:06 Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket 03m:23s
14:44:05 Gossip, The Standing In The Way 04m:17s
14:54:02 Knife, The Girls' night out 04m:38s
15:00:02 John Wayne Shot Me Station ID / Jingle 00m:26s
15:02:41 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hertz ID 00m:06s
15:02:50 Loretta Oh Andy 04m:14s
15:04:18 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
15:04:44 2 Many DJs Stooges vs Salt n Pepa 03m:31s
15:07:13 Slade Cum On Feel The Noize 04m:28s
15:11:23 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
15:11:55 Beat Assailant Hard Twelve - The Ante 04m:00s
15:15:49 Good Heart Boutique Peal Of Bells 03m:50s
15:18:37 delly sey dem a hot gal 03m:10s
15:21:39 Faber, Hajo Jöllenbeck-Jingle 01m:44s
15:22:21 Max Tundra Lights 02m:40s
15:23:58 Magic Numbers, The Take A Chance 04m:35s
15:27:22 Lovekrauts Quiet Days In Hollywood 04m:47s
15:31:00 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
15:31:19 Cat Power He War 04m:32s
15:34:40 Dropkick Murphys Good rats 03m:06s
15:37:45 Kweller, Ben Sundress 04m:07s
15:41:45 britta Underground 01m:47s
15:42:34 Francis,Sage The Buzz Kill 04m:05s
15:46:36 Street Dogs, The Not Without A Purpose 03m:15s
15:49:47 Hellacopters,The No song unheard 04m:01s
15:53:40 Mista Sinista ID 00m:10s
15:53:50 Hauf'n Bielefeld bei Regen 05m:42s
15:58:19 Vive la fete La verite 08m:19s
16:03:17 Scumbucket Another Day 02m:23s
16:05:37 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
16:05:47 Cheap Trick Perfect Stranger 04m:44s
16:09:17 Jessica Fletchers, The Summer Holiday & Me 06m:39s
16:12:19 Dynamo Productions Busta Beat 03m:29s
16:15:40 Sven Regener II Station ID 00m:11s
16:15:49 Cash,Johnny The mercy seat 05m:35s
16:20:18 Superpunk Man kann einen ehrlichen.(rmx) 06m:44s
16:25:59 Franklin,Aretha I Say A Little Prayer 04m:32s
16:29:23 Michael Computerfreak-Jingle 01m:30s
16:29:49 Oasis My Generation 04m:04s
16:33:33 Junior Boys In The Morning 05m:47s
16:38:09 Mia Kreisel 04m:33s
16:41:37 Studio Braun Station ID 00m:15s
16:41:49 J Mascis + The Fog Sameday 04m:16s
16:45:56 Wiley Pies 03m:28s
16:49:14 Raw Fyah Livity 05m:04s
16:54:03 George Marlboro 01m:32s
16:54:35 Zwangsvorstellung Tagschatten 05m:05s
16:59:27 errol garner misty 04m:26s
17:03:43 Hugo Race Station ID (Jochen) 00m:10s
17:03:53 PET Dynamite 03m:37s
17:06:25 Mo Solid Gold Prince ot the wave 03m:21s
17:09:33 Burning Brides Plank of Fire 03m:04s
17:12:31 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
17:13:17 O.C. Your Life 05m:25s
17:17:56 Stereo Total Belami 02m:10s
17:20:06 Congo Natty Rasta Music 06m:53s
17:24:37 Event Funkstation Ostbahnhof 01m:11s
17:25:45 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
17:26:08 Fatboy Slim Kalifornia 06m:53s
17:31:49 Albino Die Jahre Vergehen 04m:50s
17:35:36 Bobby Womack Across 110th Street 04m:48s
17:39:20 Cooper Temple Clause, The Hertz - ID 00m:04s
17:39:29 Camaros,The Maybe 03m:20s
17:42:38 4Teen Killers Quejandote 03m:08s
17:45:43 22 Pistepirkko This Time 04m:12s
17:49:46 Event Rainald Grebe Zweisch. 4/11 01m:03s
17:50:48 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
17:51:01 Chestnut vs Sekou Green 03m:15s
17:53:50 PeterLicht Wir werden siegen 03m:09s
17:56:55 Razorlight Kirby´s house 04m:14s
19:03:50 Violent Femmes Add It Up 05m:46s
19:08:29 Dreadzone Return of the dread 06m:22s
19:14:10 Laufen solln die andern Station ID 00m:05s
19:14:19 De-Phazz Good boy (RmxEdit) 04m:02s
19:18:06 R.E.M. Carnival of sorts 04m:53s
19:21:44 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
19:22:29 Magic Numbers, The Take A Chance 04m:35s
19:25:53 Saturday looks good to me Girl's distracted 02m:00s
19:27:50 Kool Savas Haus und Boot 03m:41s
19:30:26 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
19:30:36 Dandy Warhols, The Not if you were the last 03m:12s
19:33:44 Lóef Raide Hoover On 04m:49s
19:37:28 Dramatics What you see is what you get 04m:59s
19:41:28 Anna Laufenlassen 00m:14s
19:41:41 Soundtrack of our Lives, The Lone Summer Dream 05m:24s
19:46:59 Picket, Bobby Monster Mash (KLASSIKER) 03m:13s
19:50:15 Camouflage The Great Commandment 04m:12s
19:54:16 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
19:54:25 Karamelo Santo El Baile Oficial 03m:59s
19:57:14 Outkast B.O.B. (Bombs Over Bagdad) 05m:04s
19:59:59 Event Rekorder Cradle of Filth 08m:58s
21:07:59 99posse Ripetutamente 06m:30s
21:13:24 Event ClickClickDeckerTrailer 04.11. 01m:06s
21:14:31 Trailer Make Electro A Threat Again 01m:05s
21:15:33 Seesaw, The Cold Sweat 04m:31s
21:18:57 Gaye, Marvin Calypso Blues 04m:07s
21:22:51 Briefs, The Station ID 00m:08s
21:23:01 Akendengue Tous Nos Maux 04m:32s
21:26:25 Low500 Ministrant Force 04m:49s
21:30:10 Event Rainald Grebe Zweisch. 4/11 01m:03s
21:31:14 Killing Joke Savage Freedom 05m:51s
21:36:03 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
21:36:16 Kc Da Rookee Put Ya Shit On The Table 05m:53s
21:41:02 Cat Empire, The In My Pocket 05m:04s
21:45:57 Asian Dub Foundation Power To The Small Massive 04m:21s
21:50:17 Michael Hey Kids! Macht Radio selbst! 00m:26s
21:50:42 Superpunk Man kann einen ehrlichen.(rmx) 06m:44s
21:56:20 Deichkind Ich betäube mich (feat. Sarah 04m:30s
21:59:50 Mickey and the Soul Generation Chocolate 02m:23s
22:00:00 Coco Rosie Noah's Ark 04m:14s
22:04:06 O´Rourke, Jim Not Sport, Martial Art 07m:52s
22:10:58 Arcade Fire, The Haiti 04m:08s
22:15:01 Joycehotel Falling / Laughing 04m:01s
22:18:57 Henning Popmoderne 2 - seicht 00m:06s
22:19:07 Banhart, Devendra Insect Eyes 05m:09s
22:23:59 Panda Bear Young Prayer 03m:58s
22:26:51 Henning Popmod Jingle om2 00m:04s
22:27:01 Danielson Did I Step On Your Trumpet? 03m:07s
22:29:59 Kawaii An Alcohol En I 03m:19s
22:33:16 They Shoot Horses Don't They? Emptyhead 03m:55s
22:36:08 1-Speed Bike Seattle Washington Prague 03m:21s
22:39:29 Four Tet She Moves She 05m:42s
22:44:09 Henning Popmod Jingle mm1 00m:11s
22:44:18 Alarma Man Sweden Sweden 04m:14s
22:48:31 Lightning Bolt 2 Morro Morro Land 04m:43s
22:52:16 Green Milk From The Planet Ora Concrete City Breakdown 12m:32s
23:03:43 Henning Popmoderne Outro 2 00m:23s
23:04:06 O. Rohrbeck & A. Fröhlich Station ID (Drei ???) 00m:06s
23:04:15 cornu J'ai besoin de tes mains 03m:02s
23:07:11 Bad Religion Slumber 03m:41s
23:09:40 Sneaker Pimps Black Sheep 04m:01s
23:13:37 Bernd Playlist Jingle 01m:34s
23:14:09 Dejavue feat.Huckey/Texta Film ab 05m:43s
23:18:42 Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mi 05m:22s
23:23:53 Oasis My Generation 04m:04s
23:27:34 Mike Patton Station ID 00m:03s
23:27:44 black uhru Hey Joe 05m:12s
23:32:32 Event Funkstation Ostbahnhof 01m:11s
23:33:44 Adult Turn into Fever 03m:36s
23:36:10 Taking Back Sunday Make Damn Sure 04m:32s
23:39:30 Henning Popmoderne 01m:41s
23:40:10 James Dean Bradfield An English Gentleman 03m:08s
23:43:08 Spandau Ballet Gold 04m:56s
23:46:52 Black Eyed Peas Fallin´ Up 05m:10s
23:51:54 Friedrich Küppersbusch Stan ID 00m:07s
23:52:03 Yorn, Pete For Us 04m:33s
23:55:31 Apollo 440 Krupa (440edit) 04m:48s
23:59:12 Soul Ones Soul Pot 03m:16s
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