Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 7.7.2004

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:00:00 Event Lssung Gerd Dembowski 56m:37s
00:55:36 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
00:56:01 Joe Simon The Chokin' Kind 03m:40s
00:58:33 Dashboard Confessional Vindicated 03m:29s
01:01:42 Nashville Pussy Keep on fuckin' 05m:43s
01:06:24 Belle & Sebastian Hertz - ID 00m:04s
01:06:27 Zeb.Roc.Ski On the run 04m:36s
01:09:59 Spaghetti Head Funky Axe 03m:32s
01:12:23 The Verve History 05m:28s
01:17:43 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
01:18:40 TV on the Radio Staring at the Sun 03m:27s
01:21:55 Turin Brakes Pain Killer 04m:56s
01:25:39 Krupps,Die To the hilt (ClawfingerRmx) 04m:41s
01:29:18 DAS EFX DAS EFX-ID 00m:08s
01:29:25 urlaub in polen four months 03m:22s
01:32:43 LTJ Bukem Delitfol 05m:24s
01:37:19 Torch feat. Toni Wir waren mal Stars 03m:59s
01:40:08 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
01:41:36 fear Factory Cyberwaste 03m:18s
01:44:51 Foo Fighters M.I.A. 04m:03s
01:48:51 Wiley What Do U Call It ? 03m:20s
01:52:06 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
01:52:13 Boss Hog Get it while you wait 04m:41s
01:55:36 busters, the revolution rock 04m:37s
01:59:08 georg uecker station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
01:59:12 Radiohead Idioteque 05m:09s
02:04:20 Event Kurz nach 2 00m:04s
02:04:24 Beastie Boys An Open Letter To NYC 04m:19s
02:08:37 Coldplay God put a smile upon your face 05m:49s
02:13:26 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
02:14:10 Deluxe,Samy Is´ Nich Wahr 04m:55s
02:17:57 Africa Unite Gedawo 03m:25s
02:20:56 Si Begg Welcome (The Hacker Remix) 04m:03s
02:24:58 Steffi soulfly-ID 00m:08s
02:25:06 Zwan Honestly 04m:46s
02:28:41 Sun 21 El Cuarto de Tula 03m:25s
02:32:03 Samba Bis der Tag beginnt 03m:44s
02:34:39 Diana Diana-Cowboy 00m:20s
02:34:59 Pantera Cemetary gates (edit) 06m:47s
02:40:44 Placebo Effect Galleries Of Pain 08m:41s
02:48:15 Ärzte, die Kopfhaut 03m:53s
02:50:57 Beck InTakt ID 00m:07s
02:51:03 Taking Back Sundays This Photograph Is Proof (I Kn 04m:12s
02:55:01 Visage Fade to grey 04m:53s
02:58:53 ASD Sneak Preview 04m:45s
03:00:00 Tierfreund (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:15s
03:00:14 Event Kurz nach 3 00m:03s
03:00:17 Blind Passengers The glory of success 03m:08s
03:03:19 Wilco Theologians 04m:37s
03:06:47 M.A.R.S. Pump up the volume 04m:02s
03:10:38 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
03:10:44 DJ Spinbad All Night Long 02m:20s
03:12:53 Elephant Man Replacement Killer 04m:35s
03:16:23 LTJ Bukem Logical Progression 06m:30s
03:21:12 Jeff Van Geldern Station ID 00m:08s
03:21:20 Anthrax Antisocial 04m:25s
03:25:40 R.E.M. I'll take the rain 05m:32s
03:30:01 Features, The The Way It's Meant To Be 02m:10s
03:32:06 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
03:32:37 Grip Inc. Enemy mind 03m:24s
03:36:00 Cave , Nick The ballad of Robert Moore and 04m:35s
03:39:24 Sex Pistols Friggin' in the riggin' 04m:33s
03:42:47 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
03:42:54 Generation Fuck Let's Go Out 02m:50s
03:44:30 Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities in Dust 04m:53s
03:48:10 Insight Rap Religion 04m:03s
03:52:01 Kai+Bernd HertzRasen Trailer 01m:47s
03:52:47 Stevie Wonder He's A Mistra Know-It-All 06m:35s
03:57:11 Billy Talent River Below 03m:00s
04:00:09 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:00:12 Good Life, The Lovers Need Lawyers 03m:40s
04:02:46 Electric Club, The Station ID Thomas 00m:05s
04:02:51 DAS EFX They Want 04m:37s
04:06:27 Al Green Take Me To The River 04m:43s
04:10:02 Travis Baby one more time 04m:53s
04:13:49 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
04:14:02 Dashboard Confessional Vindicated 03m:29s
04:17:10 Gary Sweet Outpouring 03m:24s
04:20:25 Projekt Pitchfork The Island 05m:18s
04:25:40 Steffi Death Angel-ID 00m:07s
04:25:46 Ween It's gonna be a long night 03m:49s
04:28:32 Zzouf Too Bad-Trafic 03m:16s
04:31:47 Cronite Who the fuck iz u? 04m:34s
04:35:15 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
04:35:25 Judas Priest Hell is home 06m:19s
04:41:33 Radiohead Karma Police 04m:22s
04:45:55 Samba Bis der Tag beginnt 03m:44s
04:48:31 Dieter Hildebrandt Station ID 00m:14s
04:48:45 Wilde, Kim Chequered love 03m:22s
04:51:56 Dennis Brown Here I Come 04m:50s
04:55:36 Blink182 StationID 00m:04s
04:55:39 Sparta Cut Your Ribbon 03m:05s
04:58:40 Taking Back Sundays This Photograph Is Proof (I Kn 04m:12s
05:02:37 Event Kurz nach 5 00m:04s
05:02:41 Nerf Herder Welcome To My World 02m:08s
05:04:38 George Marlboro 01m:32s
05:05:10 Afu-Ra Blvd.feat.Guru 04m:57s
05:08:37 Melodians,The Rivers of Babylon 03m:26s
05:11:55 Morgenstern, C. Baxter`s Mind 04m:20s
05:16:10 Leder Station ID 00m:05s
05:16:15 UFO Love is forever 04m:22s
05:20:30 Arap Strap Hello Daylight 04m:18s
05:24:39 Kweller, Ben Hospital Bed 04m:38s
05:27:42 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
05:27:57 Slipknot Duality 04m:34s
05:31:28 MxPx Responsibility 03m:40s
05:33:57 Punkels,The With a little help from 02m:02s
05:35:55 Deine Lakeien ID 00m:10s
05:36:04 Guided By Voices Never Gonna Have To Die 02m:14s
05:38:06 Coldplay Yellow 04m:29s
05:42:31 Sleepwalker Vorsprechtermin 05m:49s
05:47:06 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
05:47:28 Anita Ward Ring My Bell 03m:24s
05:50:51 Fiery Furnaces, The Single Again 04m:04s
05:54:47 Love like blood 7 seconds 05m:55s
05:59:36 Didgerission Siation ID 00m:15s
05:59:51 Ferris MC Im Zeichen des Freaks 05m:38s
06:00:00 Dike Station ID 00m:07s
06:00:06 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:00:10 Wilco Theologians 04m:37s
06:03:37 Lemonheads It's a shame about Ray 03m:07s
06:06:37 King's X Fade 03m:25s
06:09:57 Sonja Ganguin Rueckspiegel-Trailer 01m:50s
06:10:47 Donald D Oldschool Jam 05m:07s
06:15:46 Werle & Stankowski Sound of my Guitar 03m:22s
06:19:03 Active Member Kane Mou Th xarh 05m:46s
06:23:41 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
06:24:06 Zoot Woman Chicago Detroit LA 04m:53s
06:27:56 Beastie Boys An Open Letter To NYC 04m:19s
06:32:09 Sam & Dave Soul Man 03m:40s
06:34:43 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hertz ID 00m:06s
06:34:49 Moldy Peaches, The Who's Got The Crack 03m:26s
06:38:09 Mano Negra Letter to the censors 03m:31s
06:40:34 Crash, The Lauren Caught My Eye 04m:51s
06:44:14 Mario Sarcletti "Des is a Wahnsinn..." 01m:32s
06:44:45 Biz Markie Turn Tha Party Out 03m:26s
06:48:11 Wiley What Do U Call It ? 03m:20s
06:51:26 Franz Ferdinand Matinee 04m:58s
06:55:21 Ehemaliger Rektor Helmuth Skowronek ID 00m:09s
06:55:29 elephant man romeo must die 03m:22s
06:58:44 UNKLE feat. 3-D Invasion 05m:16s
07:03:44 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:03:46 Notwist,The Chemicals 05m:18s
07:08:54 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
07:09:05 Samba Bis der Tag beginnt 03m:44s
07:11:42 Stereo Total C'est la mort 03m:50s
07:14:29 DAS EFX Dum Dums 04m:46s
07:18:15 Ashley,Tod Station ID 00m:05s
07:18:19 Blur On your own 04m:26s
07:22:40 Tenor, Jimi Spell 04m:43s
07:26:12 Feelin' Funky Hang Up 02m:11s
07:28:17 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
07:28:56 Tesla Modern Day Cowboy 05m:19s
07:34:08 Lacrimas Profundere Ave End 04m:50s
07:37:49 Frau Doktor Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen 03m:43s
07:40:22 Bolzenbande2 Station ID 00m:04s
07:40:26 Fugazi Waiting room 03m:55s
07:43:15 Deluxe,Samy Hab´Gehört 04m:45s
07:46:55 Dennis Brown Here I Come 04m:50s
07:50:34 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
07:52:02 Phoenix Run, Run, Run 03m:29s
07:55:22 Gillespie, Dizzy 52nd Street Theme 03m:05s
07:55:23 Event Station ID 00m:11s
07:55:33 Mull Historical Society Hertz - ID 00m:15s
07:55:48 Clinic The Magician 03m:44s
07:58:26 Favez Emmanuel Hall 04m:57s
07:59:41 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
08:01:57 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
08:02:04 3 Doors down Kryptonite 04m:54s
08:06:17 Billy Talent River Below 03m:00s
08:09:15 Mario-Ocke-Bastian Frühlink 00m:13s
08:10:36 Alphaboyschool no interest 04m:47s
08:18:22 A Nothing 04m:44s
08:22:00 Client Down to the Underground 03m:05s
08:24:59 ocke Party-gruen 01m:52s
08:25:50 air cherry blossom girl 04m:43s
08:29:27 InFakt 2min TICKER 02m:01s
08:29:50 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
08:33:14 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
08:33:54 Dashboard Confessional Vindicated 03m:29s
08:37:02 Sonja Ganguin Rückspiegel 2 00m:04s
08:40:13 Angelika Express Feierabend Of Destruction (Alb 03m:51s
08:43:02 Alternative Allstars Little Bird 05m:37s
08:48:40 Afika Bambaataa Unity Part 03m:25s
08:53:44 Generation Fuck Let's Go Out 02m:50s
08:55:21 Black Crowes, The Sting me 05m:40s
08:59:41 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
09:02:03 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
09:02:11 Beach Boys, The- Surfin U.S.A. 02m:29s
09:04:51 April Daze Easy 04m:39s
09:08:56 Spillsbury Was Wir Machen (Kid Alex Boys 04m:56s
09:14:13 Ark,The It takes a fool to remain sane 04m:55s
09:19:30 Busters, The we are the champions 03m:38s
09:22:06 Anthony B Good life 03m:15s
09:25:14 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
09:25:59 Ärzte, die Sommer, Palmen, Sonnenschein 03m:52s
09:28:41 Anarchist Academy Rappelkistenkids 04m:06s
09:29:50 Event Die Weltnachrichten 00m:10s
09:33:06 Das Wetter Bett Karibikfeeling 01m:13s
09:33:56 TV on the Radio Staring at the Sun 03m:27s
09:37:23 Danny english Make my day 03m:12s
09:40:28 Mario A. Sarcletti Panteon Rococo Trailer 01m:13s
09:46:14 Beangrowers Teen Titans 03m:16s
09:55:21 Bernd+Marina Mensaplan 28kw MI 01m:18s
09:57:08 Bierbeben, Das Mach deinen Fernseher kaputt 04m:23s
09:59:41 Event Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
10:02:17 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
10:02:24 Benuts,The Turn Off Your Radio 05m:44s
10:07:04 Bittermann Station ID 00m:11s
10:07:04 Benuts,The Turn Off Your Radio 05m:44s
10:07:09 A Nothing 04m:44s
10:10:47 Shock Therapy Hate Is A 4-Letter Word 06m:19s
10:17:04 Event Party-gruen 01m:51s
10:17:55 Soko 87,9 Trailer 01m:47s
10:18:42 Mr.Lif New Man Theme 03m:29s
10:21:48 Wir sind Helden Müssen nur wollen 04m:37s
10:25:14 Anthony B Fire pon Rome 04m:04s
10:29:13 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
10:29:35 Mobylettes Summertime 02m:09s
10:31:36 Wiley What Do U Call It ? 03m:20s
10:34:51 Chilites What Do I Whish For 03m:54s
10:37:45 Belasco Hertz ID 00m:06s
10:37:50 White Stripes, The Good To Me 02m:06s
10:39:53 Rantanplan Hamburg 8 Grad Regen 03m:47s
10:42:28 Begemann,Bernd Ich komme um zu kündigen 03m:14s
10:45:36 Faber, Hajo Jöllenbeck-Jingle 01m:44s
10:46:20 Promoe,Raptile & Mathematik Layin´ Bricks 04m:46s
10:50:05 Monotekktoni Out Of The Window 04m:38s
10:53:39 Motopsycho Ride Dr. Hofmanns bicycle 07m:00s
10:59:41 InFakt Die Hochschulnachrichten 00m:19s
10:59:59 kat infakt 11 h 0707 02m:01s
11:02:00 InFaktEnde no voc 00m:08s
11:02:07 Frank ID Spacechild/frank 00m:04s
11:02:11 busters, the revolution rock 04m:37s
11:05:42 UNKLE feat. Ian Brown Reign 06m:33s
11:11:06 !!! Dear Can 05m:40s
11:15:40 Thermals,The No Culture Icons 02m:22s
11:17:58 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
11:18:13 Rapture, The Love is All 03m:34s
11:20:39 Slut Teardrops 04m:01s
11:24:31 Non-Prophets Mainstream 307 04m:03s
11:28:25 Mediengruppe Telekommander Station ID 00m:06s
11:28:31 Hendrix, Jimi Purple Haze 04m:24s
11:32:51 Aphex Twin SAW1-1 05m:54s
11:37:36 Roy Ayers Ubiquity We Live In Brooklyn Baby 04m:44s
11:41:03 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
11:41:13 Steve Vai Now we run 04m:47s
11:44:00 Conny & Volker E:clipse 00m:26s
11:44:25 Xandria Keep my secret well 04m:15s
11:45:21 Station ID Annika Trost 00m:08s
11:45:30 Slade Cum On Feel The Noize 04m:28s
11:49:39 Sharon Stoned Nothing I Could Change 04m:16s
11:53:42 Madrugada Vocal 06m:28s
11:59:59 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
12:00:11 Biz Markie Turn Tha Party Out 03m:26s
12:03:37 Sodastream Undone 03m:11s
12:06:39 big youth waterhouse rock 05m:16s
12:11:49 ocke Party-gruen 01m:52s
12:12:40 Morgenstern, Christian Aces High 04m:53s
12:16:32 DJ Krush (feat. Aesop Rock) Kill Switch 04m:21s
12:20:46 James Knight Fantasy World 04m:16s
12:24:58 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
12:25:02 Strokes, The 12:51 02m:27s
12:27:26 Bad Religion I want to conquer the world 02m:20s
12:29:36 De/Vision Try To Forget (Rmx) 04m:40s
12:33:11 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
12:33:16 Are,The Hustle 03m:14s
12:36:28 Beastie Boys An Open Letter To NYC 04m:19s
12:40:42 Backyard Babies Pigs For Swine 03m:08s
12:43:38 Fad Gadget Fad Gadget ID HERTZ 00m:05s
12:43:43 Anthony B feat. Garnet Sil Mama Africa 09m:43s
12:47:01 Ural 13 Dictators Blind Love 05m:03s
12:52:00 !!! Dear Can 05m:40s
12:56:34 Donnas, The All Messed up 03m:11s
12:59:42 Diana Diana-chill 00m:10s
12:59:52 Benuts,The Turn Off Your Radio 05m:44s
13:04:22 dativ boys alte lieder 04m:48s
13:08:03 Zack de la Rocha & DJ Shadow March Of Death 04m:10s
13:12:02 Mull Historical Society Hertz - ID 00m:15s
13:12:17 Notwist,The The incredible change of our a 05m:27s
13:17:34 Chemical Brothers, The Come With Us 05m:58s
13:22:24 Romanthony Bring U Up 04m:49s
13:26:09 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
13:26:24 Gluecifer Easy Living 03m:04s
13:29:22 Lemonbabies Wake up 04m:08s
13:33:21 Ärzte, die Sommer, Palmen, Sonnenschein 03m:52s
13:36:03 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
13:36:09 Tocotronic Sailor Man 03m:55s
13:38:52 KRS-One Never Give Up 03m:19s
13:42:01 Eek a mouse Police in hell 02m:14s
13:44:11 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
13:45:01 Rapture, The Love is All 03m:34s
13:47:28 Dorham, Kenny Whistle Stop 06m:57s
13:52:27 SweetFemaleAttitude StationID 00m:27s
13:52:54 Billy Talent River Below 03m:00s
13:55:53 mark lenegan band skeletal history 04m:14s
13:59:59 Front 242 Religion 04m:05s
14:04:04 Swollen Members Camouflage 03m:31s
14:06:25 Yazoo Don't go 03m:07s
14:09:22 Massilia Sound System Ma Maison 03m:07s
19:20:55 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
19:21:02 Conn, Bobby Whores 05m:42s
19:25:37 Skid Row This is the skin 04m:47s
19:29:20 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
19:29:45 Zeb.Roc.Ski On the run 04m:36s
19:33:16 Carla Bruni Le Plus Beau Du Cartier 03m:28s
19:36:40 Patrice Yes Or No 04m:18s
19:40:39 Kai+Bernd HertzRasen Trailer 01m:47s
19:41:24 Terranova Bombing bastards 05m:15s
19:45:47 Event Party-gruen 01m:51s
19:46:38 Taking Back Sundays This Photograph Is Proof (I Kn 04m:12s
19:50:35 Curtis Mayfield Move On Up 04m:39s
19:54:05 Friebe, Jens Bring mich zum Wagen 02m:27s
19:56:26 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
19:56:33 Zack de la Rocha & DJ Shadow March Of Death 04m:10s
20:00:00 Schalk Station ID 00m:09s
20:00:08 Event Kurz nach 20 00m:05s
20:00:13 Magnteic Fields Washington D.C. 02m:53s
20:02:00 Superpunk Ich Weigere Mich, Aufzugeben 04m:43s
20:05:38 Talking Heads Once In a Lifetime 04m:19s
20:09:44 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
20:09:55 Guru In Here 05m:35s
20:14:21 unknown Leaving on a jetplane 03m:54s
20:17:04 tocotronic vs console freiburg v 3.0 03m:02s
20:20:03 Uwe Rapolder Station ID 00m:05s
20:20:07 King Crimson Elephant talk 05m:43s
20:24:40 Eels Souljacker Part I 03m:16s
20:27:44 Lacrimas Profundere Ave End 04m:50s
20:31:26 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
20:32:16 Blaze Life and Death 05m:11s
20:37:25 George Marlboro 01m:32s
20:37:56 White Stripes,The St. Ides Of March 04m:08s
20:41:56 NoFX Don't call me white 03m:33s
20:44:18 Maffay Station ID 00m:14s
20:44:32 Lali Puna Micronomic 03m:26s
20:47:48 Kent Music nonstop 05m:36s
20:52:18 Asio Kid On the move 04m:34s
20:55:46 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
20:56:18 Johnny Talbot Pickin' Cotton 03m:59s
20:59:07 Badly Drawn Boy One Plus One Is One 04m:19s
21:03:06 Event Kurz nach 21 00m:04s
21:03:10 Killing Joke The Death & Resurrection Show 05m:32s
21:07:38 Beck InTakt ID 00m:07s
21:07:45 StieberTwins+Maximilian&SammyD Malaria(Rmx) 04m:17s
21:11:41 Otis Redding Try A Little Tenderness 03m:20s
21:14:56 Pizzicato 5 Twiggy, Twiggy vs. James Bond 04m:04s
21:18:53 Diana Diana-Jazz 00m:11s
21:19:03 Wilco Theologians 04m:37s
21:22:31 Notwist,The The incredible change of our a 05m:27s
21:27:47 Laibach In the Army Now 05m:31s
21:32:16 Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello ID 00m:20s
21:32:35 Rolling Stones,The All Down The Line 04m:50s
21:36:15 Chemical brothers Out of control 07m:20s
21:41:01 I.G.Off And Supernatural Track12 06m:53s
21:46:39 Faber, Hajo Kompliment-Jingle 01m:40s
21:47:19 Children Of Bodom Angels Don´t Kill 05m:14s
21:52:27 Event Party-gruen 01m:51s
21:53:18 Breeders,The Full On Idle 03m:37s
21:55:44 !!! Dear Can 05m:40s
22:00:19 Bülent Aslan türkisch Station ID 00m:12s
22:00:31 Doves Pounding 04m:01s
22:04:26 Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites Lion Of Judah 03m:31s
22:06:46 Lindenstraßen Uecker Station ID 00m:04s
22:06:49 Brassy You got it 03m:42s
22:09:28 Spillsbury Was Wir Machen (Kid Alex Boys 04m:56s
22:13:18 Geschmeido Hinter dem Haus 04m:15s
22:17:22 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
22:17:41 Dejavue Crew Good Old Times 05m:53s
22:22:18 Culture Pressure 04m:59s
22:26:10 MORTHEM VLADE ART Long Distance Conversation 04m:30s
22:29:29 Super (Sport) Station ID 00m:05s
22:29:34 Franz Ferdinand Matinee 04m:58s
22:33:28 Favez The Ages Of Wonders 03m:54s
22:36:14 DJ Krush (feat. Aesop Rock) Kill Switch 04m:21s
22:40:28 Dennis Popmoderne Trailer 01m:42s
22:41:10 Anvil 2002 Race against time 05m:37s
22:45:31 Venus Fly Trap Axis 02m:14s
22:47:35 Boxhamsters Winnetou IV 02m:16s
22:49:45 Lothar ein herrlicher Sender Station ID 00m:04s
22:49:49 Monotekktoni Out Of The Window 04m:38s
22:53:23 Cake Nugget 04m:00s
22:57:18 5 Sterne Deluxe 5 Sterne Deluxe 04m:22s
23:00:00 Savatage Sava-ID 00m:13s
23:00:12 Event Kurz nach 23 00m:07s
23:00:19 Presidents of the United State Tiny Explosiones 03m:53s
23:03:02 Twist Leave The Apartment To Buy Alc 04m:04s
23:06:55 Claudio Mangione Mondo Grande 04m:34s
23:10:22 stieneker, silvia kinderkacke-jingle 00m:23s
23:10:45 Murs We Will Rock You (Z-Trip RMX) 03m:41s
23:13:15 Event Panteon Rococo Trailer 01m:13s
23:14:28 Stanley Beckford Soldering 03m:21s
23:17:49 Daft Punk Aerodynamic 03m:28s
23:21:06 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
23:21:13 Blood Brothers,The Ambulance vs. Ambulance 03m:54s
23:23:59 Mardi Gras.BB Also sprach Zarathustra 04m:51s
23:27:39 Slade Cum On Feel The Noize 04m:28s
23:31:49 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
23:32:10 Pantera Fucking Hostile 03m:49s
23:34:56 Foetus The Need Machine 05m:53s
23:39:42 Rancid Out Of Control 02m:41s
23:41:21 Walkabouts Station ID 00m:04s
23:41:25 Dashboard Confessional Vindicated 03m:29s
23:44:33 Air All I Need 04m:28s
23:48:51 Gangstarr Capture (Militia Pt.3) feat. B 03m:23s
23:52:10 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro1 00m:10s
23:52:20 Gladys Knight & The Pips You Need Love Like I Do 04m:41s
23:55:53 TV on the Radio Staring at the Sun 03m:27s
23:59:07 Used,The Buried Myself Alive 04m:02s
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