Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 28.11.2005

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:02:33 Andreas Kisser Sepultura Station-ID 00m:15s
00:02:47 Daddy Freddy feat. Rankig Joe Godfather & Son 03m:39s
00:05:21 superpitcher traeume 04m:23s
00:09:36 Mission Of Burma Wounded World 03m:29s
00:12:59 Diana Diana-Jazz 00m:11s
00:13:10 Turbonegro Hi, I Got No Pulse 03m:01s
00:16:06 Puretones Addicted to bass 04m:55s
00:19:54 Sex Pistols Seventeen 02m:03s
00:21:56 Steffi Mahsmann Station-ID Joey Vera 00m:05s
00:22:01 Jeans Team Faul 05m:03s
00:27:00 Chalets, The Feel The Machine 03m:13s
00:30:01 Four Tops Rooms of Gloom 03m:01s
00:32:31 Michael Was spielst Dudenn da?Playlist 00m:24s
00:32:55 Soggy Botom Boys feat. Dan Tym I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow 03m:12s
00:35:54 Kaiser Chiefs I Predict A riot 04m:55s
00:39:42 Alpert, Herb Spanish Flea 02m:05s
00:41:47 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
00:41:54 Young People El Paso 02m:16s
00:44:04 ACL feat.Victorani/Die Lyrika Kinetik 04m:10s
00:48:07 Savoy Grand Burn The Furniture 04m:30s
00:51:36 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
00:51:41 Nada Surf Imaginary Friends 04m:38s
00:55:08 Baker, Chet My funny Valentine 09m:14s
00:59:38 Chocmoq Station ID 00m:11s
00:59:48 Rogue Wave Bird On A Wire 04m:40s
01:03:15 Lunch , Lydia Gloomy sunday 03m:23s
01:06:28 Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Bigtime 04m:07s
01:10:30 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
01:10:45 Def Cut Street Level 04m:45s
01:14:22 Nine Black Alps Attraction 03m:13s
01:17:25 Furillo Final Countdown 04m:08s
01:21:27 Michael/Heidi The Breaks-Trailer 01m:57s
01:22:24 Tricky Overcome 05m:30s
01:26:49 Waranema My Jewel 03m:13s
01:29:55 Alex Cortiz Smooth 04m:25s
01:34:18 Maritime Station_ID 00m:04s
01:34:22 Soulfly Prophecy 03m:06s
01:37:27 Devastations, The Love doesn't end like that 04m:07s
01:41:24 Angelika Express Geh doch nach Berlin 03m:33s
01:43:50 George Bekios IndyExperten 00m:26s
01:44:16 Murs We Will Rock You (Z-Trip RMX) 03m:41s
01:46:47 Betagarri Ups And Downs 03m:19s
01:50:03 Martin Henry Rifles, The Bastardstereo 02m:04s
01:52:06 Freienstein ID 00m:04s
01:52:10 Alpha Blondy Yitzhak Rabin 05m:16s
01:57:04 Strunk,Heinz Computerfreak 02m:58s
01:58:57 Silence Surrender(live in Warsaw) 04m:55s
02:02:43 Event Kurz nach 2 00m:04s
02:02:47 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
02:03:37 Dance Inc., the Those who sleep on roads 04m:30s
02:06:57 Rogers, Amanda Lovestricken 04m:30s
02:10:17 Fehlfarben Abenteueer & Freiheit 03m:50s
02:12:56 Von Spar Von Spar ID 00m:04s
02:13:00 Lacrimosa Alles Lüge 06m:56s
02:18:51 St. Germain Rose Rouge 07m:00s
02:24:53 Greg Adams Camel Back 03m:19s
02:28:08 Michael nicht nuechtern 00m:16s
02:28:23 Audiovent The Energy 04m:56s
02:32:07 Rogue Wave Bird On A Wire 04m:40s
02:35:34 Siouxsie Candyman 04m:44s
02:39:07 Readymade Station_ID 00m:04s
02:39:11 Radiohead Everything in its right place 04m:11s
02:43:16 MB1000 Abriss 05m:37s
02:47:35 Mouse On Mars Schnick-Schnack 06m:02s
02:53:31 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
02:53:43 Francoiz Breut La Boîte De Nuit 04m:38s
02:57:14 Wilson, Cassandra You gotta move 03m:45s
02:59:58 Megadeth Mega-ID 00m:13s
03:00:11 Event Kurz nach 3 00m:03s
03:00:14 Gogol Bordello Oh No 03m:59s
03:03:12 Electric Club. The Ain't That A Lot Of Rock 03m:00s
03:06:03 franz ferdinand take me out 04m:04s
03:09:59 Sylvia jingle 1 00m:11s
03:10:10 Kool Savas Haus und Boot 03m:41s
03:12:46 Smith, Elliot Little One 03m:17s
03:15:52 Liberator Kick De Bucket 03m:48s
03:18:36 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
03:19:00 Acid Pauli Vs Cash I See Darkness 03m:36s
03:21:35 Betagarri Ups And Downs 03m:19s
03:24:52 Thunder & Lightning Bumpin' Bus Stop 04m:00s
03:28:46 Andreas Kisser Sepultura Station-ID 00m:15s
03:29:00 Ministry Animosity 05m:37s
03:33:32 Chewy Tomcat 03m:16s
03:36:37 An Angle White Horse 04m:20s
03:40:50 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
03:41:10 De La Soul Me, Myself And I 04m:45s
03:44:43 New Pornographers, The Use It! 03m:27s
03:48:06 Rosenberg Trio Bossa Dorado 03m:40s
03:50:44 Patrick Lemoine Station_ID 00m:08s
03:50:52 Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & The W Kinky Reggae 05m:11s
03:56:03 Roni Size Reprazent Who told you 03m:04s
03:58:43 Von Spar Dog Machine 04m:22s
04:03:01 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:03:05 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
04:03:35 Les Blérots de R.A.V.E.L Les Petits Plaisirs 03m:08s
04:06:33 Timid Tiger Combat Songs & Traffic Fights 03m:08s
04:09:37 Aerobitch Hey Jimmy 01m:14s
04:10:50 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hertz ID 00m:06s
04:10:55 Human Decay Anti-Fate 05m:33s
04:15:25 Strunk,Heinz Computerfreak 02m:58s
04:17:18 Franklin,Aretha I Say A Little Prayer 04m:32s
04:20:43 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
04:21:20 Nashville Pussy Keep on fuckin' 05m:43s
04:26:02 Louise Attaque Depuis Toujours 03m:22s
04:29:19 Radio 4 Calling All Enthusiats 03m:06s
04:32:18 Slug-Atmosphere Slug-ID 00m:06s
04:32:24 Rapture, The Love is All 03m:34s
04:34:51 Cypress Hill Stank A**H** 05m:11s
04:39:50 Birdy Nan Nan Abbesses 06m:28s
04:45:57 Katarina&Bastian Sweety in:takt Trailer 01m:31s
04:46:27 Moneybrother My Lil' Girl's Straight From H 02m:21s
04:48:44 Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation Bro-Teba(Rough Mix) 04m:04s
04:52:45 Utah Saints Station ID 00m:10s
04:52:53 National, The You´ve Done It Again, Virginia 03m:05s
04:55:43 Libertines,The Vertigo 03m:38s
04:58:16 King Crimson Elephant talk 05m:43s
05:00:00 Charlotte Roche Station_ID 00m:06s
05:00:05 Event Kurz nach 5 00m:04s
05:00:09 Betagarri Ups And Downs 03m:19s
05:03:26 Blood Brothers Love Rhymes With Hideous Car W 03m:15s
05:06:41 UFO Lights Out (live) 05m:17s
05:11:44 Bernd Singen, Nein Danke 01m:52s
05:12:35 Lateef & The Chief (Maroons) Ambush 04m:47s
05:16:19 Toy Dolls, The Nelly The Elephant 03m:29s
05:19:06 Lax Alex Contrax Major Tom 04m:05s
05:23:07 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
05:23:31 Stereo Total Ich bin nackt 03m:40s
05:26:06 Stockholm Angel 05m:26s
05:31:12 B.T.Express Do It Till You´re Satisfied 04m:24s
05:35:36 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hertz ID 00m:06s
05:35:42 Devine, Kevine Probably 02m:05s
05:37:44 Dead Kennedys Fleshdunce 01m:29s
05:39:03 All Seeing I, the Drive Savely Darlin 03m:53s
05:41:52 George Bekios Twilight Zone 01m:37s
05:42:28 Dejavue feat.Huckey/Texta Film ab 05m:43s
05:47:03 Waranema My Jewel 03m:13s
05:50:10 Jane´s Addiction Superhero 04m:57s
05:54:07 Friedrich Küppersbusch Stan ID 00m:07s
05:54:13 Lee Scratch Perry Rastaman 05m:16s
05:59:06 Attica Blues Contemplating Jazz 06m:46s
06:04:17 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:04:21 Young People El Paso 02m:16s
06:06:30 Michael Stereo 00m:27s
06:06:57 New Pornographers, The Use It! 03m:27s
06:10:20 Dorfdisko Schreien wir zusammen 03m:56s
06:13:10 Operation Ivy Unity 02m:14s
06:15:23 7 Zuma 7 Station ID 00m:11s
06:15:34 Belle & Sebastian Legal man 03m:42s
06:18:09 Morgenstern, C. Welcome to camp Chrystal Lake 04m:11s
06:22:10 The Meters Cissy Strut 03m:01s
06:25:06 Steffi Hertz 00m:07s
06:25:13 Donnas, The All Messed up 03m:11s
06:28:21 Moneybrother My Lil' Girl's Straight From H 02m:21s
06:30:38 Nico Heroes 06m:08s
06:35:37 Spax Station ID 01m:33s
06:36:10 The Music Cessation 04m:52s
06:39:54 Total Chaos Worte & Beats 05m:35s
06:44:17 Jan Delay An die Bürger von Konsolien 04m:21s
06:48:38 ocke Volksmusik Quote 00m:18s
06:48:56 Louise Attaque Depuis Toujours 03m:22s
06:52:12 Bridgewater, Dee Dee Cherokee 06m:03s
06:57:31 Farin Urlaub Station_ID 00m:07s
06:57:38 Mayday Pelf-Help 04m:30s
07:00:56 Helldorado The Devil´s Kiss 03m:47s
07:03:37 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:03:40 Gemini Five Hitchin´ A Ride 04m:51s
07:07:27 Bernd Mensaplan Trailer 00m:27s
07:07:52 D-Shade vs D-Styles Like That Chall Freestyle 03m:04s
07:10:55 Aström,Kristofer The Good You Bring 03m:52s
07:13:40 Specials A Message to Rudy 03m:53s
07:16:25 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
07:16:51 Acid Pauli Vs Cash I See Darkness 03m:36s
07:19:26 Mondayopen Megalomaniac 03m:39s
07:21:56 Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 03m:15s
07:25:02 Doves Hertz-ID 00m:04s
07:25:06 Cocorosie Good Friday 04m:24s
07:29:23 Against Me Unprotected Sex With Multiple 04m:11s
07:33:25 b-Movie Marilyn dreams 04m:40s
07:37:00 bastian french 01m:31s
07:37:31 Eric B & Rakim Eric B. Never Scared 05m:21s
07:42:31 Chikinki Assassinator 13 04m:02s
07:46:31 Tamoto On my mind 04m:51s
07:50:19 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
07:50:26 Sam Ragga Band feat Jan Delay Die Welt steht still 04m:45s
07:54:09 Terranova For a few dollars more 05m:46s
07:58:45 Why? Crushed Bones 04m:30s
08:02:06 britta Underground 01m:47s
08:02:52 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:02:56 Elbow Leaders Of The Free World 04m:51s
08:06:41 Twist Leave The Apartment To Buy Alc 04m:04s
08:10:34 Ignite You 04m:59s
08:14:22 Mediengruppe Telekommander Station ID 00m:06s
08:14:28 Young People El Paso 02m:16s
08:16:38 Golden Boy feat.Miss Kittin 1234 05m:21s
08:21:56 Buddy Miles Train 05m:53s
08:26:36 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
08:27:00 Faith No More Be aggressive 04m:43s
08:30:35 Goldenen Zitronen, Die Der Tag als(KLAS 03m:53s
08:33:23 Pet Shop Boys Westend Girls 05m:44s
08:37:49 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
08:38:07 Fifty Nine Violets silver sea 04m:49s
08:41:46 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul So Planet Rock 04m:15s
08:45:50 Ken Bob Long way 04m:58s
08:49:43 Britta Multivitamin 00m:27s
08:50:10 Mondayopen Megalomaniac 03m:39s
08:52:39 Gong Mandrake 05m:04s
08:57:36 Event Melt Banana Trailer 01m:02s
08:58:38 Jeff Van Geldern Station ID 00m:08s
08:58:45 Grebe, Rainald ICE 04m:51s
08:59:41 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
09:01:31 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:01:37 Alice in Chains Would 03m:28s
09:05:30 Elbow Leaders Of The Free World 04m:51s
09:09:15 lali puna b-movie 03m:13s
09:12:11 Mario-Ocke-Bastian Frühlink 00m:13s
09:13:23 Electrocute Fun Is A Floppy Bitch 04m:17s
09:21:58 I Am Kloot Haunted House 03m:48s
09:24:01 Bikini Kill Reject All American 03m:30s
09:26:24 Moonbootica Listen 04m:06s
09:28:53 Cursive Some red handed slight of hand 02m:53s
09:29:50 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:31:49 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
09:32:19 Superpunk Eine schärfere Welt 03m:56s
09:35:12 Bad Religion 21st Century Digital Boy 03m:49s
09:37:51 Sonja Ganguin Rückspiegel Anfang!!! 00m:04s
09:42:23 New Order Useless Emotion 06m:38s
09:47:30 Trend Mann in Uniform 03m:17s
09:50:42 Michael & Kathrin MensaKW48-Montag 01m:18s
09:52:15 Le Purple De L'Herbe El Paso feat. Puppetmastaz 04m:47s
09:55:57 ocke v-tipps jingle 00m:14s
09:56:48 Nova International Crank It Up 03m:28s
09:59:41 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
10:01:35 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:01:42 Kaiser Chiefs I Predict A riot 04m:55s
10:05:55 Bloc Party She's hearing voices 03m:29s
10:13:42 Rilo Kiley It's a Hit 04m:29s
10:22:01 Unicorns, The I Was Born (A Unicorn) 03m:41s
10:24:42 Ton Steine Scherben Mole Hill Rockers 03m:30s
10:27:07 International Pony Hangin ´Around 04m:10s
10:29:50 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
10:31:22 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
10:31:46 Strunk,Heinz Computerfreak 02m:58s
10:35:11 White Stripes, The Shelter of your Arms 04m:31s
10:45:00 Spoon I turn my camera on 04m:34s
10:48:32 Hunchbacks, The My car is so cool 02m:08s
10:50:35 Michael & Kathrin MensaKW48-Montag 01m:18s
10:52:05 Babyshambles Fuck forever 05m:42s
10:59:41 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
11:02:01 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:02:08 Death Cab For Cutie I Was A Kaleidoscope 03m:51s
11:05:02 Ehemaliger Rektor Helmuth Skowronek ID 00m:09s
11:05:10 Chikinki Assassinator 13 04m:02s
11:09:11 New Model Army You Weren't There 04m:38s
11:12:39 Kinks, The Victoria 04m:40s
11:16:10 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
11:16:30 Swollen Members Camouflage 03m:31s
11:18:52 Clark, Anne Elegy For A lost Summer (Live) 04m:40s
11:22:19 Hotknives One Man & His Dog 04m:18s
11:26:30 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
11:26:41 Punk Soul Loving Bill Ralleyweltmeister 03m:21s
11:29:54 Event Maritime Trailer 01m:42s
11:30:35 Trend Mann in Uniform 03m:17s
11:33:48 Lyrics Born/Poets Of Rhythm I Changed My Mind 05m:40s
11:38:24 O. Rohrbeck & A. Fröhlich Station ID (Drei ???) 00m:06s
11:38:29 Addict Monsterside 04m:13s
11:42:26 Social Distortion Reach For The Sky 04m:32s
11:45:56 Event Decharge Electronique 1 01m:13s
11:47:09 Apollo 440 Heart go boom 04m:32s
11:50:31 Event MensaKW48-Montag 01m:18s
11:51:49 britta Underground 01m:47s
11:52:36 Akrobatik Hand That Rocks The Cardle 03m:35s
11:55:05 Moneybrother My Lil' Girl's Straight From H 02m:21s
11:57:21 Motörhead Orgasmatron 05m:26s
11:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
11:59:59 soeren inf12uhr 02m:01s
12:02:00 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
12:02:09 Lee Buddah StationID 00m:05s
12:02:14 Janka Wir teilen Wunden 03m:12s
12:05:19 Crustation Ride on 05m:30s
12:09:38 Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To 04m:39s
12:13:08 bastian french 01m:31s
12:13:39 Sun Life or Death feat.Jason Berry 05m:37s
12:18:02 Nouvelle Vague Too Drunk to Fuck 02m:17s
12:20:16 Jah Mason Gideon Start 04m:49s
12:23:55 Diana Diana-Cowboy 00m:20s
12:24:15 Bondage Fairies He-Man 03m:40s
12:26:47 Soul Ones Soul Pot 03m:16s
12:29:57 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
12:30:04 Event Lesung 01m:49s
12:30:53 Weakerthans, The Plea From A Cat Named Virtue 04m:49s
12:34:40 Oma Hans Aus Stahl 05m:01s
12:38:02 Aberfeldy Love Is An Arrow 03m:33s
12:40:24 Michael Everybody Hertz 00m:18s
12:40:42 Looptroop Fly Away 05m:43s
12:45:15 Salzer Resig Nation 03m:45s
12:47:58 Everest Pieces Of A Broken Ship 03m:17s
12:51:07 Event MensaKW48-Montag 01m:18s
12:52:25 Steffi soulfly-ID 00m:08s
12:52:33 Glen Washington Viper 04m:33s
12:56:00 La Funk Mob Ravers Suck Our Sound 05m:19s
12:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
12:59:59 soeren inf13uhr 02m:00s
13:01:59 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
13:02:06 Smashing Pumpkins Disarm 03m:17s
13:05:09 ocke DSF 01m:44s
13:05:51 Grebe, Rainald ICE 04m:51s
13:09:37 Microsillon Fly away 04m:44s
13:13:13 Kinderzimmer Productions Der Doktor 04m:43s
13:16:50 Steffi Mahsmann Station-ID Supersuckers 00m:08s
13:16:58 Appareil Nightvision 04m:01s
13:20:55 Event trailer hymnenwettbewerb 01m:54s
13:21:48 LTJ Bukem Logical Progression 06m:30s
13:26:38 Stockholm Angel 05m:26s
13:31:45 Event V-Tipps 28-11 01m:18s
13:33:03 Joe Tex I Gotcha 03m:42s
13:35:36 Anna In den höchsten Tönen 00m:22s
13:35:58 Mudhoney Today is a good day 03m:05s
13:38:52 White Stripes, The Shelter of your Arms 04m:31s
13:42:19 Chumbawamba On the day the nazi died 01m:22s
13:43:32 Silke Bischoff Silke Bischoff ID 00m:05s
13:43:37 Bright Eyes Take It Easy (Love Nothing) 03m:21s
13:46:53 Jurassic 5 Verbal Gunfight 04m:53s
13:50:30 Edwards,Rupie Leggo Skanga 03m:51s
13:53:12 tim tim jingle 00m:18s
13:53:30 Mayday Pelf-Help 04m:30s
13:56:49 Ashley,Tod Station ID 00m:05s
13:56:53 OMR Dancers 05m:37s
13:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
13:59:59 soeren inf14uhr 02m:00s
14:01:59 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
14:02:06 Beck Mixed bizness 04m:11s
14:06:07 Event Decharge Electronique 1 01m:13s
14:07:19 Soggy Botom Boys feat. Dan Tym I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow 03m:12s
14:10:19 Tim Schwangerschaft 00m:25s
14:10:44 Sam Server What's That Sound 04m:22s
14:14:47 Grandaddy Stray Dog And The Chocolate Sh 04m:44s
14:18:16 Gentleman Send a prayer 04m:55s
14:22:00 Event V-Tipps 28-11 01m:18s
14:23:18 Michael Was spielst Dudenn da?Playlist 00m:24s
14:23:42 Ladytron Destroy Everything You Touch 07m:42s
14:27:25 Chikinki Assassinator 13 04m:02s
14:29:50 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
14:59:27 Clyde Stubblefield Revenge Of The Funky Drummer 04m:35s
14:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
14:59:59 soeren inf15uhr 02m:01s
15:02:00 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
15:02:10 Cooper Temple Clause, The Hertz - ID 00m:04s
15:02:13 Stockholm Angel 05m:26s
15:07:20 Welle Erdball Walkman 04m:03s
15:11:18 Cursive Art is Hard 03m:46s
15:13:56 Tribe after Tribe Runguska 05m:47s
15:18:40 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
15:18:52 DJ Format feat. Abdominal & D- 3 Feet Deep 04m:10s
15:22:58 Event trailer hymnenwettbewerb 01m:54s
15:23:51 Buffseeds Sparkle Me 04m:32s
15:27:15 BukBak Kelwele 06m:55s
15:31:35 Event V-Tipps 28-11 01m:18s
15:32:52 Henning Texternte Trailer 01m:39s
15:33:30 Four Tet She Moves She 05m:40s
15:38:06 Briefs, The Criminal Youth 03m:11s
15:41:10 Wylie Trass The Feeling 03m:26s
15:44:26 Event Melt Banana Trailer 01m:02s
15:45:28 Zeromancer ID Hertz 00m:06s
15:45:34 A perfect circle Judith 04m:06s
15:49:18 Slime Brüllen,zertrümmern und weg 03m:26s
15:52:34 Wendy, James & Stewart Poison 04m:26s
15:56:54 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
15:57:14 Clef Meine Stadt (Bielefeld) 03m:13s
15:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
15:59:59 soeren inf16uhr 02m:01s
16:02:00 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
16:02:07 Gogol Bordello Oh No 03m:59s
16:05:04 Trend Ernüchterung 04m:03s
16:09:04 Fad Gadget Fad Gadget ID HERTZ 00m:05s
16:09:09 Dreadzone Return of the dread 06m:22s
16:14:50 deela Enjoy 05m:46s
16:19:27 My vitriol The gentle art of choking 04m:31s
16:22:49 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
16:23:14 White Stripes, The Shelter of your Arms 04m:31s
16:26:40 Freddy Quinn Wir 03m:26s
16:30:05 Event V-Tipps 28-11 01m:18s
16:31:23 Asio Kid On the move 04m:34s
16:34:52 Kettcar Ich danke der academy 04m:39s
16:38:22 Event Maritime Trailer 01m:42s
16:39:04 Mista Sinista ID 00m:10s
16:39:14 Spillsbury Zwei Sekunden 03m:12s
16:42:19 3 Doors down Smack 03m:31s
16:44:50 Kante Zombi 05m:33s
16:49:16 13 & God Low Heaven 05m:34s
16:53:44 Massive attack Teardrop 06m:31s
16:59:01 Joe Simon The Chokin' Kind 03m:40s
16:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
16:59:59 soeren inf17uhr 02m:01s
17:02:00 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
17:02:07 Anna MundgeblaSEN 00m:18s
17:02:24 Gluecifer Easy Living 03m:04s
17:05:22 Kante Zombi 05m:33s
17:09:48 Salzer Resig Nation 03m:45s
17:12:31 Rockformation Diskokugel Mehr Soul 03m:19s
17:15:40 2Raumwohnung Station ID 00m:18s
17:15:58 Teenage Fanclub The Concept 06m:37s
17:21:02 Queen Latifah feat. Monie Love Ladies First 04m:54s
17:24:50 Anthony B Good life 03m:15s
17:27:58 Michael Privatradios anzuenden 01m:33s
17:28:31 James, Tommy & The Shondells Crimson & Clover (KLASSIKER) 05m:23s
17:33:54 Event V-Tipps 28-11 01m:18s
17:35:11 Spax Station ID 01m:33s
17:35:44 Janka Wir teilen Wunden 03m:12s
17:38:49 Cooper Temple Clause, The Filmmaker 03m:57s
17:41:40 Hiss, The Clever Kicks 02m:26s
17:44:03 britta Underground 01m:47s
17:44:50 Le Peuple De L'Herbe Déjŕ ŕ l'Ecole 03m:24s
17:48:07 Francoiz Breut La Boîte De Nuit 04m:38s
17:51:37 Golem System Rambla Mojada 04m:56s
17:55:27 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
17:55:59 Miss Kittin Meet Sue Be She 04m:05s
17:59:58 Nada Surf Imaginary Friends 04m:38s
18:03:22 Event Poetry Slam November 2005 29m:55s
19:32:16 Isaac Hayes Run Fay Run 03m:49s
19:35:00 Frank ID Spacechild/frank 00m:04s
19:35:04 Beastie Boys + Miho Hatori Start! 03m:51s
19:37:47 Un Kuartito Sale El Sol 04m:31s
19:41:05 Zykos Kodiak 04m:14s
19:45:09 George Bekios Ichbin Wissenschaftler 01m:38s
19:45:47 Sugarhill Gang Rappers Delight 04m:58s
19:49:34 Event trailer hymnenwettbewerb 01m:54s
19:50:27 I Am Kloot Haunted House 03m:48s
19:52:50 Pothead Dope Says Nope 03m:53s
19:55:40 Jenny Oliver Welke 00m:13s
19:55:52 Luciano Equal rights 04m:32s
19:59:23 Swimmingpool Direct Drive Ninety Five 04m:39s
20:02:51 Goom Common Place 07m:48s
20:08:15 Event Lesung 01m:49s
20:09:03 Britta Underground - british inspired 01m:52s
20:09:55 OMR Dancers 05m:37s
20:13:19 Manic Street Preachers The Masses against the classes 03m:24s
20:16:41 Fischmob Fickpisse 04m:02s
20:20:33 O. Rohrbeck & A. Fröhlich Station ID (Drei ???) 00m:06s
20:20:39 Athlete Half Light 04m:44s
20:24:14 Peter, Martin feat Alec Empire Bypass 04m:57s
20:28:07 Cosby, Bill & Quincy Jones Groovy Gravy 08m:13s
20:36:13 Event Melt Banana Trailer 01m:02s
20:37:15 Katarina Fluffy stirbt 00m:21s
20:37:35 Spitting Off Tall Buildings Too Much 05m:54s
20:42:17 James, Tommy & The Shondells Crimson & Clover (KLASSIKER) 05m:23s
20:47:40 Trashmonkeys Isn´t It Good? 03m:54s
20:50:25 Event Decharge Electronique 1 01m:13s
20:51:37 Lee Buddah StationID 00m:05s
20:51:42 Naked Lunch God 05m:53s
20:56:27 Swollen Members Camouflage 03m:31s
20:58:49 Golem System Rambla Mojada 04m:56s
21:00:00 Mista Sinista ID 00m:10s
21:00:09 Turbonegro Hi, I Got No Pulse 03m:01s
21:03:05 Event Kurz nach 21 00m:04s
21:03:09 Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros redemption song 03m:29s
21:06:35 National, The Driver, Suprise Me 03m:20s
21:09:45 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
21:09:52 Run DMC Take the money 04m:48s
21:13:30 Veils, The The tide that left a 03m:09s
21:16:33 unknown Leaving on a jetplane 03m:54s
21:19:17 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
21:19:26 Wax Tailor Que Sera 03m:46s
21:22:11 OMR Dancers 05m:37s
21:25:35 San Francisco T.K.O.'s Herm 03m:41s
21:28:11 Sneaker Pimps Station ID 00m:09s
21:28:19 Il Nino This Time's For Real 03m:19s
21:31:27 Bloc Party Two more years 04m:06s
21:35:24 Attal, Jerome La Théorie des Nuages 04m:08s
21:39:25 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
21:39:40 Texta feat. Blumentopf Willkommen im Club 03m:24s
21:43:04 Event Maritime Trailer 01m:42s
21:43:45 Briefs, The Criminal Youth 03m:11s
21:46:49 Books, The An Animated Description Of... 05m:41s
21:51:25 Toni L Station ID 00m:09s
21:51:33 Ken Bob Long way 04m:58s
21:55:26 Stella Dreams RMX 08m:18s
22:00:00 Britta Underground22Uhr 01m:04s
22:01:03 Briefs,The Forty and above 02m:09s
22:03:06 Death Cab For Cutie Someday You Will Be Loved 03m:12s
22:06:11 Electrelane U.O.R. 09m:43s
22:14:46 Home Of The Lame Okay 04m:51s
22:18:27 Nada Surf What is your 03m:25s
22:21:45 Black eyed snake My new house 08m:44s
22:29:17 Britta Mini Underground Trailer 00m:13s
22:29:30 Mayday Billy Boy Blues 04m:44s
22:33:00 White Stripes, The Take take take 04m:23s
22:37:16 Maritime Young Alumni 04m:44s
22:40:48 Franz Ferdinand You could have it so much bett 03m:42s
22:43:23 Reed, Angie XYZ Frequency 05m:52s
22:48:09 Blur Coffee & TV 05m:19s
22:53:12 Sixes and Sevens Sold my soul 04m:20s
22:57:22 Nova International Let´s get romantic 03m:59s
23:00:15 Britta Mini Underground Trailer 00m:13s
23:00:27 22 Pistepirkko Quicksand 03m:26s
23:03:46 depeche mode enjoy the silence 04m:18s
23:07:54 Quit Your Dayjob Look! A Dollar 02m:43s
23:09:34 Michael Hey Kids! Macht Radio selbst! 00m:26s
23:10:00 Chikinki Assassinator 13 04m:02s
23:14:01 Wilde, Kim Chequered love 03m:22s
23:17:13 Muse Plug in baby 04m:43s
23:20:41 Hennes Bender Station_ID 00m:14s
23:20:55 Die Krupps One 05m:01s
23:25:55 TNT Jackson ratterbit 04m:41s
23:29:26 Irma Thomas Ruler Of My Heart 03m:40s
23:31:58 ocke Bahnhof 01m:38s
23:32:35 The Libertines Time For Heroes 04m:41s
23:35:12 Stockholm Angel 05m:26s
23:40:18 Presley,Elvis Always On My Mind 04m:40s
23:43:48 Christian Station ID 00m:08s
23:43:56 Tilly And The Wall Reckless 03m:51s
23:46:38 Demo Delgado&Kool Savas Gunshot Buzz Up 04m:49s
23:50:18 Wovenhand Bleary Eyed Duty 05m:30s
23:54:43 Mario Hertz is Trumpf 00m:24s
23:55:07 New Pornographers, The Use It! 03m:27s
23:58:29 Parker, Charlie What is this thing called love 03m:48s
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