Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 7.1.2006

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:02:32 Event Kurz nach 0 Uhr 00m:05s
00:02:36 Elastica Generator 02m:51s
00:04:27 Aerzte,Die Yoko Ono 01m:31s
00:04:58 Steffi Mahsmann Ronnie James Dio 00m:09s
00:05:06 Laibach In the Army Now 05m:31s
00:09:35 Steiner,Rubin You Life Is Like A Tony Conrad 04m:02s
00:13:33 Mar-Keys,The Grab This Thing 02m:51s
00:15:17 Jenny richtige Fragen 00m:28s
00:15:45 Mudhoney Judgement,Rage,Retribution and 03m:35s
00:18:05 Big Mama Prendre de L´altitude 03m:45s
00:20:45 Pulp Common People 06m:52s
00:26:32 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
00:26:39 Maximo Park Going Missing 04m:44s
00:30:18 Kinderzimmer Productions 1-2-3-4 04m:03s
00:34:16 Martin Henry Rifles, The Bastardstereo 02m:04s
00:36:19 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
00:37:05 Neon Blonde Headlines 03m:23s
00:40:24 Gillespie, Dizzy 52nd Street Theme 03m:05s
00:43:21 Client StationID 00m:06s
00:43:27 Cat Empire, The In My Pocket 05m:04s
00:48:24 Kerosin Survive 04m:07s
00:52:19 King Crimson Cage 02m:35s
00:53:44 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
00:54:08 DAS EFX Klap Ya Handz 04m:57s
00:58:04 Gallagher, Liam & Cradock, Ste Carnation 04m:30s
01:01:29 Event Kurz nach 1 00m:04s
01:01:33 unknown Leaving on a jetplane 03m:54s
01:04:16 Elena und Anna Die große Pause 00m:19s
01:04:34 The Rip Off Artist Sizzle Spot 03m:13s
01:07:42 Fat Freddys Drop Wandering Eye 05m:04s
01:12:36 Young Holt Trio Ain't there something Money... 05m:36s
01:16:53 Shaft Station_ID 00m:19s
01:17:12 Annihilator Shallow grave 04m:23s
01:21:27 Unicorns, The Childstar 05m:15s
01:26:36 Williams, Robbie Angel 04m:26s
01:30:51 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
01:31:36 Geutz Publicity 04m:26s
01:35:53 Frequencia Extrema Todos te Prometen 03m:47s
01:38:34 Kraftwerk Autobahn 10m:30s
01:47:41 Readymade Station_ID 00m:04s
01:47:45 Asher D. Feat. prento Youth - Like a Bike 05m:33s
01:52:08 Adamson , Barry 007 , a fantasy Bond Theme 04m:00s
01:55:57 My Bloody Valentine No More Sorry 03m:48s
01:58:38 Michael Everybody Hertz 00m:18s
01:58:56 No Jazz Kool 05m:47s
02:03:32 Event Kurz nach 2 00m:04s
02:03:36 Rocko Schamoni Gegen den Staat 03m:21s
02:06:54 Chefdenker Über Alles Wächst Gras 03m:35s
02:09:27 Steffi soulfly-ID 00m:08s
02:09:34 The Mission Breath me in 04m:08s
02:13:36 Egoexpress Weiter I 03m:25s
02:17:01 Sugar Pie Desanto Git Back 03m:53s
02:19:42 George Marlboro 01m:32s
02:20:14 Molly Hatchet Beatin' the Odds 03m:19s
02:23:33 Chalets, The C'est Supercool 03m:08s
02:26:38 Client rock and roll machine 04m:42s
02:30:15 Hubert von Goisern Station ID 00m:09s
02:30:24 Ugly Casanova Things I Don't Remember 04m:32s
02:33:53 Double Dee & Steinski Lesson 3: History Of Hip Hop 05m:56s
02:38:31 Wovenhand Bleary Eyed Duty 05m:30s
02:42:56 Sylvia jingle 1 00m:11s
02:43:07 Warlocks, The It's Just Like Surgery 03m:24s
02:46:19 Wanderley, Walter Sambao 03m:33s
02:48:50 Lothar ein herrlicher Sender Station ID 00m:04s
02:48:54 Amusement Parks on Fire Venosa 04m:22s
02:53:10 Marcy Playground Bye Bye 03m:52s
02:55:49 W.A.S.P I wanna be somebody 04m:43s
02:59:30 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
02:59:52 Suave, Nico Nie mehr - feat. Eizi Eiz 04m:36s
03:03:23 Event Kurz nach 3 00m:03s
03:03:26 Potion Lovelectronic 04m:35s
03:06:50 Lionsclub ROCKY 05m:21s
03:11:47 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
03:12:06 Le Professeur Inlassable Smile 04m:37s
03:15:36 National, The You´ve Done It Again, Virginia 03m:05s
03:18:26 Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 03m:15s
03:21:32 Dietmar Wischmeyer Station ID 00m:12s
03:21:44 Angel Witch Anghl Witch 03m:25s
03:24:54 Broken Social Scene Almost Crimes 04m:24s
03:28:46 Pulp Common People 06m:52s
03:34:32 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
03:34:58 R.P.M. Sorti Des Ombres 06m:39s
03:40:28 Frank Popp Ensemble, The Enough 04m:05s
03:44:24 Horse The Band In The Wake Of The Bunt 04m:18s
03:48:39 Apoptygma Berzerk ID 00m:06s
03:48:45 Luton Fyah Getto Stress 04m:43s
03:52:21 Aphex Twin Girl Boy Song 05m:50s
03:56:59 Pavement Gold Soundz 03m:40s
03:59:32 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
03:59:44 Cat Empire, The In My Pocket 05m:04s
04:04:40 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:04:44 Newman, A.C. Miracle Drug 02m:19s
04:07:01 Abwärts Computerstaat 03m:12s
04:10:09 Ecki Busch Station ID 00m:03s
04:10:11 Schandmaul Powerdudler 04m:37s
04:13:44 Terranova Bombing bastards 05m:15s
04:18:07 Unforgettables Sad Song 03m:40s
04:20:39 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
04:21:06 Shock Therapy Hate Is A 4-Letter Word 06m:19s
04:27:24 Clef feat. Dotti Ein Herz für Künstler 03m:34s
04:29:56 Mansun Comes as no surprise 04m:02s
04:33:57 Doves Hertz-ID 00m:04s
04:34:01 Head Automatica At The Speed Of A YellowBullet 02m:15s
04:36:13 Main Concept Session zwei 05m:48s
04:40:55 Simon Mahler Hipdahop 04m:44s
04:44:36 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
04:44:50 Chalets, The C'est Supercool 03m:08s
04:47:55 DJ Takemura Harmonium 06m:42s
04:53:27 Fad Gadget Fad Gadget ID HERTZ 00m:05s
04:53:32 Briefs, The Criminal Youth 03m:11s
04:56:36 Muse Muscle Museum 04m:24s
05:00:00 Beck Station ID 00m:04s
05:00:03 Event Kurz nach 5 00m:04s
05:00:07 Tomte Ich sang die ganze zeit 04m:23s
05:04:19 Circle of Grin Turn your back on me 05m:50s
05:08:59 Thin Lizzy Cold sweat 03m:27s
05:12:20 bastian french 01m:31s
05:12:51 Eins Zwo Danke , gut. 04m:53s
05:16:31 Adams,Ryan Wonderwall 04m:09s
05:20:31 La Vela Puerca El Viejo 03m:07s
05:23:34 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
05:24:12 Adamson , Barry Jazz Devil 05m:06s
05:29:07 I Am Kloot Haunted House 03m:48s
05:31:30 Sly & The Family Stone Thank You 05m:43s
05:36:00 Coverdale Station ID trocken 00m:08s
05:36:08 White Stripes, The Good To Me 02m:06s
05:38:10 Social Distortion I was wrong 04m:59s
05:41:59 Dogs Die in Hot Cars Godhopping 03m:47s
05:44:38 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
05:44:48 DJ Format feat. Chali 2Na&Akil We Know Something You Don´t Kn 03m:22s
05:48:05 Flow feat. WD Zum Geburtstag für Hertz 03m:40s
05:50:30 Danko Jones I want you 03m:19s
05:53:46 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
05:53:50 Saloniki Surfers Wa Do Dem 04m:49s
05:57:35 Chemical brothers Out of control 07m:20s
06:02:21 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:02:25 aqu klasse 11 02m:28s
06:04:50 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
06:05:22 Fat Freddys Drop Wandering Eye 05m:04s
06:10:16 Morcheeba Summertime 05m:44s
06:14:49 Hot Water Music Remedy 03m:37s
06:17:10 John Peel John Peel ID 00m:04s
06:17:14 Arcade Fire Crown Of Love 07m:44s
06:21:43 La Funk Mob Ravers Suck Our Sound 05m:19s
06:26:53 David Axelrod Mucho Chupar 03m:17s
06:29:59 Michael Ruebennasenhausen 00m:18s
06:30:17 Surrogat Hell in Hell 04m:59s
06:34:05 Architecture In Helsinki Do the whirlwind 05m:38s
06:38:34 Lemonbabies Wake up 04m:08s
06:42:34 Chocmoq Station ID 00m:11s
06:42:45 Seesaw Come back and stay 04m:36s
06:46:12 Public Enemy What side you on ? 05m:31s
06:50:35 Alpha Blondy Sabotage 04m:01s
06:54:31 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
06:54:56 Liedfabrik It's Hertz 03m:55s
06:57:51 unknown Macha 03m:20s
07:01:01 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:01:03 Dieter Hildebrandt Station ID 00m:14s
07:01:17 Dance Inc., the Those who sleep on roads 04m:30s
07:04:37 Waxwing Colour 05m:31s
07:09:02 Black Crowes, The Sting me 05m:40s
07:13:34 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
07:13:57 Jurassic 5 Verbal Gunfight 04m:53s
07:17:35 Cardigans Sick And Tired 03m:24s
07:20:51 Mark Foggo Hello 03m:08s
07:23:56 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
07:24:54 International Pony Leaving Home 03m:18s
07:28:00 Warlocks, The It's Just Like Surgery 03m:24s
07:31:13 Gladys Knight & The Pips You Need Love Like I Do 04m:41s
07:34:46 Sven Regener I Station ID 00m:12s
07:34:58 De Vision Subtronic 06m:58s
07:40:52 Terrorgruppe Mach die Augen zu 03m:15s
07:43:57 Prefab Sprout The Gunman 05m:20s
07:49:07 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
07:49:57 Run DMC Take the money 04m:48s
07:53:36 Mad Sin T.C.S. 02m:49s
07:55:21 Cooper Temple Clause, The Promises, Promises 03m:26s
07:58:35 Rowohlt, Harry Hertz ID 00m:04s
07:58:39 Buju Banton feat. Wayne Wonder Bonafide Love 05m:32s
08:02:06 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:02:10 Virgin Mega Whore Favorite Hooker 06m:04s
08:06:02 afghan whigs step into the light 04m:40s
08:09:33 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
08:09:49 OMR Dancers 05m:37s
08:13:13 handsome Hank Blitzkrieg Bop 03m:41s
08:15:52 Radio 4 New Disco 03m:50s
08:18:37 Mista Sinista ID 00m:10s
08:18:47 Antony & the Johnsons You Are My Sister 04m:02s
08:22:40 Murphy,Roisin Night Of The Dancing Flame 03m:27s
08:25:59 The Meters Look Ka Py Py 03m:15s
08:29:06 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
08:29:11 H.O.T.D. Devil May Care 03m:01s
08:32:11 Kate Mosh A new dance 04m:50s
08:35:58 Timid Tiger Combat Songs & Traffic Fights 03m:08s
08:39:02 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
08:39:08 the Strokes Under Control 03m:07s
08:41:56 Troy Dunnit Not Gangsta 04m:19s
08:46:12 Mr Lexx Drop it like it hot 04m:31s
08:49:32 Michael Computerfreak-Jingle 01m:30s
08:50:01 Wilson, Jenny A Brief Story 05m:41s
08:54:26 Astrud Gilberto Here's That Rainy Day (Koop Re 04m:31s
08:57:54 Charlotte Roche Station_ID 00m:06s
08:58:00 No Jazz Kool 05m:47s
09:02:36 Hansen Band Kamera 04m:36s
09:06:05 Surrogat Hell in Hell 04m:59s
09:09:54 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
09:10:24 Divine Styler Livery 05m:04s
09:15:16 Ladybug Transistor hangin on the line 04m:35s
09:18:43 Hotknives Don't go away 04m:49s
09:22:27 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
09:23:13 Jeans Team Keine Melodien 03m:15s
09:26:23 Wolf, Patrick Tristan 03m:38s
09:28:58 Solomon Burke Got To Get You Off My Mind 02m:59s
09:30:51 Willi (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
09:31:00 Woodenghost Machines 02m:22s
09:33:19 Normahl Rote Roben 03m:53s
09:36:02 JaKönigJa Jedes Wort 03m:13s
09:39:08 Diana Alle mal Hertz hören 00m:11s
09:39:19 Pete Rock&Grant Agent This Is What They Meant 05m:36s
09:43:55 I Am Kloot Haunted House 03m:48s
09:46:18 neoangin why should i be a winner 03m:47s
09:49:01 Sparks StationID 00m:07s
09:49:08 African Dope Soundsystem Big Trouble 05m:41s
09:53:48 Daft Punk Something About Us 04m:52s
09:57:29 Psychotic Waltz Hangin' on a string 04m:37s
10:00:00 Tierfreund (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:15s
10:00:14 Event Kurz nach 10 00m:04s
10:00:18 Plemo Flashlight 04m:22s
10:04:18 Hüsker Dü Real World 02m:26s
10:06:39 Type O Negative I Don´t Wanna Be Me 04m:47s
10:10:22 Marina Al Bundy 00m:20s
10:10:42 Iron African Who Da Animal 04m:56s
10:14:28 Duran Duran The Reflex 04m:25s
10:18:53 elephant man shizzle ma nizzle 04m:54s
10:22:37 Event Decharge Electronique 01m:05s
10:23:42 Michael Computerfreak-Jingle 01m:30s
10:24:11 Bondage Fairies He-Man 03m:40s
10:26:43 Liedfabrik It's Hertz 03m:55s
10:29:38 Carter,Clarence Making Love (At The Dark ...) 05m:07s
10:34:38 Amanda Rogers Station ID 00m:05s
10:34:42 Beck Everybody's Gotta Learn Someti 06m:54s
10:39:04 Schiesser Mein schwarz weiss blaues Band 02m:54s
10:40:58 K's Choice Believe 04m:32s
10:44:26 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
10:44:55 Texta feat. Blumentopf Willkommen im Club 03m:24s
10:48:19 Fat Freddys Drop Wandering Eye 05m:04s
10:53:13 Black Label Society Refuse to bow down 05m:53s
10:57:56 Event Trailer 2006 01m:30s
10:58:26 Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden-ID 00m:06s
10:58:32 Bob Marley Babylon system 04m:21s
11:02:49 Event Kurz nach 11 00m:04s
11:02:52 Portishead Roads 05m:10s
11:07:50 Appliance Lalo 02m:18s
11:10:08 ocke Schlager mit Herz 00m:23s
11:10:31 Finn Electrify 03m:03s
11:13:26 Blondie Rapture 06m:36s
11:18:46 Jurassic 5 What´s Golden? 03m:09s
11:21:47 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
11:21:58 Blackmail Same sane 03m:22s
11:25:13 Stella Dreams RMX 08m:18s
11:32:38 Donna Summer Try Me 04m:11s
11:36:49 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
11:37:04 Make up Feeling man 04m:05s
11:40:59 OMR Dancers 05m:37s
11:44:23 Sodastream Undone 03m:11s
11:47:26 Shaft Station_ID 00m:19s
11:47:44 Ken The Big Fib 03m:47s
11:50:17 Event Bielefeld sucht die Superband 01m:00s
11:51:17 Camaros,The Maybe 03m:20s
11:54:29 Delly Ranks More Than That 03m:26s
11:57:42 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
11:58:40 Briefs, The Criminal Youth 03m:11s
12:01:43 Guttermouth Herzt ID 00m:05s
12:01:48 Pellumair Iris 03m:22s
12:04:58 Valina Ship to escape 04m:00s
12:08:50 Skid Row Monkey business 04m:19s
12:13:06 Diana Hertz 87.9 ah 00m:11s
12:13:17 Akrobatik Hand That Rocks The Cardle 03m:35s
12:15:46 Nancy & Lee Jackson 03m:39s
12:18:19 Caramelo Criminal Pareces 03m:53s
12:21:02 Michael Herrrhtz 87,9 00m:14s
12:21:16 Ural 13 Dictators Blind Love 05m:03s
12:26:15 Wilson, Jenny A Brief Story 05m:41s
12:30:40 Herbie Hancock Fat Mama 04m:49s
12:34:23 Studio Braun Station ID 00m:15s
12:34:38 Young People El Paso 02m:16s
12:36:47 Rancid Rattlesnake 02m:44s
12:38:31 Einstürzende Neubauten Musentango 02m:16s
12:40:24 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
12:40:44 Non-Prophets That Ain't Right 04m:48s
12:44:15 National, The You´ve Done It Again, Virginia 03m:05s
12:47:05 Billy Talent River Below 03m:00s
12:50:03 Robocop Kraus Station ID 00m:10s
12:50:12 Jamaram Breakfast Love 04m:36s
12:53:45 Electrocute Fun Is A Floppy Bitch 04m:17s
12:57:52 Azure Ray November 04m:26s
13:02:09 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
13:02:23 Tomte Ich sang die ganze zeit 04m:23s
13:06:35 Prince sex in the summer 06m:58s
13:12:23 Lateef & The Chief (Maroons) Ambush 04m:47s
13:16:06 Fad Gadget Fad Gadget ID HERTZ 00m:05s
13:16:11 Ann, Keren Sailor & Widow 04m:36s
13:19:40 Mediengruppe Telekommander Camouflage Yuppie 04m:33s
13:23:09 B.T.Express It Aint Always Good For You 03m:42s
13:25:50 Bernd Tag am Meer 01m:40s
13:26:29 Them Gloria 03m:38s
13:29:01 Amusement Parks on Fire Venosa 04m:22s
13:33:16 Goto Okay Schock 03m:48s
13:35:54 Coverdale Station ID mit Musik 01m:35s
13:36:29 Brassy I can't wait 03m:57s
13:39:22 Paradime I Know What You Did Last Summe 04m:00s
13:43:13 Asher D. Feat. prento Youth - Like a Bike 05m:33s
13:47:36 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
13:47:46 Finn Electrify 03m:03s
13:50:42 Belasco Hertz ID 00m:06s
13:50:47 Flow feat. WD Zum Geburtstag für Hertz 03m:40s
13:53:12 Tears, The Lovers 04m:38s
13:56:46 Madsen Unsichtbar 04m:03s
14:00:43 George Bekios IndyReichRuhm 01m:33s
14:01:16 Williams,Saul feat. Zack De La Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare) 04m:20s
14:05:33 Sodastream Undone 03m:11s
14:08:35 Daddy Freddy feat. Rankig Joe Godfather & Son 03m:39s
14:11:09 ocke DSF 01m:44s
14:11:52 Ocker Gang Of 4 04m:43s
14:15:28 Mad Sin T.C.S. 02m:49s
14:17:12 Sugar Pie Desanto Git Back 03m:53s
14:19:54 Merlons Lichter Station ID 00m:05s
14:19:59 Aereogramme Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement 05m:10s
14:25:05 Sex Pistols Anarchy in the U.K. 04m:32s
14:28:27 Timid Tiger Combat Songs & Traffic Fights 03m:08s
14:31:31 Michael Hey Kids! Macht Radio selbst! 00m:26s
14:31:57 jehst falling down 04m:19s
14:35:56 Plemo Flashlight 04m:22s
14:39:56 Zwan Honestly 04m:46s
14:43:32 Skinny Puppy (oHgre) ID HERTZ 00m:06s
14:43:37 Bregovic, Goran Djurdjevdan 04m:49s
14:47:26 Ricardo Proseti & Kazyushi Fro Sodapoppin Booty 04m:27s
14:51:41 A perfect circle Judith 04m:06s
14:55:26 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
14:55:37 Kate Mosh A new dance 04m:50s
14:59:25 client don`t call me baby 04m:04s
15:00:00 Emiliana Torrini StationID 00m:05s
15:00:04 I Am Kloot Haunted House 03m:48s
15:02:27 Datsuns,The In Love 03m:56s
15:05:18 Black Sabbath Iron Man 06m:55s
15:10:54 Event Trailer 2006 01m:30s
15:11:24 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
15:11:34 General Electrics/Maroons Facing That Void 03m:10s
15:14:40 Aeronauten,Die Sexy Welt 03m:34s
15:17:08 BukBak Kelwele 06m:55s
15:21:28 tim tim jingle 00m:18s
15:21:46 Stella Bad news entertainment 04m:58s
15:25:42 Cat Power The Greatest 03m:22s
15:28:59 Rufus Thomas Itch And Scratch 03m:12s
15:32:03 ocke DSF 01m:44s
15:32:46 Von Spar Dog Machine 04m:22s
15:37:04 Event Decharge Electronique 01m:05s
15:38:09 Goldenen Zitronen, die Porsche Genscher Hallo HSV 02m:07s
15:40:06 Schamoni, Rocko Discoteer 06m:58s
15:46:01 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
15:46:08 Fischmob Dreckmarketing v. 1.7 04m:58s
15:50:02 OMR Dancers 05m:37s
15:53:26 McLusky That Man Will Not Hang 03m:03s
15:56:25 Jenny Oliver Welke 00m:13s
15:56:38 Eek a mouse Police in hell 02m:14s
15:58:48 Attica Blues Contemplating Jazz 06m:46s
16:03:58 The Velvet Underground After Hours 02m:12s
16:06:10 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
16:06:36 Frequencia Extrema Todos te Prometen 03m:47s
16:09:18 Grease Summer Loving 04m:37s
16:12:44 Divine Styler Divine Intervention 04m:18s
16:16:48 Lemmy Motörhead StationID 00m:22s
16:17:10 Young People El Paso 02m:16s
16:19:20 Terranova For a few dollars more 05m:46s
16:23:55 The Meters Ease Back 03m:16s
16:27:01 Britta Underground - british inspired 01m:52s
16:27:53 Raveonettes,The Cops On Your Trail 03m:01s
16:30:49 Tomte Ich sang die ganze zeit 04m:23s
16:35:01 Puretones Addicted to bass 04m:55s
16:38:49 Project Pitchfork Station ID 00m:07s
16:38:55 J Mascis + The Fog Sameday 04m:16s
16:43:00 Eric B & Rakim Microphone Fiend 05m:18s
16:48:10 13&God (The Notwist & Themselv Men Of Station 04m:52s
16:51:50 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
16:52:09 Big Mama Prendre de L´altitude 03m:45s
16:54:50 Event Bielefeld sucht die Superband 01m:00s
16:55:50 Coltrane, John Lazy Bird 07m:06s
17:00:24 Event Kurz nach 17 Uhr 00m:05s
17:00:29 John Peel John Peel ID 00m:04s
17:00:33 Frank Popp Ensemble, The Enough 04m:05s
17:04:29 D.A.F. Der Mussolini 04m:54s
17:08:14 Peters Subjekt-Objekt 04m:38s
17:11:48 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
17:12:00 Bad Taste Kindersegen 02m:51s
17:13:49 Hummer, Julia Katharina 03m:01s
17:16:41 Dreadzone Crazy knowlegde 05m:20s
17:21:38 Soko 87,9 Trailer 01m:47s
17:22:24 Mobylettes Summertime 02m:09s
17:24:25 Clef feat. Dotti Ein Herz für Künstler 03m:34s
17:26:57 David Axelrod Mucho Chupar 03m:17s
17:30:02 Meli Station ID 00m:09s
17:30:11 Apoptygma Berzerk lost in Translation 05m:38s
17:33:56 Leatherface Sour grapes 04m:01s
17:37:47 Moneybrother It Ain't Gonna Work 04m:15s
17:41:50 Tim DefiniereHertz 00m:16s
17:42:06 The Coup Me and jesus the pimp 07m:10s
17:49:09 Stockholm Angel 05m:26s
17:54:15 Cake No Phone 04m:53s
17:58:01 Atlas, Natascha Station ID 00m:05s
17:58:06 Gentleman Send a prayer 04m:55s
18:01:49 Event Kurz nach 18 Uhr 00m:05s
18:01:54 Bondage Fairies He-Man 03m:40s
18:04:27 Weezer Hash pipe 03m:06s
18:07:31 Sema Der Morgen 00m:29s
18:08:00 Amusement Parks on Fire Venosa 04m:22s
18:12:16 Zombies,The I Got My Mojo Working 04m:35s
18:15:47 DAS EFX G Music 04m:08s
18:19:43 Robocop Kraus Station ID 00m:10s
18:19:53 Alkaline Trio Mercy Me 03m:50s
18:22:39 T.Raumschmiere feat. Miss Kitt The Game is not over 04m:43s
18:26:20 Roy Ayers Ubiquity We Live In Brooklyn Baby 04m:44s
18:29:46 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
18:30:02 Jet Cold Hard Bitch 04m:55s
18:33:53 Warlocks, The It's Just Like Surgery 03m:24s
18:37:05 Jamaram Never Too Late 05m:07s
18:41:01 Sophia Station-ID 00m:05s
18:41:06 Immense Really optimistic 05m:36s
18:45:38 Sondoobie U Wit That 04m:47s
18:49:13 Mr. Lexx Who A Get Di Money 04m:56s
18:52:52 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
18:53:04 Cat Power The Greatest 03m:22s
18:56:20 Williams, Mary Lou Praise the lord 06m:54s
19:02:06 Event Kurz nach 19 00m:04s
19:02:10 Sascha id 6 00m:07s
19:02:17 Finn Electrify 03m:03s
19:05:12 robots in disguise bed scenes 04m:51s
19:09:00 Danko Jones I want you 03m:19s
19:12:16 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
19:12:35 RAG Ragtime 04m:09s
19:16:34 Dominique Souvenir 03m:20s
19:19:44 JAMMIN*INC Propaganda 04m:35s
19:23:15 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
19:24:05 Plemo Flashlight 04m:22s
19:28:05 Onyx Break It Loose 03m:16s
19:31:12 Bolzenbande2 Station ID 00m:04s
19:31:16 Cave, Nick Do You Love Me 05m:37s
19:35:49 Trend Mann in Uniform 03m:17s
19:39:02 Blumfeld Graue Wolken 04m:07s
19:43:02 George Marlboro 01m:32s
19:43:33 Sole Sin Carne 03m:10s
19:46:32 Tomte Ich sang die ganze zeit 04m:23s
19:50:44 Derek Sherinian Nightmare cinema 05m:25s
19:56:05 kanadische frau heimatsender radio herz 00m:06s
19:56:10 Mutabaruka A Revolt ain't a Revolution 03m:02s
19:59:12 Massive Attack Dissolved Girl 06m:07s
20:00:00 Friedrich Küppersbusch Stan ID 00m:07s
20:00:06 Clef feat. Dotti Ein Herz für Künstler 03m:34s
20:02:38 Go-Betweens , The Spring rain 03m:05s
20:05:34 Surrogat Gott AG 04m:32s
20:09:05 George Bekios Twilight Zone 01m:37s
20:09:42 Ugly Duckling Turn It Up 04m:57s
20:13:33 Pastels,The Worlds Of Possibility 04m:35s
20:16:59 Mark Foggo Ramona From Barcelona 04m:33s
20:20:25 Anna We will rock you 00m:17s
20:20:40 Mediengruppe Telekommander Camouflage Yuppie 04m:33s
20:24:09 Pellumair Iris 03m:22s
20:27:18 Road Runners Every Man For Himself 03m:02s
20:30:14 Karamelo Santo ID englisch 00m:09s
20:30:23 At the Gates Terminal spirit dicease 04m:39s
20:34:01 Bloc Party Two more years 04m:06s
20:37:57 Blondie Denis 02m:16s
20:39:57 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
20:40:29 DAS EFX Mic Checka 05m:46s
20:45:15 Wolf, Patrick Tristan 03m:38s
20:47:49 Explosions in the sky first breath after coma 10m:36s
20:57:22 Event Bielefeld sucht die Superband 01m:00s
20:58:22 Spax Station ID 01m:33s
20:58:54 Massilia Sound system Pas d'arrangement 03m:57s
21:01:48 Event Kurz nach 21 00m:04s
21:01:52 Strunk,Heinz Computerfreak 02m:58s
21:03:45 the Moldy Peaches Nothing Came Out 05m:05s
21:08:43 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
21:09:10 Cat Power The Greatest 03m:22s
21:12:27 Ashcroft, Richard Sience of Silence 04m:09s
21:16:35 Aeronauten,Die Patates 04m:36s
21:20:00 Event Trailer 2006 01m:30s
21:20:30 gentleman gentleman id 00m:17s
21:20:47 Catastrophe Ballet Love is dead & death is the... 06m:31s
21:26:14 Roni Size Reprazent Who told you 03m:04s
21:28:54 Thunder & Lightning Bumpin' Bus Stop 04m:00s
21:32:48 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
21:33:18 Kinks, The Victoria 04m:40s
21:36:49 Big Mama Prendre de L´altitude 03m:45s
21:39:30 Brainstorm A Day before tomorrow 04m:37s
21:43:00 Manic Street Preachers Hertz ID 00m:05s
21:43:04 Reverse Untrue 03m:08s
21:46:09 Event Decharge Electronique 01m:05s
21:47:14 Public Enemy Do you wanna go our way ? 04m:57s
21:50:54 Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat 09m:12s
22:00:00 Volker&Diana Zielgruppenmusik-Anfang 00m:13s
22:00:11 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
22:01:08 Al Green Take Me To The River 04m:43s
22:04:43 Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues (Make Me ...) 05m:27s
22:10:01 The Temptations Cloud Nine 04m:31s
22:13:24 Mack Rice Three People In Love 03m:24s
22:16:40 Theo Schumann Combo Derby 03m:32s
22:19:07 Wilson Picket Stagger Lee 02m:21s
22:21:21 zz_Michael Breaks_mini1 00m:22s
22:21:43 DJ Krush (feat. Aesop Rock) Kill Switch 04m:21s
22:25:58 DJ Revolution In 12s We Trust 05m:02s
22:31:00 Dilated Peoples/The Beat Junki Dilated Junkies 03m:17s
22:34:16 Clouddead The Velvet Ant 03m:50s
22:37:01 Danger Mouse & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life 04m:24s
22:41:16 zz_Michael Breaks_mini2 00m:14s
22:41:30 DJ Shadow Building Steam With A Grain Of 07m:34s
22:47:54 Latyrx & El-P Looking Over A City 05m:00s
22:52:46 sole dumb this down 03m:14s
22:55:56 Run DMC You be illin' 03m:26s
22:59:16 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
23:00:13 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
23:00:29 National, The You´ve Done It Again, Virginia 03m:05s
23:03:18 Byrd, Donald Fly little bird 05m:28s
23:08:41 Hennes Bender 2 Station_ID 00m:10s
23:08:51 Wilson, Jenny A Brief Story 05m:41s
23:13:17 Jam,The Going Underground 03m:56s
23:16:04 Kravitz, Lenny Let Love Rule 06m:42s
23:21:42 Anna Laufenlassen 00m:14s
23:21:56 Dizzee Rascal Fix Up, Look Sharp 04m:45s
23:25:36 Weller,Paul Family Affair 03m:16s
23:28:39 Side effect Cuantos Banditos 03m:49s
23:31:23 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
23:31:32 Goldie Inner City Life 07m:59s
23:36:32 Stockholm Angel 05m:26s
23:41:39 Eddie Bo From This Day On 03m:34s
23:44:09 Belle & Sebastian Hertz - ID 00m:04s
23:44:12 Evergrey Misled 06m:00s
23:49:56 Tomte Du Bist den ganzen Weg gerannt 04m:15s
23:54:08 chumbawamba On eBay 04m:33s
23:57:32 stieneker, silvia kinderkacke-jingle 00m:23s
23:57:55 M.O.P. Foundation 04m:42s
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