Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 15.2.2004

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
00:03:32 Event Kurz nach 0 Uhr 00m:05s
00:03:36 Marco Göllner "türlich, türlich..." 01m:30s
00:04:06 Mickey and the Soul Generation Iron Leg 02m:15s
00:06:11 Headcornerstone Hot Like Fire 06m:52s
00:12:01 40 Grit Bomb Bottom 03m:27s
00:15:22 clawfinger Station ID 00m:10s
00:15:32 Karibik Frank Psychisch Frank 04m:17s
00:19:30 Joe Tex I Gotcha 03m:42s
00:22:04 Lamb Scratch Bass 05m:48s
00:26:38 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
00:28:06 Anne Clark Our Darkness 12"Rmx 06m:17s
00:32:14 Joy Division Warsaw 02m:26s
00:34:34 Krupps,Die To the hilt (ClawfingerRmx) 04m:41s
00:38:13 Thoams Gsella ID 00m:06s
00:38:18 Apocalyptica Nothing else matters 05m:46s
00:42:51 Tok Tok vs. Soffy Missy 03m:59s
00:45:39 DAS EFX Mic Checka 05m:46s
00:50:25 George Marlboro 01m:32s
00:50:56 Sepultura Territory 05m:48s
00:55:43 Placebo Special Needs 04m:22s
01:00:05 Event Kurz nach 1 00m:04s
01:00:08 Tenfod Loadstar High From Down 03m:13s
01:03:14 Freienstein ID 00m:04s
01:03:18 Bowie,David Heroes 04m:38s
01:06:56 Stanley Beckford Soldering 03m:21s
01:10:16 Tea Party,The Station ID 00m:07s
01:10:23 Blackmail Evon 05m:53s
01:15:11 dynasty amys song 03m:07s
01:18:10 Slut Caretaker's theme 04m:56s
01:22:01 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
01:22:27 Olli Banjo Du und mein Penis 04m:57s
01:26:19 Paul St. Hilaire Don´t test 04m:33s
01:29:46 Terranova Midnight melodic (...) 05m:46s
01:34:31 SweetFemaleAttitude StationID 00m:27s
01:34:58 Iron Maiden The evil that man do 05m:36s
01:39:29 Brendan Benson Good to me 03m:49s
01:42:08 jehst falling down 04m:19s
01:46:08 George Bekios HzKlappetrlNEU 01m:46s
01:46:54 Dead soul tribe The haunted 05m:52s
01:51:35 Le Tigre Well Well Well 04m:20s
01:54:57 Mano Negra Letter to the censors 03m:31s
01:57:22 Frank Bello Anthrax-ID 00m:07s
01:57:29 Punkels,The With a little help from 02m:02s
01:59:27 Fisherspooner Emerge 05m:46s
02:04:11 Event Kurz nach 2 00m:04s
02:04:15 Afu-Ra Open feat. Teena Marie 04m:22s
02:08:29 Marco Göllner "Hertz 87.9" geflüstert 00m:15s
02:08:44 Romanthony Bring U Up 04m:49s
02:12:28 Party Of One Venutian Siren 04m:32s
02:15:52 Gemini Five Hitchin´ A Ride 04m:51s
02:19:39 Uncle Ho Station ID 00m:06s
02:19:44 Jurassic 5 Action Satisfaction 04m:59s
02:23:21 Solomon Burke Diamond In Your Mind 04m:53s
02:27:11 Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown 02m:29s
02:29:39 Michael & Diana Lucy Pher Lang 01m:30s
02:30:09 Headcornerstone Hot Like Fire 06m:52s
02:35:58 Beck Where It´s At 06m:31s
02:41:09 Umbra et Imago Feuer und Licht 05m:42s
02:45:47 Station ID Project Pitchfork 00m:07s
02:45:53 Mudhoney Who you drivin' now ? 02m:21s
02:48:10 DJ Shadow Mashin ´On The Motorway 03m:38s
02:50:47 DJ Krush Meiso (DJ Shadow remix) 04m:28s
02:55:08 Saskia Gebongt/Neu 01m:01s
02:56:08 Pantera Cowboys from hell 04m:07s
03:00:00 Zeromancer ID Hertz 00m:06s
03:00:05 Event Kurz nach 3 00m:03s
03:00:08 Radiohead Idioteque 05m:09s
03:05:17 desert city soundtrack drawn and quatered 03m:12s
03:08:23 Trimmy Billy 05m:34s
03:12:51 Marco,Diana,Chris Herbst 87,9 01m:58s
03:13:49 ASD Sneak Preview 04m:45s
03:17:27 Lionsclub ROCKY 05m:21s
03:22:24 KLF, The What Time Is Love? 05m:24s
03:27:37 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
03:27:45 Steve Vai Now we run 04m:47s
03:31:20 Hole Doll parts 04m:33s
03:34:46 Experimental Pop Band Hippies 04m:37s
03:38:19 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
03:38:45 The great deceiver Enter the martyrs 04m:46s
03:42:21 Music,The The Truth Is No Words 05m:34s
03:46:52 NOFX Bottle to the ground 02m:22s
03:49:03 Kurt (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:10s
03:49:13 Motion City Soundtrack 1000 Paper Cranes 03m:34s
03:51:41 Birdie Please Rain Fall 03m:27s
03:55:02 Afrob Fieber 03m:19s
03:58:10 Dennis Popmoderne Trailer 01m:42s
03:58:52 The Groove Merchants There's Got To Be Somebody For 02m:13s
04:01:00 Event Kurz nach 4 00m:04s
04:01:03 Descendants `Merican 02m:52s
04:02:52 MC 5 Kick out the jams 03m:46s
04:05:27 Helge schneider helgeID.mp3 00m:09s
04:05:36 Dabrutack Zu Schnell 03m:28s
04:09:00 The Brothers Seven Funky Smunk 02m:06s
04:10:59 Beach Boys,The Sloop John B 03m:58s
04:13:49 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
04:13:55 jehst falling down 04m:19s
04:17:55 Get Up Kids,The My apology 03m:24s
04:21:12 Dkay.com Around the world 04m:59s
04:25:06 Lemmy Motörhead StationID 00m:22s
04:25:28 Kravitz, Lenny Rosemary 05m:28s
04:30:41 Titan Corazon 05m:38s
04:35:12 Eins Zwo feat. Nico Suave Sternzeichen Krebs 05m:33s
04:39:24 Marina Hertzrasen-trailer 00m:22s
04:39:45 s.t.u.p.I.D. Shaved his head 05m:45s
04:44:30 Foo Fighters M.I.A. 04m:03s
04:48:30 Horrorpops Julia 03m:45s
04:51:11 Savatage Sava-ID 00m:13s
04:51:24 Boss Hog Get it while you wait 04m:41s
04:54:48 Congo Natty Rasta Music 06m:53s
04:59:19 Ecki Busch Station ID 00m:03s
04:59:22 Motorpsycho The other fool 06m:40s
05:04:52 Event Kurz nach 5 00m:04s
05:04:56 black cherries, the stray-dog 02m:26s
05:07:20 Travis Writing to reach you 04m:44s
05:11:03 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
05:11:35 Fischmob Fickpisse 04m:02s
05:15:28 Don Abi The One 04m:00s
05:19:28 Roni Size Reprazent System Check 04m:02s
05:23:19 Merlons Lichter Station ID 00m:05s
05:23:24 Jones, Danko Caramel City 03m:18s
05:26:37 Mr.Bungle Chemical wedding 03m:11s
05:29:28 Einstürzende Neubauten Ich Gehe Jetzt 04m:31s
05:32:58 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
05:34:25 Amorphis Against windows 04m:06s
05:38:25 At the drive-in Invalid litter dept. 06m:05s
05:44:22 Life of agony I should have known 03m:12s
05:47:23 Crash ID 00m:11s
05:47:34 Party Of One Venutian Siren 04m:32s
05:50:58 Cure,The The love cats 04m:40s
05:54:35 Wu-Tang Clan Reunited 05m:22s
05:59:53 ElectronicVoice Hertz 87,9 00m:11s
06:00:03 Event Kurz nach 6 00m:04s
06:00:07 Eddie Bo From This Day On 03m:34s
06:02:37 Soulfly Prophecy 03m:06s
06:05:41 A Perfect Circle Weak and Powerless 03m:18s
06:08:57 DAS EFX DAS EFX-ID 00m:08s
06:09:05 MC Mike G. & DJ Sven Holiday Rap 04m:28s
06:13:22 The Meters Ease Back 03m:16s
06:16:28 International Pony Hangin ´Around 04m:10s
06:20:14 Faber, Hajo Kompliment-Jingle 01m:40s
06:20:54 aqualung brighter than sunshineq 04m:02s
06:24:49 Placebo Blue American 04m:31s
06:28:20 Umbra et Imago Rock me Amadeus 05m:30s
06:32:45 Mike Patton Station ID 00m:03s
06:32:47 Jefferson Airplane Don´t you want 03m:55s
06:35:40 Morgenstern, Christian Little Green Apples 04m:11s
06:39:41 Pharcyde Frontline 05m:49s
06:44:23 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
06:44:39 Fear Factory Frequency 03m:01s
06:47:25 Cash , Johnny One 04m:53s
06:51:14 Saalschutz Diedrich Diederichsen-Saalschu 03m:26s
06:54:36 Ashley,Tod Station ID 00m:05s
06:54:40 Mesh Four Walls 04m:10s
06:58:49 Judge Dread Je t'aime 03m:38s
07:00:00 Maffay Station ID 00m:14s
07:00:13 Event Kurz nach 7 00m:03s
07:00:16 Electrelane On Parade 03m:37s
07:02:44 Seaside Stars Kick Out 03m:33s
07:05:09 Kiss All hell's breakin' loose 05m:34s
07:09:23 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
07:09:48 Are,The Hustle 03m:14s
07:13:01 Silke Bischoff Love never Dies 05m:47s
07:17:36 Black Uhuru Who´s in the Trailer 04m:41s
07:21:07 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
07:21:17 Console 14 Zero Zero 04m:47s
07:25:03 Heideroosjes Why does everybod 02m:22s
07:27:21 Anita Ward Ring My Bell 03m:24s
07:30:44 andrea spatzek station id lindenstrasse 00m:04s
07:30:48 Guided by Voices The best of Jil Hives 03m:42s
07:33:20 Aeronauten,Die Patates 04m:36s
07:36:45 Barenaked Ladies It's Only Me 03m:35s
07:39:20 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
07:39:43 Crut ahanalkakahe 05m:04s
07:44:44 desert city soundtrack drawn and quatered 03m:12s
07:47:51 franz ferdinand take me out 04m:04s
07:51:46 Die LP Station ID 00m:07s
07:51:53 Massilia Sound System Ma Maison 03m:07s
07:55:00 Herbaliser, The The Real Killer 05m:42s
07:59:31 Sportfreunde Stiller Wunderbaren Jahre 03m:22s
08:02:43 Event Kurz nach 8 Uhr 00m:04s
08:02:46 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
08:02:53 Sophia Oh My Love 05m:31s
08:07:14 Beautiful South Mini correct 04m:49s
08:10:56 Milano Rep For The Slums 03m:51s
08:13:47 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
08:13:52 At the drive-in Invalid litter dept. 06m:05s
08:19:48 Foxx, John & Louis Gordon Drive 07m:55s
08:26:29 The Meters Dry Spell 03m:33s
08:28:52 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
08:29:11 AC/DC Let there be rock 06m:07s
08:35:16 Adam Green Hard To Be A Girl 02m:41s
08:36:52 Primitives,The Crash 03m:34s
08:39:16 Frieda (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:14s
08:39:30 Pavement Major leagues 03m:02s
08:42:24 Eißfeld 65 & Illo77 Mach mal halblang 03m:24s
08:45:32 Collins,Dave Shakkatak 03m:54s
08:48:17 Diana Diana-Guitar 00m:07s
08:48:24 Ladybug Transistor hangin on the line 04m:35s
08:51:51 Cole, Richie The price is right 07m:22s
08:56:23 Frank ID Spacechild/frank 00m:04s
08:56:27 Party Of One Venutian Siren 04m:32s
08:59:50 Ken The Big Fib 03m:47s
09:00:00 Belle & Sebastian Hertz - ID 00m:04s
09:00:03 a perfect circle the outsider 04m:06s
09:04:03 I am Kloot Morning rain 03m:22s
09:07:13 UFO Lights Out (live) 05m:17s
09:12:17 Saskia Gebongt/Neu 01m:01s
09:13:18 Gentleman Runaway 04m:39s
09:16:50 Brown, Ian Northern Lights 04m:15s
09:20:59 Jan Delay An die Bürger von Konsolien 04m:21s
09:25:19 Katharina EclipseJingle3 00m:25s
09:25:44 Chemical brothers Out of control 07m:20s
09:30:30 jehst falling down 04m:19s
09:34:29 East Bay Rhythm A Little Love Will Help 04m:56s
09:38:09 Electric Club, The Station ID Thomas 00m:05s
09:38:14 Embrace Come back to what you know 04m:11s
09:42:21 Ignite Sunday bloody sunday 03m:19s
09:45:29 Gravy Train Titties Bounce 03m:51s
09:48:19 J-KlausKlaus "Lecker Radio" 00m:10s
09:48:29 D-Shade vs D-Styles Like That Chall Freestyle 03m:04s
09:51:32 Aeronauten,Die Sexy Welt 03m:34s
09:54:00 The Quill Come what may 04m:03s
09:58:00 Friedrich Küppersbusch Stan ID 00m:07s
09:58:06 Laurel Aitken Perfidia 04m:35s
10:01:34 Event Kurz nach 10 00m:04s
10:01:38 Daft Punk Superheroes 04m:58s
10:05:25 Alternative Allstars Little Bird 05m:37s
10:09:52 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
10:11:20 Horrorpops Julia 03m:45s
10:14:02 Johnny Cash I've Been Everywhere 03m:18s
10:17:06 5 Sterne Deluxe 5 Sterne Deluxe 04m:22s
10:21:28 Crash ID 00m:11s
10:21:38 Silverchair Emotional sickness 06m:07s
10:27:33 De Phazz Squeeze the trigger 03m:46s
10:30:13 The Meters Look Ka Py Py 03m:15s
10:33:20 Klaus ...Studentenfutter, voll Mund 00m:06s
10:33:26 Evergrey Misled 06m:00s
10:39:09 Event Trailer Anne Clark Lesung 01m:30s
10:39:39 a perfect circle the outsider 04m:06s
10:43:38 Air Playground love 04m:32s
10:47:05 Martin Semmelrogge Station ID 00m:12s
10:47:17 Foetus Cirrhosis Of The Heart 04m:02s
10:51:14 Nas Get Down 04m:04s
10:55:11 Dennis Brown Here I Come 04m:50s
10:58:51 Diana Diana-Klo 00m:27s
10:59:17 busters, the revolution rock 04m:37s
11:02:49 Event Kurz nach 11 00m:04s
11:02:52 Blakey, Art Dat Dere 09m:49s
11:07:26 Hubert von Goisern Station ID 00m:09s
11:07:35 Headcornerstone Hot Like Fire 06m:52s
11:13:24 Hole Violet 03m:25s
11:16:49 No means no The graveyard shift 06m:59s
11:22:38 Event Sophia Trailer 01m:02s
11:23:39 Marco Göllner ...gutes deutsches Hochschulra 00m:07s
11:23:46 DJ Shadow with Cut Chemist The Number Song (Remix) 05m:09s
11:28:52 Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love 06m:31s
11:34:11 Ogada,Ayub Obiero 03m:15s
11:37:24 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
11:37:39 donna summer Heels Over Head 03m:00s
11:40:36 Einstürzende Neubauten Ich Gehe Jetzt 04m:31s
11:44:06 Sly & The Family Stone Skin I'm In 03m:54s
11:46:53 Tierfreund (Wischmeyer) Station ID 00m:15s
11:47:08 Inchtabokatables,The Kinderlied 03m:15s
11:50:17 Rollings I got no reason 04m:41s
11:53:52 Event Kinderuni 01m:45s
11:54:37 De/Vision I Regret (Colony5 Rmx) 04m:38s
11:58:11 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro2 00m:07s
11:58:17 Afrob En Position de debat 04m:59s
12:01:46 Electrelane On Parade 03m:37s
12:04:15 Rolling Stones Paint It Black 04m:02s
12:08:05 Die Ärzte Station ID 01m:36s
12:08:41 Cruz, Anthony Street Dreams (Trilogy Riddim) 03m:27s
12:12:04 Aphex Twin SAW1-1 05m:54s
12:16:48 Blink 182 Every time I look for you 03m:06s
12:19:45 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
12:20:30 Motion City Soundtrack 1000 Paper Cranes 03m:34s
12:22:59 Slut Teardrops 04m:01s
12:26:50 K-Otix Knick Knack 03m:16s
12:30:03 Freienstein ID 00m:04s
12:30:06 Morphine Good 03m:34s
12:32:40 Golden Boy feat.Miss Kittin 1234 05m:21s
12:37:59 Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On 05m:52s
12:42:46 Diana Diana-aaah 00m:13s
12:42:58 Coal Chamber Sway (Hypno-Submissive Mix) 03m:27s
12:46:20 Punkels,The With a little help from 02m:02s
12:48:18 Ween Fancy Pants 02m:00s
12:50:10 Heinz Hoenig Station ID 00m:17s
12:50:27 Inchtabokatables, The Schlaflied 06m:56s
12:56:18 Curse Lass Uns Doch Freunde Sein 04m:39s
12:59:50 Black Uhuru Leaving to Zion 06m:32s
13:04:30 Dennis Popmoderne Trailer 01m:42s
13:05:12 Tenfod Loadstar High From Down 03m:13s
13:08:17 Cool Spoon Coolie coolie spooners 06m:39s
13:13:48 Benjamin S. Barre IDStuckradBarre 00m:27s
13:14:14 Ima Robot Alive 03m:15s
13:17:19 Live Lakini's juice 05m:59s
13:21:53 Twisted Sister You can't stop rock'n roll 05m:42s
13:26:29 Steffi Mahsmann Hertz 87,9 Elektro3 00m:05s
13:26:34 Lone Catalysts Due Process 05m:11s
13:31:07 Punk Soul Loving Bill Sommer 02m:04s
13:33:04 Mister Lexx gwaan trace 04m:44s
13:36:42 Michael & Diana Lucy Pher Lang 01m:30s
13:37:12 Quarks I Walk 04m:33s
13:40:37 Electrelane On Parade 03m:37s
13:43:06 Gladys Knight & The Pips You Need Love Like I Do 04m:41s
13:46:39 Frank ID Spacechild/frank 00m:04s
13:46:42 Posch Sooner or later 04m:30s
13:50:06 Schiesser Mein schwarz weiss blaues Band 02m:54s
13:51:59 Calexico Quattro 03m:16s
13:55:05 Sonja Ganguin DADADA-radiohertz.de 01m:32s
13:55:37 Five Deez The bootsin jam 03m:54s
13:58:29 Anne Clark Our Darkness 12"Rmx 06m:17s
14:02:36 Danzig Without light I am 06m:33s
14:07:55 Popanna Blackmail id 00m:07s
14:08:02 elephant man jamaica 03m:29s
14:11:26 T.Raumschmiere Rabaukendisko 04m:30s
14:14:55 Clerk@ Tragic 04m:01s
14:18:47 George Marlboro 01m:32s
14:19:19 jehst falling down 04m:19s
14:23:18 Lightning Seeds, The Three Lions 04m:58s
14:27:13 Pete Rock&Grant Agent This Is What They Meant 05m:36s
14:31:48 Station ID Project Pitchfork 00m:07s
14:31:55 Mardi Gras.BB Psychoflute 04m:13s
14:35:58 Mouse on Mars Twift 04m:24s
14:40:15 Solomon Burke I'm Hanging Up My Heart For U 03m:00s
14:43:13 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
14:43:28 Hoobastank Crawling In The Dark 03m:57s
14:46:20 Experimental Pop Band Hippies 04m:37s
14:49:53 Slut Teardrops 04m:01s
14:53:44 Hubert von Goisern Station ID 00m:09s
14:53:53 Mircale of 86 Every Famous Last Word 03m:34s
14:56:21 Sam Server What's That Sound 04m:22s
15:00:00 Frank Bello Anthrax-ID 00m:07s
15:00:06 Event Kurz nach 15 00m:04s
15:00:10 Knarf Rellöm Roc-Star 03m:05s
15:03:11 Bush Little things 04m:27s
15:07:23 Motörhead Ace of spades 03m:51s
15:10:06 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
15:10:17 KC Da Rookee All Time Greats 04m:39s
15:13:51 Client Happy 04m:01s
15:17:51 Maytals,The Monkey man 04m:35s
15:21:16 Diana Diana-wissen 00m:20s
15:21:36 Swimmingpool Driver Part2 06m:42s
15:27:07 aqualung brighter than sunshineq 04m:02s
15:31:03 Charles Leonard Funky Driver On A Funky Bus 03m:27s
15:34:24 Mike Patton Station ID 00m:03s
15:34:26 Auf der Maur Followed the waves 03m:24s
15:37:47 Ignite A place called home(Hungarian) 03m:17s
15:40:54 Event Trailer Anne Clark Lesung 01m:30s
15:41:23 Verandas,The Rocksville 04m:30s
15:44:46 Dennis Popmoderne Trailer 01m:42s
15:45:27 Dilated Peoples/The Beat Junki Dilated Junkies 03m:17s
15:48:44 Saalschutz Diedrich Diederichsen-Saalschu 03m:26s
15:52:06 Donnas, The All Messed up 03m:11s
15:55:14 Torch Station ID 00m:05s
15:55:19 Barrington, Levy & Capleton All over me 03m:47s
15:57:59 De Phazz Jeunesse Dorée 04m:50s
16:01:39 Event Kurz nach 16 Uhr 00m:05s
16:01:44 R.E.M. At my most beautiful 04m:35s
16:05:18 Sonja Ganguin Rueckspiegel-Trailer 01m:50s
16:06:08 Punkels,The With a little help from 02m:02s
16:08:05 Kettcar Jenseits der Bikinilinie 05m:34s
16:12:27 Black Eyed Peas Fallin´ Up 05m:10s
16:17:30 Symbiose Station ID 00m:08s
16:17:37 Les Negresses Vertes Le Sud 04m:46s
16:21:21 Terranova Just enough 04m:27s
16:25:38 Sugar Pie Desanto Git Back 03m:53s
16:28:19 Saskia Gebongt/Neu 01m:01s
16:29:20 Kravitz, Lenny Let Love Rule 06m:42s
16:34:57 Mull Historical Society This is not who we were 03m:12s
16:38:09 gentleman gentleman id 00m:17s
16:38:26 Cassavetes So Blissful 04m:32s
16:41:28 Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy 5 Jazzy Sensation 10m:43s
16:51:03 Furillo Small Town Boy 03m:10s
16:54:12 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
16:54:34 Anne Clark Our Darkness 12"Rmx 06m:17s
16:58:42 unknown Macha 03m:20s
17:01:51 Event Kurz nach 17 Uhr 00m:05s
17:01:56 Asian Dub Foundatioon Station ID 00m:11s
17:02:07 desert city soundtrack drawn and quatered 03m:12s
17:05:13 Kirmes Detektive der Popkultur 04m:35s
17:08:40 Black Crowes,The Lickin' 04m:46s
17:12:20 Maria Tzankow China "Heltz87.9" 00m:12s
17:12:32 Freddie Foxxx&Bumpy Knuckles New Millenium 04m:16s
17:16:48 A camp Hard as a stone 02m:28s
17:19:10 Special A.k.a. Free Nelson Mandela 05m:36s
17:23:34 Micha Dschungeljingle 01m:39s
17:24:12 atmo.brtschitsch Rockstar 04m:09s
17:28:14 Einstürzende Neubauten Ich Gehe Jetzt 04m:31s
17:31:44 Solomon Burke Got To Get You Off My Mind 02m:59s
17:33:36 Dieter Hildebrandt Station ID 00m:14s
17:33:50 Silverchair London's burning 03m:15s
17:37:00 The Bollock Brothers Drac`s back (live) 05m:08s
17:41:57 Johnny Cash I've Been Everywhere 03m:18s
17:45:02 Event Sophia Trailer 01m:02s
17:46:03 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
17:46:48 Breite Seite Wo seid ihr? 04m:23s
17:50:57 Sophia Oh My Love 05m:31s
17:55:17 Spiritualized She Kissed Me 03m:27s
17:58:41 Slipknot Station-ID 00m:07s
17:58:48 Gentleman Leave Us Alone 03m:25s
18:02:05 Event Kurz nach 18 Uhr 00m:05s
18:02:10 St Germain Deep In It 10m:03s
18:06:53 Radiohead In limbo 04m:31s
18:10:24 Faber, Hajo Kompliment-Jingle 01m:40s
18:11:04 Ton Steine Scherben Mole Hill Rockers 03m:30s
18:13:28 UNKLE feat Ian Brown Be There 04m:18s
18:17:40 Afu-Ra Blvd.feat.Guru 04m:57s
18:21:07 Steffi Mahsmann Machine Head ID 00m:09s
18:21:16 Clash , The London Calling 03m:20s
18:24:29 Felix da housecat Silver screen shower scene 04m:00s
18:28:19 James Brown (...) Sex Machine 05m:15s
18:33:31 Marco Göllner "Es muss was wunderbares sein" 01m:51s
18:34:22 Dee Rangers Sheik Jurass 03m:45s
18:37:03 Party Of One Venutian Siren 04m:32s
18:40:26 Tommy Guerrero Gettin It Together 03m:23s
18:43:45 Event Trailer Anne Clark Lesung 01m:30s
18:44:14 Geist Station ID 00m:05s
18:44:19 Folk Implosion,The Pearl 05m:52s
18:49:04 Cronite Who the fuck iz u? 04m:34s
18:52:32 Mutabaruka A Revolt ain't a Revolution 03m:02s
18:55:34 Diana Diana-uhuh 00m:25s
18:55:58 Tenfod Loadstar High From Down 03m:13s
18:59:04 Avery, Theodross It´s about that time 05m:15s
19:03:37 Event Kurz nach 19 00m:04s
19:03:40 Boulevarbou Station ID 00m:07s
19:03:47 Experimental Pop Band Hippies 04m:37s
19:07:19 Arap Strap Hello Daylight 04m:18s
19:11:29 Frak Kitchen Humiliation Song 04m:09s
19:15:37 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
19:17:04 DJ Spinbad All Night Long 02m:20s
19:19:14 Einstürzende Neubauten Sabrina 05m:39s
19:23:51 elephant man romeo must die 03m:22s
19:27:05 Hertz 87,9 Chor HörWeiter 00m:23s
19:27:28 Jazzanova Atabaque 07m:06s
19:32:43 Event Trailer Anne Clark Lesung 01m:30s
19:33:13 Electrelane On Parade 03m:37s
19:35:41 The Meters Cissy Strut 03m:01s
19:38:37 Dike Station ID 00m:07s
19:38:44 Young Gods, The Skinflowers 05m:10s
19:43:50 Terrorgruppe Dicke Deutsche 02m:26s
19:46:06 All Seeing I, the Drive Savely Darlin 03m:53s
19:48:55 Mario Sarcletti "Kleine Dinge..." 00m:20s
19:49:14 Eißfeld 65 & Illo77 Mach mal halblang 03m:24s
19:52:22 Soulfly Prophecy 03m:06s
19:55:26 Coal Chamber Sway (Hypno-Submissive Mix) 03m:27s
19:58:48 Belasco Hertz ID 00m:06s
19:58:54 Mister Lexx gwaan trace 04m:44s
20:00:00 clawfinger Station ID 00m:10s
20:00:10 Event Kurz nach 20 00m:05s
20:00:15 Ash Kung Fu 02m:17s
20:02:28 Ton Steine Scherben Mole Hill Rockers 03m:30s
20:04:53 Stereolab Lo Boob Oscillator 07m:37s
20:08:29 George Marlboro 01m:32s
20:09:01 Afu-Ra Whirlwind Thru Cities 04m:51s
20:12:48 Johnson, Linton Kwesi Street 66 04m:31s
20:16:14 De Phazz Jeunesse Dorée 04m:50s
20:19:54 Hubert von Goisern Station ID 00m:09s
20:20:02 Lillian Axe Crucified 04m:38s
20:23:37 M.Ward Sad Sad Song 03m:38s
20:26:09 dynasty amys song 03m:07s
20:29:09 Diana Diana-lala 00m:22s
20:29:31 Dio Holy diver 06m:55s
20:33:43 Get Up Kids,The Action & Action 04m:06s
20:37:40 Spermbirds Melt the ice 03m:22s
20:40:51 Event Sophia Trailer 01m:02s
20:41:53 Rowohlt, Harry Hertz ID 00m:04s
20:41:56 Heideroosjes Why does everybod 02m:22s
20:44:14 Bluetones Fountainhead 05m:36s
20:48:27 Mellowbag Day to day 04m:42s
20:51:39 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
20:51:55 Chilites What Do I Whish For 03m:54s
20:54:49 Saalschutz Diedrich Diederichsen-Saalschu 03m:26s
20:58:10 Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit 02m:13s
21:00:20 Event Kurz nach 21 00m:04s
21:00:23 massive töne massive töne id 00m:10s
21:00:33 Kc Da Rookee Put Ya Shit On The Table 05m:53s
21:05:16 Humbucker Cincinnati Hawks 04m:10s
21:09:25 Türen, Die Öde an die Freude 05m:34s
21:13:47 Saskia Gebongt/Neu 01m:01s
21:14:48 a perfect circle the outsider 04m:06s
21:18:48 MxPx Party,my house,be there 02m:17s
21:20:51 Estampie Reis Glorios 08m:15s
21:25:21 kanadische frau heimatsender radio herz 00m:06s
21:25:27 Mudhoney What moves the heart ? 03m:12s
21:28:33 Aphex Twin SAW1-1 05m:54s
21:33:17 Ice - T I´m your Pusher 06m:38s
21:38:06 Diana Pilger "HerrTziebenZurInfoBitte" 00m:12s
21:38:17 Anthrax Taking the music back 03m:12s
21:41:17 Turin Brakes Blue Hour 04m:42s
21:44:50 Ton Steine Scherben Mole Hill Rockers 03m:30s
21:47:14 Prof. Rosenberg station id 00m:06s
21:47:20 Wolfsheim Find You're Here 04m:35s
21:50:53 Dreadzone Crazy knowlegde 05m:20s
21:55:49 Mull Historical Society Hertz - ID 00m:15s
21:56:04 Numbers I´m shy 02m:50s
21:57:50 Experimental Pop Band Hippies 04m:37s
22:00:00 Jah Bohm Löwenhertz Zielgruppe Beginn 02m:37s
22:01:36 New File groundation chant 07m:50s
22:08:22 New File whole lo a fire 07m:25s
22:15:44 Maytals,The Monkey man 04m:35s
22:19:09 black uhru Hey Joe 05m:12s
22:24:06 Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & The W Kinky Reggae 05m:11s
22:29:09 Paul St. Hilaire Don´t test 04m:33s
22:32:36 Overproof ID 00m:13s
22:32:48 New File confa dance 07m:24s
22:40:09 sugar Boss Boss 04m:34s
22:43:33 New File the people 03m:21s
22:46:51 Johnson, Linton Kwesi Street 66 04m:31s
22:50:18 derrick morgan New File 04m:12s
22:54:27 gregory isaacs slum 04m:53s
22:58:10 Christian Löwenhertz-Trailer 01m:28s
22:59:38 firewater the man on the burning ... 04m:52s
23:00:00 SweetFemaleAttitude StationID 00m:27s
23:00:26 Event Kurz nach 23 00m:07s
23:00:33 Calexico Alone Again Or 03m:25s
23:03:37 Soulfly Prophecy 03m:06s
23:06:41 Catatonia Shoot the messenger 04m:58s
23:10:31 Diana Diana-D&B 00m:20s
23:10:50 Karibik Frank Frank´s 5 Minuten 02m:32s
23:12:14 Toots And The Maytals 54-46, That's My Number 03m:15s
23:15:20 Console 14 Zero Zero 04m:47s
23:19:06 wagner dance or die id 00m:05s
23:19:11 Voivod Gasmask Revival 04m:09s
23:23:20 Nada Surf The Way You Wear Your Head 03m:09s
23:26:17 Saalschutz Diedrich Diederichsen-Saalschu 03m:26s
23:29:38 Michael Goehre Luci Pher kurz 00m:16s
23:29:54 Angel Dust No more faith 04m:12s
23:34:03 Soundgarden Black Hole Sun 05m:18s
23:39:17 NOFX Franco Un-American 02m:25s
23:41:41 Main Concept Station ID 00m:09s
23:41:49 black cherries, the stray-dog 02m:26s
23:44:13 Betrand Sunshine yellow 06m:54s
23:49:46 5 Sterne Deluxe 5 Sterne Deluxe 04m:22s
23:54:07 Ocke InTakt-Trailer 01m:45s
23:54:52 The Baby Huey Story Hard Times 03m:17s
23:58:03 Sophia Oh My Love 05m:31s
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